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Sex and sun by the lake

My friend Tammy told me about this guy she and Mark had met. They went up to his cottage a couple of weeks ago and it sounded like fun. She was a little coy when she talked about the hot tub, so I kind of wondered if they went nude. Last weekend she was going again and asked me if I wanted to go. I figured it would be nice to get out of the city and sit by the water, and just chill, so I said yes.

I have a car, so I drove Tammy and Mark up. Their friend John met us with his boat. He was a little older than I expected - probably mid forties. We went across and docked. There were a couple of guys about John's age, maybe a little older, sitting there enjoying the sun. They said hi, and offered us all a beer.

We decided to take our bags inside first, and I could feel their eyes on me as I lifted mine out of the boat and walked up the dock. I felt my nipples stiffen under my cotton tee, which was a little embarrassing. 

"Need a hand, short stuff?" one of them asked.

"No, I'm okay," I said, hoisting my pack so he could see how small it was. I walked up to the cottage, wondering if I should have worn a longer miniskirt.


My friend Darren invited me up to his friend John's cottage for the weekend. We got there on Saturday morning and opened beers on his dock while he went back across the lake to pick up someone else.

We're both early fifties, play raquetball together, and are in decent shape. We're also both divorced and trying out different things, which is how one drunken night a few weeks ago we ended up watching porn together. He put his hand down his pants first, then when I did he unzipped his and started stroking. About fifteen minutes later we were on the floor sucking each other off. I never came so hard in my life.

So now we were sitting on the dock getting a mild buzz on from the beer. With the warm sun and my relaxed state I could feel my cock stirring. I looked over at Darren and judging by his shorts he was feeling kind of horny too. I had the feeling he'd been with men before we'd had sex that night. I kind of wondered if we should do something before the boat returned and we'd just be sitting around horny all day, but then the boat did come back, with John and two girls and a guy who all looked in their early twenties.

The cute blond, and the guy (also blond), looked like they were together. The chick with the straight dirty blond hair and angel face looked to be alone. She was short, maybe five foot, with small breasts and a really cute perky ass. I asked her if she needed a hand and she held up her bag so I could see how small it was. I watched her walking up to the cottage, feeling even more horny.


I looked around for a place to change, but the place was pretty open concept except for the bathroom. I considered going in there, but Tammy, Mark and John were changing over by the mattresses in a way that seemed surprisingly comfortable, so I figured I'd just stand out more if I changed separately. I didn't really watch them, just slipped out of my clothes and into my bikini, then headed back to the dock.

The one guy, Cole, offered me a beer from the cooler, and the three of us sat there for a while chatting. I noticed both of them had bulges in their shorts, and Andy adjusted himself a couple of times. 

After a bit Cole suggested we try out the hot tub that he'd seen up on the deck. I said sure. I have to admit I was feeling a little horny and figured the swirling water might give me a chance to do something about it. 

When we got up there Andy said he had to get something from inside. The other three were still in there, and I kind of wondered what was taking them so long. So Cole and I got into the hot tub, me sipping on my third beer, feeling his legs brushing against mine. 

I kind of liked the feeling, the warm sun, the swirling water, a strange man alone with me brushing against me, and I was feeling a little drunk. I undid my bikini top under the water, and dropped it over the side of the tub. Cole smiled at me. "I can go one better," he said, sliding off his swim shorts and dropping them over the side. 

I looked at him with mock shock, then peeled off my bikini bottom and ditched it too, wondering how I was going to get out of the tub now. 


I couldn't believe this cute, super hot little chick was alone and naked in that hot tub with me. I could feel her feet brushing against my legs.

"Where are the jets hitting you?" I asked.

"I've got one just against my left thigh," she said.

"Oh... I've got one right between my legs and it feels great. Move over a little to your left..."

She did, and I could tell it when it was directly between her legs because her eyes squeezed shut and she bit her lip. She held it like that for ten or fifteen seconds, then moaned. And heard herself because her eyes opened wide with embarrassment.

"That looked like fun," I said. "Do that again!"

She smiled. "You try it," she said.

I scooted over beside her, the jet blasting on my ass. "Here," I said, "if you sit on my lap we can feel it together."


I was already so horny from the jet that all I wanted to do was make myself cum, so when he suggested I sit in his lap I thought, why not, what could it hurt. I stood up a little and moved in front of him, sitting back a little, feeling the hair on his legs under my hands, and his hands resting on my waist. I sat down a little more until his legs were against my bottom, and I could feel the water pulsing up between my legs. I could also feel his penis against my back. It felt large and hard which made me even hornier.

We sat like that for a minute, with me slowly drawing my legs up until my heels were on his knees, and his hands tightening on my hips, pulling me back against his cock. I closed my eyes and pushed back against his cock, wriggling a little. I heard him gasp, and then he started moving me, rubbing me against him, one hand slipping between my legs, his fingers moving down through my fur, over my clit, pulling me back against him.

I reached one hand back around his neck and he lifted me up so the tip of his cock was against my ass. I can't believe I did this, but I was so horny I reached down between my legs, my wrist brushing against his hand, wrapped my fingers around his cock, and pulled it forward so that his head was between my lips.

I felt his whole body tense. I pushed down a little so his head slid into me, and I heard him groan. His cock was rigid as bone, and I stayed like that for a moment, my hand on his cock, the head of his cock inside me, my cunt aching for the rest of it. His hands were on my waist, and he was not moving at all. I took my hand off his cock then and grasped his wrists letting my body sink a little in the water.

I heard him groan again, and I bit my lip to stop myself crying out as I felt his cock penetrate another inch into me. I'd never done anything like this before, and I was so horny I was sure if I moved even a little right then I'd cum. I waited a bit, feeling the water boiling around us, then lifted my feet and felt myself sink all the way down onto his cock, the sensation of his thick hard meat impaling me bringing me to the brink of orgasm.

It must have been too much for him because he moved his hand onto my stomach, lifted and spun me so I had to put my hands on the rim of the tub. His left hand gripped the rim beside mine, his right on my belly holding me up, my heels just breaking the surface of the water as he fucked me hard, then groaned, pressing hard into me as he came. It felt like he came for a couple of minutes, and I was right there on the edge, so close to cumming, but nothing touching my clit, so I just hung there, biting my lip, so horny I could scream.


I came in her so hard I thought I was going to pass out. Her pussy was so tight and wet and she was so horny I don't think I've ever cum that hard before. I fucked her until I went soft, then released her and sat back against the jets. I was going to ask her if she came, but she climbed out of the tub before I'd recovered enough to speak.


Cole looked utterly spent, and I was so horny I had to do something, and while I could have gotten off on the jets, after the fucking I'd just had doing that didn't seem like it would be fulfilling enough, so I climbed out of the tub and walked inside.

I heard groaning as soon as I walked through the door. I figured it was Tammy and Mark and I wondered where the other two guys were. I was kind of hoping for some more action, but if they were gay... I skirted the couch to see if I could watch Mark and Tammy go at it without being seen, and almost gasped out loud.

Tammy was spread-eagled on the floor, John's cock in her mouth, Mark between her legs, eating her, his ass in the air. Darren lay on his back underneath him, his left hand holding Mark's cock in his mouth, his right stroking his own rock hard cock.

I was so horny I barely hesitated before kneeling on the floor, putting my hand over Darren's, and taking the head of his cock in my mouth. I felt his whole body stiffen when I did that. His ass came up off the floor, his cock going ram-rod hard, and then his cock jerking in my mouth as he came so hard I could feel it hit the roof of my mouth.

I stroked him, his cum leaking out of my mouth, until he was completely soft. I thought he would keep sucking Mark, but instead, after lying there for a minute holding Mark's cock limply in his hand, he got up and staggered over to the couch.

I felt bad for Mark, kneeling there industriously eating Tammy's pussy who was moaning around John's cock, his thick cock jumping in the empty air above the floor, so I reached out and held it firmly in my hand. I heard him groan so I started stroking it, but I was so horny all I wanted was it inside me, so I leaned over and whispered in his ear that I wanted him inside me and I'd eat Tammy for him.

He backed away and I got between her legs, smelling her pungent sea smell, running my tongue over her lips to her clit, sliding my fingers inside her. I lifted my ass in the air, feeling Mark position himself behind me, the head of his cock between my pussy lips, then pressing into me. It was so big I gasped into Tammy's pussy.


What really got me hot was John's cock in my mouth. Mark's tongue just gave my pussy something to rub against, doing what it always did, although the thought of him getting sucked off turned me on. I had my eyes closed digging the feel of his cock fucking my mouth, listening sounded like Darren getting up, like he was done with Mark, when I felt soft hands on my thighs and a different mouth on my quim.

I looked down and it was Judy. She's so cute. I didn't know she was bi or I'd have made a pass at her a long time ago. I watched her sweet blonde head moving between my thighs, feeling her hot tongue tracing my pussy, probing me, sucking my clitty...


Tammy had been sucking my cock like it was the only thing on earth, but as soon as Judy got between her legs she lost interest. Judy is incredibly cute. I watched her eating Tammy for a while, her sweet ass in the air, Mark behind her, fucking her deeply, Tammy moving her hips in deep slow thrusts, her stomach taut, making long, drawn out moans until I couldn't take it any more.


Judy's so hot. I love Tammy, and I love fucking her, but any time Judy walks into a room I can't help staring at her. When she reached over and held my cock in her hand I almost came. I would have if I hadn't just cum before we drove up here. Then she whispered that she wanted to fuck me while she ate my girlfriend...

When I rubbed my cock against her pussy I couldn't believe how wet she was. She was so wet that even though I'm a little large, when I pushed a little between her lips I expected to slide right in, but I didn't. I could feel her pussy opening and closing, pulling me in slowly, but soooo tight.

I just knelt there, buried in her to the base of my cock, fucking her without really sliding in her, her cunt gripping me like a fist. I had my hands on her ass, my cock throbbing inside her, trying not to cum, when John got up from Tammy's mouth and walked behind me.

I felt his hands on my hips, and his erect cock pressing against the crack of my ass. I just wanted to fuck Judy, and I was worried if he entered me I'd cum, but I thought it would be rude to push him away. I felt him put on a condom and rub lube on my ass, his fingers pressing against my asshole. I stayed dead still, gripping Judy's ass, watching it rhythmically pressing back against me as she ate Tammy.

His fingers slipped into me pretty easy, I was so horny, and he seemed to take that as a sign because after a few seconds of that I felt the head of his penis there instead. He could have slipped in easily, but he went slowly, just holding it there, just pressing hard enough for me to feel a faint pressure.

I stayed still for as long as I could, Judy's ass grinding back against me, until my body started to move back in time with her grinding, pressing back on John's cock as if my body had a mind of its own. I felt the head of his cock push into me. I bit my lip, then pushed back, my cock coming almost out of Judy as John went into me to the hilt. Then I pushed back into Judy and John was just fucking me with a deep grinding motion, his thighs slapping against my ass.

I didn't even have to move. Judy was grinding back fast now, her hand between her legs, cheek pressed against Tammy's thigh, no longer eating her, just moaning, then her whole body going into spasm. I held on as her body wracked with orgasm, riding it out as I felt my own building from deep inside me.


I came for about half a minute, and then I felt Mark explode inside me, his cock so thick I felt it throbbing inside me as he came, filling me, his balls slapping against my clit until I came again. And then I was just lying there, kind of dazed and wondering how I could have been horny enough to do those things, while John lay on top of Tammy, fucking her.

Mark stood up and wandered off. I sat there and watched them fuck for awhile, kind of surprised how into each other they both were, fucking slowly with deep, firm grinds. It looked like they would be at it for awhile, so I finally stood up and went for a walk.

I wandered into the kitchen, looking for something to drink. There was a half full bottle of rye on the counter, so I poured some into a glass, added a couple of ice cubes and some ginger ale, and took a big gulp. It tasted good so I made another one, had a sip, and staggered off to see what else was going on. I heard soft groaning coming from a bedroom so I went in. Darren was lying on his side on the bed, and Cole was behind him, moving his hips. I crawled onto the bed behind Cole, pressing up against him, and fell asleep.

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