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Keep the cameras rolling

My wife forgot the web-cam was still rolling!
As I have written in my previous episode, I am a 48 year old guy with just the one fantasy. I was lucky enough to have that fulfilled and made a reality one evening during a skype conversation with my wife who was living in Florida.

The guy in question was my soon to boss, also married, and both of us enjoyed the taking of my virginity under the watchful eye of my beautiful wife, 3000 miles away accross the pond, who managed to bring herself to a series of mind blowing orgasms while Clive and I got busy in front of the camera.

Following on from that unbelievable, surreal event, I have only managed to relive the story in my mind, as Clive has been out of the country and my wife felt a little embarrassed about the fact that a lifelong friend had fucked her husband whilst she frigged herself senseless 'live on skype'!

However, things were soon to change as Claire was due back from the States and Clive was also returning from his travels. To say that my mind was racing as to the prospect of a repetition of those wonmderful events was an understatement. 

I sat in the office and gently began stroking my cock through my trousers, closing my eyes and imagining all the things I would like to do to Clive while Claire looked on. The memory of that hot cum almost gagging me and the feeling of his pulsating cock so far up my arse that it hurt, was enough to bring me to the point of climax.

I had to squeeze the end of my cock in an attempt to stop me literally coming in my pants. What would the weekend have in store? I couldn't wait to find out.

The rest of the day dragged on and by 5 o'clock I was desperate to leave to enable me to get down to the serious business of planning my days ahead.

I decided to have one last skype call to my wife who was about to leave for the airport and sat down behind my desk as the call rang out.

The phone rang and rang and eventually, just as I was about to hang up, Claire picked up the call. She immediately told me she was about to jump into the shower and that was why she hadn't answered straight away.

I know my wife well enough to know that she was flustered talking to me and that I wasn't exactly being told the whole truth. Something was up and I was going to find out what.

Eventually after a slightly short conversation and a frosty goodbye, Claire headed off for her 'shower' and I said I would see her tomorrow evening.

Within two minutes of saying goodbye I noticed that the web-cam was still on and Claire walked back in front of the computer with nothing on, heading back into the bedroom. The thought of watching someone who is naked and unaware of the fact that you can see them was a huge turn on and I decided to leave the screen on and see what unfolded.

I wasn't disappointed.

5 minutes passed and suddely I heard a knock at my wife's door. She ran passed the computer, still naked and hurried to answer. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My gorgeous wife, totally naked was now locked in a full on embrace with a totally handsome, six foot plus, blonde guy in nothing more than a pair of shorts.

I wanted to yell out but the desire to watch them was far to great. They stood in front of the screen for a good 5 minutes passionately kissing and I could clearly see his tongue pressing against hers as his right hand slid between her legs and on to her shaven pussy. I couldn't believe he had his fingers inside my wifes pussy! It was MY pussy!

Yet here was I, 3000 miles away and absolutely turned on by what I was seeing. I finally succumbed to the moment and undid my trousers, releasing my throbbing, straining cock.

By now, Claire had removed the guys shorts and had knelt down in front of him, taking an age to lick around his head and sample his pre-cum, before pushing hard against his cock as it slid comfortably down her throat, gagging her in the process.

The guy, who incidentally had a magnificent cock and and was uncut with about 8" pulled away from her and bent her roughly over the study desk as he proceeded to bury his tongue in and out of my wifes beautiful pussy.

I was savouring every moment. She was in a world of her own and I had not ever seen her so turned on.

His tongue now flashed over her pussy lips and down to her arse before gently licking back up and delving deeper into her hole. This was something I had never done to her and she was loving every moment.

the next thing that happened not only gave me a huge orgasm but a huge sense of relief. My wife stood up and walked towards the camera, looking me straight in the eye and mouthin 'I Love You' straight at me. She knew I was there the whole time and she was putting on a show in the way that Clive and I did months earlier.

She knew I would love it and she would quite enjoy it along the way.

At this point my cock began to convulse and the cum rose to an almighty explosion over the screen. I can't remember cumming so much since I was a teenager and it was dripping down the monitor with Claire and the stud busy fucking in the back ground.

Suddenly the whole situation took a turn. I stood horrified as my office door opened and the young guy I had never seen before walked in. 'I hope you are going to clean that up?' he said with a smile on his face. 'And I don't mean with a cloth' he continued.

I was dumbstruck. 'What do you mean?' I asked in a timid voice.

'Lick it up', he went on. 'Get down on your knees and lick the screen clean'. 'Put the camera on at this end so that your whore of a wife can see you'. He said.

I didn't want to argue, after all he had seen me wanking in my office and he already had the upper hand.

I bent down and put the camera on and saw my wife smile at the image of me, half dressed and moving towards the screen. I licked up as much of my cum as I could and swallowed it almost gagging in the process.

My young guy watched me intently, with an almost frenzied look on his face. 'Now kiss me' he said. 'Let me taste your cum on my lips' he continued.

This was a first. I had sucked a cock and even fucked and been fucked but I had never kissed a guy.

He pulled me towards him as my wife watched on and he buried his tongue deep in my throat. Probing my tonsils and licking every inch of my mouth.

My wife had bent over again now, I noticed and she was about to take the full length of the studs cock up her virgin arse. The amount of times I had pleaded with her to let me fuck her arse and now she was giving it up to a complete stranger.

He made one thrust and he was in. My wife's face contoted with the mixture of pain and absolute pleasure as he began to pound at her cheeks.

Now it was time for me to try and take charge. I pushed my young guy away and undid his trousers. I grabbed at his cock and sucked for all I was worth. He was not as big as the guy busy fucking my wife's arse but it was plenty big enough to satisfy me.

Claire let out a huge scream and was going towards the best orgasm of her life as my guy could contain himself no longer. He shot srings of delicious salty cum into my mouth and pushed arder and harder into my throat so that I had to swallow it causing me to almost choke. God I love the taste of cum and I wanted to drain him of all he had.

By now Claire had stood up from her guy and was bending over in front of the camera letting me see the cum dripping out of her swollen pussy.

I looked at the guy in front of me and Claire looked at him saying a big thank you.

The next event made me realise just how much I loved my wife. She paid her guy $100 and told me I owed my 'young stud' £100. They were both escorts from International Escorts Ltd' and had both been set up to bring this whole thing together.

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