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Kendra Enjoys a Woman for the First Time While Hubby Watches

She finally gets to experience being with another woman
I’m at a party with my wife Kendra and a bunch of other couples at Sara and Lou’s house. The party is fairly normal but the alcohol is flowing quite liberally and most people are either very buzzed or completely intoxicated. Around 1 am, the party starts to wind down and most couples leave, and it happens to be just Kendra and I with Sara and Lou.

Sara is by far the drunkest of the four of us and she is giving us a hard time about our vacation without any kids and how great it must have been. My wife Kendra is pretty drunk and says, “God, it was great, didn’t have to worry about the kids, got to have fun and got to have sex whenever we wanted. Mike even decided to go down on me every morning to wake me up in a special way.”

I blush with the comment, not used to Kendra being so open with others and Sara says, “God, I wish Lou would do that, the only time he ever goes down on me, it’s like thirty seconds to try and get me worked up so he can jam his dick inside me. Instead of foreplay, with him, it’s one play.” She laughs when she says that but I can tell Lou is a little embarrassed.

Kendra laughs with the joke and says, “That’s the problem with men and their penises, they just want to poke everything. That’s why I’ve always wanted to play around with a girl, to see what it’s like, see how different it is.”

Sara says, “You never have been with a girl?”

My wife replies, “No, I had a few chances back in college but for some reason, I was just into men and didn’t experience it. And now that I’m married, I have this commitment thing,” with a sarcastic and joking tone.

Being drunk myself, I add, “But, honey, I said you could hook up with a hot chick but I had to be there to watch.”

Sara laughs out loud. “God, you men are all perverts, Lou has said the same thing about watching me. When he found out I played around in college, you ought have seen his eyes light up and I think he had an erection for a week when we saw one of the girls at a reunion.”

Sara moves next to me and says, “So, Mikey, am I hot enough for Kendra to fool around with and you can watch?”

My eyes about pop out of my head and Kendra looks at me and sees me blush, knowing I’ve always thought Sara had the hottest body of any of her friends. Without hesitation, I say, “Hell yeah!” and laugh thinking it’s a joke.

She turns to her hubby Lou and asks, “Do you want to see me with Kendra, honey? I think it would be hot to take her girl on girl cherry.” He turns beet red and she adds, “I guess that is a yes.”

Sara comes up to me and rubs my butt playfully and says, “Guys, there will be no messing around with either of us, you’re just there to watch and observe, get it?”

I nod and Kendra comes up and gives me a big hug and says, “Really?” And then her hand goes to my crotch and says, “Oh, god, you’re so hard already.”

Sara smiles and takes Lou’s hand and tells us to follow. We go to their bedroom and Sara gives Lou a kiss and says, “Honey, undress me for Kendra, do it slowly.”

Kendra and I stand there as Lou takes the zipper down on the back of her dress and lets it hit the floor. She is standing there in a push up lacy bra and matching panties.

She looks at me and says, “Mikey, dear, undress your wife for me. Give her to me.” I look at my wife and can tell she’s very excited as her hand teases my cock. I take her sweater over her head and Sara adds, “Oh my god, look at those breasts, take her bra off right now.”

It’s weird that she’s telling me to do it and I just do it and unclasp it and let her breasts fall out. I see Sara and Lou just staring. Then Sara says, “Now her pants.”

I drop to my knees, unbutton and unzip my wife’s pants, and pull them down and have her step out of them. “Now her panties,” I hear from behind me. I move in and start to slide the panties down, and see a huge wet spot starting to grow on the fabric as I pull them down.

As I take them off, Sara has snuck up behind me and whispers something in my ear. Kendra sees my eyes perk up as I lean in and kiss her bare and wet pussy, and say, “I love you so much, honey, please enjoy your evening with Sara.”

As I’m doing this, Sara tells Lou to go get two chairs from the dining room and he does. She puts one each side of the bed and smiles and tells us to sit there. She goes in the closet and comes out with several neckties. She hands a few to Kendra and says, “Help me make sure they know it’s about us, not them,” as she ties my right arm to the chair and my wife does the left. When they finish me, they move to Lou and do the same to him.

When done, Sara looks at Kendra and says, “I want you to go down on me like you talked about Mike doing to you each morning, wake me with your tongue,” as she goes and lays down on the bed, head against the pillows. Before I know it, my wife is crawling on the bed, between Sara’s legs and gently kisses her pussy through her panties.

After a second, Kendra slowly slides the panties over her thighs, gets them off her legs and goes between her legs and slowly starts to lick Sara’s wet pussy. Sara pretends to be sleeping at first and then starts to wake up to the sensation. Sara sits up a little bit and then puts her hands on my wife’s head and says, “Mmmm, god, that is so sweet, keep going.”

I hear Kendra’s moan as she licks her pussy and plays with her clit. Sitting in the chair, I see Sara’s legs start to shake then her hands go to Kendra’s head and pull her in tightly and she lets out a little squeal. She lifts Kendra’s head up and says, “Baby, you just made your first woman orgasm. That was so sweet and sensual.”

Sara gets out of the bed and moves over to Lou and sits on his lap, spreading her legs. “Now, Kendra, that was sweet. This time I want you to eat me like you don’t want anything more in the world.” All of a sudden, I see my wife Kendra get off the bed and move over towards Lou. Sara is sitting in his lap and spreads her legs. “Don’t worry about him, I thought he might enjoy your mouth so close to his cock, but focus on my pussy, your job is to make me come.”

Kendra is on her knees and starts to really lick her pussy very hard and extreme. Sara is bucking on Lou’s lap and calls out, “God, look at her eat pussy like a pro,” and grabs Kendra’s head and pulls her in much tighter. I hear Kendra breathing hard trying to keep up but Sara puts her legs over Kendra’s shoulders to keep her mouth there.

As Sara gets turned on, I see her heels start to dig into the back of my wife. I hear her wince when it happens at first, but Sara’s thighs are so tight when she comes for the second time. She finally releases and lets Kendra breathe again.

As she recovers, Sara looks at me and says, “Mike, does your wife like to sit on your face?” and I say yes. She then says, “Kendra, on your back on the bed now.”

As Kendra moves to the bed, I’m amazed at how fast Sara is on the bed and straddling her face. Within seconds, she’s lowered herself and is grinding hard on Kendra’s face. The first two times were more sensual but this time, it’s purely animal sex. Trying to get off, hard and fast. She uses Kendra’s mouth, tongue, chin and nose and after a few minutes, she comes so hard.

Sara pulls up from straddling Kendra and leans in and gently kisses her. “God, I love tasting myself,” she says as he fingers move down to Kendra’s pussy.

“Holy shit, you’re so wet,” she exclaims. In a quick more, Sara slides down the bed and starts to lick Kendra’s pussy. She always liked when I licked her but this sensation is different. Kendra is so turned on, she comes in a matter of minutes from Sara’s mouth alone.

Sara looks up and asks, “What kind of toys do you guys play with?”

Kendra blushes a little and says, “We really don’t use any, we enjoy each other a lot.”

Sara laughs and goes to her drawer and pulls out a little dildo. In a second, she slowly slides it in and starts to fuck Kendra with it. Kendra says, “That’s nice, but doesn’t do much for me...” but before she can finish the sentence, Sara goes does and starts to magically play with her clit with her mouth and teeth. Then she starts fucking her with the dildo and playing with her clit and Kendra has feelings she’s never felt before and starts bucking hard on the bed and climaxes again. This time much harder and wetter.

As Kendra tries to recover from the sensation, Sara says, “You always said you liked to give blow jobs, right?”

Kendra mumbles yes and when she looks over, Sara is getting a strap on and starting to attach it. She takes Kendra’s hand and pulls her off the bed and moves her over towards Lou and then says, “Get on your knees and show me.”

She holds Kendra’s head and all three of us watch her give head to the dildo. Sara teases poor Lou with questions like, “God, I bet you wished I gave head like this didn’t you?” as she watches Kendra take the dildo in her mouth and go to town on it. My cock is aching watching this as Sara is fucking her mouth slowly with the dildo.

She sees me make eye contact and says, “Don’t worry, Mike, here comes your turn,” and she pulls the dildo from my wife’s mouth and walks over towards me.

“Kendra, stand up, bend over and put your hands on Mike's lap, I’m gonna fuck your pussy with the strap on.” She comes over and bends over and looks at me with her ass high as I see Sara move up behind her.

“You want this don’t you, Kendra?” she asks and my wife moans yes.

In a matter of seconds, she starts fucking Kendra hard from behind. Her weight is pushing Kendra against me as I watch her take her quick and hard. I hear the wetness sloshing around from the dildo going in and out, faster and faster. Sara playfully spanks her ass and reaches around and pinches her nipples hard. She starts to pick up the pace until Kendra collapses on my lap as she reached another orgasm.

Sara pulls out and takes off the dildo and says, “Kendra, I think you have one more orgasm from oral in you, do you want it from me or your hubby?”

She looks at me and says, “You, Sara, please.”

She giggles, still drunk but loving the affect she has. She says, “Okay, Kendra, sit on the bed and look your hubby in the eye as I go down on you. He might like this because he’ll have my ass and pussy bent over right in front of him. You might want to make sure he looks at you,” she giggles.

And then she drops to her knees and slowly starts to lick Kendra’s pussy again. It’s soaked and throbbing but she knows what do to in order to get her excited but make it pleasurable after so much use. Kendra looks me in the eye as Sara licks her hard and she climaxes the final time and passes out on the bed.

Sara comes up and unties my arms and says, “I hope you and Lou enjoyed it. I know I did. I hope she likes your pussy eating as much now.” She laughs and says good night.

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