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Killing Curiosity Part 3

Killing Curiosity Part 3

The final chapter. Paul meets Ben's wife and revisits old experiences
I had not long got home from a particularly hard day at work. The client had been a real pain in the ass. The guests had been full of compliments but all he could do was complain about anything and everything. I poured myself a glass of wine and slumped into the chair to check on my emails. I switched on my laptop and opened up my email account, picked up my glass and took a mouthful of the ice cold Sancerre. The third message from the top stood out in bold lettering and caught my attention.

The sender was ‘Behonestly69’ and the subject was ‘Des Amis Du Vin’. My mind immediately went back to London . When I lived there, I had often gone to Café Des Amis Du Vin in Covent Garden . It was one of my favourite watering holes and memories of meeting Ben there also came flooding back. My hand was shaking slightly as I placed the glass down and opened up the message. My stomach flipped over as I read it.

“Hi stranger, Des Amis Du Vin, June26 at 6pm. Ben x.”

What was that all about? I hadn’t seen or heard from Ben for four years and obviously, he had no idea that I didn’t live in London any more. I had thought that I was getting too old to be running a nightclub. I had become tired of the fast pace of the big city so had moved back north to where I was born. I had found a new job in Event Management, which I usually enjoyed, and started a new chapter of my life.

I had seen Ben on television a couple times. He was now based in New York and was a real high flyer in his bank, Head of Global something or other. I had even Googled him and discovered that he had married two years ago to an Englishwoman, whom I assumed was the one he told me about. As far as I knew, they had no children.

My mind drifted back to those encounters with Ben. My cock started to engorge when I recalled the incredible sex that we had had. Since that last encounter, I had even become a bit more versatile in bed but nobody had ever come close to matching Ben when it came to fucking me. My hole started to twitch at the possibility of a repeat performance and I had to readjust myself to give my prick more space as I considered my reply.

I checked my diary and found that I was free from the 23rd to the 30th, so I wrote in it ‘No Appointments’ between those two dates. That bastard knew that I would agree but at least I didn’t have to cancel anything, or get my deputy to stand in for me. When I was dealing with a client, I always felt that it was my responsibility to be there at the event. Now, if we got a prospective client during that period, Dave, my deputy, could deal with them and take care of the event.

I pondered for some time about the response and decided to play a little hard to get, knowing that I would kick myself and quickly backtrack if it went wrong.

‘That is difficult. I don’t live in London any more. Paul xx,’ I tapped out.

I was surprised when I immediately got a message back

‘I don’t care! Book a hotel, I’ll pay. No excuses! I know you want to see me! You can’t kid me! Or yourself!’

You arrogant little shit, I thought.

‘What about your wife?’ I fired back.

‘I’ll explain it all on the 26th. Just say you’ll be there. Please!’

‘Yes, I’ll be there! You knew damn well that I would say yes!!!!! You had better have a good reason for dragging me back there and I don’t need you to pay for me. I am quite capable of paying for myself, thank you!’

‘Thanks, that’s great Paul. You won’t be sorry, honestly! I’ve missed you!!!!!’

Now my stomach felt worse than ever. I had a raging hard on and yet I thought that I was going to puke. I took a big mouthful of wine to try and quell the queasiness and leant back in my seat. This whole scenario had me stumped. What did he want with me? What about his wife? What did he want to get up to in London ? Why did he say he had missed me? Questions, questions, questions……but no answers!

Over the next couple of days I sorted out work, visited the clinic for a check up and made my hotel arrangements. I decided to go on the 25th and come back on the 30th. I booked to stay at the Waldorf Hilton on Aldwych, a stones throw away from Covent Garden and also convenient for the West End . No doubt Ben would be staying at The Dorchester or Clarridges, nice but a little too pretentious for my liking. The Waldorf was luxurious but not over the top and I had found it a friendly place on previous visits.

The 25th came around soon enough and I found myself on the train to London . All those questions were, once again, racing through my mind. I was really looking forward to seeing Ben but I found all this uncertainty was unsettling. Although I toyed with various possibilities, I knew that if he was still married I would not be going to bed with him. That was a certainty, I didn’t believe in that and there no room for compromise!

Alighting at Euston Station, I caught a taxi to my hotel, checked in and got settled into my room. After unpacking, I took a shower and changed into some fresh clothes. I sent an email to Ben, letting him know my hotel and room number, before I wandered out towards the West End . I headed for Comptons, one of my favourite bars situated in Old Compton Street .

As usual, the place was packed with a variety of gay guys from eighteen to eighty, a real eclectic mix of the London Scene. There was that old familiar smell that I had missed, a mixture of beer, locker room and the men’s cologne section of Selfridges. I bought a drink and stood near to the window, taking in the various goings on around me. There were the guys who had met their boyfriends there after work. The guys who were on the pull, either strutting their stuff or looking coquettishly at a prospective lay. The businessmen, in conversation with the rent boys who frequented the place. Then there were the guys who, like me, were just out for a drink. The atmosphere was always electric, a real mishmash of hopes, dreams and possibilities.

One guy approached me; he was about thirty years old and very good looking. He introduced himself as Rob and we soon struck up a conversation. He told me that he was in London for a few of days on business. He didn’t get to London that often and had come here because a friend at home had recommended the place. He seemed pleasant enough and he was easy to get along with. After an hour of idle small talk I suggested that we go and eat together, to which he agreed. I suspected he was glad of the company, just happy not to be eating alone.

We chose a little Italian restaurant around the corner and enjoyed a wonderful Linguine Carbonara accompanied by a bottle of Barolo. During the meal I explained that I was meeting an old friend the next day, without divulging too much detail. He asked me if I had plans for the evening and I got the distinct idea that wanted the night to end either in my bed or his. I played with the idea of making a night of it with Rob but the thought of meeting up with Ben tomorrow put a dampener on it. I did not want to be sexed out before I met him, just in case we did end up having sex. On the contrary, I wanted to be ready for a night of lustful, animalistic fucking, if he was free! I told Rob that I was getting an early night but if he wanted to get together on the 27 th , then I would be more than happy to meet up with him and I gave him my phone number.

After paying for our meals, I headed back to my hotel, alone. When I was in my room, I lay on the bed and wondered if I had done the right thing. What if the meeting with Ben is a blow out? What had he meant by ‘you won’t be sorry’? Why the fuck isn’t it tomorrow!!! Why did Rob have to go and enter the equation? Why was I even bothered about Rob? What the hell was going on with me? This is not how I act! This was Ben, the little fucker, messing with my brain.

I needed a distraction so I ordered a bottle of wine from Room Service and switched on the television. Soon after, there was a knock on the door and a waiter entered with the bottle of wine and two glasses. I checked him over as he handed me the slip for my signature. Cute, I thought and even considered offering him the use of the spare glass but then thought better of it. I signed the chit and he left me, alone in the room.

I poured myself a glass of wine, sat in the armchair and turned my attention to the news that was on the television. A minor earthquake somewhere off the coast of Japan A forest fire raging in California and threatening to reach the outskirt of Los Angeles. The Governor of The Bank of England, giving the closing speech to a group of leading bankers at a conference in London. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up as the camera panned round and I caught sight of Ben, looking as stunning as ever. At least now, I knew why he was in London .

By midnight, I had finished the bottle of wine. I decided to take a cool shower, to try and shake off the effects of the alcohol before going to bed. Sleep was fitful, interspersed as it was with so many dreams of me with Ben in a multitude of sexual positions.

I woke the next morning later than usual so I decided to call room service for breakfast. Twenty minutes later there was a rap at the door and the waiter wheeled a trolley in with a Full English Breakfast and a pot of steaming hot tea. I slipped a bath robe on and signed the proffered slip, again noticing how cute the waiter was. God I was horny, especially after the series of erotic dreams I had had during the night. I could have sworn that the waiter winked at me when I handed the slip back to him before he left.

By noon, I was ready to go out and kill some time before returning to get ready to meet Ben. I decided to pay a quick visit to some friends before having some lunch at Balans. After lunch I called into the Golden Lion for a quick drink before heading back to the hotel. Even in the afternoon the place was busy, as it always was, filled with low end rent boys who worked from there and the businessmen who frequented it.

I got back to the hotel around four and started the painstaking ritual of preparing myself for the possibility of anal sex. Three anal douches and a couple of showers, everywhere had to be meticulously cleaned. I would have one final douche would be just before leaving, I was taking no chances. If all this preparation was a waste of time I would be so disappointed. At five thirty, I was finally ready to go and meet him. I had decided to wear a pair of beige Chinos, a Ben Sherman shirt and a lightweight tan jacket along with a pair of white Nike trainers.

The short walk to the bar seemed to take forever with all the possibilities still playing around in my mind. I didn’t know whether to turn back or to run there and put an end to all of the questions. I was no better when I arrived at the door, hesitating, before entering with trepidation. I looked around and saw him sitting in a corner, well away from the other customers that were there. He looked up and smiled as I made my way over to him and then stood up, arms open, when I reached him.

As we hugged each other he snuggled his head into my neck and I felt him kiss it, ever so gently. Shivers ran down my spine and I got a tingling sensation in my fingers and toes, I felt like a schoolgirl on her first date. I knew that I was in danger of going along with whatever he wanted but I was determined to fight my feelings, at least until I found out what he had in mind. I pulled away from him and took a seat, trying to compose myself as Ben went over to the bar and ordered our drinks.

I sat impassively as he returned with two bottles of Becks. Placing one in front of me, he sat down opposite. He looked even more handsome than I remembered, if that were possible. A brilliant white shirt set off his deep tan, blue loose-fit jeans and blue deck shoes completed the outfit. A smile played on his mouth as those chocolate eyes watched me examine him.

“Do you still approve? I haven’t gotten to old for you, have I?” he teased.

“No, you’ll do as long as nothing better comes along,” I countered, displaying no emotion.

His look changed to one of concern.

“Is there something bothering you? Is it me? Have I done something wrong?” he sounded worried.

“Are you still married?” I asked, deciding to come straight out with it.

“Yes, why?” he queried

“In that case I’ll leave now. You didn’t know but I won’t do anything with you while you’re married. So, you’ve wasted my time and yours,” I replied, tersely and began to rise.

“Even if she knows?” Ben said quickly, “Even if she told me to get in touch with you? Even if she wants to be in the room with us?”

I stopped dead in my tracks. My mind was completely blank, as though it could not comprehend what had been said. I just stood there, frozen, looking at Ben but not really seeing him.

“I think you’d better sit back down and let me explain,” he said, trying to reassure me. “Anne knows all about us, well, except for your name that is. We were talking about our fantasies, our sexual bucket list. You know the type of thing, our deepest, darkest secrets and I mentioned something about being with a guy again. When she quizzed me, I told her about the times that I’d enjoyed with you and she got really turned on by it. She also has this fantasy about being cuckolded but not humiliated, like it usually is in porn films. More like, she’s made to watch me with someone else, a sort of forced voyeur. So it was her idea that she watched me and you together, that way both of our fantasies could happen at the same time.”

“She does know that I’m gay then? That it’s not going to end in a threesome?” I asked, concerned that there was another part to their fantasy.

“Yes, she knows. Whatever happens is up to you. If you don’t want her to be involved at all then you can just leave after we have sex. If you do want her to get involved with us afterwards and you’re comfortable with it, that’s fine to. You make your own rules; I’m certainly not going to push you.”

“I haven’t been with a woman for years, not since university. I don’t even know if I could remember anything that I did with a woman back then. Anyway, what’s she like?”

“She’s older than me,” he answered “By five years. Five foot eight, brown hair, hazel eyes with a fantastic body and a gorgeous face.”

“Well I knew she’d be gorgeous!” I laughed “Haven’t you got a picture of her with you that you could show me?” I was intrigued.

“Yes, but I’m not showing it to you. She’ll have a veil covering her so she won’t see what you look like, it’s only fair that you don’t know either. If it goes further you will both get to see each other.” Ben leant back and smiled.

“When does this take place then?” I asked.

“We can leave any time you like. I have to phone her to let her know when we’re on our way and she can get ready. Just give me the nod and we’ll go.”

I stared intently at Ben. My brain was telling me to leave, my heart was telling me to stay and my cock had the casting vote. No contest! I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach but I simply smiled at him.

“Let’s go then. This could either be the best night of sex in my life or the worst case of stage fright in my life! Let’s go and find out which it’s to be,” I quipped.

We stood up, left the bar and headed to the Savoy , a short distance away. On the way Ben made the phone call, then explained to me that he would go up to the room first and I was to come up ten minutes later. When we arrived at The Coal Hole on The Strand, I said that I was going in there to have a drink while I waited and he could call me when it was time to come up.

Ten minutes and a large cognac later, my phone rang and Ben told that they were ready. I left the pub, crossed the road and made my way up the small road leading to the hotel’s main entrance. I entered The Savoy and made my way through the plush foyer, to the elevators. I told the attendant the floor that I required and leant against the wall with my eyes closed as the lift rose, silently. A small cough signified that I had reached my destination so I exited and headed towards Ben’s suite. At the door, I stopped and stared at the number, hesitant and yet excited.

I knocked, gently, and the door opened, silently. Ben stood there, with a forefinger pressed to his lips, urging me to be quiet. He beckoned me in and I followed him through, into the sumptuous lounge area of his luxurious suite of rooms. The place screamed of opulence with its rich upholstery and antique furniture. He stopped me and leaned his head to my ear.

“You know what to do. As far as we’re concerned, we are the only people in that room. We pay no attention to her and we do whatever we want. There is absolutely no need to hold anything back.” he whispered.

I simply nodded my understanding and we crossed over to the bedroom. Ben noisily thrust open the door and laughed as he dragged me into the room. The room was in darkness, save for two bedside lamps which had a yellow, gauze material draped over each of them. This golden glow illuminated just the large bed but left the rest of the room in shadow.

“Fuck, I’ve missed you. I’ve missed fucking with you for so long. I can’t wait to feel that cock of yours inside of me again, pounding my ass.” He sounded almost desperate, as he spoke.

He pulled me into an embrace of such savage passion that in bordered on assault. A split second later and I was returning it with equal fervour. We were like two rutting stags but we were not fighting for a herd of does, we were fighting for dominance of another kind. Our hands raked over each others body, pulling at the clothes in a desperate bid to get the other naked. Sweat was glistening as our torsos were exposed and our mouths moved to each others necks.

We pulled apart and raced to finish removing the remainder of our clothes. We stood facing each other, breathing heavily with our cocks jutting up and out like swords. Ben seized my arm and dragged me onto the bed. Not once had we looked towards the shadowed figure, seated on a chair in the unlit corner of the room. We tussled on the bed, like two wrestlers in a ring, trying to find a winning hold that would lead to a submission. As our mouths locked, I heard a sharp intake of breath that had a definite female tone to it.

I extricated myself from his grasp and spun my body round so that my head was directly in front of Ben’s groin. I seized his cock and plunged my mouth onto it and in one fell swoop the entire thing disappeared into my mouth and down my throat. His groan echoed around the room and a distinct moan could be heard from the corner. As Ben recovered from the initial sensation, he took hold of my prick and licked it, like a hungry schoolboy with a lollipop. Up and down the shaft with long strokes and swirling his tongue around the head, trying to tease the pre cum out of it.

In this position, I knew that neither of us would last very long and that was not my intention. Maybe a couple of minutes and then we would both be blowing our loads down each others throats. Releasing his tool from my mouth and freeing my own, I moved between Ben’s legs and raised them. His hands automatically went behind his thighs to support them, giving me access to his amazing hole. Whilst from the corner, I heard some movement.

Lowering my mouth, my tongue savoured Ben’s rosebud, swirling it round and lapping up that taste that I had hungered for over the years. The distinct smell and flavour that only he had, sent my senses reeling. Over and over, my tongue licked, stabbed and probed his sphincter, opening it and relaxing it to allow the entry that was soon to follow. I moved again, this time kneeling between his splayed legs and lined up my tumescent rod to the opening

Gently I pushed through the muscled outer ring, which gave way remarkably easily, and then through the second ring, until the whole of the glans was inside.

“Oh fuck yes! Oh fuck yes! Push your fucking meat inside! I want all of you inside me!” Ben groaned, loudly. His lust fuelled words, echoing round the room.

“Ohhhh!” came a woman’s voice from the corner, clearly audible above Ben’s groans.

Granting Ben’s wish, I sank my cock to the hilt and held it there.

“Oh fuck, that feels so good! Oh Christ I’ve missed it! Now fuck me you bastard, fuck me as hard as you can!”

I began to thrust in and out with increasing speed and force until I was pushing his body back towards the headboard. Relentlessly pummelling his ass while he shouted obscenities, which only spurred me on all the more. The moans and gasps of breath from the corner of the room were becoming louder and louder. They were accompanied by the rustling of material and a faint wet smacking sound.

Ben’s asshole was beginning to spasm and the heat from the friction between us set off the tingling sensation in my balls. Both were sure-fire signs that our orgasms were on there way. His whole body started to tense up and twitch, his ring squeezing and relaxing around my fuckpole. As though it was milking it, urging it to produce the cream it sought.

“Now, you fucker, cum in my ass! Breed me you bastard! Let me feel you shoot!” Ben growled.

As the cum began to spew from his piss slit, I felt my own cock give that one, final swell and a fountain of sperm spurted deep into his bowels, blasting the walls. A high pitched squeal followed by a rapid panting emanated from that dark corner. I collapsed on top of Ben, struggling for breath as he lay there smiling at me. We kissed passionately before Ben rolled me off onto the bed. He smiled and motioned his head towards the corner, the look in his eyes was almost pleading. I simply nodded.

He took my hand and led me to the darkened corner where the noise had been coming from. Nervously, I stood naked before the shadowed figure with my deflating manhood. I noticed the same gossamer material that covered the lamps, draped over the entire figure. This had allowed them to see but not clearly. Ben lifted the material to reveal the shape of a naked woman. I felt a pair of small hands take hold of my buttocks and pull me closer. One hand moved to my penis and took hold, then a warm mouth enveloped it.

Ben moved towards the light switch by the door and flicked it on. The room lit up and I looked down at the woman who was sucking eagerly on my cock. She was looking directly up at me. Our eyes locked and I stood there, almost paralysed. She tried her best to smile but my prick, which was still in her mouth, made that difficult. As her eyes beamed, my face remained impassive and my heart thumped. Her teeth closed around my shaft holding it firmly and her eyes flashed a warning to me. The merest movement of my head signalled understanding.

I looked over to Ben and noticed that his dick had started to grow as he watched the scene unfold before him. This was my chance to leave but I knew that I wanted Ben inside me one last time so I just smiled at him. I pulled away from his wife and walked over to him.

“I want you to fuck me,” I whispered in his ears and he nodded.

I went back to the woman, led her by the hand over towards the bed and then directed her to lie down. I joined her, kneeling between her opened legs and staring at the shaved mound before me. Memories of all those pussy eating days at university came flooding back. A shit eating grin appeared on my face and when I looked at her, she smiled back. As my mouth homed in on its target, I felt my ass cheeks being spread and the tip of Ben’s tongue teasing my hole.

My own tongue began to circle the hood of her clitoris, trying to tempt the hard pearl into emerging from its hiding place. At the same time, I was trying to push my butt backwards onto Ben’s probing tongue. These conflicting actions were not really helping any of us, I had to make a decision and quickly. I decided to concentrate on giving his wife an oral experience that she would remember for a long time and leave him to do whatever he wanted with my ass.

I snaked my tongue along the lips of her pussy, finishing with a little flourish round her now exposed clit. Her juices were flowing freely from her cunt onto my tongue and I savoured that long forgotten, sweet taste. Her hands were on my head, pulling me into the folds of her vagina as she moaned in appreciation. I moved two fingers in and out of her dripping gash then onto her anal opening, playing and tantalising the small, pink rosebud.

Behind me, Ben had loosened my sphincter and at least two inches of his tongue was working on massaging the inner ring of muscle. There was a pause and I felt the cold softness of lube being applied with one, and then two, deft fingers. My body was relaxed as I waited for the imminent feeling of his cock stretching and filling my chute. I wasn’t disappointed, the glans and shaft of his thick endowment slid in with minimal discomfort or pain, just as it had that first time.

Ben struck up a slow steady rhythm, which first pushed my tongue into his wife’s welcoming slit and then drew me slightly away from it. Each forward movement of my body was matched with an attempt to drive my tongue, as deeply as I could, inside of her. Each penetration of my tongue caused her to grip my hair harder and drag my head further into her. I was making muffled groans of pleasure as I lapped up her nectar. She was moaning and mewing loudly whilst Ben was producing a series of grunts and growls that were worthy of any wildlife film.

“Oh yes Paul! That’s it! That’s it!” she moaned and I gave her a warning look.

I lifted my torso and pulled her down the bed until she was below me and sank my prick into her dripping cunt. Even with so much lubrication, the walls of her vagina moulded firmly around my manhood. She gasped and my mouth found her long forgotten lips. I tried to match Ben’s movements but to no avail so I pulled my head away and turned towards him.

“Stop moving and move a bit closer,” I mouthed to him, “Then let me do it.”

He nodded, letting me know he understood what I meant. I plunged into his wife and then pulled back, sinking my butt onto Ben’s waiting cock. Adjusting to this position, I was able to increase the strength and speed of my movements. Slamming into his wife or impaling myself forcibly onto his thick shaft with each stroke. My whole body was covered in sweat with the effort, causing slapping sounds with whichever body I hit.

Soon, a prickling sensation in my thighs was traveling towards my bollocks and I knew that I would last long before I erupting. Supporting myself with one arm, I pinched her nipples hard, knowing that this would speed her orgasm along. I squeezed my sphincter in a series of contractions, trying to warn Ben that my orgasm was on the way.

“Mnnughhhh!” I grunted, as the first volley of sperm shot deep inside her vagina.

My butt hole tightened, which set Ben off on his orgasm. I could feel him coat my insides as I continued to spew the contents of my nuts into his wife. Her own orgasm had taken hold and as her body shook violently. Her nails dug painfully into my back, marking the flesh as she savagely ran her hands up and down.

“Oh fuck yes Paul! Oh Paul” she shouted.

I put my hand over her mouth in an attempt to quieten her, hoping Ben hadn’t heard. Ben fell onto my back, completely spent, and bit my shoulder. As we all collapsed into a post coital tangle on the bed, something must have registered with him and he raised himself onto one elbow and looked at us.

“How do you know his name? I was very careful not to mention it,” he asked, looking at his wife.

Anne looked at me. I looked back, smiled and then nodded. “We went out together for a couple of years at university. I had no idea it was going to be him, I didn’t even know he was gay!”

“It sure is a small world! And it certainly brought back some old memories,” I said, laughing.

I got up from the bed to retrieve my clothes. When I was dressed I went back over to the bed and gave each of them a kiss. I said my goodbyes and as I left, I no longer had that sad feeling that I associated with knowing that I wasn’t going to see Ben. In some strange way, knowing he was with Anne made it easier.

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