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Lending a Hand to the Neighbor, Day 3

Abby confronts John and Jack. Will their lives fall apart or can they soothe her anger?

Back to the story, as told by Jack

It took me a while, but I mustered up the courage to ring the doorbell. John opened the door, and he looked like hell.

“Hey Jack,” he said, “come on in. I’m sorry, man. We fucked up big time.”

John turned and walked back through the house toward the kitchen. I walked in behind him, and could feel the tension immediately. Abby was sitting at the kitchen table, and John led me from the foyer to the kitchen, his shoulders slumped and his head hanging forward. If John had a tail, it would have been tucked between his legs. I probably looked the same. On the inside, I was a mess. In my head I was thinking, 'I’m just a normal guy, living a normal life. For two crazy moments I stepped outside of that life, and now my whole world was crashing down.'

As we reached the kitchen table, I studied Abby’s face for signs of what was to come. The tear stains on her face and crumpled up tissues on the floor were not a good sign. John didn’t look much better.

“I want you both to sit down,” Abby said. Her voice still trembled from her tears, but it also had strength behind it. We both did as instructed. John sat with arms folded, and me with my hands on my knees.

“Jack…” John started to talk.

“Stop,” Abby said, “I’m talking. I’m going to do this.” John shut his mouth and looked down at the table.

“Jack,” Abby started, “I saw you. I saw the two of you last night. I think you know that already, but just so we are clear, I saw what you did to John. I saw the things you were doing, Jack, and I know everything.”

“Abby, I’m s…” I started to react even though I knew I shouldn't.

“Stop,” she said again. “Just listen. I’m being clear because I’m tired of the secrets. I don’t know how long you two have been at this, but I am crushed by this. I’m furious, sad, heartbroken, and scared. I never expected my husband to do this to me.”

John tried to shrink into his chair. I did my best to look at Abby, but her eyes were ablaze with anger and fresh tears. She looked fierce. To say I was afraid for my future at that moment is an understatement.

“John says this is new, that you’ve only done this once before. Is this true?”

I nodded. “Yes,” I said, “it sort of happened the other night. It wasn’t planned, I promise.”

“I don’t know that I believe you,” she replied. “I don’t know if I’ll ever believe you two. But regardless, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that now I know.”

She let that realization sit in the air for a moment. The silence felt like an elephant on my chest, but I knew better than to start talking.

“I have been thinking all day, trying to sort out what to do,” she said. “My first reaction was to leave. Just leave. Pack up, grab the kids, and be gone before John got home from work today. But why should I be the one to leave? Why should I punish myself and the kids for your actions? John should be the one to leave. To be honest, in many ways he left a long time ago anyway.”

John squirmed a little in his chair, and almost spoke up, but a sharp glare from Abby froze him in his spot, and she continued.

“I am sad and lonely. I have been for some time, and now I also feel left out. I had thought that John simply wasn’t interested in sex anymore, and it crushed me, but I respected it. I respected him. But that wasn’t it at all. He just didn’t want sex with me. Instead, he wants sex with men. With you, Jack.”

“No, that’s not right,” John whispered, quickly, before thinking better of it.

The anger on Abby's face was amplified, but she hesitated.

“Explain yourself, John, and no lies. One more lie and you are out of here, and out of my life forever.”

John took a deep breath, and then started talking quickly. “I was just… I don’t know… I needed, I wanted that feeling of excitement, adrenaline, and release, you know? I was so horny and so tired of jerking off, so tired of the porn and the magazines, and doing it by myself. And then Jack was there, and he was talking about how much he loves to go down on Sarah, even licking her ass, and I was so caught up in the moment.”

Now I was squirming.

“It isn’t that I want to have sex with men,” John continued. “I just wanted to release so badly, to be pampered without having to worry about… Life!”

John was sitting up a bit more now, and Abby was absorbing the words like punches. She knew that “life” meant her, the kids, the mortgage, the job. The baggage of life. And to feel like someone else’s baggage hurts.

“But since you asked me to be honest, I didn’t find it repulsive either. And that surprises me. I never thought I was gay, I still don’t. Jack is a friend, and I won’t deny that I enjoyed his attention. But it was just about the sex. That was part of why it was so amazing.” John nearly swallowed that last word, as he feared it would trigger her anger and he knew he was walking a short plank.

“I don’t know what that makes me,” he whispered, “bisexual? Certainly an asshole, for doing this behind your back. I am sorry, Abby.”

“So you’ve said.” She dismissed his apology, as she’d heard it before. “What about you Jack? Why did you do this? Why would you do this to me, to Sarah?”

It was my turn to talk, but my mouth was so dry I could barely get started. “I’ve been asking myself that same question a lot over the last two days,” I replied quietly. “I wouldn’t say that I am gay either. I’m no expert, but being gay is about loving men and wanting to spend your life with another man as your partner, and that doesn’t fit me. But I’ve never been hung up on it, either. And John wasn’t lying, I did tell him that I love oral sex. For most of my life, that has meant oral sex on a woman. On Sarah, until she didn’t want it anymore, and now I find that I crave it. That is a weird thing to say, but it is true.”

Saying Sarah's name out loud brought a lump of guilt to my throat, and I choked up a little but tried to keep it together. “A few times in my life it has meant giving head to another guy. I guess that makes me bisexual, but it was more about the thrill of the oral attention on him. And being in charge even though I was the one on my knees. I know that sounds dumb, but I’ve always been thrilled by that.”

“It has just been so long since I’ve felt that thrill of sex” I continued. “Look, I know what we did… What I did, was wrong. I got caught up in a moment, that’s true, and I didn’t think it through. I never meant to hurt you two. It was just a moment, like an out of body experience. But to tell the truth, I was sad when the moment ended. My life is pretty boring, you know? And this was, well, it was wild. Totally outside of who I am and what I do.”

I didn’t mean to say that much. The words just flowed out of me. I don’t regret it, it is just such an unusual moment, it bears noting. The others noted it too, and for a long moment, we were all quiet.

Then, with a courage neither of the guys had, Abby spoke again.

“As I said, I spent all day trying to figure out what is next. I should kick John out, and call Sarah right now. I still might. But… here’s the problem, gentlemen: I am lonely too. I am frustrated with “life” too. I am tired of being alone with my needs, my desires. And kicking John out doesn’t fix any of that.”

To say that I was surprised by her words is like saying the Himalayas are a few hills. I couldn’t believe how honest we were being with one another, and it struck me for the first time that Abby would feel the same way about being stuck in this rut. I looked over at John, and he looked equally confused. We both sat still and waited as Abby paused and collected her thoughts.

“I am so conflicted right now that I can’t think straight,” she said. “I’m mostly angry with both of you but especially with John. He is the one who broke our pact. But I’m also confused. Last night, after I watched you going down on John. After I watched you do that to him, I was shocked, but I couldn’t look away.”

Abby blushed a little, and I knew she was talking about when I was rimming John's ass. She tilted her head down to her wine glass and took a big sip. But then she screwed up her courage and continued.

“I came while I was watching you. Right there at the garage door. I was afraid you saw me, so I stumbled back up to my room in shock. And my first reaction wasn’t to cry or scream. My first reaction was to climb into bed, grab my vibrator, and work myself up to the biggest orgasm I have had in years. Maybe ever. I kept playing that visual over in my mind, of you sliding your tongue into him, of you taking him into your mouth. It kept playing out in my mind while I played with myself until I exploded.”

My eyes grew wide with surprise, and Abby blushed a little deeper. But she carried on, “Only afterward did the rest of these emotions crash upon me and I curled up and cried myself to sleep. This morning I was too destroyed to look John in the eye. I pretended to have a headache until he left. I’ve been walking around like a zombie all day. I… I just don’t know what to do.”

The exhaustion was thick in her voice now. I could literally see the pain and tiredness on her face and hear it in her voice. Abby paused for a long moment. And then, she took a deep breath and let it out. She took another deep breath, and then she spoke.

“Here is what I want. This isn’t a negotiation. This isn’t up for discussion. At any point, you want to stop you can leave, both of you, and don’t come back. But if you stay, then you need to make this right for me. I want to feel what John was feeling. That look on his face, I want that look. I deserve at least that. So I am going to head up to the room. In a few minutes, you will begin to fix this. Figure it out, and do not disappoint me.”

At this point, I don’t think I was breathing anymore. Abby put her palms on the table and pushed herself up from her chair. She walked to the fridge and grabbed the bottle of wine, then straightened her shoulders and walked past us to the stairs and up to the bedroom.

John and I looked at each other for a long moment in silence, then he got up and grabbed us both beers from the fridge.

It didn’t take long for me to come up with the plan. I’m not normally decisive like this, but for some reason, this plan came to me as clear as day.

“John, I think I know what to do. But you’re not going to like it.”

“What’s to like?” he said. “I can barely think, Jack. Everything is so fucked up. I fucked it all up, man!”

“I know,” I said, “and I did too. I’m the one who crossed the line, remember? But now we need to try and fix this because I don’t want to fuck up my whole life and I know you don’t either. So, here’s the plan. I need to go up first.”

His eyes narrowed and he looked at me suspiciously. “What? Why?”

“Because,” I said, “she needs that thrill. That thrill of doing something that would normally get her in trouble. Something that is totally outside of her normal life. She said that she kept replaying the scene in her mind from last night. I think she wanted… that she wants to be you in that scene.

I could see the turmoil on John’s face. On one hand, my plan made sense to him. On the other hand, I had just suggested that I walk upstairs and have sex with his wife while he sat downstairs.

“Fuck you, Jack!” he said, angrily. “What the hell is wrong with you? Do you realize what you’re asking?”

“I do, John, and I'm sorry. But do you have any other ideas that will get us out of this mess? If we go up together, we’re not giving her any sense of revenge, and if I walk out of here, you’re coming with me and we’re both fucked. Think about how much that would suck, John. I’ll do anything to keep from losing my wife, my kids, my house. Don’t you feel the same way? I think she needs to feel a little bad about ‘cheating’ on you before she’s willing to consider any forgiveness.”

John’s face was beet red with anger, but he couldn’t think of another plan. We stared up at the stairs for a moment, and then he slammed his fist on the table. 

“Fuck! I mean… Fuck!” he shouted. And then the tide of anger subsided, and he slumped back down into his seat and grabbed his beer.

“Fine,” he said with exhaustion in his voice. “We’ll try it your way. But only because I’m too tired to think, and I can’t think of a better plan.”

I nodded and took a big swig of my beer. “I’m sorry John.”

“Shut up,” he said. “Just go get it over with.”

I stood up and drained the rest of my beer. Then before John could think better of it, I started my way upstairs to their bedroom. I spent what felt like forever outside her door, trying to find the courage to open the door. I’m sure it was just a few seconds. I quietly opened the door and stepped inside. I closed the door behind me and looked around.

Abby was standing at the foot of the bed, arms crossed, in her tank top and yoga pants, staring at me with those fierce eyes. She didn’t speak, and neither did I. I took a deep breath and walked slowly up to her.

I was so nervous that I was shaking. But I put my arms down by my sides and stood about a foot from Abby, facing her.

“Abby…” I started to talk.

Smack! I could hear the sound of her slapping me before the sting settled into my face. Clearly, the time for talking was over. I looked into her eyes again and registered white-hot anger.

And so I slowly dropped to my knees in front of her. And I leaned forward a little and drew a big long breath of her into my nose. She was intoxicating, and it gave me courage.

“Please, may I?” I said, in barely a whisper. Her arms were crossed again, but she nodded, almost imperceptibly.

I reached up to her sides and gradually slid down her yoga pants and thong underwear, slowly sliding them down to her ankles. Then I kissed her feet, one at a time, lightly on top of each foot. And then I gradually worked his way up her legs, until I got to her thighs. I was barely thinking now, my actions driven by a desire to please her any way he could. I looked up at her pussy, and then up to her face. Abby was looking at me with fascination now, amazed at what was happening.

I leaned up into her a little more, and gently licked Abby’s pussy. She jumped as if I shocked her with electricity, but she quickly composed herself. I put my hands on her hips and gently pushed her to a sitting position on the foot of the bed. Then I pushed her knees apart, and knelt right between them. “Beautiful!” was all I said, and then I dove in.

If you recall, I love to go down on a woman, and Abby was no exception. She smelled amazing, she tasted amazing, and her pussy even felt amazing on my tongue. I worked my tongue up and down her labia, inside and out, and slid my tongue deep into her pussy and then up and around her clit. “Oh… Oh my!” she gasped, as I pulled out all the stops. Then I slid a finger from my left hand gently into her pussy as I continued to give her head.

“YES!” she cried, and met my finger with rising hips. Then I slid in a second finger, and worked my way in to find her G-spot. I soon found it, and redoubled my efforts with my tongue and fingers. I tried a few different rhythms, until finally I slowed down just a bit and smiled to myself when she responded with a low groan and her hands moved to her breasts. “Fffuck, Jack, you’re amazing!” she said.

Abby brought her feet up to the bed, and I moved in closer. I kept up the rhythm with my finger and my tongue, working in tandem to give Abby pleasure. And it didn’t take long to do the trick. Abby started to moan, and then moan really loudly. In the back of my mind, I thought maybe she was doing that on purpose to torture John.

And then her orgasm hit. She cried out as she came, and grabbed the back of my head with her left hand and pressed my face deep into her pussy. I was in ecstasy as I felt her convulsing on my finger as she came, and I kept up my work until she was done.

“Wow,” she said. “Jack, that was intense. That was amazing.”

“We’re not done, Abby,” I said, quietly. Abby looked at me quizzically. I slid up to the bed even closer, still on my knees on the floor, and I pushed her knees up a little more.

A look of surprise overtook Abby’s face, as she realized what I meant. “Please, Abby,” I whispered, “may I please?” Again, Abby nodded a tiny nod of permission, this time staring at me with wild curiosity.

I did not have to be told twice. This was one of my favorite things to do with a woman, and it had been forever since I had the chance. I leaned in just like I had done with John the night before. She smelled so different, but equally amazing. I gently licked to the right side of her asshole, and again she jumped with the electricity of my tongue. I smiled. Then I gently licked her on the left side, and could hear her breathing in deeply. Then I circled my tongue around her rosebud, clockwise and then counter-clockwise.

“Please, Jack, I can’t stand it!” Abby said. And so I obliged. I flattened my tongue and with one broad stroke from bottom to top I licked her ass. “Oh... My... God!” she whispered over and over again as I rimmed Abby. She loved it, and I loved that she loved it. Then I formed my tongue into a point and slid it into her asshole as deep as I could. Her ass tightened reflexively and her whole body shivered with pleasure. Abby started moaning again, louder than before.

I was encouraged by the sounds, and drove my tongue in and out of Abby’s asshole over and over again. Abby slid her hand to her pussy, and feverishly rubbed her clit as she started to scream. All too quickly she started to cum again, bucking her hips up and down on the bed as she screamed in orgasm. It was amazing. It was exactly the kind of release that John had the night before.

And then it was quiet. I looked up at Abby, my face glistening with the juices from her pussy. She wasn’t looking at me anymore. Instead, she was staring at the door.

I looked over at the door, and there stood John. Arms crossed, an intense look of pain on his face. John was angry as hell, but also frozen in place. I’m not sure how long he had been there watching, but he must have seen her second orgasm as I rimmed his wife.

And at that moment, Abby surprised me yet again. She sat up to her elbows, with her knees still spread wide and her pussy on display to both of us as I backed away. “John,” she said, “believe me when I say that I know how you feel right now. But you have to make a choice. Remember my rules. This is not a time for your anger, or your hurt. You can either get over here and fuck me right now, or this ends.”

John struggled mightily with his emotions, but he knew she was right. And besides, his cock was already hard as a rock from watching the show we had put on. Without any words, John approached the bed. I backed away, sitting on the floor and watching silently, awkwardly. In the next moment, John was naked and climbing on top of his wife. His cock was so hard I thought it would burst. He climbed between her legs, leaned over her, towering over her, and in one motion he drove his cock into her pussy.

I watched in silence as they fucked one another with all the anger, love, passion, and frustration they could muster. It was raw, clumsy, and passionate. But it was also amazing, and they worked up to a mutual orgasm after what seemed like ten minutes of fucking. I had never seen this in person before, and I was entranced. This was nothing at all like watching porn on my computer. The sights, sounds, smells, and raw energy was intoxicating.

They both screamed out as they came together, John’s balls slapping against Abby’s ass as they fucked in perfect rhythm. John collapsed on top of her when it was over, and then rolled over to her left as they panted heavily, tears streaming down their faces.

The moment was beautiful. But it was also awkward for me. I started to move toward the door. This seemed like their moment, not mine.

“No, Jack!” I heard Abby say. “I’m not done with you. I may never be done with you, after the way you made me cum.” She was still breathing heavily, and after three orgasms she was soaked with sweat. But it seemed like each orgasm was helping her shed her anger, and peel back the layers of life that were getting in the way.

“Tell me, Jack” she said, “if you could do anything right now, what would it be?” She had a curious look on her face, like she knew me better than I know myself. Her look penetrated me, and somehow I found myself telling the truth.

“I… I want to go down on you again. Now. To taste your cum. John’s cum. All of it.” I was blushing again, and looking straight at the carpet.

“Look at me,” Abby said to me. And I did. “Do it. Now!” she ordered. John looked in shock as I followed her command, but she froze him with her eyes as I climbed onto the bed and dove between her legs. I was so aroused by the thought of giving her head just after John had cum inside of her, I was dizzy with excitement. I went straight into her pussy with my tongue, lapping their juices up and gobbling it down.

“That’s it, Jack. Clean me up,” she said. “Good. Now, do it to John.”

John’s eyes widened, but I needed no encouragement. He was still lying on his back when I shifted over on the bed and slipped his cock into my mouth. I gently cleaned him off with my tongue, savoring the tastes of her and him mingling together.

My efforts were having an effect on John, and soon he was hard again. Abby noticed. “Enough,” she said, and I reluctantly stopped.

“Everyone has felt pain today except for Jack, who clearly was telling the truth when he said he loves to give head to women and to men. But Jack, we need to be bound together today. Last night you and John humiliated me to my core. Tonight you and I did the same thing to John as he watched you pleasure me. I saw the hurt in his eyes that I felt last night. I know it sounds horrible, but I needed to see that in him. I needed to even the score.”

I had an uneasy feeling about what was coming, but I had no idea what was next.  It was soon evident that Abby had a plan.

“Rim me again, Jack,” she said, as she opened her legs to me. “Long and deep, and convince me that you will rim me anytime I ask for it.”

I breathed a sigh of relief as I knelt between her legs and worked my way back down to her rosebud with my tongue. "I can do this!" I thought to myself. Was that all she wanted? I had my doubts.

“John,” Abby said quietly but firmly, “take that cock of yours and get behind Jack.  I want you to fuck him now, like you fucked me. Fuck his ass --right here in front of me-- at my command.”

“Wait... What?” I said, popping my head up. I started to protest. I’ve never done this before, and the thought of it happening in this way was shocking and embarrassing. I flushed beet red in the face and looked pleadingly up at Abby.

“Jack, you can stop at anytime. But if you stop now, it all falls apart. I’ll call Sarah in the morning, and tell her everything. John, same goes for you.” Abby was dead serious, and those fierce eyes were back in an instant.

I couldn’t look at John. I just couldn’t. But I knew that I was fucked, and that I was about to be fucked. I couldn’t see another way forward. So I hung my head and nodded slightly, and slowly dropped my head back into Abby’s lap. I focused on her asshole as she pulled her knees back and rocked her ass up to my face. “Good boy, Jack. See if you can make me cum one more time with that magical tongue of yours.”

As I tried to lose myself in the joy of rimming this beautiful woman, I felt movement on the bed and heard John slide open the bedside table. I couldn’t see anything, but soon I understood. John spread some lube on my ass, and then on his cock. We didn’t speak, any of us. I focused on rimming Abby as I felt John’s hands on my hips. I could tell Abby and John were staring at each other.

“Do it,” she said with a fierce whisper.

Without a word of warning, John drove his cock into my ass. He pressed the head of his cock against my asshole steadily and with purpose. I felt an immense pressure building up, and then surprise as his cockhead popped through my ass and he slid all the way in. Before I could prepare for it his cock was buried deep in my ass, and it hurt. I yelped in pain, but didn't stop my work on her ass. 

"Yesss!" Abby hissed with a dark tone that surprised me. Watching me be taken like that was a huge turnon for her. I groaned into Abby as the pain rolled through my ass. She grabbed the back of my head again and pushed my nose deep into her pussy as my tongue slid into her ass. “That’s right, Jack, he is fucking you in the ass. This is your punishment, and you deserve it.”

I could only agree.

After a few moments, my ass started to adjust to John’s cock. He moved in and out of me, and it felt like he was taking my guts with him each time he pulled out. But he added more lube and I started to open up, and gradually I accepted him into me. John started to get into it. Abby was moaning again, as my tongue worked its magic on her ass. Her moans caused John to move faster and deeper, and he started to press up against my prostate. Despite the humiliating spot I was in, I started to get hard. I hadn’t come yet tonight, and my cock was dripping precum in a steady stream. How could I be enjoying this? But there was no denying it. I soon realized that I loved the feeling of being so filled up with John's cock.

Abby started to clamp down on my head with her knees. She shouted, “Yes! Fuck him, John! Hard!” Then Abby started to cum on my tongue again, with three fingers buried in her pussy and moving fast. John grabbed my hips tightly and started driving hard and fast into my ass. I could feel him get even bigger and I knew that it was almost over. He roared as he came inside of me. In that moment I moved my left hand to my cock and stroked it three times before I burst into my own orgasm. My cock felt huge as it was spewing cum all over the bed beneath me.

We all collapsed on the bed. We were all a heaping sweaty mess of fucked up, humiliated, but unexpectedly satisfied neighbors. It was over, at least for now. We all soaked it in, catching our breath but not speaking. None of us could have imagined this would come to pass. In truth, none of us quiet knew what to say.

Gradually, we recovered. Abby was the first to speak.

“You may go, Jack,” she said, and I felt both the joy and the sadness of her release. “But this isn’t over, do you understand? I’m not going back to the loneliness of yesterday. If John doesn’t give me what I need, I’m going to take it from you. Even if he does, I still may want you now and then. And when I call, you will come. That is the deal. Do you understand?”

I nodded, numbly.

“I need to hear you say it, Jack. I won’t tolerate any ambiguity here.”

“Yes,” I said, “I understand. I will come when you call.”  I could not think of another way forward that preserved life as I knew it, and the thought of continuing this new adventure was absolutely thrilling to me. I tried to sound contrite, but inside I was beaming.

“One more thing,” said Abby, “and John, you better hear this too. I don’t know how long you two have been doing this behind my back, but it stops now. If you want to satisfy each other, you need to include me. Even if I’m not interested -- or not in town -- you talk to me first. This isn’t about permission. I don’t own you, although I think I could take it there if I needed to. This is about communication and trust. John, you need to stay open to me, available to me. It was the closing off of ourselves to one another that got us into this mess in the first place. So the next time you two want to have sex, you’ll tell me and invite me to be a part of it.”

Abby let out her breath, and you could see the courage and power in her thoughts. Tears crept back into her eyes, and we all understood the importance of this pact.

“I promise,” I said. And I meant it.

“Me too,” John said. “I promise not to hide this from you ever again. And Abby… Thank you.” Tears were in John’s eyes too. He could feel the weight of her sacrifice, her compromise, and her love for him.

And then, it was over. I dressed and slipped out of their room and out of their home, leaving them in an intimately tangled mess. I quickly walked back to my own house. It was late, and I’m sure Sarah was asleep. I went upstairs, shed my clothes, and crawled into bed. My ass was sore as hell, but it reminded me of an adventure that seemed too extraordinary to be true.

The next day I lingered in the hot shower, mulling over the amazing night before and the bizarre new thoughts I was grappling with. I never would have guessed how happy I would be to be in between my two neighbors, taking as much of his cock into my ass as I could manage while feeling the power of her anger and lust as my tongue into her ass over and over again. I felt changed, but at the same time I think this side of me was always there.

As I stepped out of the shower, the routine of the day set in. I got dressed, made coffee, kissed the kids and the wife, and went to work. Throughout the day I checked my phone all too often, wondering if an invitation would come from Abby or from John. But as the day wore on, there was nothing. It was probably for the best, I thought, as my body needed time to recover, and I doubted I could slip out of the house for a fourth night in a row without my wife being upset. I balanced reason with desire, and tried to adjust to the tension that came with it.

I headed home at the end of a non-eventful day, feeling tired and a little disoriented. So many emotions were swirling in my mind. As I approached my neighborhood, my anxiety went way up.

Why was I so nervous? I knew the answer almost as soon as I thought the question. There was no way I could hide this new me from Sarah. I could not reconcile this thing I had become with the husband I had slipped into. I didn’t know how, or when, but somehow I needed to open myself up to Sarah and hope that we could survive it. After all that time fretting about my secret getting out and losing my home life that was so comfortable, I couldn’t believe that I was thinking of coming clean. But if I didn’t, I knew that the secrets would eat away at me -- and at Sarah.

As I turned the corner onto my street I tried to shift anxiety into courage. My pulse was racing, my palms were sweating on the steering wheel. Maybe it was too soon to talk to Sarah. I need time to sort this out first. Not today, I said to myself, not today.

But as I approached my home I noticed that there was a car already in the driveway. I parked on the street, grabbed my briefcase, and trudged up the walkway to the front door. As I walked in the door and announced that I was home, I heard the hushed tones of a conversation in the kitchen. Three seconds later, I froze in my stride and dropped my briefcase to the floor. Sarah and Abby sat at the kitchen table, tears streaming down their face, tissues crumpled up on the floor.

“Jack,” Abby said, “you need to have a seat…”

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