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Letter from My Buddy's Wife


Hey, Lover!   Welcome to the weekend!   It’s just a few short days away.   I’ve been keeping my husband’s cock busy every day, thinking about the fun we’re going to have.   Shit!   The anticipation is driving me fucking crazy!   I’m counting the hours until I can be your little slut.   Hurry up and fuck me!


How'd you like to come over to my law office early … maybe Friday?   I’d like you to seduce me right out of my ultra-conservative, every-hair-in-place, shine-on-the-shoes, skirt-just-an-inch-above-the-knee, navy blue pinstriped going-to-court-outfit.


Just take it off me, one piece at a time, taking care to only let the tips of your fingers brush against my erect nipples or graze my dampening bush.  Then, when I'm completely naked, tease me with that cock of yours.   Slap my face with it.   Rub the head between by sopping cunt lips.   Drive me crazy with that thick tool of yours until I can’t stand it any more.


Make me beg you to take me into the bathroom for a golden shower, after which I can suck your fat cock up hard and you can fuck me in as many holes as you'd like.


Yeah.   I’m picturing you right now, bending me over, with my hands up against the wall of the shower stall while you fuck me hard and fast the way I love it while the water streams over both us. You can call me "Counselor" as you're pissing on my tits or coming on my face.   Do it.   You know you want to, and my cunt is burning up with the thought of your hot piss on my naked skin and your sweet, sweet come on my face.   Can we do it early?   Please?   Saturday is too late.


I’ve got plans for Saturday, too.   Once the four of us get settled in the motel room, I want to get down between your wife’s thighs to savor more of her luscious juices.   I want to jerk on my husband's cock while you fuck his eager ass. Get my husband good and hot and then I can bathe in his luxurious, creamy explosions.   As we all know, the loads he’s capable of producing are quite copious!  More than enough for two … care to join me in a come-cocktail?


I think I already told you that I pulled out my diary and re-read every last slutty detail of our Las Vegas get-together, getting myelf fairly hot in the process.  Oh - if I've not mentioned it before, the action during that most recent tryst was some of the most erotic I've ever experienced! 


My husband vigorously worked his talented tongue on my clit, while you worked on my nipple gave rise to one of the best orgasms I've had in recent memory.  Can't wait for that to happen again!  And how come the two of you haven’t fucked me at the same time.   I'm still eagerly waiting for you to initiate me into the joys of double-penetration.   Your two cocks send your wife into orbit every time, and it’s so fucking hot to watch!   Can it be my turn this weekend?


My ass is still mostly virgin territory and I’m waiting for you to get me ready. I want you to do it just like you do with your wife: first with your tongue, then your fingers, then slowly prying my tight chute open with the tip of your hard prick.  Mmmmmmm.  Spread my cheeks and pull me back against you. . .you know you can make me want it.   Feel free to spank me if I try to wiggle away from the deep anal invasion that I secretly desire above all others. I feel your incredibly hard cock, pushing inside me, deep, deeper. . .I can hear myself moan, then scream, "God, YES!! Fuck me!  Fuck my ass!  Yes, yes, YES!"  Put it in me all the way!  I want to feel your balls bounce on my cunt lips, smacking up against my husband’s rampaging cock as he splits my pussy with his huge fucking unit until the two of you are splitting me open as my climax shatters me into a million pieces.


Now I’ve done it.  I'm too fucking horny to concentrate.   I’m going to close for now and get out Monstro.   You know the one … my big, black, shiny 18-incher.   And I’m going to jam that thing in my cunt, good and hard, and imagine it’s you.


Fuck me soon,


Your Little Slave


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