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Lilly and Katie's Night Out

“Come in!” Lilly yelled from her bedroom. Katie walked in wearing a curve hugging strapless silver mini dress that outlined her body so perfectly that Lilly couldn’t help but stare, “So who’s this for,” Lilly asked running her eyes over Katie‘s tight ass and big breasts. “Oh you know” Katie said with a wink.

Both Lilly and Katie were single and during their weekly nights out they both picked up their fair share of men, but weren‘t interested in keeping them for long. Lilly was a tall curvy blonde with ample breasts, and Katie was a slim leggy brunette with big beautiful green eyes.

“I can’t decide what to wear,” Lilly said frustrated and sat down on her bed. Katie sat next to her and looked at Lilly in her soft pink lace bra and thong combination eyeing her slowly, she traced her fingers along the part of Lilly’s breast that was pushing out of her bra and down her tight stomach making Lilly shutter with pleasure, and said, “Why don’t you just wear this I’m sure no one would mind, I don’t.”

Lilly looked into Katie’s eyes and the two drew closer their lips coming together in an innocent kiss, Lilly broke away blushing and said, “Would you help me pick something out?” Katie rolled her eyes and got up and walked slowly to the closet swinging her hips, and picked out a gorgeous midnight blue halter dress with a very low back that was the exact color of Lilly’s eyes.

Lilly slowly undid the back of her bra and slid each strap from her shoulder and let the it fall to the ground, Katie’s eyes took all of her in. Her eyes traced Lilly’s body from head to toe, and Lilly could feel her body warming and her pussy getting wet.

Lilly slipped the dress over her head, turned around and saw herself in the mirror, the short dress fit her like a glove, showing off her well toned back, killer legs and shapely ass. It barely covered her cleanly shaven pussy, that was getting wetter as time went on. Katie unnecessarily smoothed out some wrinkles on the bust of Lilly’s dress ‘accidentally’ rubbing her nipple and making it rock hard . Lilly let out a soft moan, and now Katie was getting very wet.

Katie slowly pulled Lilly towards her and Lilly went willingly. Their soft lips met and quickly their passions flared. Their tongues fervently probed each others mouths, and Lilly’s hands slowly massaging Katie’s nipple. Katie reached up and untied the ribbon holding Lilly’s dress on and let her soft breasts bounce out and the dress fall to the floor.

Lilly now only in her thong pulled Katie’s dress off and saw her in a beautiful black lace bra and saw that she wasn’t wearing panties, leaving her cleanly shaven pussy out in the open. The smell of sex wafted through the room and Lilly immediately grabbed Katie and kissed her hard. Katie moaned and as they were locked in this passionate embrace her hand began stroked Lilly’s inner thigh, up and down, always falling just short of Lilly’s now quivering pussy. Katie finally brusher Lilly’s lips and Lilly was almost ready to explode. “I need to feel you inside me” whispered Lilly.

Katie obliged her by ripping off the thong and moved her finger to stroke Lilly’s clit and inserted two fingers into her sopping wet sex. Katie laid Lilly on the bed taking care to never let her fingers slip out of Lilly’s soaking pussy, and kissed her breasts, sucking on the rock hard nipples, making Lilly moan and buck her hips into Katie’s eager fingers. Katie kissed her way down to Lilly’s pussy, removed her fingers and slowly licked her slit eventually circling Lilly’s clit. Lilly moaned very loudly and pushed her pussy into Katie’s eager tongue.

Katie took this as a queue to insert her fingers into Lilly’s pussy and rub her g-spot. Lilly’s moans became louder and her breathing more labored as she neared an orgasm, suddenly her pussy clamped down on Katie’s fingers and she came hard, squirting cum into Katie’s mouth. Katie enthusiastically licked the cum from her pussy.

Lilly then rolled over pinning Katie under her and began to kiss her tasting her cum on Katie’s lips. She lowered her self down pulled off Katie’s bra and sucked on Katie’s nipples making them stand out like never before. She teased her nipples with her tongue before going down to touch Katie’s pussy with her lips.

She parted Katie’s lips and dug her tongue into Katie’s sopping wet pussy, Katie moaned loudly spurring Lilly on to start flicking her clit with her tongue making Katie twitch her hips to try and get Lilly to take more of her clit into her mouth. Lilly suddenly drove her tongue into Katie’s pussy driving her wild, her hips bucked and she screamed with passion. Katie grabbed Lilly’s hair and pushed her head farther into her pussy, Lilly could hardly breath but she didn’t care and was only concerned about getting Katie to orgasm.

Katie kept pushing Lilly’s head into her sex and then came violently, squirting cum all over Lilly’s mouth. Lilly tried to catch as much as she could but some of the copious amount escaped her. Lilly came up from between Katie’s legs, kissed her gently, and laid down cupping her body against Katie’s. They both breathed heavily and finally Katie got up and started getting dressed, Lilly looked at her, puzzled. “Where are you going,” she asked, “I want to do that again, I’ve never orgasmed that hard before.” Katie looked up, smiled and said “Neither have I, you were amazing, but I think I want a man to help us next time. ”

Lilly looked up surprised but intrigued, “How do you plan on finding this man?” she asked. “Easy, who wouldn’t want to have sex with a knock out like you,” Lilly smiled and kissed Katie and said, “As long as I get to have you again I’m up for anything,”

The girls got dressed and headed into town knowing that tonight was going to get even better

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