Little Vixen In My Bed

By PurpleMango

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She got quite a surprise when she walked into the house, and heard noises coming from her bedroom.
I walk into the house and was greeted by some heavy sighing and moaning. I go up the stairs and make my way over to the bedroom and notice the door is slightly ajar. I look through the crack and the sight I am greeted with stops me in my tracks and my jaw drops. I cant believe it.

It is the girl of my erotic dreams. Well, to better clarify, she is a mutual friend of both my fiancée and I. We met her a couple months back and I have not been able to get her out of my head since then. And it certainly has not helped that she had to come live with us about a month ago.

We have a guestroom and she has been crashing there, but she works so much we only see her at night. I do a double take to make sure I'm not seeing things, but here she is, laying on my bed, above my sheets, and she is a sight to behold.

Clothed only in a pink crotchless thong and black heels and thigh-highs, she has a purple dildo stuffed deep in her slick cunt. One hand is fondling and tweaking her nipples while the other is holding the long dildo and sliding it in and out hard. Her legs are pulled up and her lower body is arched off the bed.

I can faintly see her juices running out and down onto my bed sheets. I seem to be in a dream state as she apparently didn’t hear me come into the house, and I slide one hand down my shorts and beneath my plain beige underwear to slide my finger back and forth over my clit. Watching her has me so turned on and I would give more than anything to be on that bed with her with my face between her creamy thighs.

Her face and body are flushed and even then she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She isn’t your typical woman, but boy, she has curves that make men and women alike lick their lips and want to have her in their bed, and surprisingly she is in my bed and she is pleasuring herself of all things, which has me not only turned on but shocked.

Her breasts are round and plentiful and I just want to hold them in my palms. She has a bit of a pudgy tummy, and she has hips to die for. It makes me dream of dancing in the moonlight with her, both hands on her flared hips.

Back to the present, she has stopped and looks over at the door, which makes me freeze in my tracks. I start to panic as I realize that I was moaning out loud, and she heard.

I hear her sultry voice ask, "Is that you, Lily? I know its you, I heard you moan. Please come join me, I cant seem to get off on this toy alone."

That makes my jaw drop, as I have dreamed millions of times of eating this delicious vixen out. Making her cry out, hearing her sweet moans fill the room, and tasting her delicious and sweet juices.

I push open the door and walk into my room, and walk over to my bed. She gets on her knees in front of me and places her hands on my shoulder. I lean down and she kisses me with such passion and force that it rocks me to my toes. My head starts to spin, and I have butterflies in my stomach.

As she breaks the kiss her hands go to the hem of my tank top and slide it up and over my head to drop it on the floor. I slide my hands to the waist band of my shorts and go to unbutton them but she lightly pats my hands away, and undoes the button and zipper and slightly bends over to slide the shorts down my hips to pool at my feet.

I cant seem to look her in the eyes as I am nervous, but I notice she has leaned back and is making a sound of approval. When I hear that I bring my head up and as I look at her eyes; Im amazed to find not only lust but longing, and passion in her blue eyes. I have never been comfortable with my body, not even when I am making love with my fiancée. I know I'm not bad looking, but Im on the curvier side of being curvy and I don’t like seeing myself naked. I know I have an amazing ass and plentiful breasts as that is the majority my handsome fiancée seems to comment on.

Well that and my amazing blue eyes that he loves to look at when we are both in the troughs of passion, as they get extremely dark blue. I bring myself back to the present and I take into notice that her beautiful curly brunette hair is cascading over her shoulders and now hiding her pretty round face, and I take my hand and move it out of her face. She laughs and just smiles at me, as she knows I have never been with a woman before.

I make as if to get on the bed and she slides back to make room for me. I am on my knees in front of her clad in only a comfortable beige bra and matching undies. I do wish that this morning I had put on sexier under things if I had known this would happen, and I bring my hands up to hide myself.

"What do you think you are doing? There is no need to be uncomfortable, as sweetheart, you look so amazing, even as you are now, and I want to grab that sexy ass you are always swinging about. (to that she starts grinning, and grabs my hands to bring them away) That and I want to get between your thighs and eat that pussy of yours that I dream about each night."

My jaw drops and she leans up and just kisses me again. I still cant believe this is happening as she slides her hands behind me and undoes my bra, and I slide the bra down my arms and fling it onto the floor. She then takes the waistband of the lacey thong and pulls it down and it too pools at my feet. She sits back on her haunches and licks her lips. She comes back and leans up to slowly kisses my lips and works her way down my neck and stops along the way to nibble on my ear.

As she makes her way down to my breasts, she takes my nipple into her mouth and slowly starts to suck on it. The sensations that are running through my body make me moan and I grab her head and thrust my breast harder against her mouth. She takes this as an invitation and starts to suck harder.

She says in a really sexy voice, “Do you like that sweetheart?”

All I could do was moan. She works her way to my other nipple and shows it the same treatment. Her hand slides slowly down my side over my hip and she places her hand on my mound and slides her second finger over the lips of my pussy. She keeps sliding her finger up and down my lips but it never slides within the folds, and I so desperately want her to slide that finger within my slit down to my dripping wet hole and finger fuck me.

I'm getting frustrated and start wiggling my hips to try and get it across that I want more, that I want her to touch my clit. Finally, she gives me what I want and starts to slide her finger back and forth across my clit. All the while her other hand is playing with my nipples. I finally cant take it anymore, I want more.

I cry out, begging her to, “Please slide your finger into my pussy. I want your finger inside me so very badly. I want you to slide another finger in and finger fuck me. Make me cum baby, please make me cum.”

She says, “All you had to do was ask, baby,” with an evil grin. She takes her hand away from my mound, and I moan with displeasure. She doesn’t say a word, she just moves and pushes me down on the bed.

I make myself comfortable and push the pillows up behind me, so that I am halfway sitting up. I want to be able to see what she is doing to me. She then lowers her body onto the bed and slides her upper half between my legs. I look behind her head and get an amazing view of her bubble butt, it makes me just want to bend over and slap it. That, or grab it.

She lowers her head to my mound and slides her tongue up my slit. I moan as she starts lapping at my slit, and each time her tongue slides along my clit it causes me to moan out. "Please give me more. I want more. I want you to slide two fingers inside me. Please, please, please." I look and I see her grinning evilly ear to ear.

She complies and slides two finger deep within my wet, tight cunt. She starts slowly twisting her fingers while sliding them in and out of my pussy. I slide both hands up and cup my breasts. I start to twist my nipples slightly while she is fucking me with three fingers now. Im in heaven now. And it’s not long before I can feel myself getting close.

"Oh gawd, Im getting close. Fuck me baby, fuck me. Slam your fingers in my cunt. Make me cry out as I cum."

Granting my wish she starts slamming her fingers in and out faster and faster and lowers her head to suck on my clit. Her doing that and me playing with my nipples is all it take and my back arches off the bed and my pussy contracts around her fingers. My juice coats her fingers and hand and the sheets beneath me.

I fall back onto the bed exhausted and she removes her fingers from my pussy and I watch as she slides those fingers into her mouth and cleans them off. She makes a moan of pleasure and remarks she loves how I taste, and that she was correct in assuming I tasted sweet.

She gets on her knees and leans back and I can see her pussy glistening. She is very wet, and I want nothing more than to taste her. As I move to push her back, she just laughs and moves off the bed, leaving me confused.

"Wait; don’t you want me to eat you out? I so very much want to eat that wet, glistening, and sweet pussy of yours. Don’t you want me to? You sat here and made me cum so hard, all I want to do is return the favor."

She laughs and starts to walk out of my room. But not before making a leaving remark that, "Lover, I want that so bad. I'm quivering with anticipation and my knees are wobbly. I want to come back to that bed and have your pretty head between my legs, eating me out all night long. Making me cry out for you to stop. But, we shall leave that for another time. I'm going to make you wait, keep you waiting, and longing to eat my sweet pussy. Leaving you to dream night after night of being between my creamy thighs and eating your fill of my pussy. You shall never know when that time will come."

She grabs her clothes off the floor and starts putting them back on, and walks out my bedroom door. I get up and sprint after her, but she is already out the door. I stand in the living room dumbfounded but also curious at to what else I have to look forward to. And with that thought in mind, I hear the front door open and my fiancée walk through the door.

He stops dead in his tracks at the sight of me fully nude. I notice that his pants are now tented and I giggle as I walk over to him and grab his hand. He closes the door and locks it before I lead him up the stairs to my bedroom.

I just giggle once more as I think in my head of all the things I want to do with him, and I think I shall start by telling him what just transpired before he got home. I start grinning evilly, but that shall be another story for another time.