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Lost and Found

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I was lost, there was no way around it. And of course the cell reception out here was spotty at best. I checked it again for the 100th time and same thing - nothing. I knew I should have followed my friend Tim up to his cabin, but I let work hold me up as usual. Besides the directions he had given me had seemed simple enough. I don't know where I had made the wrong turn, but I was sure I should have been there by now.

I rounded the next corner on this two lane country and was shocked at what I saw. Up ahead was a local bar, and it was open! This was great news since I assumed someone could get me directions. As I pulled into the parking lot I saw a variety of trucks and about a dozen motorcycles. It was fortunately a beautiful night out, nice and warm for being up in the mountains. I found a parking spot and pulled into it when I squinted ahead at what my headlights had picked up. As soon as I realized what I was looking at I turned them off.

I sat there for an extra moment watching the erotic scene about 20 feet in front of me. Against the wall was an incredibly large man, I could tell because he was standing taller than the roof of the pickup truck next to him. He had his jeans down around his ankles and there was a person kneeling in front of him giving him a blowjob. The man stood there with his arms crossed in front of his massive chest. Arms that looked to be about as big as my own thighs.

His head was leaning back against the wall as the person on their knees was deep throating him. The big man reached down and both held and caressed the other persons head, sliding his hands through the other's long dark hair. Even from the seat of my car I could see the big man suddenly stiffen as he closed his eyes, and hit his orgasm. The person on their knees held his big thighs as he obviously emptied his load into their waiting mouth.

My own hand slid between my legs and gently caressed and stroked my own growing hardon. I watched as the person on their knees slid off what I could now see was a long thick cock, licking it clean. I had seen a lot of erotic and kinky things in my day, but something about the way that blowjob had been given was over the top. And they had to know I was still sitting here, and yet had continued on.

The person rose up and gently caressed the big man's dick. Rising to his toes he quickly kissed the big guy on the lips and they held each for several moments. They separated and as the big man reached down to pull up his jeans I got the second surprise of the evening. The other person was a guy. Holy crap it was a guy!

They both turned to the back of the bar and walked away, I quickly got out and made my way to the front entrance. I went straight to the bar hoping no one would notice me. I had watched plenty of porn before, but never live like that. I also hoped that my raging hardon would quickly die down so that no one would notice that. If these guys did that out in the open then who knew what else might go on here.

I ordered a beer and before I could ask the bartender for help, he had moved to the other end. I saw the big guy come in from a back room and also move to the bar. Right beside him was the guy I had seen him with outside, or at least I was pretty sure of it. It didn't seem like anyone was paying me any attention, so I drank some of my beer and then headed for the men's room. On my way there as I walked past the big guy he glanced over at me, smiled and winked.

I pretended not to notice and kept walking, going in and was about to head for the urinal went I saw it was taken. I went into the stall and closed the door but there was no lock. I undid my jeans and let them drop to the floor. I was standing there, holding my dick and taking a whiz when I felt a hand on my ass and a voice in my ear.

"Nice ass. And a nice dick too. Do you only like to watch or maybe you would like a little first hand experience."

I couldn't stop going to bathroom even though the hand on my ass was caressing and fondling it. He reached around and fondled my balls with his other hand. I could now see just how big his arms were and they were huge. I mumbled something and he asked what I had said.

"What about your other friend?" I had stopped peeing so he was now stroking my dick which was responding by stiffening. I am definitely not as big as him, but I have a good sized dick. And I keep it nice and trim. I felt his thumb brushing across the head of my now hard cock.

I felt his fingers slide between the cheeks of my ass and I involuntarily spread my legs for him. "You don't have to worry about him. Besides, who said I wasn't inviting him also. As you already know he can suck my dick. I just wonder if you can also!"

I wanted to tell him "no way!" And that I wasn't turned on at all and that there was no way I could ever be with a guy. But it felt really good the way he was stroking my cock, the way his hand felt on my ass, and his breath against my neck. Besides, I would have been lying to him anyway. All I could do was moan.

And then just like that he was gone. I found myself standing there, jeans around my ankles and my dick in my hand. Had I imagined the whole thing? I quickly spun around and staggered out to see I was alone in the bathroom. Which was good considering I was still holding onto my hardon. I quickly managed to get my jeans up and zipped without hurting myself and made myself back out to the bar. I took two quick swigs from my beer and motioned to the bartender.

As he made his way over he grabbed another beer for me and gave me a huge grin as he handed it to me. I got the much needed directions from him - I wasn't too far off the mark - and took a swig from the new beer. As I let my eyes drift to the other end of the bar I saw the big guy looking my way again. He grinned and winked again. Or was that my imagination too?

I quickly finished my beer and left the bar walking out to my car. I unlocked the door and opened it when I heard his voice.

"You're not leaving so soon are you? You didn't get a chance to play pool or even join me for a drink."

I turned and there was the big man. If I thought he was big from twenty feet away standing right in front of me he was huge. "Sorry yeah. I am actually heading to a friend's cabin for the weekend."

He grinned and I swear he let his eyes slowly move down me undressing every inch of me. He was nodding as he said, "That's a nice car. Don't tell anyone but I almost bought one myself. I just don't fit into it. Don't fit into a lot of cars. Usually I drive an SUV but I got my bike out tonight. You ever ride a bike before?"

I couldn't believe he was just standing out here making small talk with me. "No, I haven't. To be honest I don't know anyone that owns one either. Which one is yours?"

He grinned and turned pointing to one over near the back of the bar. "Come on over and check it out if you want. We could go for a ride some time. I have a feeling you would enjoy it."

Every word of his rang in my ears and I wondered if he was still talking about the bike. Without even thinking my eyes dropped to his crotch where I could clearly see the outline of his big dick pressing against his jeans. He reached out and placed a hand on my arm. I was pretty well built, but still nothing like his big arms.

"Come on. Let me show you." And without even waiting he walked away heading for his bike. I closed the door and followed him over to it. When I walked up he was kneeling down beside it and I was getting a clear view of the crack of his ass. He looked back over his shoulder at me and I realized he was crotch height.

"That's really nice. Is it smooth?" I had no idea what I was saying.

He stood up and said, "Sit down man." I sat down swinging my leg over the bike my legs spread wide and pulling tight against my dick.

"Go ahead man, slide forward."

I did so and before I knew he had sat down and was right behind me. He pressed against me and I could smell his musky scent. He whispered, "You should feel it, purring between your legs. It feels really good."

I sat there, feeling his body against mine. Wondering what it would feel like if we were laying in bed naked. Again I wondered if he was talking about the bike or something else. I wanted to feel that big dick of his. I was so lost in my own thoughts I didn't feel my dick stiffen and really didn't notice that my hand was back between my own legs.

He slid forward even tighter against me. "You know when you ride you have to sit just like this. Holding onto the driver like this." As he spoke he slid his arms around me and I felt his hands on my thighs.

"Well I don't think I could be the driver. I mean I would have to learn how."

I could feel his muscles rippling against my back "I could teach you. I bet you would love it."

My cock had grown hard again and I shifted on the bike. Suddenly realizing that I was pressing back against his crotch, and his hands had ridden to the top of my thighs.

"I should get going. My friend is probably waiting."

I felt his hand move to my crotch and stroke my dick through my jeans. "Stay a little longer." I felt his hand on the buckle and as he undid my jeans, and then the zipper, I pressed back again feeling his hardon clearly against my back. My dick was in his hand and he started to stroke it. Before I knew it he had slid off the bike was leaning down licking the head of my dick.

I turned sideways and pulled my jeans down as he began to suck my dick. He bobbed up and down on it, licking the head and shaft as he swallowed it. As hard and horny as I was I lasted longer than I thought I would. He sucked it easily, moving faster and faster. Finally I stiffened and unloaded into his mouth. He eagerly took my load swallowing it all. He licked it clean and stood up.

There was no hesitation, I leaned forward and quickly unzipped and pulled his jeans down. I already knew he was commando and had seen the size of his cock. But I still gasped when I saw it up close. He was huge. At least 10 inches and pretty thick too. I leaned in and started sucking and licking it. Taking his cock slowly into my mouth. I fondled his balls and stroked the base of his cock as I took more and more of it. I had at least two thirds of it in my mouth when I felt him stiffen. He shot a huge load and I eagerly took it all, swallowing all of his cum.

We both stood there for a moment before pulling our jeans up. He handed me a card with his cell phone and said, "Call me any time."

I grinned and said I would as I walked back to my car. Driving away I looked in my rear view mirror and saw him standing there, smiling and waving.

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