Love, Three Ways

By Milik_the_Red

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Being a lesbian doesn't mean you have to limit who you are willing to love

Sarah sank back into the deepest part of the sectional's corner, surrounded on all sides by the thick, overstuffed pillows. The soft cushions enveloped her naked body and embraced her feminine shape in the most decadent of ways. She sighed in anxious contentment as she nestled in more deeply, and then spread her thighs in seductive welcome as Monica began to climb up, cat like, between her legs. 

Since her sexual awakening, Sarah had known somewhere deep in her heart that she was a lesbian. She had tried to deny it at first, but no matter how hard she wished otherwise, her secret desires would always whisper that one, single, undeniable truth.

For an unbearably long time she pretended not to hear those whispers. She tried many times to live, and to love as other girls did, but despite her efforts, she never found a man who could truly arouse her, or give her the happiness and satisfaction she so desperately craved. Eventually, she made peace with her desires, but even then the shame instilled by a misguided upbringing made her live those desires in the cold confines of secrecy. During those days, she had longed for moments like this.

She and Monica had been roommates for months, and for months she had listened from her bed as Monica and her boyfriend Mitch had made rapturous love in the adjoining bedroom. The cadence of their bed thumping against the wall as she was fucked hard by Mitch and the accompanying sounds of Monica's orgasmic moans had haunted Sarah in those nights. Time and again she had tried hard to tune them out, and time and again she was left with only her own hand as her only relief from her frustrated arousal.

She hadn't wanted to admit her jealousy, but jealous she had been. Jealous of Mitch for having the love of such a beautiful women, and jealous of Monica for being able to enjoy a man without reservation. It was an ability that Sarah had thought impossible to ever know.

Sarah cupped her left breast in her hand and drew her right palm slowly over her aching pussy. The feeling of her hands caressing her own body like this was deliciously familiar, and she luxuriated in the illicit sensation as she watched Monica with bated breath.

"You are so incredibly beautiful." She murmured.

Unsummoned, the words had come of their own accord. They were spoken softly and barely audible, yet Monica heard them none the less.

Monica smiled, all too aware of Sarah's feelings.

Monica was born of Turkish decent and her dark hair beautifully complimented her olive skin. Sarah had been enchanted by her exotic looks the first time they met, but at the time, she would never have believed that her desire for her would ever be returned in kind. Shyness, and a fear of being ostracized by society, had caused her to believe that she was alone in her feelings. She wrongly thought herself damaged, and it never occurred to her that Monica might actually share them with her.

Things had changed though, and as she watched Monica reach back and unzip her dress, Sarah wondered how she could have ever been so foolish.

At that moment though, those thoughts were nothing more than a hazy background in her mind. Rising excitement gripped her throat and her middle finger slipped through her slick and puffy labia as she watched her lover expose the seductive beauty of her body. Sarah hissed inwardly as her finger slid gently over her clit, and when her friend's hands lightly gripped her inner thighs, Sarah moaned as waves of delicious sensations spread throughout her body.

"Oh, you're a naughty girl, aren't you?" Monica teased, and she kissed Sarah on the underside of her knee. "Are you nice and wet for me baby?"

"Uh hunh," Sarah murmured softly in reply.

"Show me," Monica whispered, and her eyes sparkled in excitement.

Sarah's tummy fluttered in anticipation as she dipped her middle finger into the slick recesses of her passage. The feeling of being penetrated, even by her own finger, made her hips want to roll, and she sighed in pleasure as she slowly swirled it around in the sensitive entrance of her sex. "Oh fuck, I can't believe how wet I am." She murmured with a husky sigh. "I'm positively dripping for you."

Reluctantly, Sarah pulled her finger back and held up its now glistening tip, offering it in supplication to her lover. Monica smiled brightly as she accepted the gift, drawing it into her mouth and sucking the sweet juices off of it.

Sarah felt a strong flush of arousal course through her as she watched, and when she felt the warmth of Monica's lips embrace her skin, her toes curled involuntarily at the unspoken promise of pleasure.

Monica sat back on her haunches and Sarah stared breathlessly as she watched her reach back and seductively unclasped her black lace bra. The sight of the clingy material releasing its tight grip on Monica's body caused a fresh wetness to leak from her sex, and she whimpered quietly as the girls breasts were revealed by the dropping lace.

"Oh my gosh! Monica, you are so sexy," was all she could say as the tiny piece of lingerie dropped to the carpeted floor.

Sarah adored Monica's perfect boobs, and loved sucking on her pert nipples. When her lover began moving over her, Sarah cupped them in her small hands and gently massaged them with her fingers.

Monica cooed softly. "I love how you touch me Sarah. You have such wonderful fingers."

For a long moment, she stopped her ascent up Sarah's body and simply savored the feeling of having her breasts fondled. She tilted her head and closed her eyes as the pleasant caresses of affection coursed through her. It was a tender and loving moment shared, and its significance was lost on neither of them. All too soon the moment passed, and she again began ascending up and over her prone lover’s slender frame.

Sarah couldn't resist the urge to fidget beneath her lover as her excitement grew. Long dark hair trailed over her skin as Monica slowly moved up and over her body, and Sarah slipped her arms around her back in a passionate embrace. Warm lips sucked away Sarah's breath, and when Monica's tongue found her own, Sarah simply melted into her arms. The moistness and the soft sensation of her lovers kiss fueled Sarah's arousal as nothing else ever could.

Her delicate hands drifted down Monica's body and drew her panties down over her hips. With a slight shift, Monica shed the silken garment, leaving her with nothing separating her from her lover’s sex.

Sarah sighed happily as Monica relaxed her warm body against her own. She caressed her back with a feathery touch and Monica kissed her tenderly.

"You are so cute when you smile. I love making you happy." Monica told her, and gently caressed her cheek.

Sarah felt the intensity of Monica's feelings and the joy of open love. It was a love unashamed by the low opinions of others, and its power sent a tear running down her face. "You make me so happy," she said, fearing that if she said more, that if she dared open the door, her feelings would come forth in a torrent too powerful to stop.

Monica nodded and smiled in understanding. She knew how strong Sarah's feelings for her were, and she knew that just expressing them was nearly overwhelming for her. She saw the tears in her eyes and the light of joy in her face. Monica could see the truth; and behind that, mere words were unnecessary.

"Do you know what else I love?" Monica asked with a sudden mischievousness.

"Nn...No..." Sarah managed to say as her heart threatened to pound its way up her throat.

"I love your beautiful face..." She held the thought as she trailed a line of kisses down from Sarah's mouth to her neck. "And I love the scent of your skin." Monica kissed and nibbled on her neck and shoulder, smiling inwardly as she felt a shudder pass through her lover.

Sarah ran her fingers through Monica's dark hair as her lover slowly kissed and nibbled her way down Sarah's body. She whimpered when she felt those soft lips slide down over her breasts, whimpers that became moans of lurid desire as they began sucking on her turgid nipple. Turning her bosom toward her slightly, she lovingly held Monica's head to her chest, offering her breast to be sucked.

"Mmm, baby, that feels so good, soo good..." She mewled as Monica blew her warm breath over the moist skin of her bud. Goosebumps grew over her skin and Sarah's sex dripped with renewed arousal. She could barely breathe as Monica trailed more wet kisses over the swell of her breast and drew the taunt skin into her mouth.

Monica's eyes bored into her and flashed with hot arousal as she sucked the swollen knob of sensitized flesh between her teeth and bit down hard enough to make Sarah wince. Sarah's belly rippled and flexed, and she trembled under the sharp mix of pain and pleasure that washed over her.

"Ahhh God yes! You are a bad girl! Bite me, bite me like that! You're making me so hot!"

Sarah felt a wonderful pressure building in her belly as her arousal grew in strength. Her legs quivered and curled around Monica's shapely thighs. Her sex clamored to be touched and to feel the wetness of a mouth, or the stiff penetration of her lover’s fingers. She squirmed uncontrollably under Monica, shivering in the anticipation of her every touch.

She knew Monica was well aware of her need, and placing a hand on each of the girl’s shoulders, she gently pushed her downward, toward the center of her hunger. When Monica relented and continued her journey, Sarah's back arched and she rolled her hips in lascivious invitation.

Monica's hands remained on her breasts though, rolling and flicking her nipples as her mouth descended toward Sarah's heated femininity. She kissed her shaven skin just above her slit, and then lightly let the tip of her tongue trace the outline of her inflamed vaginal opening.

Sarah felt as if she would climb off of the back of the couch as her lover gently kissed her way around her vulva. Wet lips tickled her inner thighs and her flicking tongue danced over her wetness. Sarah tried to guide her head, but Monica took her hands in hers and placed them on Sarah's breasts. "Play with these while I kiss you, love. I'm going to drive you mad before I let you cum."

"Oh my gosh, baby that feels soo...ohh fuck yes!" Sarah's dreamy response was transformed into a guttural scream as Monica sucked on the hood over her clit. Her thighs tensed and quaked as bolts of electric pleasure shot through her, causing her to buck wildly into her Monica's wet embrace.

Monica pulled her mouth away and gazed mischievously at her. "Mmm, I think you like that, don't you?"

"Yes! Yes I do! Please, don't stop, don't stop. I need to cum so badly!"

"I know you do, baby, I know you do." Monica whispered and then kissed her sex tenderly. "I will give you what you need, and I'm going to make you feel every touch." Her fingers spread Sarah wide and she slid her tongue up and down her weeping flesh.

Sarah gripped the pillows with whitened knuckles as her lover slowly and methodically began sucking on her labia. She felt the soft slickness of her lips caressing her sex and the flicking wetness of her tongue probing into her channel. Saliva mixed with her juices and leaked downward until it began trickling over her rose.

Everything Monica did seemed to be drawing Sarah closer to bliss. She could feel the soft insistence of her mouth on her sex, sucking her juices like an overripe peach, but she also felt her fingers digging into her hips and her nails dragging over her skin. Every nerve in her body began firing at the slightest touch of her lover. The warmth of her body on her thighs and the subtle caress of her thick hair as it tickled her skin, all of it in a wave of pleasure that seemed to be rising, yet still beyond the horizon.

Sarah wanted so desperately to cum, but the slow insistence of Monica's tongue built more heat than relief. She rolled and twisted her hips, trying to push her clit onto her lovers tongue, but Monica wickedly refused to sate her desire.

Slowly, almost imperceptibly, Monica finally began to draw nearer to her clit. She sucked and pulled on the surrounding flesh, drawing it into her mouth and bathing her inflamed labia in the soft wetness found therein. When Sarah felt the delicious penetration of her lover’s fingers, a primal groan escaped her lips.

Sarah kneaded her breasts and rolled her nipples between her fingers, pinching and pulling on them as she began to ride the building wave.

"Mmm yes, that's it baby, right fucking there. Oh shit, that's good!! Suck my clit! God, I love how you do that..."

Her words were hot and coarse, and she felt her body roil in sweet agony as she entwined her fingers tightly in Monica's silky hair. She let all of her senses drink in what was happening between her thighs, and she might have cum right then but for a movement that caught her eye.

Standing just inside the hall, leaning against the wall, Mitch was watching. He was shirtless, and his lean torso rose from his tight jeans in a way that even Sarah could appreciate. Sarah gnawed her lip as the titillation of being watched in such an intimate act poured through her.

Mitch smiled devilishly as he watched, clearly enjoying the show. His long, light brown hair flowed wildly around his face and cascaded over his shoulders. He had a boyish look to him, but his thin mustache and goatee made him look all the more like a rogue.

He held his finger to his lips, and winked, silently telling Sarah not to reveal his presence. He was undeniably cute, and Sarah might have laughed if Monica hadn't chosen that exact moment to start sucking her clit in earnest. Instead, the laugh became a strangled moan.

Sarah sucked on her lower lip and watched breathlessly as Mitch approached. She kneaded her breasts and rolled her nipples, keenly aware that a monster orgasm was lying somewhere in the weeds, waiting to rear its mighty head and consume her in its heat. "Oh God, don't stop, please don't stop, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum so hard..." She pleaded in shameless desire, and squirmed desperately in the girls embrace.

Mitch moved behind Monica, his eyes mirroring Sarah's own excitement. His gaze flowed over both girls and when he silently dropped his pants; his cock was already hard and ready. Sarah whined in excitement when his hand reached out and caressed Monica's upturned ass.

When Monica felt the unexpected touch on her ass, she jumped in surprise and turned to see from where the touch had come. "What the fu..." She started, but instantly relaxed when she saw Mitch grinning evilly at her. "You asshole!" She spat in mock anger. "You scared the shit out of me!"

Sarah and Mitch both laughed, and Mitch took a handful of her hair and kissed her wetly on her mouth. "Mmm, Sarah tastes as sweet as usual I see." Then he winked again at Sarah and she picked up a pillow and threw it in his direction.

"Jesus, Mitch, you're such a guy!" She was still laughing though, and her false indignation was completely wasted on him.

"Yeah, I am, and to me it looks like you two were having a grand old time without me."

"That's what you get for going to bed early." Monica replied and then reached for his cock. "Since you're here though, you might as well put this to good use."

"I don't know, by the look of the cream on your face, I'd say Sarah's not through with you yet."

"Oh, I think I can handle both of you for awhile."

"You better," Sarah broke in. "Because now you have to start all over." Sarah pulled Monica's head back between her legs and clamped her thighs around her.

"I'm not letting go until you make it up to me!"

Monica licked her finger and slid it deeply into her, and then she rubbed her thumb over her clit. When Sarah gasped in surprise, Monica laughed playfully. "I don't think it's gonna be all that hard to get you off now, and while I'm licking your pussy," she went on as she raised her hips high for Mitch, "it looks like Mitch is gonna be fucking mine."

"Yeah, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Just make sure you keep licking me while you do."

"Mmm, no problem love, this is going to be soo much fun!" Monica gave an open mouthed smile and shook her head in excitement before returning her mouth to Sarah's pussy. This time though she was beyond teasing her, and she began tonguing her clit with rapid flicks.

"Ohh holy shit...yess! Why didn't you do that before! Ah, shit that's it! Right there!"

Sarah's pussy burned with heat, and the rapid caresses from Monica's tongue bored right into her belly. She twisted and rolled her hips and her heart pounded in her chest as the wave of arousal once again threatened to carry her away.

Mitch was caressing Monica's flanks, satisfied for a time to do nothing more than enjoy watching Sarah's ecstasy. Then, as the blond girl's breath became labored, he bent down and spread Monica's cheeks. He flashed an evil grin at Sarah and then started licking Monica's rosebud with devilish intent.

Monica twitched and jumped at his lurid touch, and a low moan escaped her mouth as the decadent sensations of being rimmed flowed through her. It was an overpowering and wonderfully erotic feeling, and she almost pulled away from Sarah's sex a moment too soon.

Sarah was watching though and wasn't going to be denied. She held her by her thick hair and refused to let her move away from her dripping sex. "Nooo, don't stop now! I'm about to...ahhh!"

Sarah's eyes glazed and her pleas turned to low moans as her body began to quake. Dazzling colors flashed in her mind as that long awaited wave finally crashed over her. Her legs flexed and her back arched completely off the couch as she came. Monica sucked her clit hard, filling the capillaries with fresh blood and sending shock waves of electric pleasure surging through her lover until Sarah finally collapsed, totally spent, back into the soft embrace of the couch.

"Wow, that was a beautiful sight," Mitch said with a quiet whistle. "I've never seen you cum that hard."

Sarah smiled in embarrassed contentment. Overcome by the fatigue of sexual fulfillment, she could do little more than agree. "I don't think I ever have, Wow that was amazing."

Monica caressed her belly and tenderly kissed her sex. "Mmm, she's been working up to that one for awhile." Then she kissed Sarah's hand and nuzzled it to her face. "He is right though, baby. You are beautiful when you cum."

Sarah smiled demurely. "What can I say; I love how you eat pussy!" Then she shifted her gaze to Mitch. "Are you nice and hard sweetie? I'm just dying to see you fuck her."

Mitch stroked his considerable length a few times and slapped Monica on the ass, causing her to yelp in surprise. "You heard her; she wants to see your face turn red while I fuck that hot little cunt of yours."

"Mmm, I like that idea," Monica said as she rubbed her ass, and gazed up happily at Sarah. "I love having you watch me; do you want to see me get fucked really hard?"

Sarah nodded quickly with a distinctly naughty glint in her eye. "Yeah, I do. It really turns me on when he fucks you. It always has."

When Mitch rose behind Monica, Sarah cradled her head in her lap and gently caressed her back. Her heart raced when she felt Monica's body suddenly tense as Mitch penetrated into her, and she coed in excitement as she watched him begin to fuck her with long, slow strokes.

Sarah drank in the sight of Monica's pleasure, sharing the joy of every movement her lithe body made. It really wouldn't have mattered to her what was causing such strong reactions in her lover, the fact that Monica so clearly loved every moment of it was enough to make her blood boil with renewed arousal.

Sarah didn't have any real physical attraction to Mitch; no man had ever really aroused her much. She did love him though, almost as much as she did Monica. The three lived together, sharing a bed and their affections. It was a confusing dynamic for others to understand, but they each provided something the other two needed.

Mitch tightened his grip on Monica's hips and started to thrust harder. The sound of his hips slapping against her ass soon filled the room and he watched as Sarah's eyes grew wide. She gazed up and he gently caressed her face. "Look at how wet she is Sarah," he said and pulled his cock out, allowing Sarah to see her girlfriends fluid glistening on his cock.

Sarah smiled naughtily and gazed down at Monica. "You're absolutely gooey baby. Did I do all that too you?"

Monica bit her lip as Mitch thrust deeply back into her body. ", ah fuck he's thick! Oh God, you both have me so fucking hot!"

Sarah was becoming giddy with excitement. While Mitch alone didn't interest her sexually, her life with them both had exposed a very powerful voyeuristic streak in her, and watching Monica get fucked by him always drove her mad with desire.

It was something they discovered together the first night she'd been invited into their bed. It was Mitch who had first suggested it to Monica. At the time, he just thought it would be fun to see his girlfriend have sex with her lesbian roommate, but none of them could have anticipated the affect it would have on Sarah.

She'd already been listening to them for an hour, and her body was hot and virtually glowing with sexual need when Monica appeared in her doorway. Sarah had been far, far too aroused to resist. They'd ended up making love until dawn, and had all been together as lovers ever since.

Sarah caressed Monica's back as her body shook from Mitch's increasingly powerful strokes. She watched as Monica's eyes glazed and the contortions of her face made Sarah's pussy weep with new moisture. When Mitch took a handful of Monica's dark hair in his hand and pulled her up, Sarah leaned down and began sucking on her bouncing breasts.

"Oh yeah, that's it! Fuck me Mitch, fuck my pussy hard!" Monica cried as she twisted her body, keeping her hips steady as she accepted Mitch's cock, but also turning to savor the feeling of Sarah's soft mouth as she devoured her breasts. Her breath came in short gasps, and then she wrapped her arms around Sarah and buried her head in her neck as her orgasm exploded around her man's throbbing cock. "Ahhh fuck yes, keep fucking me!"

Sarah's skin danced with goosebumps as she felt Monica cum, and when Monica looked pleadingly into her eyes, she knew what she wanted.

"Do you mind?" Monica managed to gasp as Mitch continued to drive his length into her.

She and Mitch both knew Sarah didn't care for male cum, and usually Sarah would get the chance to enjoy Monica's sex before Mitch filled her with cream. Tonight, that hadn't been the case. Sarah was very hot though, and at that moment she was more interested in watching her girlfriend get filled with hot cum. She nodded to Mitch and kissed Monica tenderly.

While she shared the wetness of her lips, she heard Mitch grunt and Monica sighed into her open mouth.

"Can you feel his cum inside you?" Sarah asked in wonderment while she tenderly held Monica's face.

"Yes I can, Sarah. It feels so hot and wet inside my pussy. I love how it feels when he cums inside me."

Sarah contemplated the thought while the others collapsed on the couch, sexually spent and exhausted for the moment. Sarah embraced Monica as Mitch reclined next to them, and in that moment she dared to take a long look at his softening cock.

"I've never let a man cum inside me," she mused absently. "Before Mitch, I never really trusted the few men I'd slept with enough to let them go bareback with me. It just never felt right somehow."

"That's understandable Sarah; you don't need to explain it to us." Mitch replied softly. "I know you're not sexually into guys, but that doesn't keep me from loving you. I'm just happy you've been able to share Monica with me, and I know she feels the same." Monica nodded and held Sarah's hand in agreement.

"You're both so sweet, and I love you both so much." Sarah's voice almost broke from the raw emotion she felt, and she curled up closer to Monica.

She had allowed Mitch to fuck her a couple of times in the past, and it wasn't that it didn't feel good, it was just that, like all men she'd been with, his touch never carried that spark that would set her off. His kisses just seemed...cold somehow. Because of that, they had only fucked in the heat of the moment, and while he hadn't worn a condom, she had asked him to pull out before he came.

Her mind kept going back to the look on Monica's face though, and something stirred in her that she hadn't felt before. She leaned over Monica's exhausted body, and to everyone's surprise, she began stroking Mitch back to life.

Mitch was shocked into silence by her unexpected touch. It hadn't mattered to him, and he was immensely happy with his sex life with the two girls, but Sarah had never actually shown a real interest in his body before. Feeling her hand tentatively stroke him was a major breakthrough for her, and he wasn't about to force the issue.

When she brought her mouth closer to his reviving erection, Monica shifted and stroked her back. "Are you sure baby?" She asked. "You know we accept you for what you are, and we love you for it."

Sarah paused and kissed her gently. "I'm sure Monica, and maybe that's the difference. I'm not suddenly becoming straight, I... just want to see what it's like." Then she lowered her head and slowly took his cock into her mouth.

Mitch leaned back and closed his eyes as Sarah began sucking him. Her movements were shallow at first, and her lack of experience was obvious, but just having her try got into his head and within seconds his cock had filled and lengthened to its full size.

"Oh my God, that's so hot." Monica whispered as Sarah grew more bold. She watched, mesmerized as Sarah sped up her efforts, and then when the wet sounds of her mouth began carrying across the room, Monica idly began fingering her damp sex.

Sarah sucked him for a time while the others whispered their support with loving words and tender caresses. It was a new and exciting experience for her, and the knowledge that it was with two people who really loved her stoked her arousal in a way she'd never felt with a man alone before. It wasn't his body that was making her hot; her desires couldn't change that easily. No, it was because of how she felt for him that she decided to take the next step.

Reluctantly, she pulled her mouth off of his throbbing cock. "I want you to make love to me Mitch. I want you to cum inside me and show me what it feels like to really make love to a man."

Wordlessly, the three moved in unison, understanding the depth of Sarah's emotions. Monica sat back in the couch and Sarah leaned back into her with her head just below her breasts. Wide eyed with excitement, Mitch slid to the carpet and moved in front of the trembling girl.

Grasping his rock hard cock and stroking it a few times he hesitated. "Are you sure about this, Sarah?"

Sarah swallowed hard and nodded. "Yes, please show me what it's like."

Mitch licked his fingertips and then wiped the saliva on his cock. He'd made love a thousand times, but this time his hands were actually shaking as he pressed the head of his cock into her wetness. He was as terrified as he was excited. It was a wonderful mixture of emotions that he'd not felt in a very long time.

Sarah closed her eyes and raised her hips to meet Mitch's cock. The warmth of his skin felt pleasant enough, and the slickness from her moisture allowed him to enter her easily. His cock felt hard and alive inside her, and his gentle but insistent strokes began stretching her open in the most wonderful of ways.

Mitch was fucking her slowly at that point, being careful, she was certain, not to allow himself to release his masculine aggression upon her. She opened her eyes and saw Monica beaming down at her. "Mmm," she said dreamily, "I have to admit, this does feel pretty good."

"I know! I'm so proud of you!" Monica's smile warmed her, and Sarah felt the love she and Mitch so freely offered drawing her into the moment.

She gazed at Mitch and saw a man concerned only with how she received the gift he gave, and the unbelievable began to happen. Her pulse throbbed in her body and the glorious heat of real arousal began pouring through her veins.

Mitch seemed to sense it as well, and together they begin moving in unison, their bodies moving together in a harmony of true pleasure. Her body became inflamed and the wondrous pressure of sexual desire started washing over her.

She felt Monica's hands caressing her body and the heat of her emotion penetrated her being in a way she had never experienced with a man before. Before she even knew it, she was moaning in time with his thrusts.

Her pussy clenched tightly on his shaft and formed to his shape. She felt every inch of his length as it slid into her and felt strangely empty each time he withdrew. Soon, she welcomed his thrusts even as they became harder and faster. She gripped his arms, steadying herself under his strength. It was an amazing experience for her, and when his face contorted and his body hardened, she knew he was about to cum.

"That's it Mitch, cum for me, cum inside my tight little pussy! Oh God, it feels so good!"

A moment later she could have sworn she felt his cock throb and become larger. He slammed into her powerfully, driving his cock deeply into her, and a new warmth, wet and hot, spilled into her body. Mitch grunted and his body became as hard as iron. In one last frenzied moment, he gripped her tightly and forced his entire length into her. He shuddered and pressed hard, keeping his cock buried completely as he filled her channel with searing hot seed.

When he finally lowered himself upon her body and then rolled off onto the couch, she found herself between her two lovers. She felt warm and secure in their arms and smiled contentedly. Making love to Mitch had been better than she dared hope, not because he was better than Monica, Sarah knew that nothing of the sort was true. No, what made it so good was the connection they shared and the love she felt for him.

She knew she would never crave his touch as she did a woman's, but that didn't mean she didn't want him. They were true lovers now, and she valued his love as much as she did Monica's. With that love came a different kind of desire, and so too the realization that she would be willing to share herself with him, not for the sake of pleasure, but for the sake of their shared devotion.