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Making Meiko

My Japanese lover surprises me with her sexy ways
Making Meiko

“Go ahead. I want to see you eat pussy,” I said, watching Meiko as she lay naked on the bed between the blond woman’s outstretched legs. “Lick her pussy.” I had my cock out and was pumping it up and down as my girlfriend played with the pussy in front of her. She got up on her knees and crawled a little forward, putting a finger into the hot pussy grazing her nose. She turned her head toward me and her long curly hair splayed across her face.

“Okay, but it’s your turn next.”

“My turn to eat pussy?”

“No your turn to suck cock while I watch.”

I was so horny by that point that I would have agreed to anything. I just nodded my head and continued pounding my hard-on as Meiko snaked out her tongue and buried it between the thin smooth legs of the babe she had seduced in the bar.

They were stretched out sideways on the bed and I sat in a chair behind the head of the blond girl, Julie or July, I couldn’t remember. I watched her small breasts rise on her chest and I locked eyes with my girlfriend Meiko as her dark hair spread out like a halo on the smooth thighs and she looked deep into my eyes as she began eating the smooth shaved pussy. I watched as her tongue went inside and my skin glistened with sweat as she pushed her fingers into the wet cunt and then pulled them out and licked them clean, shifting her gaze from the beautiful pussy to my face.

She cupped her hands under July’s ass and lifted her slightly off the bed, burying her tongue and wrapping it around the swollen clit. July was moaning and playing with her own tits and running her hands through Meiko’s luxuriant hair and gyrating her hips against her mouth. I slipped down to the floor and crawled close, caressing the long blond hair quivering on the bed and then kissing the rosy cheeks and finally locking my lips on the sweet succulent lips upside down to me. I slid my tongue into her mouth and felt hers answer and her breathing started coming in gasps and her hot breath was going in my mouth and I tore my lips away from her lips and moved to her breasts. Cupping them and squeezing them hard and tweaking the nipples.

Meiko was deep into July’s pussy, shaking her head from side to side and stabbing a finger into her pussy and then pulling it out and sticking it into her asshole. She kept up a steady rhythm of lashing July’s clit, fucking her pussy and fucking her asshole, and her hair was plastered with sweat. Her moans blended with the blond woman’s purring and I jammed one breast deep into my mouth and pinched the nipple on the other one.

July began to really swivel her hips and louder moans came from her throat. Meiko worked harder on her clit and just as July began squirming and a cry burst from her lips, Meiko looked directly into my eyes, her tongue rolling around her wet lips as she savored the taste of pussy and locked eyes with me.

I moved over the soft flesh under me and moved my head in front of Meiko and she breathed pussy smell into my face and I loved her and I kissed her and felt her wonderful tongue slide into my mouth and I nearly came without touching my cock because the feeling was so intense. I could taste pussy in her mouth and we held the kiss a long time, until July moved sideways to get her breath.

Meiko slid up and kissed July with the wet pussy taste still in her mouth, and July kissed her back and then wrapped her arms around her, their breasts pressing together and their tongues teasing each other.

“Yes, baby,” July said. “I knew you’d be a good pussy eater. That was great.”

“We’ll have to do it again some time,” Meiko said.

“Yes, definitely, and maybe next time we can work on, uh, Rob’s cock too.”

“Ron,” I said. “And you’re July?”


We all shared a laugh and lay together for awhile before getting up and tossing on some clothes. Julie left a short time later and Meiko and I fell asleep in each other’s arms. Just as I was drifting off, I heard her whisper in my ear. “Next time you’ll suck a juicy cock.”

I woke up in the morning with a stiff boner and rolled toward Meiko, putting my arms around her and pressing my hard cock into her soft ass. My hand caressed her hip and then her slightly rounded tummy and then her breast through the loose camisole top she liked to wear to bed.

She mumbled something as I teased her nipple to stiffness and I could smell the sex in her hair as I nuzzled into her neck and kissed her ear. She finally opened her eyes, shook her head and ran her fingers through her hair, yawning and stretching. “That pussy tasted good last night,” she said lazily. “Cock will taste good tonight.” She paused and looked over her shoulder at me, batting her eyes seductively. “For you.” A smile broke over her face and she swung her legs over the side of the bed, got up and walked to the bathroom, her black lacy slip trailing just below her sweet ass.

I played with myself for awhile, but I had to go to the bathroom as well and padded off in my briefs. As we sat outside on the patio drinking our morning coffee, I couldn’t keep from looking at her wonderful body. She was about 5’4” in height and weighed about 110 pounds and had slender legs, a small waist with a rounded tummy and small breasts that stood upright with perky nipples. Her hair was black and she wore it long and loose, with some curl added so it flowed around her shoulders and some reddish highlights so it shone brightly. We had met while I was stationed overseas and checking out all the hot local Japanese chicks near the base. When my tour was up, she came home with me.

“Let’s go back to the same bar again,” she said, her lips red and parted. “I want to find a guy for you.”

“For both of us maybe?” I offered.

“Maybe,” she said, “but you first. I ate pussy, so you have to suck cock.”

“Can we have both?”

“Later, after cock sucking.”

There was no arguing with her once she had made up her mind so I resigned myself to going back to the same gay bar, or GLBT, or whatever they called it now. Gay was easy to pronounce, but I could never figure out how to say that long acronym. Besides, gay used to mean happy, didn’t it? And having gay sex was certainly fun last night.

I let Meiko take care of the picking up, as she was so pretty everyone wanted a piece of her, and when she put on her makeup and dressed in a short black skirt and a very low cut, tight top, and flashed her big smile, she was hard to resist. She started out dancing with me, but as we danced she looked around and wandered where her eyes took her. Soon she had a guy following her back to our table. He was holding her hand and she was leading him, giving him a good view of her tight ass.

Before long we were back at our condo, sitting outside sipping wine and Meiko was dropping pieces of her clothing. There was a big privacy fence all around and she liked to parade nude outside. The young guy she had picked up watched her eagerly, and as she shimmied out of her tight skirt, I felt my cock starting to rise and I rubbed it through my pants.

“Come on boys,” she said. “Loosen up. I’m getting naked and I wanna see some man on man action.”

Mark slipped his shirt over his head and kicked off his shoes and I followed suit. Soon we were all naked, sitting around the round metal mesh table. There were a couple of towels on the table and Meiko picked on up and put a foot against Mark’s chair. He scooted his chair back and she eased her ankle inside his leg and he spread his legs apart. She tossed the towel into the space on the patio between his legs and crooked her finger at me.

I had my cock in my hand and was slowly jacking off as I watched her. When she crooked her finger I came up beside her. She pointed to the towel and then to Mark’s hard cock, which he was stroking. He looked up at her and smiled, and when I got on my knees between his legs he looked at me and grinned. As I leaned forward I could feel the heat of his cock and could smell it as I got closer.

Meiko took the other towel and tossed it beside me. She kneeled down so she could watch me up close. I moved my lips closer, licking them to wet them, and Mark slid down in his seat and suddenly the head of his cock was in my mouth.

“Good boy,” she said. “Suck him good.”

“Mmmmm,” Mark said as I took more of his cock into my mouth and started moving up and down on his shaft.

He was getting into it, and Meiko ran her fingers through my hair and put her tongue in my ear and I started to get into it too, wanting more cock, wanting to get him off in my mouth, just the way Meiko had done to Julie.

I knew how I liked my cock sucked, so I tried to emulate what I liked. I went down as far as I could and relaxed my mouth on the way down, and then I pressed my tongue against the underside and sucked in my cheeks to put extra pressure on the shaft. I moved fast and then slow, and I was careful not to let my teeth graze the tender cock in my mouth. My lips made wet smacking sounds as I took more and more. My head was swimming and I went deeper until I felt his cock stabbing at my throat. A gagging sensation shook me, so I stopped momentarily and caught my breath.

Wiping my mouth with the back of my hand, I turned my face to Meiko and her eyes were swimming with lust. “Suck him, baby. Suck him all the way off.” She kissed my cheek and reached to grab Mark’s cock. She wrapped her fingers around his meaty shaft and held it stiff for me to continue sucking. I went back down on him, swallowing as much of his cock as I could hold, and I cupped his balls in my hands and then I felt his cock sliding down my throat.

I hesitated and then went slow, going all the way down on him and imagining how good that must feel, to have his cock completely buried in my wet mouth and tight throat. I moved up and down slowly, taking him all the way inside me, and then I went back to more vigorous cock sucking, slurping and driving my head up and down and slathering my tongue rapidly against the tube that would deliver his cum to my mouth.

Meiko rubbed her breasts against me, kissed my cheek and swirled her tongue in my ear. “Eat him, baby. Eat his cum,” she whispered hoarsely and then I was completely lost in cock sucking and suddenly he was starting to jerk, and his fingers were in my hair and he was cumming in my mouth. I held as still as I could, slowing my mouth strokes as he spurted into my mouth. I held the viscous liquid in my mouth as I withdrew my lips from around his dripping cock.

I turned toward Meiko and swallowed the load and licked my lips. She gasped and wrapped her arms around my neck and her lips were on mine and her tongue was in my mouth and I was under her and somehow my cock went inside her pussy and she was fucking my mouth with her tongue and I came inside her as she sucked the remnants of the cum from my mouth.

“Oh, baby,” she said. “That was so hot, so, so hot. I loved it when he came in your mouth.”

“Just for you, baby,” I said. “Just like you ate pussy last night.

“Oh, you guys go both ways?” Mark said. “You fuck guys and girls?”

“Uh-huh,” Meiko said. “That’s right.”

“I’d like in on some of that.”

“Well, maybe you’ll get your wish,” she said, her eyes twinkling.

It was a few days before I recovered from the twin sessions Meiko and I had with Julie and Mark. Thoughts of how hot it had been to watch her eat pussy and then how horny I got while sucking cock and then I had to close my eyes and shiver at the complete erotic abandon. I came up behind Meiko and put my arms around her, gently patting her softly rounded tummy and then cupping her soft breasts and pressing my front into her back, with her ass cheeks cradling my cock.

“How about another hot session?” I asked, kissing her neck.

“What do you have in mind?” she asked.

“You decide. Maybe a couple?”

“Maybe some tying up? Maybe I’ll fuck you in the ass?”

I just let her decide, and I knew she had kept the phone numbers of Julie and Mark, so I contented myself with planting the seeds of desire in her brain and then waiting to see what would develop. I didn’t have long to wait.

The next Saturday, Meiko told me, we would have company, and I should be prepared for “anything, and more.”

I had no idea what that meant, but I was sure it was more sex. Sure enough, she sat me down on the couch and pulled out a bag of sex toys she had bought. She brushed everything off the coffee table and laid them out for me, explaining each one. There were several dildos, some vibrating, some with swirling beads or more than one vibrating part. She also showed me a couple of butt plugs and a bottle of cherry flavored lubricating gel. Finally, she pulled out some nylon cuffs and a mask and a small whip.

I was starting to sweat by now, and I stood up and peeled my pants down. My cock was bulging and I rubbed it, moving it so it could throb under my briefs. Meiko then showed me what she was going to put on—the final part of the bondage outfit. It consisted of a black vest, matching high cut nylon panties, and long lacy gloves and fishnet stockings. She went into the bedroom to put all of this on and I went to the bathroom.

As I sat back down, she was humming as she dressed. She walked back into the room just as the doorbell rang. She strutted to the door in her high heel shoes and fishnet stockings and her ass flashed in the shiny black panties. She glanced over her shoulder at me before she opened the door. A couple I’d never seen before was ushered into the room and I was introduced to Karen and Ken.

Karen had on very tight shorts, shorts so tight they went into her ass cheeks, and so high on her long legs and low on her smooth stomach that they were practically just panties. Her top was stretchy and clung to her like wet tissue paper. Her breasts and nipples showed through and moved with every breath she took. Her platinum blond hair cascaded loosely over her shoulders and her lips were red and full.

Ken walked in behind her, grinning at how sexy she was, and wearing loose sweat pants and a white t-shirt. He immediately kicked off his shoes, shook my hand and sat down on the couch beside me, patting me on my bare thigh. “You look comfortable,” he said. “Think I’ll join you.” With that, he stripped out of his pants and pulled his t-shirt over his head. He was wearing bikini type briefs that cupped his package. I saw he was already partially hard as the head of his cock was peeping out the waistband of his low cut underwear.

I slipped my own shirt off and watched to see what Meiko and Karen would do. They hugged each other and I could see their breasts pressing together and when they kissed, I could see their tongues darting in each other’s mouths. Ken and I rubbed on our hardening cocks and sort of jostled against each other. The two girls must have whispered something to each other, as they got on each end of the coffee table, picked it up and moved it out of the way. The room was carpeted and had an extra rug on top of it in front of the couch.

“Take them off, boys,” Karen said, and she and Meiko perched on the coffee table and undid their high heels. Then they crawled over toward us. Meiko made a sandwiching motion with her hands, and Ken and I scooted closer together, until our bare thighs were touching. We began stroking our cocks, and Karen rubbed some of the cherry lube on her hands and then Meiko did the same.

They spread our thighs and took hold of our cocks as we leaned back against the soft folds of the couch. I could feel Meiko’s cool fingers wrapping around my hard cock and sliding up and down and I looked at Ken’s cock in Karen’s hand and then I felt Meiko’s lips surrounding the head of my cock and heard the wet slurping sounds from her and from Karen, who was sucking on Ken’s cock at the same time.

It was incredibly erotic to be sitting there naked with my cock in my Japanese babe’s mouth and a stranger sitting next to me, our thighs rubbing, and his cock being swallowed by a platinum blond slut. I leaned toward him and raised my hand to give him a high five. He turned toward me too, grinning broadly and raised his hand, but instead of a hand slap, he held onto my hand, twining his thumb around mine and pulled me toward him.

My face was inches from his and I stared at his wet lips and felt the tongue grazing against my cock and he parted his lips and I saw the tip of his tongue and we were kissing, stabbing our tongues together and jamming our lips tight and it sent a new thrill through my cock. Meiko noticed it, because I felt her moaning against my hardness, and when Ken and I broke the kiss, I looked down at her and she was looking up at me, my cock sluicing in and out of her red lips.

Slowly, she pulled her lips back, wiping them with the back of her hand. Karen slid back too, until the two of them were kneeling side by side. They leaned toward each other and draped their hands around each other’s heads and kissed long and slow and sexy. Karen said, “Let’s see them do it now.”

“Yes,” Meiko said. “You two get down here on the floor. Sideways and upside down to each other.”

It took a little pushing on us to get us where she wanted us. We were both lying on our sides, head to toe, our cocks right in front of the other’s face. It didn’t take any coaxing to get us to start sucking cock. I felt Ken go deep into my mouth and I wrapped my lips around his cock and closed my eyes and let him fuck my face. At the same time, his fingers were on my cock and then playing with my balls and then I was in his mouth.

We fucked each other that way until it got good and juicy. I felt a slap on my butt and then long cool fingers going up between my ass cheeks. They were slippery and sensuous and I knew it was the cherry flavored lube, and my heart quickened as a finger slid into my asshole. Soon that finger withdrew and something bigger went inside me. I knew it was one of the dildos and I relaxed as much as I could as it probed at the strong muscle inside. When it slipped past that, shivers went up my spine. I thrilled to the feeling of being filled and sucking cock at the same time.

I heard a grunt from Ken and craned my neck to get a view of Karen starting to fuck him in the asshole, just like Meiko was fucking mine. We let our lips go slack as we got adjusted to being fucked, and then gradually starting sucking each other’s cocks again. As I got drilled in the ass and filled in the mouth I started to get into a rhythm and my cock was throbbing and my head was swimming with lust.

Meiko slapped me on the ass, and then she repeated it on the other cheek. “Get up,” she said. Both Ken and I unwrapped ourselves from each other and groggily rolled onto our knees and then stood up, our cocks dripping and our assholes slimy and loose.

“Sit on the couch,” Karen ordered Ken, and he quickly did as she said.

“Now you,” Meiko said. “Sit on his cock.”

I had never had a cock up my ass before, but I didn’t hesitate. I was already lubed up and spread apart and with two beautiful babes and a horny guy just waiting, I slowly sank down on Ken, who guided me by putting his hands on my hips and then holding his cock in one hand and pressing it against the entrance to my ass.

I felt him go inside me and I let his cock go all the way to the hilt as I sat back against him, my eyes drooping with passion as the thrill of getting fucked lit me up. I started going up and down on his hard cock, feeling it pounding up inside me and I licked my dry lips and made little sounds deep in my throat.

“Oh, yeah,” Ken said. “You’re good and tight. Fuck that cock baby. Take it all.”

Now Meiko kissed me, sending her tongue deep inside my mouth as I got fucked. “How does it feel to get fucked?” she asked. “You like it, don’t you?”

I mumbled something incoherent, but anyone could tell how much I was loving it. Meiko then slid down my chest, pressing her perky breasts against me as she went. She took my cock in her hand and I felt the slippery lube on her fingers as she began jacking me off. When her lips closed around my cock I looked down at her, on her knees between my legs, sucking me off as I got fucked in the ass.

Her black hair was streaming over my legs and her red lips were tight around my cock and her eyes were locked on mine. I saw Karen moving on her back, scooting under Meiko, and her blond hair and pale body were in stark contrast to Meiko’s black hair and olive skin. Karen moved until she was positioned under Meiko, between her legs, on her back. She put her hands on Meiko’s ass and started eating her pussy. I could see her breasts heaving and her hips hunching and could hear the wet sounds of her slurping between Meiko’s legs.

It was such a huge turn on to be getting fucked in the ass, sucked off by my beautiful Japanese girlfriend, and to see her getting her pussy eaten by the blond babe all at the same time that I knew someone would cum or we would all pass out from ecstasy. Ken was first. My ass was tight around his cock and I was pumping up and down on him and he was sweating and his cock suddenly exploded, getting even larger inside me, and I could feel him squirting as he filled me with gobs of juicy cum.

That set me off and I started cumming in Meiko’s mouth. She looked up at me and gobbled me down, taking every drop of my cum inside her mouth and slowly taking her lips all the way to the base of my pulsating cock. Just about that time, she started shaking, and I knew she was cumming as well, and I could hear Karen licking her pussy and swallowing her delicious juices, and then I heard moans coming from Karen, and I could see her working her fingers furiously against her own pussy, and then she started quaking, and I knew we had all cum.

We gradually untangled ourselves and sprawled out on the luxuriant carpet. Meiko was cradled in the crook of my arm and Karen was cuddled against my other side, while Ken hugged her from behind and cupped her breasts, slowly massaging them. I couldn’t imagine a more erotic or satisfying scene, but just as I was dozing into a dream state, I heard Meiko’s soft voice. “Next time, we’ll go even further,” she said, and I couldn’t imagine what she meant. I was soon to find out, though.

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