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Married Young

I married very young.
Because of illness as a child, my high school sweetheart was two years behind in school. She was two and a half years older than me, but we were in the same grade.

We met in chemistry class during our junior year. A mutual friend persuaded her to invite me to the school’s annual Backward Ball. A dance where the girls invited the boys, some schools called it a Sadie Hawkins Day Dance.

After the first dance, we went steady the rest of our high school careers.

She was very conservative and religious, and although she would engage in heavy necking, she adamantly refused to go all the way. While many of my friends were fucking their brains out, I was reduced to going home with a case of blue balls. I usually masturbated afterwards in my bed.

I was seventeen when I graduated high school and a year later we got married. She had just turned twenty-one and I was eighteen.

On our wedding night I fucked her three or four times using a condom. She refused to use birth control pills. The pill was relatively new and she claimed no one knew what affect they would have on women down the road after prolong use. I compensated by getting her to agree to using, a vaginal foam called Emko, so I would not have to use condoms.

I was so happy fucking her that I did not complain about her insisting on just straight fucking. She did not want a lot of foreplay, no oral by either party, and absolutely no anal. She did not want me to play with her pussy and refused to let me masturbate her. She wanted it in and over.

After a while, I tired of the plain vanilla sex and wanted more, but she still refused.

I was working in a factory nights and attending college classes in the mornings. My work shift was from 3:30 p.m. till midnight. In the factory, women made up seventy percent of the work force. Most were married and many of them were sleeping around and having affairs. Any male employee that wanted some strange pussy did not have to look far.

There were company bowling leagues for both men and women that started at 1:00 a.m. Saturday mornings after work. It was there that most of the hookups were made. For the first couple of years, I did not stray, but after not getting what I wanted at home, I decided on trying to fuck some of the women.

The first gal I fucked was a girl that I had gone to elementary school with and had renewed acquaintances with at work. The sex was unsatisfactory, as I came prematurely almost as soon as I got my cock in her pussy. It was only the second girl I had fucked and boom I came. She was upset, and needless to say, I was not a happy camper either.

I waited for a few weeks, but decided to give it a go again. I enticed an older gal to join me in my car after the bowling league about 3:30 a.m. We began kissing and making out. I told her I wanted to fuck her and she asked if I had protection and I replied, “Yes.” When I decided I was going to cheat with the women at work, I had begun carrying condoms in my wallet.

I drove us to the back of the local elementary school and parked behind the trash building out of sight.

I said this woman was older, I later learned she was 53 years old and had been married for over thirty years. But at the time I was not concerned with that. I was only interested in fucking her. On this first occasion, we only had straight sex (fucking) and I performed much better, bringing her to several orgasms and me to a smashing orgasm.

Over the next couple of months, we had sex numerous times, but usually got a motel. This older woman taught me what sex was really about. She loved foreplay, including oral, both giving and receiving. The first time she sucked my cock I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I even got to liking going down on her. She provided me with all the things I wanted, but my wife had refused me. She topped off my learning curve by letting me fuck her ass. She may have been 53, but this was one very sexual woman.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved my wife and still desired to fuck her, but I needed more. Much more.

Over the years I repeatedly worked on my wife to try and get her to open up sexually, but she steadfastly refused.

After I completed college, I took a job in Florida and left the factory and the women that worked there far behind.

On my new job I developed a friendship with a fellow co-worker and my wife and I started a social relationship with him and his girlfriend. He had been previously married but had gotten a divorce. His girlfriend was gorgeous and she made my cock hard numerous times. We became close friends and our friendship flourished.

We attended many social events together and usually at the end of the night, the girls would hug and I would kiss his girlfriend and he would kiss my wife goodnight. Now for my wife to let him kiss her, was a long leap from prior times, but that was as far as it went. I, of course, would have loved for it to go much further. Often while fucking my wife, I would pretend to be fucking his girlfriend. I began telling her while we were fucking, how much he wanted to fuck her. I was hoping that in the throes of sex she would admit she wanted him to fuck her, but alas, she did not.

The one thing I missed most was the awesome blowjobs that I had enjoyed during my affair with the older factory woman, but try as I did, my wife still refused sucking my cock. I offered to go down on her but she said it was dirty. Little did she know what she was missing out on.

I really wanted to fuck my friend’s girlfriend and knew for it to happen, I had to convince my wife to fuck my friend. Each time, after a social event, while fucking my wife, I would tell her how much my friend wanted to fuck her. I even told her, that if she wanted to fuck him, it was okay with me. I would do this whenever she got close to coming, hoping against hope that she would finally admit she wanted to fuck him, but it just never happened.

Due to a merger of my company with another, the corporate headquarters was moved to another city 220 miles away. I was forced to move, but my friend did not have to make the move. For all practical purposes our socializing ended, with the exception of a few holiday events. My chances for fucking my friend's girlfriend ended and my attempts to get my wife to fuck him also ended.

My wife and I were now in our forties and our sex life was still stuck on straight fucking and nothing more. Yet I desired more and I started thinking of once again seeking extramarital affairs.

Then an odd twist occurred, I met an erotic author online on something new called the World Wide Web, which later became known as the Internet. We began chatting on a regular basis and I started reading his stories. Many of his stories had a bisexual theme and the idea of men sucking men was new to me. Not that I did not know about homosexuals, but the idea of men sucking men was not all that bad.

I told him I had a few blowjobs from a woman years ago, but that my wife had always refused to suck my cock and that I missed the blowjobs. Out of the blue he offered to suck my cock with no reciprocation needed. At first I was stunned, to say the least, but after a number of conversations, the idea started to appeal to me.

He lived about 150 miles from me and my wife was going out-of-state to visit her family, so I agreed to drive near him and get a motel. In a La Quinta Inn, I got my first BJ from a man. Damn he sucked me so good, even better than I remembered getting from the older lady years ago. After I came in his mouth, he said, “Look at me.” As I looked down he opened his mouth and I saw my cum in his mouth. At first it made me a little queasy, but he swallowed and took my cock back in his mouth and gave me a post orgasm suck and the queasiness quickly left. Over the next two days, he repeatedly sucked my cock and each time was awesome.

On the drive home, I thought I might becoming addicted to blowjobs. I even thought about sucking cocks myself, but quickly put the thought out of my mind. Once home, could not think about anything but the blowjobs I had received. I would masturbate and my thoughts returned to seeing my cum in his mouth. Now there was no queasiness and my thought again turned to the idea of me sucking cock, and I masturbated to great orgasms.

Later the next week, I decided to visit a gay and bisexual web site that I had heard about. There you could chat with other visitors to the site. I met a guy that lived about thirteen miles from me and during our chat I admitted that I had let a guy suck my cock and even had thoughts of sucking a cock. This was a huge admission on my part. He told me that his wife would be away the next day and if I liked we could meet and see how things went.

He gave me directions to a gas station near him where we could meet. I was nervous as hell driving to the gas station. I parked off to the side and waited for him.

He drove in and parked beside me and got out of his car and walked up to my window. As he said hello, he reached in the window and felt my leg below my short jeans. Trying to act nonchalant, I did not move my leg, thereby letting feel up my leg approaching my groin area. Smiling he felt my cock which has beginning to harden.

“Want to follow me to my house,” he said.

“Yes," I replied.

It was a short drive to his house and I followed him in the driveway. His garage door opened as I got out and followed him inside.

Once inside, we went up a short stairway to what turned out to be his den. He turned on the TV and gay porn began to play on the screen. A young guy was sucking the cock of an older man, a really big cock.

He then removed his Bermuda shorts and underwear exposing a short but very thick cock. For the first time I saw a man wearing a cock ring. I proceed to remove my clothes and as I finished, he dropped in front of me and took my cock in his mouth. Damn it felt good to have some one sucking me again. After sucking me for a short while, he lifted off my cock and said, “Lay down on the floor.”

I got down on my back and he reversed his position and took my cock back into his mouth, with his cock pointing to my mouth. The thought went through my mind, it’s now or never. I took his cock in my mouth, and for the first time, I was sucking a cock in a 69 position as my cock was simultaneously being sucked. In no time, I was building up to orgasm, but before I could cum, he exploded in my mouth. Shocked, I began to choke and gag. I tried swallowing as fast as I could, but some of his cum leak out the corners of my mouth running down my chin.

I was finally able to get my choking and gagging under control as I was able to swallow most of the cum. That is when I got another big shock. He reversed positions and started kissing me. Licking the cum from the corners of my mouth and chin. I had contemplated sucking his cock but not kissing. It was then that I realize that his cum had not tasted all that bad.

Before I knew what was happening, he was sucking my cock again and I was literally fucking his mouth as I felt my cum boiling up from my balls. Cum erupted from my cock filling his mouth and he swallowed without hesitation.

This was my first encounter with a guy who became my best suck bud.

I was definitely not gay, as I still loved pussy, but I was definitely bisexual because now I was a cocksucker.

My fantasies were now some what changed, in that, I not only wanted oral from my wife, both giving and receiving, but I wanted to see her get fucked by cock much bigger than mine. I not only wanted to see her get fucked, but I wanted to suck her lover after he has fucked her.

With my previous luck in trying to entice her into fucking my friend, I don’t give my fantasy much chance of happening. What do you think?

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