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Marsha Meets the Real Me

Marsha Meets the Real Me

I was a Sergeant in the Army National Guard. We had been sent on our two week annual training to a camp that was right next to the town my old friend Marsha lived in.

We arrived on a Saturday afternoon and were assigned to barracks on the camp. However we were told that training would last every day from early morning until about 1800 hours each day. That was perfect for me. I could spend each evening with Marsha, go back to the barracks at 1100 hours, and then get up at the regular reveille hour of 0600 hours. Not too fatiguing, since the only field work we would do was small arms fire, and of course some physical training each morning before the computer training classes.

I called my friend, Marsha, before we convoyed to her town, to let her know I was coming. We didn't get to see each other too often, so she was happy to hear I was coming. And she would be able to drive over to the camp each evening and take me back to her home for the evening.

We set up our camp, and the first evening Marsha came directly at 1800 hours to pick me up. Of course, all the troopers standing around were interested. Marsha was hot. She had long naturally blond hair. She kept herself trim and firm. Since her kids had all left the nest she was also a little lonely.

I was thirty-eight years old at the time and so was she. Both of us had been around the block. I was still married to my husband but Marsha hadn't had such good luck. She'd had three husbands. One had given her two sons. She adored them but she was without husbands or children now. She was all alone in her little cottage.

I had always had a special feeling for Marsha. We had been in high school together and when I reached eighteen I went away to college. Our meetings were usually at the holidays, Christmas or Thanksgiving. I was a really strong student, and I stayed at school to take summer classes. Then I got married and started working. I joined the National Guard for some extra money and just for the camaraderie. So this was the first time we had ever really been alone together for an extended period.

The first evening after chow she picked me up and took me to her house. She welcomed me to her home. It was a lovely little cottage but even more lovely was my hot friend. It was summer so she was wearing shorts and a tank-top. Her breasts knew what to do with a tank-top, definitely. And she had the loveliest legs, long and shapely. I was already in heaven. I had no problem lusting after a woman her age and with her experience. Did I say that I was bisexual? Marsha didn't know, but my husband didn't care. Sometimes I brought home a female friend and we both enjoyed her. 

She made pop-corn for us and we watched television that first evening. I had a devious plan in mind but I wasn't about to blow it by pushing too hard too soon. We just enjoyed each others company for the evening, and then she drove me back to the camp. Phase one of the plan was completed.

The next day she again arrived with the approval of the troops standing around the reception area. Even the clandestine lesbians every Guard unit had on the rolls. Marsha opened the door for me and we went back to her cottage. It was time to initiate Phase two.

After we had settled in on her sofa with the television playing in the background I sort of moved up closer beside her. We had always liked each other but I was hoping for a more special love. So I put my arm around her and just snuggled. Women love snuggling. We spent the rest of the evening like that just maintaining contact physically and enjoying each others company and conversation.

Next day she arrived to pick me up and was again in short shorts and a tank-top. She must have known what she was doing to the hangers-on around the reception area but she didn't give a damn. She was my sexy little friend and she was proud of what she had.

This evening started the same way. She made pop-corn and we pretended to watch the television. But after snuggling I gave her her a short kiss to the lips. It was nothing aggressive. It was just a loving kiss. But she returned it. She pressed her lips to mine and a little tongue action started. We broke the embrace and smiled at each other. Then we continued snuggling. I was a patient woman. We were getting somewhere.

The next day was a Tuesday. And again Marsha would come to bring me to her home. My thoughts were quite frenetic this day. My pussy had been anticipating something and it hadn't occurred. My pussy was pissed at me but I was patient.

Marsha arrived to take me to her home. Again we spent the evening watching the television. Again she made pop-corn. And again we snuggled. But tonight was slightly different. After looking at those long tanned legs of hers for the past few days I thought they needed some attention. So as we were again snuggling and we had began making out with full tongue action I started rubbing her thighs with my Army rough hands. She made no objection. Her legs felt so soft and smooth and needed so badly to be spread apart. But I took my time. I just caressed them and Marsha caressed my face and even my hair. This was progress. Too soon I had to return to camp for morning PT and computer training.

I had high hopes for this evening. I had even brought a bag with something special in it. Marsha smiled at the hoots and hollers of the riff-raff at the reception center and took me to her cottage. But I could tell that something had changed in the atmosphere. Her smile was more sexual. She spread her legs wider in her short shorts as she drove to her cottage.

As soon as we walked into her home things were different. I could sense it and even smell it.

"No TV tonight and we don't need any pop-corn. We've got some business to attend to."

And then to my surprise she took my hand and she took me into her bedroom. I'd never been there in this house. But more surprises were to follow.

"Take off your clothes."

I willingly complied. Then she followed suit and for the first time I saw her lovely shapely pussy and her proud uplifted tits. Her nipples were so fucking delectable. They were pink and seemed swollen with puffiness. Just as I liked them.

My goddamn cunt was starting to leak fluids. This had been a long time coming and my pussy knew it.

She sat on the edge of her bed and beckoned to me to come nearer. She took my clit into her mouth and licked it until I had a small come. Then she began licking and sucking and making love to my pussy. She may have never eaten pussy before but she was a natural at it. I loved every second of it. She must have worked on my cunt for about ten minutes. I held her blond hair and rubbed my swollen labia into her face continuing to come and leak my juices for her to lick up. 

But it was by no means over. She realized a woman my age might need to rest a little so we cuddled up on her bed and rested our bodies as we still caressed and kissed like two young lovers might upon discovering a new kind of sex. After half and hour I was ready for more. Now the evening was ready to really begin. 

"Get on your fucking hands and knees."

She obeyed with a broad grin on her face. I couldn't scare my Marsha. She knew me too well. She got on her hands and knees. The she stuck her ass and pussy in the air and waved it around. She was teasing but she knew what was coming.

I got my bag and took out the strap on I had brought in anticipation. Then I knelt behind her at the bottom of her bed with my rock-hard dildo in my right hand and with my left hand I steadied her ass. Then I touched her pussy with the head of my strap on prick. She began to beg.

"Fuck me, Cindy. Fuck me hard."

I did. I rammed the dildo into her already juiced up cunt and it went in all the way the first time. I've never heard a woman scream with such joy and passion before. This did nothing but make me screw her even harder. I started ramming and ramming. I tried straight in and out. I tried twisting and turning. I tried giving a little and then a lot. Finally I just fucked as much as I could. She seemed to enjoy it all as did I. I had finally fucked the fine pussy I had coveted since a long time ago.

That evening we got back to camp a little late. But I knew it was worth it. Even when I had to run a couple of miles in the morning with little rest. It was worth it.

And the next evening was even better.

Marsha picked me up wearing a bikini! Can you believe the consternation aroused at the reception area. Fuck them all I thought.

We went to her house and her bikini was off before the front door was closed. I think I had turned my friend into an erotic dream. Her true sexuality had emerged. And she was happy about it.

"Fuck the bed. Let's make love on the fucking living room floor. You show me how baby."

I had also slipped out of my clothes as quickly as possible and this time she was going to get the whole thing. I was nice enough to put a pillow under her head and ass but it was time to make sweet love. I licked her pussy to get it nice and juicy. She enjoyed that. I don't think any of her asshole husbands had ever eaten her cunt. At least it appeared to be a new sensation to her. I sucked on her clit till she came. She actually squirted in my mouth. I loved it.

Now it was time for us to eat each other at the same time. She was juicy and she had squirted. Now I pushed my pussy down against her lips and made her eat me again while I make love to her sweet pussy some more. I rammed my tongue into her cunt and she did the same to me. She was learning. Fucking each other that way was lovely and it made me have several small comes and then one big one. I know she was having the same fun because her body was trembling and shaking as she had her own comes.

But tonight I was going to give her something else I didn't think she had ever had before. I stuck my fingers into her cunt, twisted them around, got them all juicy, then crammed them into her asshole. 

"What's happening," she said.

"Shut the fuck up and take what you're given," I said.

Then I took my strap on and put it on. This one had two dildos. One went right up my pussy and the other was for the one being fucked. I lubed it up and stuck it into her asshole and then worked it in as far as it would go. All the while she was squealing, but somehow she took all eight inches, and then began fucking back against me, as if she wanted more. This time the fucking was serious, because I wanted her to come from an ass fucking.

I rammed into her asshole over and over and she squealed over and over. But she never once asked me to stop. Finally after about ten minutes I started coming and leaking juices down my legs so I pulled out. All the while she had been coming and coming. So fucking good. Such good pussy and ass.

Well our relationship had definitely changed. She still picked me up at 1800 hours each evening, and we continued exploring our new sexual relationship. This continued until I finally had to convoy home on our last day of camp. The night before had been epic.

We'll see what the future brings for me and Marsha.

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