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My best friend, and the unthinkable.
Megan and I are the best of friends, and god is she gorgeous. She has light brown hair that falls at her shoulders perfectly and bright green eyes that would make anyone stare. Sure, we would make out for guys at parties if they wanted us to, we'd grope each other and tease guys while we kissed and sometimes we'd get pretty into it. We’re so close that it didn't bother us, but Megan made it clear she would never go further than that with a girl. I usually agreed, but sometimes when she changed I’d catch myself staring.

I wanted my best friend. I knew I wanted her, just as an experiment, just once would be enough for me.

It was the summer break and we were going to my cottage for the week. I wanted her, yes, but I didn't know what I was supposed to do. There was no instruction book for 'how to seduce your best friend,' so I just went with it.

We spend the first day sun bathing and jumping in the lake when we got too hot, we made sand castles and gossiped just like best friends would. She looks so fucking hot in her swim suit, my eyes can’t help but drift to the outline of her pussy in the tight bottoms then back up to her 34B tits, cupped perfectly. I felt a tingling in between my legs. We were both virgins and Megan is so shy she has only made out, she's never had a guy touch her.


Her voice catches my attention and I look back up and smile.

I hope she didn’t catch me practically drooling over her body. I quickly stand up and run off the dock jumping into the lake. Megan follows, making a loud splash and when she comes back to shore I pick up some mud and smear it on her. She laughs loudly and picks up more and throws it at me.

"Oh it's on now, bitch!" I exclaim loudly.

She giggles and runs and I hit her hard in the ass with the mud and watch it bounce off. She screeches and then quickly gets me back. We continue this back and forth for a while until we're covered in mud, and done for the day. She suggests we go in and take a shower and I certainly have no arguments. My mom just left to get us groceries, so we go in and try to get to the bathroom without leaving mud everywhere. There's only one shower so we agree to just take one together with our bathing suits on.

We climb in and turn the water on. The heat surges through me as I look at Megan. It’s a small shower so we're pretty close together. I know this is it, there will never be a moment better than this, and I have to try now or I’ll never get another chance. Desire takes over and I lock my eyes on hers. I push her against the shower wall and kiss her passionately. She kisses me back for a moment and then pushes me off, hard.

"What the hell are you doing?!" she yells.

FUCK. I knew this would happen. What the fuck was I thinking? Now I’ve ruined our friendship.

"I-I-I’m sorry Megan, I just wanted to see what it would be like... to kiss you… without anyone watching," I stutter. She pauses. It’s like she's deciding if that's a good enough excuse. She looks at me.

"Why?" she questions.

"I don't know, I just figured we're so clos-."

"Were you going to tell anyone?" she cuts me off.

"Of course not, I would never do th-"

She cuts me off again, accept this time it’s with a kiss. I’m stunned. She wraps her arms around my neck and her tongue enters my mouth. I let it, we've done this so many times before but this was so different. I feel her breasts press up against mine and my pussy throbs: I’ve never wanted anyone so badly. I have to go further. I reach behind her and pull the string of her bathing suit. It falls on the floor and I grab her tits with both my hands. God they're so perfect, but she's reluctant now, she pulls back and breaks our kiss.

"Amy, I dont know," she whispers.

I look right in her eyes, "Trust me," I say, trying to reassure her.

She stops for a second thinking, then she reaches behind my back and undoes my bathing suit. It drops on the floor, and I grin at her and press my lips back up against hers. Now our bare tits push up against each other and the warm water from the shower sprays all over our bodies - this makes me so horny.

We grope each other and kiss passionately. I want suck on her nipples now, and I’ve watched enough lesbian pornos to know that that’s what I’m supposed to do. But I remember once we talked about it and she said that she didn’t think that was sexy at all, she thought it was weird. So instead, I cut right to the chase and slip my fingers down her swim suit, she breaks the kiss and moans. I haven’t even done anything yet, but then I realize she's never felt this before. I love the idea that no one has ever touched her here. No one has ever touched her like this, I'll be the first.

I feel around. She has some peach fuzz from the last time she shaved, but I couldn’t care less. I find her clit and rub it in slow circles. I can tell that she's going crazy, and I fucking love it. I have full control of her right now, and I rub her clit faster and faster,

"That feels so good," she whimpers.

I grab her left breast with my free hand and continue rubbing her pussy. She lets out a loud moan, so I kick it up a notch and slide a finger inside her. She's soaking wet.

"You’re wet for me, aren’t you baby?" I whisper in her ear.

"Yes!" she moans in pleasure and pulls me up against her.

I pump my finger in and out of her in rhythm, until she's breathing heavily and then I slide another finger in and I furiously finger fuck her until she screams so loudly you can hear her over the running water.

“Yes, fuck yes!” she screams.

Her legs shake and her hips thrust forward. I cannot believe I just made her yell like that. I made her want me, I made my best friend cum. I pull my fingers out of her and lick them. She looks at me confused and I laugh. "You taste amazing," I tell her.

I give her a lick of her juices and her cheeks turn red, then she looks me up and down mysteriously, and fiercely begins yanking at my swimsuit bottoms. They drop and I step out of them, then I do the same to her. Now we're both completely naked and my pussy is practically dripping wet. I know that she doesn’t know how to do anything to me like I just did to her, and that’s OK. Pleasing her is my only goal right now. My back is towards the shower head and I watch the water spray all over her and run over her tits and down her pussy. We make eye contact and I see it in her eyes, she wants more.

"Are you ready?" I ask her, as sexy as I can say it.

She nods, and I kneel down onto my knees. I look up at her and grab her left leg to push it against the wall so that she's perched in the corner with her legs spread open and my head in between them. With the very first touch of my tongue to her pussy her entire body shivers, and I am so turned on. I want to taste every part of her. I tease her clit and swirl my tongue, then I push my tongue right inside her and she grabs my head and shoves it even deeper inside. So much for the shy, innocent Megan I used to know. I look up at her, "Sassy," I joke.

She smirks and then shoves my head back into her pussy and I can’t complain. I nibble on her clit and I lick her slit up and down until her body is shaking but I still refuse to stop. I go even faster and deeper. "I-I-I think I’m gonna cum again," she moans.

The innocence in her voice makes my clit throb. I keep licking her hard and fast until I can feel her building up to an orgasm. I still don’t stop. I shove my head deeper between Megan’s legs and I know that she’s about to cum. I reach my hand up to her mouth and she bites my finger hard. “Yesss!” she hisses, louder than she ever has before.

Her back arches and she collapses onto the shower floor. I sit with my back against the wall and Megan straddles me. I lean in and we kiss softly. Our naked and wet bodies press against one another. She reaches above my head and turns the water off. It's silent now. I brush her hair behind her ear and we smile at each other.

Maybe this will happen again, or maybe it won’t. All I know for sure is that no matter what, Megan is my best friend.

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