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Memoirs of a Bisexual: Chapter 1 - The Sexual Revolution

Based on true events of someone not afraid to explore and entertain curiosities
I have always been a sexual person. I have always been turned on by sex. When I was 16, I got my first “serious” girlfriend, meaning the first girl I ever tongue kissed, made out with and felt up. My dad sensed that I was a in the beginning stages of a hormone drenched relationship with a girl who was a bit more experienced than I and a year older. He had the “Sex Talk” with me where he discussed STD’s, pregnancy, and condoms. But he also instilled a bit of wisdom in me about sex. He told me that when it comes to sex, if I focused on pleasing the girl and satisfying her, I, too, would be completely satisfied when it was all over. Words I would soon live by.
It was no surprise that I lost my virginity to this girl soon thereafter. As I completed Middle School and progressed through High School, I was not Mr. Popular by any means, but I was no dork, either. I was a modest guy who got laid on occasion, but I was not showered with pussy like the jocks and the pretty boys. I actually had to work for my pussy with sweet talk, dates, and if I was lucky enough to get so far as to go down on a girl, she was hooked. I progressed through puberty and graduated high school with an affinity for eating pussy. I loved it. Going down on a girl was definitely my favorite thing to do in bed. I prided myself on it. I jerked off to thoughts of fingering a nice shaved pussy while my tongue flicked and licked the clit. To this day, eating a nice piece of pussy is still one of the joys in life.
As I started college, I had my share of casual girlfriends and the occasional fuck buddy. However, my sex life was very plain: oral sex and missionary style. A conservative approach with nothing too extravagant. Then when I was 20 years old, I went through what I call a “Sexual Revolution.” My best friend was a guy named Jeff. He was 2 years younger than me which made him 18 and he just graduated high school when we underwent this “revolution.” He was dating a girl named Layla who just graduated high school, as well. However, she was beginning her freshman year at an All-Girl College where classes started 2 weeks before ours did. Layla was a cute, petite girl with short brown hair, a nice figure, small-but-pert tits and a cute bubbly smile. The week before our college classes started, Jeff wanted to visit Layla at her college and have a nice night to get together, drink and party. He asked me if I wanted to go with him. I wasn’t dating anyone at the time and he said that Layla’s roommate, Amanda, was single. Amanda was about 5’5” with shoulder length curly brunette hair and an awesome pair of tits. I didn’t hesitate to accept his invitation. The All-Girl College they attended had a strict “After Hours” policy and I think all guys spotted on campus after 9pm were shot on site. So Jeff and I decided to get a room at a motel in town. We didn’t have a whole lot of money so we only got 1 room with double beds. The 4 of us went to dinner then stopped by a liquor store for a few bottles of Tequila, beer and wine coolers then headed back to the motel.
Soon we were well on our way shooting tequila, listening to music and having a good time. The tequila was starting to kick in. Amanda and I went from flirting to kissing to heavy petting. Jeff and Layla were making out on their bed. Neither couple appeared to be aware of what the other was doing. We were in our own little world, when Amanda just decided that she wanted to take a bath. That came out of left field, but I was happy to oblige. However, that was not what Amanda had in mind. She interrupted the make out session of Jeff and Layla and asked Layla to go to the bathroom with her. Jeff and I sat on our bed with our shirts off. The girls were in the bathroom a long time. We were just sitting there wondering what the hell just happened when Layla appeared from the bathroom, looked at me and said that Amanda was asking for me. Layla climbed back on the bed with Jeff and I entered the bathroom, closing the door behind me. I looked in the bath tub to see Amanda lying on her back completely naked. Her tits looked perfect with rock hard nipples and she had a nicely trimmed pussy. She motioned for me to crouch beside the bath tub. I did so, then leaned in to kiss her. I was giving her mouth some serious tongue action and I reached in to caress one of her tits with my right hand while propping myself up with the other. Amanda was playing with the other tit with one of her hands while the other hand was rubbing her pussy, which I quickly replaced with mine. She was getting extremely hot in that bathroom. Even through the bath water I could feel her warm pussy juices on my fingers as I played with her pussy. As I entered her pussy with my finger, it was getting too much for her to take. She had to break from my kiss to moan. She was moaning and gyrating her hips as I finger fucked her pussy. My dick was rock hard and pressing against my shorts to get out, but I had to keep going with Amanda. I finally couldn’t take it anymore. I had to have that pussy in my mouth. So, I reached under her ass with my right hand and pulled her hips out of the water bringing her pussy to the surface. She propped herself up with her elbows and spread her legs to where one was hanging out of the tub, giving me access to her pussy. I took my left hand and parted her outer lips and dove my tongue straight into her slit lapping her pussy with fast strokes. This sent Amanda into orbit. She was bucking her hips as her moans turned to screams. She was banging the back of her head against the wall behind the tub. I knew she was starting to cum when her legs began to convulse. She stopped screaming long enough to yell in short breaths “Yes, Yes, lick me. Lick my pussy. Oh don’t stop …oh I’m going to cum!” With that, her pussy errupted with cum covering my mouth and dripping down my chin. I felt her pussy walls spasm around my fingers and I kept thrusting them in and out. When she finished cumming, she did not hesitate. She got out of the tub and didn’t bother to dry off. She took me by the hand and said “Come on, now I want you to fuck me like there is no tomorrow!”
We started to exit the bathroom with no consideration of what was going on out in the room with Jeff and Layla. As we entered the room from the bathroom, I was hit with the biggest surprise of my life up to that point. Jeff was on the bed fucking Layla doggie-style. Now, keep in mind, porn was not as accessible as it is today. The internet was just getting started, so I hadn’t seen much porn at that point. So, seeing 2 people fucking doggie style, especially live in front of me was quite a surprise. As I stood there completely stunned, I was also completely turned on by what I was seeing. I don’t know if Jeff noticed me staring or not, but he was slamming his cock into Layla. Layla had one hand against the wall and the other between her legs playing with her pussy as she was moaning in ecstasy. My cock was hard and sticking straight up, begging to be unleashed. I couldn’t stop watching Jeff fuck Layla from behind. I was mesmerized. Amanda had dropped to her knees and started unbuttoning my shorts. They fell to my feet as she unleashed my cock, which was dripping with pre-cum. She hungrily took it into her mouth. She sucked my cock frantically as I stood and watched Jeff fuck Layla. Finally, Jeff wanted to change positions. He pulled out of Layla’s pussy and for the first time, I saw Jeff’s dick. It was huge! It must have been 9 inches long! I thought I was turned on before. Hell, that was nothing compared to seeing Jeff’s beautiful cock. He was taking a small rest as he watched Amanda suck my cock. He, too, was mesmerized by seeing her suck my dick. He had never seen anything like that, either. As I continued to stare at Jeff’s dick, I past the point of no return. Amanda could sense that I was about to cum, so she pulled my cock out of her mouth and continued to stroke it. I shot ropes and ropes of cum into the air. My knees almost buckled because I was cumming so hard. Seeing me squirt my load turned Jeff on so much that he started to cum. He stroked his own dick until he exploded. I collapsed on my bed as Jeff collapsed on his. We all laid in silence for a few minutes, taking in what just happened. It was a new experience for us, but one we surely enjoyed.
However, Amanda was still begging to be fucked and it was obvious that Layla hadn’t had enough because she through her leg over Jeff’s head and lowered her pussy to his face as she took his dick into her mouth in a nice 69. Again, I was dumbfounded by what was happening before me. Amanda was stroking my cock, which didn’t take long to get hard as I watched Layla suck Jeff’s dick. Then Amanda took control and climbed on top and straddled me. She guided my cock into her hungry pussy and started riding me. The sensation of feeling her wet hot pussy walls around my cock broke me out of the trance I was in watching the 69 on the bed beside me. I grabbed each of Amanda’s ass cheeks with my hands and was slamming her down on my cock. I was fucking her so hard, I could feel and hear my balls slapping her ass with each down stroke. Amanda was gyrating her hips, bucking and screaming. Man, this girl knew how to ride a cock! I looked over at Jeff and Layla. Layla was now on her back with her legs spread and hanging over Jeff’s hips. Jeff was on his knees about to slide his cock into Layla’s waiting pussy. They were now entranced with watching Amanda and I fuck! Knowing that we had an audience turned me on like never before. I squeezed Amanda’s ass cheeks and I continued to slam her down on my cock. I could feel her pussy start to convulse around my dick and I knew she was cumming. Then she exploded on me. I could feel her juices gush from her pussy all around my dick. I kept pumping in my cock until she could no longer balance herself and fell on the bed beside me. Amanda laid there on the bed panting. However, I was not finished.
I got up on my knees and flipped Amanda over on her stomach. With one hand I scooped her up onto her knees with her ass in the air facing me. I lowered myself behind her and slid my cock into her dripping wet hole. As I slowly slid into her, I heard her moan “I don’t know how much more cock my pussy can take but I don’t want it to stop. Oh yes, please keep fucking me!” Her wish was my command as I increased the intensity of my strokes. I had both my hands on Amanda’s hips pulling her into me as I fucked her hot pussy. I was getting hotter as I looked down and watched my dick sliding in and out of Amanda’s hot hole. I looked over at Jeff and Layla and Jeff had her in another position. Layla was on her side facing me. Jeff was behind her in a spooning position. He propped one of her legs up over his hips which gave me a full view of his cock buried balls deep in Layla’s pussy. Layla was rubbing her clit while Jeff was fucking her at a steady pace and they were both watching me fuck Amanda from behind. Amanda was starting to cum again and she buried her face into the pillow as she was bucking her hips back onto my cock. Seeing this, Layla started frantically rubbing her pussy as Jeff increased his speed. Jeff and Layla stared in amazement at me fucking Amanda. Layla started to cum as Jeff continued to fuck her from behind. Feeling Amanda’s cumming pussy squeeze my cock, watching Jeff’s dick slide in and out of Layla’s pussy and hearing Layla squeal in ecstacy and she was cumming was too much for me to handle. I pulled my cock out of Amanda’s pussy and exploded all over her back. I couldn’t believe how hard I was cumming. I heard Jeff start to groan and I looked over at him. He was starting to cum. He made no effort to pull out of Layla which sent her into another orgasm as he pumped her pussy full of cum. What I was seeing before me was so hot, I would have cum all over again had it been physically possible.
As we lay on our beds recovering from some intense sex, we had no inhibitions about being naked around each other. Jeff got to his feet and went to the tequila bottle to pour 4 more shots. The girls were talking casually to each other and I was trying not to make it obvious that I still wanted to stare at the nice 9 inch cock that hung down the front of Jeff. I had to look elsewhere because my own cock was beginning to get hard again as I stared at Jeff’s. Jeff returned and gave each of us a shot. We made a toast to friends and great sex and downed the drink. The girls were relaxed lying on their backs in each bed. Jeff excused himself to the restroom and I got up to change the music in the CD player. On my way back to our bed to lay beside Amanda, I stumbled over a pair of shoes that were laying on the floor and I fell right on top of Layla lying naked on her back on top of her bed. This happened simultaneously as Jeff was coming out of the bathroom. So, to his surprise, he re entered the room to see me buck naked laying on top of his naked girlfriend. I sense of panic came over me as I exclaimed “Uh this is not what it looks like. I seriously stumbled and fell on her!” Jeff gave a quick laugh and said “That’s ok. In fact if you two want to fuck, it’s ok with me!” Whoa! Um…what? Confusion and excitement came over me as I looked at Layla and she had no objections. I instinctively aligned my hips with Layla’s. Her pussy was wet, dripping with Jeff’s cum, as well as her own. I could feel the wet, sticky sensation on my dick, which took no time to get hard again. I slid my dick into Layla with ease and started to slowly fuck her. She was smiling at me as she took sweet panting breaths. I could feel Jeff’s cum shooting out of her pussy onto my dick and balls. Surprisingly it was a complete turn on feeling Jeff’s cum on me as I fucked his girlfriend. I looked over to see Jeff standing next to the bed watching me fuck Layla as Amanda had dropped to her knees and was sucking Jeff’s cock. Jeff then pulled Amanda up and she laid on her back on top of the bed. Jeff positioned himself in front of her. She instinctively spread her legs for him as her inviting pussy was craving cock. I watched as Jeff slowly put the head of his dick into Amanda’s pussy then slid balls deep inside her. I watched Jeff fuck Amanda for a few minutes, then Layla brought my attention back to her. She stopped my thrusting and said “Now I want you to fuck me from behind like you did Amanda.” She quickly flipped over to propped herself on her knees and raised her ass in the air. Her pussy was so inviting. I positioned myself behind her and slid my dick into her wanting pussy. She started thrusting her hips back into me impaling herself on my dick. “Oh yes, that’s it. Give it to me! Fuck me like you fucked Amanda! Yes, Yes. . . .” She was bucking so hard, I had to grab her hips just to hold on. My cock was slamming into Layla’s pussy so hard, the sound of my balls slapping her pussy with each stroke echoed through the room. I looked over to see Jeff and Amanda had changed positions. Amanda was riding Jeff’s cock while playing with her nipples as she watched me fuck Layla. Amanda gave me a quick wink and a smile as she continued to ride Jeff. As I pumped Layla she started wimpering and squeeling. I noticed that she had made eye contact with Jeff and they stared and smiled at each other as they both were fucking somebody else. Then Layla wimpered “Jeff, oh Jeff, he’s going to make my pussy cum! Oh yes, I’m going to cum!” I could feel her reach down and rub her clit as her pussy started squeezing me.

Jeff kept staring into her eyes, “Cum, Baby! Cum all over him. Yes, that’s it, Atta-Girl! That cock feels nice in your pussy, doesn’t it? How does it feel to stare into my eyes while getting fucked from behind by my best friend?”

“Fucking awesome” she moaned “Oh so fucking good!” as she kept rocking her hips and ass back onto me.

Seeing his girlfriend cum was enough to get Jeff worked up. Amanda could sense that Jeff was about to cum. She slid his dick out of her pussy with her hand and kept stroking it. Then Jeff’s cock exploded onto Amanda’s stomach. Jeff was grunting and moaning as he came. Seeing his load shoot out of that hard cock was enough to send me over the edge and my cock started to cum, pumping what seemed to be a gallon of my juice into Layla’s pussy!

I collapsed next to Layla and we all lay there breathing heavily and exhausted from the sex filled night we just had. Jeff and I made our way back to our respective beds and everyone eventually drifted off to sleep, except me. I lay there thinking about what we had just done. I had never even imagined a night like this let alone actually experience it. It was great. I had definitely opened a new door in my sex life. But, one thing I couldn’t figure out was why I was so turned on by Jeff’s cock. Why couldn’t I stop thinking about it?

To Be Continued . . .

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