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Memoirs of a Bisexual: Chapter 10 - Cumming Full Circle

Nothing is held back in the final chapter!
Chapter 10

It was the end of the school year. It was a Wednesday and Jeff was already coming up that night for the weekend parties. There was one more day of exams, but Felecia and I were finished for the summer. Jeff had wrapped up the previous week at his school. It was about ten in the morning and Jeff wouldn't arrive until around three or four in the afternoon. I was bored so I picked up the phone and called Felecia to see what she was up to. The phone rang a few times, then she finally picked up, "Hello?" she whimpered.

It sounded like she was sobbing. "Felecia?" I asked with a sense of concern, "Are you OK?"

"Oh yeah," she managed in between breaths.

"What are you doing?" I inquired, still a bit taken aback at her voice tone.

"Do you really want to know?" she whimpered.

"If it's not too much to ask," I said.

"I'm playing with my pussy," she moaned.

This caught me by surprise. "Well now. Would you like some company?" I asked getting hard at the thought of her wanting me to fuck her.

"Sure. You can come over if you want," she cooed.

Felecia had never been that straight forward before. She's called me up wanting to fuck but she always said things like, "Can you come over for a while?" Or, "Want to workout?" which was her favorite.

I darted out of my apartment. Ran down the stairs and I was at Felecia's door in about ten seconds. I gave a "secret knock" on the door letting her know it was me. She told me to come in. I walked in the door closed it behind me. Felecia was on the couch with her legs spread, rubbing her pussy. She was wearing her New Orleans Saints jersey and nothing else. There was a vibrator lying next to her. She was looking so hot! As I moved toward her, I was taking off my clothes.

"All you had to do was call me." I stated making reference to the fact that I was the one who called her to see what she was up to.

By the time I got to the couch where she was laying, I was stripped down to my boxers. "I don't want you to fuck me," she said.

I was taken by surprise, "You don't want to fuck?" I asked.

"No, I want to get off watching you stroke your cock." she moaned, as she continued rubbing her pussy.

I was still a little surprised so I needed clarification, "So you want to watch me jerk off?" I asked.

"Yes, I want to see your dick shoot it's load all over you!" she moaned, "When you fuck me, it feels so good when you pump my pussy full of cum, so I don't get to see it squirt. And I love seeing your dick explode."

Well, come to think of it, I hadn't jerked off in quite awhile. Whenever I got horny, Felecia was always up for a fuck. This would be a nice change of pace. So I sat in the recliner diagonal to her, so we were facing each other. I slid off my boxers and slowly stroked my already rock hard cock.

"Mmm, Yeah, that's it," she cooed as she watched me while rubbing her slit, "stroke that dick."

This dirty talk was intensifying this whole experience. I noticed that her rock hard nipples were poking out of the mesh of her jersey. Her tits were something I didn't get to see that often because Felecia always kept her shirt on while we fucked. "I want to see your tits," I said.

Felecia lifted her jersey up and let it rest above her perfectly formed, nice, perky, dark tits. "Now spread your pussy lips," I ordered.

She did as I said, "I know you like seeing the pink inside of my hot, black pussy!" she teased, "Oh, and its so wet!"

She sped up the pace on her pussy as I kept stroking my dick slowly to give her a good show. She was really getting into it. She rubbed her clit for awhile, then she would finger her hot hole, making sure she gave me a good show, as well. Then she grabbed her vibrator and teased the opening of her pussy before sliding it all the way in. She gasped, "Oh fuck! Yeah, Mmm," she cooed she fucked her pussy, "I need to get this lubed up."

After the vibrator was nice and wet, she took it out of her pussy and teased her ass with it. This was getting me hotter by the second! "You want to watch me fuck my ass with this?" she teasingly asked.

I just nodded as I stroked my dick. She penetrated her ass with the vibrator. She went slow at first so her ass could get used to it. Then she slowly increased her strokes until she was fucking her ass at a nice rhythm. She was moaning and whimpering with each stroke. "Oh yes, this feels so good!" she whined, "Remember when you fucked me in the ass as my friend ate my pussy?" she asked.

How could I forget? That was the only time I ever fucked her in the ass and she went wild. She continued fucking her ass and rubbing her clit. I knew she was getting ready to cum. "Now stick a finger in your pussy while you fuck your ass!" I ordered.

She did so and went completely crazy. "Oh yes, oh yes! Oh Fuck" she gasped, "I've never done both holes! Oh I'm going to cum. Oh fuck yeah, I'm cumming!"

This was too much for me to handle. I stroked my dick a few more times until I exploded. Felecia kept fucking herself as she watched my dick squirt what seemed like a gallon of white creamy cum all over my stomach.

"Oh that's so hot!" she moaned as she watched my dick shoot ropes and ropes of cum.

I stroked my cock until I was completely drained. Felecia kept fucking her ass and rubbing her pussy. Then she let go of the vibrator, but left it up in her ass. She was now rubbing her client with one hand and had two fingers in her pussy. "Oh yes! I'm going to do it again!" she screamed.

I continued to stroke my cock and rub my balls as I watched her cum for the second time. "Ooooh, yeah. I'm going to cum again. Fuck yes!" she screamed as she quickly worked her pussy.

Just then I saw her pussy squirt cum all over her hand and fingers. This was the first time I'd seen her squirt. I was staring in amazement. If I could have cum again, I would have just at that sight alone. It was so hot. "Oh, my pussy! My pussy feels so good!" she moaned.

As her orgasm was winding down, she pulledt he vibrator out of her ass. She caught her breath than looked at me in amazement, "My pussy has never squirted before!"

"Well, I guess it likes to be fucked at the same time as your ass." I stated as a matter-of-fact.

"Apparently!' she smiled.

We laid still for a few more minutes catching our breath from the intense orgasms we each had. Then Felecia went to her room to get dressed. I got up and cleaned myself off. After a few minutes, Felecia appeared from her room. She was wearing black shorts and a red Georgia Bulldawgs t-shirt, which I thought she looked better in than the Saints jersey. Who was I kidding? Felecia looked hot in anything that she wore. To this day, Felecia is one of the hottest chicks I've ever fucked or even seen.

"So, you want to go grab some lunch and a few beers?" she asked.

That was the strange, yet unique thing about our relationship. We could be in some intense sexual episode, like the one we just finished, then five minutes later we're back in "Buddy Mode" like nothing ever happened.

"Sure," I responded.

Then we walked out the door.

We went to Steverino's deli, which was one of our favorite places for lunch. We each had a sub and split a pitcher of PBR. "So, when is Jeff coming up? Friday after school?" Felecia asked.

"Actually, he finished for the summer last week. He's coming up this afternoon since I finished yesterday," I answered.

"Oh lucky you. So I take it that you'll be sucking some dick tonight," she said with a wink and a smile.

"Maybe," I responded, "We'll have to see what's up with my roommates tonight and how much privacy we get. I don't want an apartment full of people and someone barging into my room. The locks on the doors suck."

"Well, you guys can stay at my place as long as you let me play," she stated, still smiling.

Once again, she had surprised me. The three of us hooked up on a whim and things were kind of awkward between me and Felecia afterward. However, we have gone through a lot together since then.

"Well we'll see how the night plays out," I said, playing a little "hard-to-get."

Later that day, Jeff finally arrived. I was hanging in my apartment alone. Felecia had some errands to run and said that she would meet up with us later. We smoked a few bowls and had a few beers. Around seven o'clock Felecia called and wanted to know what we were up to and if we wanted to go get some dinner. So, Jeff and I met up with Felecia and the three of us went out to a local pub. After dinner we left the pub and, since Felecia was driving, we let her choose the next place we would go. Next thing we knew, Felecia was pulling into a strip club.

"So we are going into a strip club," Jeff stated.

"Hey, why not?" Felecia asked, "Besides I know one of the bouncers and he'll let us have the VIP room for free as long as we keep dancers in there."

"That works for me!" Jeff said, getting out of the car.

We must have been in that VIP room for three hours. Girls were giving us table and lap dances. Jeff and I were enjoying watching Felecia interact with the dancers. The dancers let chicks get away with more than they do guys. So we got to see Felecia and the dancers kiss and touch each other. Finally, the three of us were so turned on, we couldn't contain ourselves. Felecia looked at me and Jeff, "You want to get out of here?" she asked.

We both nodded. We cleared our tab and headed for the door. As we walked to the car, Jeff whispered to me, "Get in the backseat."

A wave of excitement came over me as I slid in the backseat. Jeff got in beside me. Knowing what he wanted, I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my already rock hard cock. Jeff wasted no time leaning over and taking me into his mouth.

Felecia saw what Jeff was doing, "You can't wait until we get to my place?"

"Shut up and drive," I said, "Besides, the quicker we get there, the quicker you can have some of this."

Jeff wasn't playing around. There was no teasing or stroking me with his hand. He was straight up sucking my cock for all it was worth. He was sucking me hard and fast. It felt so good. Felecia made it to the apartment in about five minutes, and that was all it took for me. She got out of the car wanting to rush to the door, but I couldn't move. I was about to cum. "Jeff, I'm cumming!" I gasped.

Jeff kept sucking me until I exploded in his mouth. He sucked down every drop of my hot load. After he sucked me dry he came up for air. "We are already back?" he asked, surprised.

"Yes, and Felecia is chomping at the bit to get fucked," I said.

We got out of the car. Felecia was already in the door of her apartment. Jeff and I literally started taking off our shirts in the parking lot as we rushed towards the door. By the time we got in Felecia's apartment, she was already sitting on the couch with no pants or panties on, legs spread and rubbing her dripping pussy. Jeff and I finished stripping. His ten inch cock was hard as a rock. Mine was not due to the fact that I just shot a load 30 seconds ago. So, I took my place on the recliner I had jerked off in earlier that day. Felecia looked over at me, "My pussy is begging for some dick so hurry up and get hard again," she demanded.

"You don't have to wait for him," Jeff said, kneeling down in front of her.

"What?" Felecia responded, caught completely by surprise.

Felecia looked concerned. I knew this would be an issue as soon as Felecia mentioned she wanted to join us earlier this afternoon. Ever since I told Jeff about me and Felecia becoming fuck buddies, he's wanted to fuck her. I couldn't blame him because I would describe how hot her pussy was and what a good fuck she was. However, I had been the only guy Felecia had fucked in years and there was only one other before me, but he had hurt her. So, I was the only guy she trusted to fuck her. Now there Jeff was with a rock hard cock four inches longer than mine and wanting to fuck.

Felecia couldn't close her legs because Jeff was on his knees on the floor already between her legs. She pushed herself back, "I don't know about this," she said with concern.

Jeff gave me a strange look. I got down on the floor beside Jeff. "Felecia, It's OK," I said trying to ease her mind,

"Let him fuck you. He's got a nice cock," I said, grabbing Jeff's dick and stroking it.

"I've never seen one that big," she said.

"But he knows how to use it," I said.

I noticed pre-cum forming on the head of Jeff's cock. I swiped it up with the finger of my free hand and used it as a lube to rub Felecia's clit. "He'll go slow," I urged. "Do you trust me?"

Felecia relaxed a bit. I guided Jeff's cock to the opening of her pussy. Jeff slowly pushed the head of his cock in. I could still see Felecia tensed up. Jeff slowly slid his cock into her hole. Felecia was breathing heavily, still a bit tense. He slowly pulled his cock out, then slowly slid it in again. Felecia was starting to relax more and more with each stroke. I reached over to a nearby end table where I knew Felecia kept a bottle of lube. I grabbed the lube and dripped some on Felecia's pussy, which was captured by Jeff's cock as it slowly slid in and out of her hole. Jeff sped up his pace. Felecia started moaning so I knew she was enjoying it.

"Oh Yeah, that feels good," Felecia cooed.

I started stroking my cock to get it hard as I watched Jeff fuck Felecia. I reached down and rubbed her clit, "I love seeing his big white cock disappear into your hot black pussy!" I said to Felecia.

I pulled Felecia's shirt up over her tits so I could see them bounce as Jeff started fucking her harder. I sat back down in the recliner and continued to jerk off as I watched them fuck. Then my gaze shifted from watching Jeff's cock slide in and out of Felecia's pussy to watching Jeff's ass move back and forth as he pumped her. Jeff's ass was nice and round. His body was physically fit and he had a nice ass. I started getting hard again as I watched Jeff's ass while he fucked her. Finally, I couldn't hold out any longer. I took the bottle of lube and 
rubbed some on my cock. I got down on my knees behind Jeff and slid my cock in between his ass cheeks. Jeff was a little startled. "What are you doing, Dude?" he looked back and asked.

"Something new," I whispered.

As Jeff continued fucking Felecia, his asshole rubbed across my cock with each thrust. When finally I adjusted my cock to align with his tight hole. When he pulled out of Felecia, the head of my dick penetrated his ass. He gasped and let out a moan. He thrust his cock back into Felecia's pussy until he was balls deep, then he stopped. "Why did you stop?" Felecia asked, sounding disappointed.

"Because I'm about to get some dick, too," Jeff said to her.

Just then, I slid my cock all the way into Jeff's ass. "Oh fuck," Jeff moaned, as his ass constricted and clenched my cock.

"Oh yeah!" Felecia exclaimed, "Oh keep fucking me! I want to see your face while he fucks you in the ass."

As I fucked Jeff's ass, he relaxed enough for me to time my rhythm with his fucking of Felecia. As he pulled out of Felecia's pussy, his ass would slide down my cock. As he slid off my cock, he would plunge into Felecia's pussy. It was the perfect rhythm and we did it well as we fucked and fucked.

"How are you doing , Bro?" I asked Jeff.

"Oh, fuck, Dude! This is awesome!" he grunted, "Your cock feels so good in my ass and her pussy feels so good around my cock!"

I could hear Felecia grunting and moaning as she continued to get pounded by Jeff. Then Felecia whimpered, "Oh you're going to make my pussy cum! Oh fuck yeah! Don't stop!"

This gave Jeff encouragement to speed up his pace on her pussy which, in turn, sped up the pace on my cock. As Felecia started cumming, Jeff moaned, "Her pussy is squeezing my cock! It's going to make me cum!"

Then the chain reaction occurred. Felecia's pussy squeezing Jeff's cock was making him cum. As Jeff came, his ass was constricting my cock, which felt amazing. This started to make my cock convulse and I started to cum. Felecia was squealing, Jeff was grunting and moaning "Oh fuck! Oh Fuck!"

Jeff's ass had such a tight grip on my cock, all I could do was hold on and fuck him as best as I could until I exploded, squirting my load deep into his ass. "Oh Yes, cum in me!" Jeff gasped as I continued fucking his tight ass.

Once our orgasms subsided, I pulled out of Jeff's ass. Jeff pulled out of Felecia's pussy and we rested for a minute. I went into the bathroom to clean myself off. When I came back to the living room. Jeff was on the couch sitting beside Felecia. He was stroking his cock trying to get hard again. Felecia looked at me, "Now it's your turn to fuck this pussy."

"Maybe I want to lick it first," I said, getting down on my knees.

Felecia smiled as she spread her legs for me. Jeff's cum started dripping out of her slit and gushed out into my mouth when I plunged my tongue into Felecia's hot hole. He tasted so good and salty. So did Felecia's pussy. I noticed Jeff still trying to get hard. So I leaned over a bit and took his cock into my mouth. I sucked him for a few minutes until he started to get hard again. I went back to eating Felecia's pussy. With all the cock and pussy I had in my mouth, I noticed that my cock was hard again. I got up and sat on the couch. I pulled Felecia on top where she was facing me. I grabbed her ass cheeks with my hands and lowered her onto my cock. "Now ride me!" I instructed.

'Oh yeah! This is nice!" she cooed as she rode my dick.

We fucked for a few minutes as Jeff watched. Then he got up and went around behind Felecia and got on his knees. I wondered what he was doing, then I felt a nice sensation. As Felecia rode my cock, Jeff was sucking on my balls. Oh, that felt amazing. I spread Felecia's ass cheeks and was playing with her asshole with my fingers. "Mmm, that feels good, " Felecia moaned, "Now go in."

I slid one of my fingers into Felecia's ass. This made her ride me even faster. Jeff noticed the surge in Felecia's speed and came up for air. He saw me fingering her asshole as she rode me. She grabbed the bottle of lube and lubed up his cock. I knew what Jeff was about to do, so I removed my finger, still spreading her ass cheeks.

Then he penetrated her ass with the head of his cock. Felecia gasped "Oh fuck! What are doing?"

"Relax," I whispered.

Felecia was holding herself with her arms, then they gave way and she fell down on top of me, "Oh fuck me Both of you!" she moaned.

As Jeff's cock slid into her ass, I could feel it rub against my cock and that was the most wonderful feeling. We slowly fucked Felecia until she was relaxed enough for us to increase our pace. Felecia was in ecstasy as we fucked her pussy and ass. We pounded away at her, then I felt her pussy start to constrict. "Oh my pussy's going to cum! I'm cumming!"

Her pussy started squeezing my cock, which made her ass squeeze Jeff's cock. That chain reaction was happening again. But this time I felt Felecia's pussy squirt and explode all over my cock. Then I could feel Jeff's cock against mine, starting to cum. Jeff pumped her a few more times then pulled out squirting his load on her back. Then Felecia realized that I didn't cum. She quickly dismounted me and slid to the floor on her knees between my legs. She looked up at Jeff, "Help me suck his cock!"

With that, Jeff got down on his knees and they took turns sucking my dick. Each would take a few strokes with their mouth then hand my dick to the other who would do the same. Then my cock started to convulse and Felecia knew I was about to cum. She pulled my dick out of Jeff's mouth, "I want to see it!"

She stroked my cock a few times with her hand until I exploded. She continued stroking me as my creamy load was squirting into the air, then splashing down on my stomach and her hands. Jeff was sucking my balls and slurping up my salty cum as it dripped down between my legs.

To this day, that was one of the most intense fucks I've ever had.

Felecia ended up going back to her home state of New Orleans. She transferred to LSU where she majored in Sports Medicine. We kept in touch for a few months via e-mail, but by the time the next school year started, we had fallen out of touch. I have never seen nor heard from her since. I often wonder if she ever settled down. If she did, was it with a man or a woman? Who knows, but at least she would have been able to make an educated decision.

As for Jeff, we are still best friends. We continued our sex lives together well after we graduated from college and into our late Twenties. He was the first to get married and I got married not long after. When the relationship we had with our future wives became serious, our sex life together was put on an indefinite hiatus, not wanting to be unfaithful to our significant other. A few years after we each got married, the crave to be with each other resurfaced. However, one thing we promised was not to be unfaithful and to be honest with our wives.

So today, our wives know about our past and are understanding of our "cravings." Sometimes Jeff and I just play with each other. Sometimes our wives are involved. We even got our wives to play with each other. How did we accomplish that?

Well, that's another story . .

The End

This is the conclusion of the series "Memoirs of a Bisexual." I recommend reading chapters 1-9 to familiarize yourself with the characters and timeline.

The following is based on true events.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Copyright © AveryBi420 2012

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