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Memoirs Of A Bisexual: Chapter 2 - Cunnulingus and Pink Floyd

Adventures continue as college classes start!
This is the 2nd installment of the series, “Memoirs of a Bisexual." I recommend reading Chapter 1 “The Sexual Revolution” to get up to speed with Chapter 2, which is the immediate continuation of the story.

The next morning we all woke up in a rush. Layla and Amanda were freaking out because they were late for class. So there was no mention of the wild night before. Just rush, rush, rush. In fact, there was not much talking at all.

Jeff and I dropped the girls off at their dorm then decided to get some breakfast. There was still no mention of last night. However, Jeff wasn’t acting awkward. He was just being himself and we were acting like nothing happened at all. But my mind was racing. I was playing back the entire night in my head. I would start to get semi-hard when thought about seeing Jeff’s 9 inches, which spun my thoughts into a completely new direction. Why was I getting turned on by my best friend’s dick? To stop my mind from spinning out of control, I had to broach the subject. But I did so with caution.

“So, did you have fun last night?” I asked Jeff.

“Hell yes! Didn’t you?” he replied.

“It was awesome!” I said “Do you have any regrets?”

“No, not at all.” he said casually.

I waited for him to maybe elaborate a little about last night: Having sex in the same room, watching each other have sex, perhaps the fact that I fucked his girlfriend in front of him. You know, something at least! But he never said a word about it. Fuck it! I wasn’t going to push the issue any further. He seemed happy and ok with everything so why rock the boat?

On our way back home, he was driving and the radio was blasting so there was not much conversation between us. However, my mind was racing again and I was trying to sort things out in my head.

I know I’m not gay. I love pussy too much to be gay. Was I attracted to Jeff? After last night, yes. But do I want him as a boyfriend? No. Do I want to kiss him? No. Do I want to hold hands, cuddle, snuggle, or make out with him? No. Do I want to see his cock again? Um...yes. Do I want to hold it and stroke it? Yes. Do I want to see his cock shoot off his load? Oh hell yes! And finally, Do I want to suck his cock? This was the end all, be all of this thought process. Yes, I think I do. So how am I going to go about this? I don’t know. He is my best friend and, most importantly, I don’t want to lose him or make things awkward between us. So I decided that the best play was to chill with all this stuff and just see how our friendship progresses.

The week flew by and our college classes started. Jeff and I did not go to the same university. Jeff was a freshman at West Georgia College and lived in a dorm room. I was starting my Junior year at the University of Georgia and lived in an apartment. It was my first apartment and I was so excited about it. I had 2 roommates that I did not know. This apartment complex leased by the room, not by the actual apartment unit. However, my roommates seemed like cool guys, so I was looking forward to the upcoming school year. I was unpacking some boxes in my room when I heard a female voice from the living room. I walked out into the living room to see a very attractive, black chick at the front door. She was hot! She was about 5’7”, long hair pulled back in braids. A firm, well -toned body, a set of nice looking tits and an ass that was perfect! Damn!

“Hi” was all I could say.

“Hi, I’m Felecia.” She said walking towards me extending her hand.

I shook her hand and introduced myself. She stated that she was just moving in the apartment downstairs and wanted to come up and introduce herself.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I’ve never been with a black chick before, but this last week has shown me that there’s a first time for everything. I couldn’t help but imagine what her pussy looked like. Felicia was very athletic. I bet she had strong thighs with a nicely trimmed pussy. My mind wondered about what I would do to that box if only given a chance. This was starting off to be a very good year!

Well, the weeks went by, classes started and Felecia and I were hanging out all the time. We were still getting to know one another. She was 7 years older than me, which made her 27. I swear she had the best weed in town and she was always willing to share. We were at her place one day smoking a nice blunt that she rolled and lying at opposite ends of each other on the couch listening to Pink Floyd. She didn’t have any roommates, so we had the entire apartment to ourselves. I noticed that she never really talked about guys and I finally asked her if she had a boyfriend. She looked at me like I was crazy, “Hell no, I don’t have a boyfriend!”

I was surprised by her reaction. “Well, damn, I thought that was a perfectly valid question!” I exclaimed.

“I’m into chicks!” she said as if I should have known.

“You’re a lesbian?” I asked surprisingly

“Yes, you didn’t pick up on that? I’m not exactly Holly Homemaker, you know.”

I said as a matter of fact, “I know that you are not exactly a girlie-girl, but you’re not exactly Butch, either. Holy Shit!” I was so not expecting this. “Have you ever been with a guy?” I asked inquisitively.

“Once when I was younger. I hated it. I always knew that I was attracted to girls, but having sex with a guy pretty much confirmed it.” She said.

“Maybe he just wasn’t that good in bed.” I stated.

Felecia just rolled her eyes. “Whatever! So are you ok with the fact that I’m gay?”

“Sure, I’m turned on but disappointed in a way.” I said looking out the window from the couch.

“Ok, Uh..why?” she questioned

“Because, “ I said “ It’s a turn on to picture you with another girl, but a disappointment that I won’t be able to hit it!” I said with seriousness, and then turned it into a smile.

She hit me over the head with a couch pillow, “Shut Up!”

“What?” I exclaimed. “Ok, so I can’t hit it. So let me lick it!”

“Stop it!” she said laughing, not taking me serious, but she had no idea how serious I really was.

“I’m serious. Let me eat your pussy. That’s the same thing a girl would do. You could close your eyes and imagine a girl. Come on, you can let me go down on you one time.” I said and I winked and smiled at her.

She was having none of it. “That’s enough,” she said “So are you gone hit that or pass it back to me?” She asked referring to the blunt still in my hand.

So, the school year progressed and we were getting closer to Thanksgiving break. I couldn’t wait because although I was hanging out with Felecia, I missed my best friend, Jeff, and couldn’t wait to see him again. I wanted to tell him all about Felecia. About her being a lesbian, my attraction to her and how I fantasized about licking her toned black pussy.

It was the week of mid-term exams. Highly stressful but the next week we could go home, so that was the pay off. Everyone was cramping down with their studies. Not much partying. My brain was fried from studying, so I went downstairs to Felecia’s apartment and knocked on the door. She answered the door and smiled. “I could use a break, too. Come on in and we’ll burn one.” She rolled a blunt and lit it up. We took up our usual position on the couch lying opposite ends of each other and smoked her dank. Oh, it was such a relief.

“So what are your plans for Thanksgiving?” I asked.

“My parents are retired and traveling, so I think I’m going to hang here. Hopefully, I can get laid. It’s been awhile since I’ve had sex and I’m horny as hell!” She said.

“Well, I can help you with that!” I said with a sly smile, batting my eyebrows.

“Whatever!” she sighed as she took another toke of the blunt.

“Look, “ I tried to reason “I don’t see what’s so wrong with letting me go down on you. I won’t try to fuck you. I just want to lick that pussy of yours. No strings attached. Just very casual between friends. You don’t even have to return the favor. Besides, I’m really good at eating pussy. No shit!”

“Is that a fact?” She asked almost sarcastically.

“I’ll take the Pepsi Challenge with any lesbian when it comes to eating pussy! And, yes, that’s a fact!” I stated confidently.

She rolled her eyes, stared at me for a good thirty seconds, “You really want to do this.” She stated realizing that I wasn’t joking.

“Abso-fucking-lutely!” I smiled

To my surprise, she said “Ok, let’s do it. But I hope you know what you’re doing.”

I got up from lying opposite her. She got up and went to the stereo and turned on “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd and lay back on the couch. “That’s such the perfect album,” I thought

I started to lie next to her and I leaned in to kiss her to start the foreplay. She quickly backed away. “What the fuck are you doing?!” She exclaimed.

“I’m warming you up!” I replied.

“Man, I don’t want to make out with you! I thought you just wanted to go down on me!” She exploded.

“Well yeah, but I thought. . . “

“You thought what?” she interrupted. “Look do you want to do this or not?”

“Well, yeah but....” I was startled and confused.

“Then, quit fucking around before I change my mind.” She said as she unbuttoned her pants.

I immediately assisted with undoing her pants, still a little rattled by what just happened. Her pants came off and she had on a thong. Oh I started getting back into this. She sat back down on the couch. I reached up and pulled her thong down, exposing a nicely trimmed almost bald muff. She spread her legs to reveal some nice pussy lips. I licked my fingers and spread the lips to reveal what seemed to be a neon pink pussy behind her black lips. My cock was like cement. It was so hard. I didn’t play around. I dove tongue first into her pussy, licking like a mad man. I let one finger tease the inside of her opening and my tongue found her clit. I held her pussy lips open with my left hand, flicked her clit with my tongue and continued to tease her opening with my finger. I noticed that she was not really going wild or moaning or anything. She was just moving her hips ever so slightly. Was she not enjoying this? So, I took the finger that was teasing her pussy opening and entered her all the way, thinking this should get a nice reaction. Nothing. In fact, she stopped me.

“Hold up for a minute.” She said like nothing just happened at all. “Listen. I’m not one of your little hotties that you pick up from the bar, take home, make out with and all of a sudden surprised that you’re going down, cuz no one’s ever done that before. I’m a fucking lesbian and all we do is eat pussy, so we have it down to an art form!” she distinctly stated, killing my pride and ego in the process. “But I can see that you really like eating pussy. Not many guys do, I respect that. So we’re going to start over. But remember, I don’t want to kiss you or make out, so you are going to have to warm me up some other way. Use your imagination. If you get creative, you’ll make me cum. I promise.”

She just tore me down then built me back up (My dick had a similar experience, as well). So, I slowly parted her legs again, reveling her exposed pussy, but I didn’t go for it. How could I tease her? How could I get her worked up enough that she will practically beg me to lick her?

I started rubbing and massaging the inside of her thighs with my hands, getting closer and closer to her box. I shortened my strokes to where the tips of my fingers were massaging the very inside of her thighs. Then I replaced my fingertips with my lips and was giving her inner thighs short delicate kisses, being careful not to touch her pussy. I did this for about 5 minutes alternating sides. Then the kisses turned into short, quick licks from my tongue on her inner thighs, getting closer and closer to the crease where her thighs meet her pelvis, right next to that beautiful black pussy just calling me. But I didn’t touch it. I kept this up, licking in short circles. Changing sides every 30 seconds or so. I could tell she was enjoying this because she stated moving her hips and was starting to breathe heavily. I was ready to start towards her pussy when I got an idea that would tease her a little longer. I reached in my pocket and pulled out my pack of mint breath strips. I put about 5 peppermint breath strips in my mouth at one time. Upon impact, my tongue started burning, causing me to blow out really hard. But what hit her pussy was a hard stream of cool fresh mint. That was it! Felecia let out a squeal and her hips came off the couch. I held her down as I continued blowing the mint all over her pussy. Her hand instinctively went towards her clit to rub it, but I immediately slapped it away. This was MY pussy, now, not hers! Her hips tried to buck, but I held her down and kept her restrained. She was breathing frantically now “Lick me, lick me. Oh fuck, please lick me please!” she whimpered. Finally I took my left hand a parted her lips revealing the inside pinkness of her pussy. I made a long slow upstroke with my tongue almost starting at her ass and covering her entire pussy, ending with her clit. I licked her clit putting hard pressure on it with my tongue as I licked. I was licking her clit for a few seconds then covered her entire slit with my mouth and sucked for a few seconds. I returned to her clit with my tongue. I let her hips go and she started bucking again, but my mouth never lost contact with her pussy. Her legs started shaking and I knew she was cumming. I looked up at her and she had pulled her shirt up above her tits and she was pinching her nipples. She then exploded. She creamed all over me. My face was covered in her sweet cum. But I didn’t stop. I took my tongue and rammed it as far up her hole as I could, licking frantically. My cock was standing at full attention fighting to get out of my pants. I thought about pulling it out and stroking it with one hand while I held her pussy open with the other, but I decided against it. This moment was about her, not me.

My tongue was replaced by one finger, then two. I returned to her clit with my tongue as I continued to finger fuck her. Her hips were still bucking back and forth. For a minute, I thought she may have been hyperventilating, and then she screamed “Oh fuck, you’re going to make me do it again!” This time she grabbed the back of my head and forced my face into her pussy. My fingers kept going, my tongue kept licking, her hips kept gyrating and her pussy started squeezing my fingers as she came again. Her juices flowed out of her pussy onto my chin and running down my hand. She still had her hands forcing my head into her dripping pussy. "Fuck, oh Fuck! Mmmm, Shit! That was awesome!" she managed to moan as her orgasm was winding down.

Her gyrating hips slowed to a standstill. I slid my fingers out of her pussy and fell back onto the floor. I felt the cool air of the room hit my face. I was breathing heavily, myself. My dick still hard as a rock trying to break free. We caught our breath and rested for a few minutes, not saying a word. She slid her shirt back over her tits. Stood up from the couch and put on her thong and pants. Then she looked at me and said. “Now get the fuck out. I have to study.”

Without saying a word, I got up from the floor and made my way to the door. Before I walked out she yelled “HEY!” I turn around to look at her. She was sitting on the couch. And in perfect time with Pink Floyd on the stereo, she mouthed “Shine on you crazy diamond”

To Be Continued. . .

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