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Men I've Had: Dereck

An unexpected rendezvous at the gym.
Author's note: As with all the other stories in this 'Men I've Had' series, this is based on a true experience of mine.

I was sorely disappointed.

In an almost un-heard-of coincidence, my new-found fuck-buddy's family and my wife and the two remaining kids at home were going away for the same weekend, and I'd been all a-shiver with anticipation of spending the entire weekend in bed with him, luxuriating in the sweet man-to-man loving I've come to love so well. But then, just this morning (Friday) he'd called and said he could not now avoid going with them. Sorry. So was I.

I called several other men I'd had, but no luck, and had gone by the park after work, but there was no one there -- man, woman, child or even a dog. I decided as I had a steak and ale at Patrick's Pub to try the gym, but it was a long, holiday weekend, and I didn't have much hope there, either. I would probably end up indulging in a long, luxurious, multi-orgasm session of extremely prolonged masturbation, edging deliciously far into the night (which I always thoroughly enjoy very much!), and try again tomorrow.

There was only one patron at the gym -- an old man who was no more interested in me than I in him, and so I half-heartedly began a brief workout, my mind much more on the pleasures awaiting me in my own bed than what I was doing there.

And then the front door buzzer sounded.

The man -- and I place sharp emphasis on the word man! -- who walked in was something to look at, and I did! About my height of 5'11", gorgeous athletic build obvious even thru his shorts and vented shirt -- and one of the most drop-dead gorgeous, handsome black men -- or men of any race or color I've ever seen! He stopped just inside the door, and I held my breath, my heart rising to my throat as he swept the room; I didn't know the man, but I knew the look, and the instant our eyes finally met the breath I'd been holding caught in my throat ... we each knew we'd found what we were searching for, and knew that the other knew, too.

His eyes held mine for a long time, then with a smile and a glance in the direction of the old man, he moved towards the other side of the gym. I smiled back, and walked over to a machine that was well concealed from the sidewalk by the walls that partitioned off the office space, in anticipation of his coming for me.

Each time I glanced his way, he was looking my way, and vice-versa. After a few minutes the old man disappeared into the locker room, and nodded to each of us on his way out. My would-be suitor was walking my way, deliberately and purposefully, before the front door closed behind him, sending goose bumps of sweet sexual pleasure all over me.

His approach was polished perfection; the mystery in his dark, smouldering eyes and the confidence in his stride and body language sent warm shivers racing up my spine, my knees feel warm and weak.

"You've got the sexiest little ass I've ever seen on a white man," his voice was rich and deep and vibrant but intimate and knowing, intensifying the shivers immensely.

I gave him my warmest 'come and get me' smile and said softly, "I'll take that as a compliment, coming from a big, strong, handsome man like you!"

His gaze melted my very soul. "You like men ...?"

I let him peer as deeply into my soul as he wished, holding nothing back, and whispered ever so softly and wistfully,

"Like a warm, sensuous tidal wave sweeping over me and through me, pressing me back against the covers and filling and flooding my senses with the urgent, intimate heat of his amorous feelings for me and my open, receptive body with his hard, rutting, deep-reaching maleness, bathing my sighing, singing soul with the joyous, wide-eyed wonder of 'getting it' from a man I've never had ... " Here I paused long enough to lower my eyes and gaze longingly and lustfully at the full, sensuous, Afro-American lips I do so very much adore and which are one of the many reasons I prefer black men on top of me in my bed and in my body, then back up to look as deep and shamelessly into his dark, smouldering eyes as I could, allowing him in turn to peer even deeper into the feverish depths of my soul -- to see and know just how completely and utterly I was willing to give myself to him -- then murmured ever so softly, "Yes, I like men ..."

My accepting and embracing and opening and giving myself up in such sweet, unconditional and unreserved surrender to his amorous advances had intensified his hot desire for me immeasureably, and I stood before him, bathing my heart and soul luxuriously in it as he gazed lustfully at me. But he must fully establish and savor the moment of complete, unconditional mastery over me that I was offering:

"Even black men ...?" he breathed softly.

Still looking deep into his eyes, I reached up and caressed the bulging triceps of his left arm ever so softly with two middle fingers of my right hand, as surely an act of worship as bowing before him.

"Especially black men ..." I purred reverently, my own voice little more than a hoarse whisper by now.

It was all the invitation he needed: his hand slipped around my waist and pulled me toward him, and I yielded in sweet surrender, shuddering all over as the lips I craved so urgently first touched mine. I opened my mouth for him and was soon moaning softly into his as his wet, searching, probing tongue took my breath completely away. He pulled me closer and held me tightly, and I could feel him hot and hard against me. I opened my mouth wide and began to whimper softly, giving myself up unquestioningly to his seething ardor as his hands slipped beneath the waistband of my athletic shorts to cup and lift and hold the soft, yielding twin treasures within.

When we finally came up for air, he grated huskily, his lips touching mine as he spoke, "I have a big, beautiful, king-size bed with black silk sheets and pillows, with soft music and candles all around ..."

"And a big, beautiful, black man to lay me down and hold me and kiss me and make sweet man-to-man love to me and push the full length of his big, beautiful, black dick up into me and fuck me over and over again all through the night until I know not where or even who I am ...?"

I could go no further, for his hungry lips had captured mine again, and held them even longer than before, so that I was whimpering and clinging to him and pressing myself against him as he took possession of me with his probing, plunging tongue and strong, searching hands, so urgent was my need for him. We were alone in the gym and concealed from the plate glass front, and I would have gladly let him fuck me or do anything else he wanted to or for or with me right then and there if he'd wanted it.

"You want to follow me to my place ...?" he murmured against my cheek.

"No," I answered quickly, plaintively, deliberately committing the universally-known ultimate sin for a bottom man allowing himself to be picked up by a top man. "I want to go with you ...!" 

He touched my lip with a gentle finger. "You won't be sorry," he assured me, then, "What about your car ...?"

It was Friday evening. "You can bring me back to it Sunday night -- if you're finished with me by then ..." I whispered, shivering all over as the muscle in his jaw twitched. God, how I wanted him to feel him on top of me and moving deep within me!

At the outset of the short drive to his place, mi amour noticed my wedding ring and asked -- with my hungry hands flowing freely and worshipfully over his magnificent man-body -- if I liked to role-play, to fully assume the part of the woman when I was with another man. My heart leapt within me!

"Do you mean, to put on the mannerisms -- to walk and talk and change my voice and my body language to express my feminine side's sexual yearnings ...? I could hardly breathe -- oh, how long had I dreamed in vain of doing just that with a man, but could never find a man who would allow it!

"Yes, exactly ..." he whispered hoarsely.

"Oh, yessss ...!" I purred. "You like that ...?!" I held my breath. 

We were at a traffic light at the moment, and he searched my eyes so intimately with his. "The most intense turn-on of all for me with another man -- especially a married man -- is to have him express his secret feminine side utterly and totally with me and for me -- the more effeminite he becomes, the hotter it is for me!"

The light changed, and he made his turn onto a darker side street and pulled to the curb. "You've never shared that with another man?" he asked softly.

"Oh, God, how I've dreamed of it, but no one has wanted it." I replied just as softly.

He gazed deep into my soul. "It's the soft, warm, willing woman part of you that I want to hold and kiss and touch and taste, and to fuck and plant my seed into ..." his voice was husky with desire for me.

"Oh, darling, you'll be my first ...!" I whimpered in my excitement, leaning toward him eagerly, lifting my face to his as his ravenous lips claimed mine. It was several minutes before we pulled away from the curb.

I eagerly allowed my soft, warm, willing feminine side to well up to the surface from deep within me -- my voice, my body language, everything at once transforming into the woman I so wanted to be and experience and express sexually.

"How did you know, my darling sweet-loving man ...?" I asked softly as the car halted at a 4-way stop. It was an older, quiet neighborhood; there was no traffic, and he looked at me for a long moment before replying, "By the look in your eyes, and by what you said when I asked if you like men ..."

My voice, now totally inspired by the feminine feelings inundating my heart and mind and soul and flowing feverishly through my veins, and the way I placed my hand on his arm told it all as I whispered softly, "This will be a very special time for me, and you a very special man to me -- I've been fucked so many times, and loved each time it's happened, but always as a man. This will be my first time getting it as a woman ...!" I could hardly breathe ...

A garage door was rising at the end of the street, and he pulled into the gloom inside, reaching for me as the door closed behind us. "I'm all yours, to do with as you please, baby ..." I whispered against his cheek when he finally released me.

The bed -- indeed, the whole of the master suite -- was, as he had promised, a study in luxurious elegance: the music was exotic but subdued African jungle with a subtle rhythum; the candles, though unlit, filled the room with a musk that included white jasmine and intensified my desire for carnal knowledge with him. We were both trembling all over as we hurriedly undressed and came together by the bed in an almost frantic embrace, his hands all over me and my mouth open really wide to accept the furious tongue-fucking he was giving it.

We were both gasping hard and fast when we finally parted; he had me to sit on the edge of his bed, withdrew from beneath it a pair of sensuous, velvety black spikes. He assumed I would wear them for him, without asking at all, and he was exactly right! With trembling hands he slipped them onto and buckled the straps around my ankles, then, after kissing my feet and the spikes all over, he stood and pressed his hot, hard, feverish man-cock all over them, breathing so hard I thought he would cum on the spot! 
He handed me a lube shooter as I lay back across the bed, then hurriedly but lavishly lubed himself and climbed up with me. He looked into my eyes, and I lifted and spread my legs in open, pleading invitation. He moved between them and I reached down to guide him into me; he started to push gently when I found the sweet spot we both wanted so desperately, and I pulled my buttocks apart with both hands -- I wanted him in as badly as he did.

He curled his strong fingers over my shoulders from behind, pulling me downward as he pushed; I opened my eyes and my mouth ever wider in silent and eloquent, breathless tribute to the indescribable joy beating within my breast as he stretched me to -- and then beyond! -- the limit! The breath that I'd been holding whooshed out of me with a loud, tremulous cry as my body suddenly yielded to his relentless, intruding strength, and took the full length of him in a wondrous, deep-reaching thrust that sank my nails into his back and fill the room with my frantic, astonished cries!

"That's it, baby --" he gasped as he continued to push against me, "let me hear what my dick is doing to you!" He gathered himself to push even harder, and hissed against my cheek, "The room is sound-proof, walls and ceiling -- it's just you and me, baby ..."

I was moaning and gasping and crying out beneath the onslaught of his big dick (did I mention yet that it was a full eight inches, almost as thick as my wrist with a huge, gorgeously sculpted helmet, ramrod straight and as hard and stiff as tempered steel?); he was still straining against me so hard that he was trembling all over, and gasping and grunting with the effort as loudly as I was!

The power and the strength and the hard, probing presence of him on top of me and deep within me, splitting me open and filling me so utterly and so wonderfully with his rampant, rutting maleness was so overwhelming! He began suddenly to shake all over and cry out my name over and over again; he still had not pulled back to thrust into me -- to fuck me, and when I realized that he was about to explode deep within me -- to cum! -- without doing that at all, I reached down between our straining, writhing bodies, closed my fingers like steel bands around my own aching, thudding cock and pulled its foreskin back along its rigid shaft, stretching it with all my strength, gasping out loud and clenching my teeth against the white-hot pleasure-pain it gave me, combined with the electrifying sensation of his devastating hardness inside me!

He became like a bulldozer on top of me; I don't think I've ever had a man on top of me so utterly mad with lust, before or since, and oh, how it thrilled my heart and mind and soul that I had aroused him so! He just kept pushing and plowing himself into me in a mad, maddening quest to push and strain and reach ever deeper into me, until with a loud, rending, inarticulate cry -- a wail that filled the room and just went on and on as his big man-cock exploded and began to pump hot man-cum violently out into my murky depths!

I was beside myself for what was happening to me -- he was just all over me and so deep inside me! I was stretched to the limit, but it no longer hurt; felt the breath-taking presence of his big, swelling, jerking, cum-spewing man-cock probing so incredibly deep, but it no longer hurt at all, and oh, the man himself! Every nerve, muscle and fiber of his incredibly strong being was tensed to the limit, and he was gasping, sobbing, shaking hard all over, his cheek pressed hard against mine, his steely fingers digging into my shoulders as he pulled me downward with all his strength.

And, suddenly, I felt the sexual tension in my own quivering loins swelling upward, twisting and knotting and cramping me so painfully and wonderfully as my own climax approached. I wanted desperately to cum up through the hand holding me so tightly without having to jack it, but I needed movement -- either up and down it or deep inside -- to make it happen. The urgency and the need inside me quickly grew unbearable; I decided to start pumping it, but at the same instant that drew the fingers curling around and clutching me upward for a first stroke, my lover drew his big dick back and rammed into me! I wailed like a banshee, and jerked my foreskin back down and held it, stretching it even tighter than before!

Inspired by my plaintive response to that first hard, deep thrust, he began to fuck his still cum-spewing cock into me hard and fast and deep, slamming his body hard against mine, driving that dick in so deep, with that widely-flared helmet assaulting my throbbing prostate with each devastating thrust, going in and coming out. The sensations were so intense I started to cry, gasping and sobbing shamelessly beneath him, and then to holler out loud -- almost in a panic -- as the turmoil in my loins and belly grew utterly unbearable.

I was a woman at last, and I was being de-flowered so deeply, so thoroughly, so savagely by my man-lover's big, hard dick and by the planting of his gushing man-seed so deep within me; as extreme as the fucking I was getting was, the emotions of what was happening to me were even more so. I could only grip myself tightly and take what he was giving me; a feeling of total helplessness, of total and complete submission to his raging, hard-driving man-lust overwhelmed me, and I melted down, starting so very deep inside and exploding instantly outward. With a violent, sledge-hammer blow, hot, molten cum erupted from somewhere deep within my churning belly and shot up through me like luscious, liquid fire, splitting my impossibly granite-hard cock apart in my hand and searing the slotted tip of my exploding glans as it came leaping up and out.

My loud, anguished, astonished cries filled the room, and goaded my magnificent man-lover to even more furious, frantic thrusting and probing and plundering of my helpless body, helping my body to pump my scalding hot cum up through the hand still clutching my wildly bursting cock so desperately.

Oh, dear God, it went on and on for so long, his pounding into me so unmercifully, his lust (and his steely hardness!) not diminishing at all; at some point, I finally started to pump my dick up and down, which heightened the intensity of and prolonged the deep-spasming and the full-body jerking of orgasm/ejaculation for what seemed an eternity -- a beautiful, sensual, delirious dream of utter, deliciously drenching, wonderfully unending sexual and emotional fulfillment beyond any I'd ever known before.

At last, my sweet lover began to slow and finally stopped pushing into me; I felt his grip on my shoulders and his whole body relaxing, his hardness fading as he slumped and lay still on top of me and deep within me, his cheek still pressed close to mine, breathing hard against my chest. I lay still beneath him, gazing up toward the ceiling with unseeing eyes; the head of his deep-reaching dick had pierced and pushed into and taken possession of and filled my very soul with the essence of his virile maleness and his gushing man-seed, making me his soft, warm, willing mistress forever, and validating and joyously celebrating the scintillating fullness of my still palpitating, copiously overflowing feminine sexuality for all time! I had never know such joy in bed with anyone, man or woman!

To be continued ...
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