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Mia - Chapter 4: Boys' Night

Boyfriends, girlfriend and roommates - can this year be more complicated?
Chapter 4 – Boys’ Night

Dear Frankie,

I know, I know – I’ve been so busy. The work load is nothing like back home. Here, there’s a bloody class test every couple of weeks and few surprise ones thrown in there too for good measure. Also, if I hear the words finals and turn paper again I may have to kill someone.

As for that I can’t actually complain. Not too many changes in the social scene. Patrice has been using some of that Quebecer charm on the ladies here in Boston. I’ve been joking that I need to install a revolving door in the apartment for all the traffic going in and out of here. What makes the situation even funnier is Kristopher’s jealousy. I suppose there are only so many nights he can take sleeping on the couch.

Well, since you have now Facebook-ed Norah and saw her when we had a chat, I think you can tell she’s a hottie. She plays a good game too. She’s almost as good as you with the lads – more sneaky in my opinion. She’s met a few boys that she has taken a shine to. None of them are really good enough for her (in my opinion). In saying that, she’s hardly been around much – I’m assuming she has a heavy work load too.

As for me and the love department – it’s pretty much the same as it was since we last spoke. We went to that party and I kissed a few boys. But don’t get too excited – it was for a bet. Kris made a mess of the kitchen and expected us to clean up after him. Having none of it we set a challenge, and whoever kissed the least people that night was scrubbing up. Needless to say he lost.

I managed to finish joint first place - thanks very much to a very sexy Mr Jesse. Norah helped out too but more on that at some other point.

So, back to Jesse: I’m absolutely kicking myself that I didn’t see this one coming. HE HAS A FUCKING GIRLFRIEND. What the hell? I could have actually slapped myself at the sheer stupidity that I didn’t suspect it. He’s a fucking 9/10. Of course he would have a girlfriend.

Do you know what the worst part is? She’s sooooo PLAIN. How do I know this you ask? I took the liberty to Facebook stalk her. I know - I’m mental -but I think I could have been okay with the fact he had a girlfriend is she was a fucking goddess. But she’s so not! Who’s the jealous one now, eh? God damn it.

Phew, glad that’s over. It feels so nice to get it off my chest.

I’d love it if you were here right now Frankie. I miss lounging on the couch with you and being able to vent. I really miss my best friend right now.

Sorry, I realised I just ranted about me the whole time. How has the move went? Have you sweet talked Kevin into giving you the biggest room? I can’t wait to see it after Christmas.

I better get going, it’s 1am here and I need to get up early tomorrow. I hope your love life is doing better than mine. Actually, I can’t wait until I hear another one of your stories – it’s the only thrill I seem to get these days. (Apart from my Mum sending me crisps and chocolate; mmmm chocolate HobNobs)

Miss you TOOmuch right now,

Mia xoxo

Weeks had passed since infamous kiss at the Kappa Pi party and the memory of it still resonated with the participants. Mia went about her routine as pretending as if nothing had happened. It was just a game, she reasoned.

With the help of some convincing from Norah, Mia had also said yes to a date with one of the boys she met at the party. Scott was attractive in a rugged rock-star way. He had the California surfer look down – even though he was actually from Ohio.

Scott was pleasant and had a great sense of humour which was a quality that Mia always liked in a suitor. The few dates that they went on were always lovely. There was a lot of banter and they shared a lot of interests. But it was hard for Mia to ignore the obvious – there was no chemistry with Scott.

He didn’t lack any of the qualities that most women would admire, and on paper, he was ideal boyfriend material. However, with Mia’s history with the few boys she had dated in the past, the nice ones made good friend material – not boyfriend. So unfortunately for Scott he was now demoted to “the friend zone.”

She hadn’t seen Jesse at all since he walked her home; she had been hiding away in the library with her studies to concentrate on. With the knowledge that Jesse was off the market and had (what Mia thought) questionable taste in women, it was left to Mia to have a new mantra: nothing will stimulate me more than a good cup of coffee and fifteen minutes with my vibrator.

Jesse had been actively looking out for any issues that may have required a visit it apartment 4F ever since Mia had impulsively kissed him. There was none. He even tried to keep his eyes peeled for Mia when he was out during training.

The fact that his girlfriend at home wasn’t creeping into his thoughts or subconscious hadn’t even occurred to him. Her presence was only noticed every so often when he’d receive the odd text from her.

Baby, what have you been up to?

Did you hear Paula and Nick are engaged now – I can’t wait ‘til we get married? You’d be an amazing husband.

I feel like we don’t speak to each other enough. You should make more time for me. I miss your voice.

When will your mother accept that we are still together? Doesn’t she know how much I love you?

All of these subjects were common conversation with her. Jesse knew when they got back together that it was going to be hard work. He didn’t realise how draining it had become having to deal with the clinginess. It was something that could be avoided when he was home in Toronto, but it felt like it was ten times worse when he had to go back to Boston for college.

Mia was still prominent in his thoughts. He had heard through the grapevine that she had starting seeing someone. Lucky son of a bitch, he thought. It wasn’t that he didn’t wish her well - he’d have just rather that it was him. But wandering thoughts of Mia were going to have to take a backseat if he was still trying to work out how to juggle assignments, soccer practice, a needy girlfriend and a job at the same time.

But the kiss between Jesse and Mia wasn’t the only major lip-lock of that evening. There was of course the other kiss; the kiss between Mia and Norah. But, only one of the girls where left unfazed by it....

It was late on a Friday evening but with no plans to go out and a limited amount of funds, Mia was alone on the apartment. She had scrubbed her and Norah’s bathroom, washed all the dishes, tidied the communal areas and had even caught up in her laundry. Home alone, she was about to do what most girls do but deny. It’s been awhile since I watched porn.

Sat in her bed she opened her favourite site and began sorting through. ‘Jizzing on her tongue and mouth,’ – don’t fancy that. ‘Busty Blonde Schoolgirl Slut Sucks,’ – no thank you. ‘The blowjob master,’ – pass. Deciding that ‘Young brunette fucks college jock’ was a little too close to the bone, Mia settled on ‘very hot lesbians licking pussies.’

Mia watched as the two beauties on screen fondled and caressed each other gently. The lust between them reminded her of the experimental touches she would give to her ex girlfriend Frankie. Watching the girls kiss and taste each other gave her a wet feeling between her legs.

Mia couldn’t resist unbuttoning her jeans and touching the smooth skin under the hem of her white cotton panties. She spread her legs wider to allow better access and slipped her finger between her outer labia. She watched on intently and felt under her bra to her hardening nipple, gasping as she felt her cold hands against her skin.

The realistic moans from the two porno girls only turned Mia on more. She rubbed her index finger down her slit then back up to her clitoris, spreading her moisture. She rubbed her clit a little harder as she became more engrossed by the girl on girl action onscreen.

Mia was about to take herself over the edge until she heard a group of male voices outside. Fuck sake, can’t I get a minutes peace? The voices got louder, and then she heard the main door to the apartment open. She quickly zipped up her jeans and shut down her laptop.

Sticking her head out of her bedroom door, she looked down to hall to see Kristopher and Patrice followed by a couple of randoms, shuffling towards the kitchen. They were carrying grocery bags emblazoned with the local liquor store’s logo. The tell-tale clink of glass was a good enough indicator that some sort of soiree was in order.

“Having a party boys?” she called out.

“Just having a few friends round, mon chaton,” Patrice called back. It always made Mia smile when he called her kitten. It was quite possibly her favourite term of endearment. “Just a few boys round for some X-Box and beer,” he added.

“Patrice, are you feeling okay?” she asked theatrically touching his forehead. “Where are all the girls tonight?”

“I’m letting them have a rest,” he joked. “But umm...a word of warning, ma chérie, Kristopher asked your RA friend along.” Mia gave him a questioning look. “They are in the same Politics module and he thought if he asked an RA along we might not get into trouble about the noise again.” She nodded understandingly remembering the last time the boys had a Call of Duty night.

“I suppose I’ll keep a low profile then?” She turned back to her room. Patrice stuck his head in the door as she sat and rifled though one of Norah’s fashion magazines. “Mia, I was thinking... Why don’t you play hardball and show off what he’s missing?” She looked up at him briefly before turning back to the magazine. “He has a girlfriend,” she answered trying to sound uninterested.

“True, but she’s in Canada and we’re in the States. Different countries don’t count right? Well they don’t to me anyway.” The last comment dignified a disapproving shake of the head from Mia. “Well you know where to find us if you change your mind.” Patrice closed the door behind him as he left, which Mia stared at before releasing a sigh and collapsing backwards onto her bed.

Upon Patrice’s suggestion, Mia decided to show face at their ‘boys’ night.’ But, only after changing into a fitted, plaid red shirt with the buttons undone down the neck to reveal some cleavage. She also re-applied another coat of mascara and shook out her hair little; going for the tousled look.

She slightly staged her entrance so that she would seem indifferent to the random appearance of the other guests. Walking down the stairs to the living room, she toyed with her phone as if she hadn’t noticed their loud shouts and cheers at the T.V.

Mia’s presence made a few of the boys peel their eyes away from the screen momentarily. Jesse took a good look at her while she seemed engrossed in her cell phone. I swear this girl gets hotter every time I see her.

“Mia, come join us,” Patrice commanded tapping a spot on the floor next to him. She raised her eyes for the first time and took in Jesse, Patrice, Kristopher and three other boys she could remember seeing before. “Are you sure you want me gate crashing your man time?” she asked conspiringly. Out of Jesse’s vision, Patrice gave her a wink as if to say ‘well done.’

“Of course not. Gents, you wouldn’t mind, would you?” he asked the others, which everyone unanimously said no. She shrugged her shoulders as if to say why not.

“I was just about to make a cup of tea,” she replied, “do you guys want more beer?” Turning their heads back towards the TV screen they all nodded a yes. “Six beers then.”

“Get one for yourself too,” shouted Kristopher. “It’s Friday night, and if you are going to hang out with the boys, you have to drink with us too.”

When she joined them again after playing the hostess, she sat next to Patrice on the floor. Jesse and Kristopher where sat behind them on the couch.

Mia joined in the conversations, enjoying the all male company. Apart from Frankie, most of Mia’s friends were boys so she was always used to that environment. She reckoned she was more comfortable in that environment because of her extended family; most of her cousins were male.

She assimilated well within the group and made sure that she only gave Jesse the same amount of attention as the others. Jesse couldn’t work out why it seemed to annoy him. Mia was obviously backing off and he respected her for it; some girls didn’t seem to take the hint when he told them he had a girlfriend. This was the first situation where he wanted the girl to tempt him. He tried to look for a way to strike up a conversation with her but he always managed to get interrupted by the occasional cheers and heckling when a player lost.

Feeling herself get stiff from sitting on the floor in the same position, Mia stretched out her legs, arching her feet towards the floor. “Is that real?” Jesse asked pointing to her right foot. Mia looked down to her bare foot and reached to stoke her most recent tattoo. It was a trail of flowers winding from her foot to her ankle. “Yeah it’s real. I got it in the summer.”

“It’s pretty.”

“Thanks – it’s my second. She stood up and turned her back to him. “I got this one first.” Mia raised the hem of her shirt, displaying the tribal design on her lower back.” Without thinking Jesse reached out and touched the inking on her skin. “Wow, you can feel the outlines,” he said in awe as he stroked the pattern.

Shivering ever so slightly at his touch, she pulled down her shirt and sat back down on the floor. “I don’t know why that one is still a little raised. I got it when I turned eighteen.” She reached for her beer and looked for Kris or Patrice to change the subject. They were still in the kitchen grabbing snacks as well as another round of beers.

The attention he was giving her wasn’t unusual; she was used to people asking about her tattoos when they caught a glimpse of them. She was glad he was conversing as normal with her, but she was looking for any distraction from him. Jesse’s presence was only making her yearn for more of a connection with him.

It was impossible, she had plenty of male friends and boys that she dated and had turned into friends, but Jesse wasn’t someone she wanted as a buddy. Her feelings towards him were anything but platonic.

Jesse was just about to ask her something else but was interrupted when they heard Norah come in the main door. “Having a party without me?” she asked as she took of her coat and threw it over the hook. “Patrice and Kris are having a boys’ night” Mia answered.

Seeing a slightly irritated look on Norah’s face, Mia decided to follow her into the kitchen and find out what was wrong.“Something the matter?” Mia asked as Norah was pouring herself a class of wine.

“The date sucked.”

“Why? What happened?”

“Nothing, he was just being an arse. And as much as I think I can put up with bullshit, James really tested my patience.”

“Not to sound like I told you so, but I really didn’t like him very much.” Norah looked up slightly surprised at Mia’s honesty. After getting to know her over the past two months, Norah had realised that Mia was a great listener; but she always tended to stay on the fence when it came dilemmas. “He always gave me the impression that he loved himself – a bit arrogant, you know?”

Norah nodded in agreement. That was one of the main reasons that she ended the date early. The other reasons she couldn’t seem to process right now. Too complicated, she considered. “Do you ever think men aren’t really worth it?” she asked Mia slightly deflated. “Is it easier being with another girl?”

Mia chuckled, astounded that the perennial boy chaser was considering switching teams. “It’s different, I’ll tell you that. But, it’s not necessarily easier. It all depends on the person; just the same way it is with boys I suppose.”

“So was Frankie the only one that had made you want to be with another woman? Have you ever fancied another girl?”

“I do find other girls besides her attractive. Frankie was special; she didn’t make me feel uncomfortable for being attracted to her. I dunno, it’s hard to explain.”

“Would you ever go with another girl again?” Norah asked. Fuck, have I just given myself away here? I wonder if she’ll notice what I’m leading to.

Before Mia could answer, Patrice had walked into the kitchen and interrupted their tête á tête. “What are my favourite ladies talking about?” Norah gave Mia a pleading look as if to say ‘keep this between us.’

“Ahh nothing that interesting Patrice, Mia has just been cheering me up after a crappy date.”

“Aww, come here mon ange.” He took her in his arms and gave her a bear hug. “Perhaps you two would stop chasing men not worthy enough and look under your nose for a minute.” The girls looked at each other slightly confused. How much of our conversation did he hear? Norah thought, surely he doesn’t know. “You two would be much happier if you both just dated moi.”

The suggestion made the girls burst out laughing. Typical Patrice. “You know what they say ladies, once you go black...”

“Does that phrase still hold if you are mixed race?” Norah joked in reference to his genetics.

“Of course it does! Now come on you two, stop whining about your crappy love life and start having fun.” He opened one of the high cupboards and pulled out a couple of bottles of liquor. “Time for some drinking games.” The girls smiled in agreement and followed behind him as he headed for the living room.

A couple of hours had passed and the girls were officially wasted. Declining to take part in the games due to an early soccer practice the next morning, Jesse wasn’t envious of the hangover he knew Mia was going to have the following morning. The competitive atmosphere that was present earlier when the boys’ were playing the X-Box was gone. He watched in amusement as Mia and Norah drunkenly danced around the living room.

Jesse’s buddy Mark was on duty tonight so he knew any noise complaints weren’t going to be followed up. But once again, he felt like the most sober person there. Despite Mia being pretty wrecked, Jesse thought her loss of inhibitions were endearing. It wasn’t as thought she was causing trouble, she just seemed to be a more outgoing version of herself. He failed to resist a chuckle as he watched her teach Norah and a couple of the boys the Single Ladies dance routine.

Watching her wander back into the kitchen he thought it would be a good idea to make sure she wasn’t going to do her liver anymore damage that night. “Where is the booze?” she asked aloud to the fridge. “I think you might have drunk it all,” answered a voice that sounded like Jesse’s. Oh my God, the fridge talks and it sounds like Jesse too.

Mia closed the refrigerator door and took a step back. It wasn’t until she saw Jesse in the kitchen that she realised it was him that had spoken and not the fridge. “How about a nice glass of water or something to eat to soak up some of the alcohol?” he suggested.

“Eating is cheating,” she theorised. Jesse looked back at her slightly confused noticing that her Glaswegian accent was getting thicker the more inhibited she became. “Okay, I’m going to pretend I know what you said just there,” he paused as he watched her attempt to perch herself on the worktop. Failing to put the weight on her arms, Jesse held her by the waist and helped her up.

He was about to let go of her, but he could feel Mia’s arms wrap around his back and her head rest on his chest. “You’re so nice Jesse,” she said, her voiced muffled as she spoke into his torso. A confused thank you was all he could respond.

It felt great having her pressed so close against him even if the smell of alcohol on her breath was cancelling out the fragrance of her perfume. “Norah says I should just forget about you and find someone else. But its soooo hard – you’re sooo nice,” she moaned.

“Norah sounds like she’s just looking out for you,” he comforted.

“Really? You think so?” she looked up at him for reassurance and all he could do was shrug his shoulders in an ‘I guess so,’ kind of way. She squeezed him a little tighter before speaking again. “Can I ask you something?”

“Of course.”

“Do you consider it to be cheating if your girlfriend is in a different country?”

He let out a small laugh, “Let me ask you first. How would you feel if you were my girlfriend and I was seeing another girl when you weren’t around?”

“Fair enough,” she sighed defeated by her own morals.

“Mia, I probably shouldn’t say this but I’m hoping you won’t remember tomorrow. If I didn’t have a girlfriend, I would most definitely be trying to get into your panties right now.”

“Hey, I won’t tell if you don’t,” Mia suggested slightly aroused by his choice of words.

“As exciting an offer as it is, I still couldn’t. You’ve had way too much to drink; I’d be taking advantage.” Jesse kissed her forehead affectionately before unclasping her hands from around his neck. “I’m going to head off now, Mia; early start tomorrow and all that.”There was a loud knock on the main door, “that will be the neighbours I guess...”

“Don’t worry; I’ll speak to them on my way out. You better get some sleep.” She nodded in agreement and walked upstairs to her bedroom forgetting to say good night.

When Mia got to her room she saw Norah lying peacefully staring at the ceiling on her small twin bed. Still completely sozzled, Mia tripped over a pair of shoes that was left out in the middle of the floor and landed on top of Norah. “Steady on there,” Norah joked as both of them shook with laughter.

“Oh my God,” laughed Mia “that’s going to hurt in the morning.” She rubbed her leg where it had made contact with the bed frame. “Here let me have a look,” Norah said while rolling up the leg of Mia’s jeans. “That’s going to leave a nasty bruise,” she rubbed Mia’s calf gently. “I’ll kiss it better,” she suggested and placed a soft kiss over the red mark on Mia’s leg.

She lay back down beside Mia, who was now positioned between herself and the wall that the bed was pushed up against. Norah turned to face her and pushed back a lock of Mia’s hair that had fallen over her eyes.

“I saw you in the kitchen with Jesse. Did anything happen?”

Mia sighed before answering. “No, but I kinda suggested that I wouldn’t mind seeing him even though he has a girlfriend. He said no.” She felt Norah give her hand a comforting squeeze.

“Do you know what the worst part is?” Norah shook her head. “I started to feel quite turned on when we were cuddling. He said I was too drunk.”

Norah swallowed a gulp, realising that she too was feeling quite horny in such close proximity to the pretty Mia. “What about now? Are u still turned on now?” Mia nodded, her blood alcohol level was making it difficult to realise the dynamic had changed with Norah.

Norah edged closer to Mia, twisting her fingers through Mia’s wavy hair. Mia closed her eyes and felt her heartbeat increase as the hairs on the back of her neck stood up. Feeling that it was now or never, Norah placed a gentle kiss on Mia’s lips.

Mia cupped Norah’s face in response and deepened the kiss by opening her mouth slightly and letting Norah’s tongue touch hers. Norah moaned as Mia’s kiss became more forceful. Any rational thoughts Mia might have had if she was sober were irrelevant now. Her only focus at this point was getting off.

Mia slipped her hand under the hem of Norah’s sweater-dress and had a playful feel of her cute firm ass. As if waiting for a refusal, Mia was slightly shocked that Norah actually moved her body closer. Mia teasingly slipped her fingers under the waist band of Norah’s pink lacy knickers and marvelled in the feel of Norah supple skin.

Norah felt Mia’s hand roam further up her body and coming to a stop at her bra clasp. She could feel Mia’s fingers slide under the lace back of her bra and traced seductively from her back round to her chest. Norah could only bite down on her own lip as her roommate’s fingers searched under her bra cup for her hardening nipple.

Knowing that Norah’s sweater was becoming restrictive in her explorations, Mia sat up from her laying position and straddled over Norah’s thighs. Taking the hem of the sweater with both hands, she slid it slowly up Norah’s bare thighs, past her tummy and up to her armpits. Norah raised her arms and allowed Mia to remove it completely.

Laying Norah back against the pillow, Mia showered her with lots of small affectionate kisses all over her upper body. She kissed along the cup of her matching lacy pink bra and circled Norah’s nipples over the material. The blonde arched her back in pleasure at the unfamiliar touches of her sexy roommate. Sitting up, she tucked a strand of Mia’s wavy hair behind her ear and kissed her mouth once more, this time without hiding the desire that had been growing since the fraternity party.

Growing impatient and longing for the touch of Norah bare skin against her own, Mia began undoing the button and zipper of her tight jeans. Climbing out of the bed momentarily, she stood and took slid them past her curvy rump and down to her ankles. Norah watched with eagerness as Mia’s small pear-shaped frame was glowing in the low hue of the desk lamp.

She marvelled at the contrast of watching a girl undress before her compared to the male forms she was used to. The difference only made the situation more exciting. She lay on the bed nervously as she waited for Mia to finish removing her shirt. Norah was half expecting a more organised assortment of underwear on perfectionist Mia. She was pleasantly surprised with the mismatched violet boxer briefs and black bra combo. The panties had been changed earlier in the night after Mia’s porno misadventure.

The petite brunette climbed back on top of the leggy blonde and stepped up her seduction. Mia placed her knees either side of Norah’s hips and rested her crotch on top of hers. Leaning over, Mia kissed along Norah’s jaw and down her neck to her collarbone. Her own arousal caused her to begin grinding her crotch against Norah’s. Feeling Norah nervous hands tremble slightly, Mia placed them encouragingly on her round ass.

“I’m sorry,” the Irish girl whispered, “I’ve never done this before – you know, with another girl.” Mia kissed along her cheek and behind her ear before whispering back. “Don’t worry; just do what you are comfortable with. Do you want me to stop?” Norah shook her head. Of course I don’t want you to stop; this is the most erotic thing that has ever happened to me.

The knowledge that she was the more sexually experienced of the two made the seduction more satisfying for Mia. She was now going to use her expertise on someone else. She hungrily kissed Norah, her tongue plunging deep in her mouth.

She kissed back down Norah’s chest. This time she pulled the bra down releasing Norah’s small and firm breasts. Her nipples were taught with arousal and squeezing her breasts with both hands, Mia took the right nipple into her mouth.

She sucked gently as Norah put her hand over her mouth the stifle a moan. Looking up Mia could see her face wrought with delight which only encouraged her to take a tender bite. Moving on to the other nipple, Mia stroked her right hand down her stomach at the same time and quickly slipped it into Norah’s knickers before she could protest.

A smile crept over Mia’s face at the discovery that Norah was shaved bare downstairs. Noticing no objections, Mia cupped the silky smooth pussy in her palm, feeling the wet juices already trickle down her fingers. At that moment she wanted nothing more than to eat out her hot blonde roommate’s soaking wet cunt.

Mia couldn’t take her time anymore; she pulled down Norah’s panties and tossed them on the floor. With a sense of urgency she spread Norah’s lithe long legs and began kissing between her thighs. Norah let out a pleasured moan and as she felt Mia kissing and licking the insides of her thighs down to her crotch. Once her mouth approached Norah’s perfectly smooth cunt, Mia used her hands to spread her outer labia. Expecting that the moment Mia would taste her was just about to happen; Norah rested her weight on her elbows and looked down at the sight of Mia’s head between her legs.

Mia looked up and made eye contact. The copious amount of alcohol that was drunk earlier had given her a wicked sense of sexual deviance. Without warning, Mia stuck her tongue in Norah’s wet hole and licked up to her throbbing little button. “Oh fuck!” Norah screamed in pleasure.

“Shhhh,” Mia giggled, “don’t want the boys to hear us.” The music was still playing downstairs but no longer at the same noise level as before. Norah nodded, her hands over her face trying to calm down after having Mia’s tongue in her pussy. Mia continued where she left of, this time licking all round Norah’s inner labia and sucking her clit.

Norah panted heavily basking in the best sensation she had experienced sexually. No man has ever given me oral like this. “Mia, I’m so close now.” Mia stopped her hungry rampage of Norah moist snatch not wanting her to cum early. She traced more kisses up the tall hot blonde’s stomach and gave her boobs another playful squeeze.

Hovering above her face, she placed another long kiss on Norah’s lips, letting her have a taste of her own juices. “Come here you,” Mia commanded, pulling Norah up. She wrapped her hands around her neck and ran her fingers through her long blonde hair. Mia felt Norah’s hands make a more confident wander up her body felt her groping her boobs.

Reaching behind her, Mia unclasped her own bra, allowing Norah a proper feel. Mia could feel her own dampness spread in her knickers as Norah teased and licked away at her D-cups. Knowing that she should get Norah off before experiencing her own orgasm; she removed Norah’s bra and slipped back into position between her legs again.

Whilst licking Norah’s loins once more, Mia carefully slipped a digit into her wet hole. She slid her finger in and out quickly whilst sucking and licking her clit. Norah’s hips bucked in response and her cream ran down Mia’s finger.

Inserting another finger into her twat, Mia fucked her harder and quicker. Grabbing Mia’s hair and holding her head in place over her pussy, Norah stifled back the loud scream she wanted to let out as she came hard.

Letting Norah calm down and growing impatient, Mia lay next to Norah side-on, wrapping her thigh over Norah’s and grinding slowly. “God Mia, you are fucking amazing at that,” Norah whispered, her voice slightly hoarse.

“Thanks - I’ve had plenty of practice,” she joked in response.

“Now you need to help me Norah.”Mia removed her knickers and lay beside Norah once more. She took Norah’s hand and placed it between her legs. “Go on. Touch me,” she whispered huskily in Norah’s ear, goading her. Norah slipped her fingers between Mia’s slit and spread the moisture all over.

Placing her hand on top of Norah’s, Mia guided her fingers to her now pulsing love bead. Norah circled it softly while watching Mia’s face in assurance. Mia nodded to confirm her pleasure and closed her eyes to relish the sensation of someone else’s touch instead of her own.

“Put your fingers inside me and use your thumb to play with my clit,” she commanded. Mia could no longer endure the hunger to orgasm anymore.

Norah complied with her instructions and was finding it a turn on that Mia was being forthright with her desires. Norah only wished to give her the same pleasure as she received. She pumped her index and middle slowly, watching as Mia bit down on her lip.

Entwining her fingers though Norah’s hair she kissed along her neck and behind her ear before making her final request: “Harder babe.” Needing no more encouragement, she used her fingers and fucked Mia harder, looking on in awe as Mia’s face scrunched up in bliss.

Mia became more and more light-headed and oodles of erotic thoughts surfaced to her consciousness. The memory of watching the two girls on her laptop earlier that night: the taste of Norah’s juices: the feeling of having Jesse’s waist between her legs when she was sitting on the kitchen counter.

The mixture of these memories was the last the last straw, Mia clutched on to Norah’s shoulders as her vaginal walls contracted and she came hard. Norah giggled and softly stroked Mia again, this time Mia jerked involuntary as her cunt was still throbbing. “Stop,” she giggled, “my clit is still too sensitive.”

Norah kissed her again. She lifted the duvet that was folded at the bottom of her bed and pulled it over them. She snuggled in behind Mia in a spooning position.

Mia’s head was still spinning from the alcohol and the orgasm. She closed her eyes hoping the dizziness would stop soon and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning.....

MY FUCKING HEAD IS POUNDING. I officially hate Sambuca.

Wait a second.... how the fuck did I wake up in Norah’s bed?


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