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More College Sex with John

John opens up an entirely new window of bisexual experience.
Another week had passed from my lunchtime jack-off session with John. John was Karen's big, muscular boyfriend, and the roommate of my girlfriend, Mary. After that day, I was turned off from seeing John, as I wrestled with what I did. Obviously John had "done it" before, as he was comfortable getting naked with another guy.

I was nervous and scared until my cock was hard. Then I was a willing participant. As soon as I shot my load, I wanted out of there, felt dirty and shamed. Now, many days later, I was again thinking about John, and my cock responded by getting hard at the thought.

I only saw John at the girl's apartment, as we had very different majors, and never were on the same part of campus, expect perhaps the school's gym facilities. The following Saturday, Mary and Karen wanted to cook dinner for John and me. When I showed up, John was there, drinking a beer. I join him while the girls prepared the meal. John and I talked about school sports, classes, the school in general, what we'd do after graduation, and normal school small talk.

We were both in school gym shorts and school T-shirts. Time had passed and once again I found myself admiring John's massive body ... not only admiring it, but wanting it again. He had powerful arms and chest, his biceps had to be at least 20" and chest 54". He never bragged about his size, similar to me, I never bragged about my 6-pack, just had it, and worked to keep it.

When we finished off dinner, I was horny. The girls wanted to go out, but I wanted sex. Mary would have nothing to with that. So we went out as a group to a local bar. We drank and danced, and had a good time listening to the southern county rock and talking. John was real cool, acting completely straight, saying nothing to give away our dirty little secret. After midnight we returned to the girl's apartment. Mary grabbed my hand and headed straight for her room.

"Oh-ye boy, Karen, get ready to be up all night, with Mary and Tom keepin' us up!" John said. Karen laughed.

I could not let it go this time. "Right. Once you guys start your own personal baseball game, the whole apartment complex is in for 9 innings!" I said.

Karen looked at me puzzled. "Baseball game?"

"Yeah, once you start swinging John's baseball bat, you're the cheering ballpark!" I barked.

Mary gave me a playful slap on the shoulder "Tom!"

Slightly drunk, Karen grabbed John's crotch and pushed him into her room. "That's right big fella, I'm gonna swing this big slugger all night!"

Her southern drawl was charming. Mary and I were naked in no time, her immediately going down on me. She sucked my cock for 15 - 20 minutes non-stop. We had been lovers for just 3 months, and wow what a sex life we had. My orgasm welled up, and she whimpered as I grunted and shot several large, thick, ropes of semen into her receptive mouth. She swallowed every drop.

She kept sucking my rampant penis for another 10 minutes, keeping my erection firm. She then crawled atop me, and impaled herself on my 8-inch penis, slowly sinking down. I grunted in lust. I looked at the clock, 12:30 AM. (If you read the other installments, you'll know I was a clock-watcher.) She started very slow riding me. She pick up only small amounts of speed about every 20 -- 30 humps on my cock.

Eventually, she was bucking on my hips and cock like a rodeo bronco. She came twice, the second time she came, I bucked my hips clear off the mattress and ejaculated deep into her wet cunt.

The clock read 1:15 AM. We rested a bit, and grabbed her short red hair and forced her face to my cock. She began eating my cock, licking it, lipping it, sucking it. After about 10 minutes I was completely, achingly erect. I flipped Mary over on her back, spread her legs, and began fucking her cunt. I could see her gaping cunt lips, open and waiting as I slid my large cock into her wet hole. Such a hot bitch she was. I fucked her slowly, grinding my hips into hers, reaming her wet pussy over and over and over. Then I began deep, slow strokes, and slamming the last few inches hard into her cunt.

Each time I buried my cock, the headboard hit the wall. Eventually I was fucking her fast and furiously, grunting each time I thrust into her. She orgasmed and I continued to fuck her hard and fast, relentless in my lust. As my own orgasm built I grabbed her ankles and fucked her wide-spread legs good and hard. She came again. After a couple of more minutes, I felt I was reaching the point of no return. My orgasm was coming, and nothing could stop it. I quickly pulled my cock out of her wet, creamy cunt. I stood on the bed, then squatted way down.

I looked at my cock; it was wet, covered in off-white cunt-cream, visibly pulsing to my rapid heart beat. I grabbed Mary's ears and pulled her head to my raging wet penis. I humped my wet cock against her pretty freckled face.

"Grrunngh! Grrrunngh!" I was a beast in rut knowing nothing but my thickly veined cock was about to spurt. The smell of pussy and cock filled my nostrils.

I humped her face with short fast strokes and my cock throbbed a hot, short, thick rope of semen across her face and into her red hair. I humped again spurting another thick rope on to her face, across her forehead, and onto the pillows.

"Grrunngghh!" Loud and clear I shouted.

Her eyes were closed, her mouth open, her tongue snaking out licking whatever she could; my balls, my shaft, my cockhead. I held her ears hard, and bucked my wet slick cock against her cum-drenched face again, shooting a hot thick rope of semen. After one more spurt, I was spent, my erection rapidly deflating, I shoved my thick wet penis into Mary's mouth, where she eagerly sucked it, eating it clean.

I knelt back between her legs, my cock sticking straight out, no longer at full mast. I slid back into her wet pussy, and sucked my jizz off her pretty face. I then ground my cock into her pussy until if fell out, completely sated and soft. The clock read; 2:05 AM. We drifted off to sleep, wet with my semen as we heard the loud creaking of Karen's bed as John fucked her with his massive cock. I wanted to play with his cock again.

Sunday, no classes.

Mary was asleep. I spooned up to her, my cock rock-hard. I tried slipping it into her while playing with her nipples. She didn't budge. I tried again. Nothing. Fuck. I had to pee, so I listened intently. Nothing. Karen and John must still be asleep.

I got up, my large erection huge before me. I debated whether to wrap something around me. I don't mind being naked in front of others, but not with a raging hardon! I opened the door a crack. Nothing and nobody. I quietly stepped out into the hall. Karen's door was open just a crack, and I could not see anything and did not want to peak inside. The bathroom window illuminated the bathroom door which was ajar.

At this point I need to describe the bathroom to set the scene. It matched the scale for the small 2 bedroom apartment. There was one sink, a toilet right next to the sink, and a small one-person shower. The dimensions were perhaps 4' X 5'. With the door opening inward, it ended right where the small shower stall began, which was right across from the toilet. Two people in the bathroom ensured some bumping around.

As for the shower, there was a small ridge to step over directly in front of the toilet. I walked the few steps into the bathroom, closed the door and knelt down in front of the toilet on one knee. (This was the way I pee with a fully erect penis in the morning. I knew there were only 2 ways to get my morning hardon to go down. Fucking or peeing.) I could barely get my cock to point into the toilet it was so fucking hard. I started peeing, and thought it'd never stop.

Eventually it did, and my cock was now semi-erect. I was about to flush, then thought it'd wake everyone. I stood up, and door suddenly swung open! I jumped, startled.

It was John, fully naked, his massive penis very swollen and sticking not quite straight out. My eyes went right to it without my thinking about it.

John closed the door behind him, our naked bodies inches from each other in the tiny bath room, our cocks literally next to each other and bobbing up and down. John leaned forward into my body. His massive 6'4" fame engulfing my 6' frame. The touch of his skin electrified my body into a sexual response.

His cock bent down from my crotch to half way down my thigh. My cock responded against my will, and immediately went fully erect from his cock to his belly. We were face to face, John smiled wickedly. My breath went ragged. Only seconds had passed since he stepped into the bathroom.

Without my morning pussy, my lust took over. I wrapped my arms around John, sliding my hands to big, beefy butt. Silently he lowered his head, forced his mouth to mine and snaked his tongue into my mouth. The strong, pungent scent of Karen's cunt was all over his face and mouth.

My cock jumped, and he felt it. His hands squeezed my tight butt. I involuntarily moaned. My mind protested, but my physical body went forward, willingly, and with gusto.

My libido was ignited with a combination of sex with Mary, smelling and tasting Karen's pussy on John's mouth, and my morning sex-drive in full gear. John rotated his hips, mashing his penis into my leg, and running my full erection into his pubic hair.

I clawed in lust at his beefy butt. His mouth open and pinned to mine forced rapid breathes into my mouth, I automatically moaned. I pushed him back, his broad pec muscles massive and capped with large brown nipples, whose centers where erect and bigger than pencil erasers. I quickly sucked one into my greedy mouth.

His breath inhaled quickly as I worked his big, thick nipple with my lips, teeth, and mouth. My tongue danced on his nipple. His breath hissed between his lips. I placed his nipple between my teeth and slowly pulled the erectile flesh out from his body. With my right hand I grabbed his left glute as hard I as could, digging my fingers into the beefy muscle.

My left hand went straight to his great, big, dick. Again his massive meat was in my hand, and again it grew firmer in my hand. The small bathroom reeked of Mary and Karen's cunts, and smell of erect penis. I flared my nostrils, the smell of sex fueling my lust. I sighed deeply, forcing myself to be quiet. John's large muscular body was like an aphrodisiac, engaging my passion. He raised his arms out and up, flexing his biceps, making my own 17" biceps look somewhat on the small side.

My hands let go of his glutes and cock to feel his pecs and biceps. He barely had any pit hair. He took his right hand, grabbed the back of my head and forced my face into his raised arm pit. He mashed my face into his pit, forcing me to smell it. His heady body odor assailed my nostrils; I whimpered - a reflexive response.

His body scent was intoxicating; my cock throbbed in response, pulsing against his pubic hair and lower abs. A low gasp escaped his lips. My thoughts raced to the girls. What if one of them walked in? How long had we been at this? Could they hear us?

"Dude, what about the girls?" I whispered.

"Just be quiet, buddy," was John's reply.

"I know, but they could ..." then John slowly squatted down in front of me, my big penis fully erect in front of his face.

Before I could finish my sentence, his wet mouth slipped over my flared cockhead.

"Aaahhhhhh," was how I finished my sentence.

"Uh-huh," was John's response, both of us understanding the girls were not an issue. John swirled his tongue over and over my cockhead, loudly slurping it up. I grabbed his ears and standing, spread my thighs. I could see his was stroking his huge cock with long, hard, strokes. His large hand came up to hold my balls.

"Ohhhhhhh, man," I growled. This was great.

A large, muscular study, naked and squatting before me, sucking on my cock. Incredible. He slid his wet lips down my thick shaft, and that was all it took. Against my will, I started ejaculating.

"Grufff, gruff, gruff," John's quiet animal grunts escaped his throat in time with each of my ejaculatory spurts.

He hungrily swallowed each jet of jizz. I could not believe it. It took Mary at least 15 minutes of cock-sucking to get me to shoot, unless I was already in a high state of arousal. John had me shooting off in 15 seconds!

I looked down, my thick penis half-way buried in John's handsome mouth. John's sheer physical size, especially his dick made me envious. Along with his forceful nature with me clashed with my own type A personality. I took this opportunity to act dominate, so took my wet. semi-erect cock out of John's mouth and rubbed it all over his face.

I trailed some leaking semen across his forehead, down his cheek. I rubbed my purple cockhead into his nostrils, over his chin and back to his lips, which he readily opened and sucked in my cock, running his tongue into my slit to get the last of my dribbles. John looked up at me, pulling is mouth off my half-hard cock.

"Pussy on a stick, bro," he whispered.

I could see his incredible veiny cock jutting out and up from between his muscular quads as I stood over him; he was slowly stroking it. This made me feel great ... to know that him sucking my cock got him sexually excited. John was squatting just in front of the bathroom door when it opened and banged into him.

I panicked! We were busted! FUCK! My brain when into automatic mode, I stepped backwards into the shower area, and drew the semi-circular shower curtain while turning on the water. John stood up, his large, broad back to the door, his penis jutting out hugely. He stepped up and pointed his cock at the toilet, his large frame blocking the door.

I heard Mary's voice. "Sorry, I didn't know you where in here," said Mary.

"Y'all wanna watch me pee or some'in?" John said invitingly.

Mary giggled. "I don't think so. Is Tom in here?"

"Yeah, he's takin' a shower, I think. But I'm a thinkin' he's gonna watch me pee." John amused himself.

Mary giggled again, and said, "I'll let you be!"

She left, and I felt the weight of the world leave my shoulders. I looked out the curtain and John's cock had lost a lot of its firmness as he peed. His physique was magnificent. He looked at me.

"You're just gonna have ta finish me off bro, before I go ape-shit on ya."

He did not even crack a smile. He left the bathroom, naked, his huge cock hanging down and very swollen. I think he was pissed 'cause he didn't get off. I finished showering only to realize I did not have a towel. I called out to Mary for one, and she brought one into the bathroom.

"No sex this morning?" she asked. "I tried waking you up, babe, but you were out. So I let you sleep."

Mary grabbed my thick hanging cock. "OK, but I'll need this again today, realize."

She was no wiser of what John and I did but a few minutes ago right where she was standing. The closest call I could remember.

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