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More than a Lodger…Part 5

Laura takes Tom to see Jenny on their afternoon together…It’s a side of women Tom has never seen.
It was the end of a lazy Sunday morning, and Laura was just about to leave and visit Jenny for some real fucking. Laura usually saw Jenny about once a month and it was generally on a Sunday. It just happened to have been so soon after the wonderful orgy that had happened last night.

Jerry was out playing golf and Amanda had to catch the train back to London where she lived and worked. Laura offered to take Amanda to the train station on her way to Jenny’s. As they left, Laura looked back at Tom and saw that he stood there with his ‘You’re leaving me behind’ look in his eyes.

Laura quickly phoned Jenny and then with a smile walked back up the path.

“Would you like to come with me to Jenny's?” she asked.

Tom’s eyes lit up and a broad grin spread across his face.

“Just got to put some nice clothes on…” he quickly replied and was stopped dead in his tracks by Laura’s reply.

“What for!” she exclaimed. Of course Laura was right. Why was he bothering.

They dropped Amanda off at the train station. Laura gave her a loving peck on the cheek and told her to look after herself. Then it was Tom’s turn.

“It‘s been great meeting you,” he said, “I will, more than look forward to the next time,” he said. Then he kissed her full on the lips.

Amanda gave his arse a good squeeze. “You look after yourself…I know what Jenny can be like…have fun!” she replied, “Oh! and keep mum happy for me too eh!” she exclaimed as she left for the ticket office and home.

As soon as Laura and Tom arrived at Jenny’s house, Tom was introduced to the fridge and told to get a drink, then both women headed off upstairs without even waiting for him to follow.

Tom, got himself a bottled lager, opened it, took a few sips and then wandered casually around the house looking in every room as he headed for the stairs in no particular hurry. Tom was amazed at the ordinary household, the pictures on the wall of Jenny and Laura somewhere on a beach, photos of married couples, children and trinkets collected from various places.

Tom looked through the window to the outside world and thought to himself that the whole world out there right now, the neighbours, people walking past, friends and even family don’t even know that Jenny and her friend Laura were probably licking each other’s pussy’s right now, and any minute now, he was going to get his cock out and join in the fun. He knew that one person knew exactly what would happen, but she was on the train to London, probably with a smile on her face, he thought, and grinned himself.

Tom eventually drank the beer and walked upstairs, at the top he dropped his trousers on the floor, removed his shirt, socks and shoes and entered the bedroom naked. On the bed, Laura and Jenny were kissing and fondling each other. Tom was wrong, they hadn’t got as far as each other’s pussy’s yet.

Tom started to stroke his cock as he watched in awe as two women kissed and fondled and sucked on each other’s large breasts. Tom watched as Laura made the first move towards Jenny’s pussy and watched as she elegantly opened her legs and sidled between them. Tom walked to the side of the bed and leant against the sideboard. He watched as Laura slipped her tongue over Jenny’s pussy and then slipped it inside her to squeals of pleasure.

Laura licked Jenny for quite some time until Jenny was panting and thrusting upwards to meet Laura’s licking and flicking tongue. Then Laura clamped her mouth over Jenny’s clit and sucked it into her mouth.

“Ooooo fuck, yes baby!” exclaimed Jenny as she gasped for air and let out a loud throaty groan. Laura sucked harder on her clit and knew that Jenny was close to orgasm. Then she felt a hand clamp down on her head and drag her face further into Jenny’s pussy.

“Fuck that‘s it baby!” were Jenny’s final words as she came, panting heavily and thrusting her pussy up to meet Laura’s mouth.

After Jenny’s orgasm they both turned to Tom.

“On the bed here…” said Jenny as she guided Tom to sit at the headboard end.

Laura got up on her knees and moved towards Tom. She started to dangle her breasts in his face as she placed her hands on the wall for balance. Tom was fondling Laura’s arse while she dangled over him. Her breasts were too far away for him to wallow in the soft flesh but near enough for his tongue and mouth to gain exquisite contact with her nipples and flesh as she brushed them over his face.

Tom then felt a mouth drop down over his cock. Jenny started to suck his cock into her mouth, licking on the hot, ribbed flesh as she took it down her throat. Jenny loved sucking cock, and was no stranger to deep throat, well at least on normal sized cocks; of course she hadn’t tried a good eleven inches, but then Tom’s was the normal eight inches of hard erect cock that she needed right now.

Jenny was going absolutely wild on Tom’s cock, sucking, wanking, licking, fondling and smothering it with her mouth and hands. It wasn’t long before Tom was feeling the effects of her expert manipulation. Tom was also turned on by Laura’s teasing. She never let her breasts get down too far and always kept them from smothering him, although, Tom really wanted to be smothered with her gorgeous tits.

Tom’s hands finally came up around Laura’s breasts as he channeled both her nipples into his mouth at the same time and sucked on them. Tom groaned his pleasure into Laura’s tits as he came hard into Jenny’s mouth. Jenny sucked and swallowed all of Toms spunk down into her throat and revelled in the task of milking him dry before she left his cock to wilt and drop onto his stomach.

Tom was still licking Laura’s tits, when out of the corner of his eye, he noticed Jenny pull a strapon from the top drawer. She followed this with a large pink dildo. He watched in trepidation wondering whether he was going to be penetrated by both women and whether he was up for this larger than life dildo to go up his arse.

Laura looked at Jenny as she buckled the leather straps and inserted the pink dildo through the hole and smiled broadly. Laura slipped down to the end of the bed and positioned herself on all fours. Tom watched as Jenny stepped up behind her and oiled the dildo and Laura’s backside. Jenny placed the oil onto the floor beside Laura and then started to fuck the dildo into her.

Laura sighed with pleasure as the dildo entered and filled her. Her hands grabbed at Tom’s cock as she was fucked from behind by a rampant woman.

Tom watched as Jenny grabbed Laura’s hips and pulled her towards the dildo, sinking it deep into her on each thrust, then Jenny pulled back and thrust in again and again. On each successive thrust, the look on Jenny’s face became wilder and wilder and more possessed. Jenny ended up fucking Laura rapidly, while concentrating only on the dildo as it shafted in and out.

Laura’s orgasm ripped through her as Jenny just fucked her senseless. Jenny never let up once and pumped her pretend cock into Laura relentlessly, Jenny was giving it to Laura full-on and Laura was loving it. It was not long before Laura just wailed and howled her orgasm into the sex and lust filled air. It wasn’t one or two orgasms but a whole series that Laura experienced as she was fucked on all fours. If Tom had not seen it with his own eyes, he would not have believed Jenny’s demeanour.

Tom’s cock was erect for the second time that afternoon. It could be nothing else after the spectacle he had just witnessed. As Jenny pulled out from Laura’s pussy, Laura half collapsed onto the bed. Then she saw Tom’s cock in front of her and started to suck on it.

Laura slid off the bed and gathered the bottle of oil up and soaked her breasts with it, massaging it into them, but pouring most of it down between her breasts.

“Come down her Tom,” she said, “put your cock between them,” she told him.

Tom shuffled down the bed immediately and placed his cock between Laura’s ample breasts. Laura tit fucked his cock, holding her breasts together as best she could while raising and lowering her body. Tom was certainly fast to catch on and started to fuck his cock between them. Tom was amazed at the silky, velvety feel that his cock was experiencing as it slid between her two lovely breasts, it was a remote kind of experience as the pressure was small (not at all like being clamped by a tight pussy or arse) and yet every time his knob end slid out and back into her breasts the pleasure was exquisite and his orgasm was building slowly but surely.

Tom then grabbed Laura’s tits himself to try and increase the pressure and bring himself off between them. He marvelled at his cock as it slid between her beautiful breasts as he bucked his arse upwards.

All this time, Jenny had retired to the chair off to one side of the bed. One of her legs was over the side of the chair while she pushed the same pink dildo in and out of her pussy. Jenny pursed her lips in a kissing motion every time it hit its spot deep inside her.

“Make him cum,” said Jenny. “Make him spunk over your tits, Laura!” she continued instructing her.

Tom’s attention by now was half between his cock appearing and disappearing between a pair of wonderful breasts and Jenny pushing her dildo in and out of her pussy at a phenomenal rate.

Then Tom’s orgasm came rushing to a head, very literally. Tom fucked his cock into Laura’s breasts at an ever faster pace.

“Fuck…I‘m going to spurt,” he announced to Laura’s and Jenny’s immediate pleasure.

Jenny was thrusting the dildo in and out of her pussy vigorously as Tom started to cum hard in between Laura’s breasts.

“I‘m fucking cumming,” he declared as his spunk jetted into the air splashing on Laura’s chin. The rest followed suit, as jet after jet of his spunk shot into the air. Laura kept the pressure on her tits as much as she could with all the bucking as his orgasm exploded.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Jenny suddenly cried out from the side of the room, pulling the dildo from her pussy. Her juices shot from her pussy and leapt across the gap between her chair and the bed. Suddenly Laura and Tom were covered in pussy juice for what seemed like ages as Jenny gushed once, then a second time, a third and more. Each time she started to recover she pushed the dildo back in and after a few more thrusts she was squirting hard again. Jenny’s pussy juices exploded as she shuddered in her chair with the contractions of her violent orgasms.

Tom had to admit it was a surreal experience, but as Laura explained on the way home, her and Jenny often had the best sex ever when they were alone. In company, she explained, it was often a little girlie and tame, but nevertheless, Jenny always squirted.

Laura absolutely loved the fucking she got from Jenny, she always did and Tom was the only male to have watched them act like that since they started seeing each other on their own.

He was under strict instructions not to mention any of this to anyone, otherwise, as Laura told him, everyone would want to watch.

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