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More to me than you think..

I'm typically described as the sweet and innocent girl who will be a virgin until she is married. I have never had a boyfriend, though I get told all the time how sexy I am. I have blond hair, blue eyes, not too skinny but definitely not fat.

The head cheerleader Lacey approached me one day and asked me to meet her at her place after school. Lacey and I have known each other since we were in day care, so it's not an unusual thing for us to go and hang out at each others places. The unusual thing is the sexual tension that occurs between us more and more of late. We both dismiss it as awkward silences.

So after school we walked home together (it was the beginning of the summer holidays) and laughed and mucked around. We ran inside the house to dump our stuff in Lacey's bedroom, and as we came back through the kitchen Lacey found a note attached to the fridge door. It was from her parents saying they had to go away for 2 weeks as Lacey's brother had broken his leg and needed their help.

Lacey said, "This is awesome, we can do whatever for the next two weeks." We both decided a skinny dip in Lacey's pool was the first thing. When Lacey walked outside to join me in the pool I was amazed to see that her breasts had grown since the last time I was here (we had measured each others breasts) she had gone from a 14DD to a 14E over two months!

She saw me looking and smiled. When Lacey finally entered the pool she swam straight to me and kissed me hard on the lips. We kissed like that for ages, tongues touching, hands rubbing each others nipples. She suddenly had my nipple in her mouth and was gently grazing it with her teeth. "Mmm..ooh baby that feels so good.." I moaned and she bit down and pulled.

"Come on you little whore, lets go to my room," Lacey said and pulled me out of the pool and into the house. We didn't get far because as soon as we reached the hall I stopped and pushed her up against the wall and pulled her bikini bottoms down and plunged my fingers into her hot, wet fuck hole. Lacey gasped then moaned as I finger fucked her as hard as I could. "Ooh baby thats it, fuck my pussy!" By then she was dripping, my arm was coated in her pussy juices. I was about to pull out when suddenly she started shuddering and screaming with pleasure, her orgasm was happening and was coming on fast and hard.

"FUCK! YOU"RE AMAZING AT THIS!! ooh..." After she finished she dragged me into her room and on her bed (I noticed as we left there was wetness all down the wall). Once we were on the bed she straddled my waist and pulled off my bikini top, by then my nipples were straining to be sucked on, to be bitten. They were soon given what they needed, Lacey rubbed my right nipple until the bud felt hard, then she leaned down and flicked her tongue over my nipple, teasing me. This went on for way too long, once she was satisfied that I was wet enough (the sheets were soaking) she kissed her way down my body, nibbling on my belly piercing, then finally reaching my mound.

I gasped as she started licking from my clitoris all the way to my dripping hole and back again. Each time her tongue reached my clitoris I would groan with intense pleasure. After a few minutes I started to get impatient. "Tongue fuck my clit already!" I suddenly exploded and grabbed her head as she started sucking on my clitoris.

"Oh my God, that's it! There, harder..." I moaned. She went harder and had two fingers inside my vagina rubbing my g-spot. "I'm close! you're going to make me come!" I held her face hard to my clitoris and started bucking. This was my first orgasm from another person and the hardest one I have ever had.

Stay tuned to find out our next encounter..
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