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Movie Theatre Meeting (Part 3)

I finally found out what I had been groomed for.
Having lost two afternoons in the one week, I had to work hard for several days, not only to bring my sales back up to target, but to try to get sufficiently ahead to give me a margin in hand so I could take another afternoon off to meet with Wayne once more.

Consequently it was more than a week before I phoned him at his office, to say that I could meet him again. The obvious pleasure in his voice when he realised it was me calling him gave me a small glow of pleasure. We quickly arranged to meet at his home again the following afternoon, after I assured him that I could also spend the evening there as well.

The next afternoon I was experiencing confused feelings of uncertainty mixed with arousal and anticipation. Wayne had demonstrated at our previous meeting that he was able to manage my arousal to a point where he could almost make me agree to anything he asked. His questions of me on that occasion regarding my previous experiences had a degree of ambiguity that made me a little anxious as to his intentions. Nonetheless my cock was beginning to swell with excitement as I mounted the steps to the porch of Wayne’s house and knocked on the front door.

Almost before I had finished knocking the door opened, and I guessed that Wayne had been anticipating my arrival. As he had been the previous week, he was dressed in a belted robe and had a drink in one hand, but as he closed the door behind me, Wayne tugged at the belt of the robe, letting it fall open to reveal that he was otherwise naked.

His big cock was swollen, although drooping, but as I watched it stiffened and with a series of jerks rose to full erection, as he told me to look at what I did to him. I was still sufficiently young back then to be embarrassed at an older man’s frank admission of my effect on him, and by his obvious arousal at my presence, yet I was also flattered, and felt my cock stiffening as well.

Taking an already filled glass from the sideboard, Wayne handed it to me. I sipped it cautiously, finding it as strong as my first drink the previous week, but at Wayne’s urging I took several long gulps, once again feeling the alcohol burning my throat.

I have since realised that the generous helpings of strong alcohol were designed to lower my inhibitions, but at the time I merely thought he was generous with his drinks. Moving close to me, Wayne took my free hand, guiding it to his swollen, silky-smooth and hot-feeling cock, at the same time rubbing the front of my trousers, murmuring his approval as he felt my erection.

With Wayne’s encouragement I emptied my glass, and he backed away to pour us both fresh drinks, suggesting that we go straight through to the bedroom. I followed him down the hallway to the bedroom, where Wayne handed me my drink, telling me to take a good slug before undressing. The alcohol burned my throat as I drank, and I could feel a warm glow growing in my stomach.

As I undressed, Wayne suggested I might like to shower before we “got down to it”, as he put it. I agreed, and he went through to the ensuite, and I heard the shower turned on. Finishing undressing I walked naked through to the bathroom, where Wayne was standing, leaning against the big vanity unit.

Stepping under the stream of hot water, I was beginning to soap myself when Wayne put his drink down, shrugged off his robe and stepped into the shower with me. I had never before showered with a man: when Wayne stepped close, grasping my stiff cock and rubbing it against his, I found it extremely sensual, however when he leant forward and attempted to kiss me I turned my head aside, and so he bent and nuzzled my neck and shoulder instead, which I found less perturbing.

When I reached to fondle his cock and balls Wayne put his hands on my shoulders, urging me to get on my knees, and with the water pouring over us I knelt to take his big cock in my mouth.

I found it extraordinarily sensual, to be on my knees sucking Wayne’s cock as the warm water ran down our bodies and over his shaft, causing noisy squelching sounds as I sucked and licked him, water from his wet cock filling my mouth.

Holding my head lightly, he fucked my mouth gently for several minutes before turning off the water and reaching to pull me to my feet, telling me that we would be more comfortable on the bed. I found it very sensual to have our moist, warm flesh in contact as we rolled together on the bed, groping and stroking one another’s erect cocks until Wayne pushed me onto my back and went down on me.

As he had on our previous meeting, Wayne kept me on the verge of climax for what seemed hours, bringing me to the point of orgasm time and again, but squeezing the base of my cock hard each time the sensations peaked and I was close to climaxing. As a consequence I was in such a high state of arousal that it was almost overwhelming, so that when Wayne finally took his mouth from my cock and moved up the bed to straddle my chest, I was waiting for his cock, my mouth wide and ready to suck him.

I devoured his cock greedily, almost choking as I tried to force all of it into my mouth immediately. My jaws were beginning to ache when he finally released several spurts of spunk into my mouth before squeezing hard on the base of his cock to halt his orgasm. I swallowed his thick and sticky spunk greedily, savouring the strong, almost metallic taste.

I was still incredibly aroused, eagerly following Wayne’s directions as he had me alternately raise my hips and head as he placed pillows under me, saying that he wanted to sixty-nine with me. Taking a small jar from the bedside cabinet he reversed his position, straddling my head as he slowly lowered his cock, still erect and drooling a silver thread of spunk, down to my open mouth until I was able to close my lips over his bulbous knob.

Bending over me, he clasped the base of my cock tightly with the fingers and thumb of one hand while with the other he smeared a slippery substance over my shaft before grasping it and milking it firmly. The slick sensation of his fist gliding up and down my shaft had me arching my hips from the bed in my desire to climax, but his tight clasp on the base of my cock prevented me from doing so. At the same time he was lowering and raising his hips to pump his cock in and out of the clasp of my suctioning lips, keeping his movements slow and easy to control his level of arousal whilst heightening mine.

I was feeling faint from the extended period of acutely heightened arousal when Wayne finally took his slippery hand from my shaft, reaching into the cleft of my buttocks to probe my anus with his greasy fingers as he fastened his mouth over my tip.

As he pushed a finger deep into my anus he relaxed his clasp on the base of my cock. With a groan of relief I spurted into his waiting mouth, but even as a feeling of release began to flood my body he clamped down on my cock again, at the same time working a second finger into my anus, pumping his fingers in and out as my hips again strained upwards, my aching testicles desperately seeking to discharge.

After several minutes he slowed the thrusting of his fingers, and then eased them from me, at the same time raising his hips to pull his cock from my mouth. I was panting with frustration, and he only released my cock when my breathing had slowed and I had slumped back upon the pillows.

Turning around once more, he straddled my chest again, telling me he wanted my mouth. Despite my aching jaw, my arousal was such that I greedily gobbled on his cock as he eased it past my lips. He inched it deeper and deeper as I swallowed hard to take it all the way into my throat until my nose was pressed into his wiry pubic hair. Putting a hand behind my head he began thrusting back and forth in my mouth.

Giving myself over to giving him pleasure, I closed my eyes, concentrating on keeping my lips fastened on his shaft, sucking on him and swallowing to let him into my throat with each thrust.

A flare of light, which turned my closed eyelids red, accompanied by a loud clacking noise and whirring close to me ear, startled me. As my eyes flew open a sudden flare of white light close to my face blinded me, accompanied by another clack and whir.

Half-blinded, I looked past Wayne’s surging belly to see a camera close by his hip, held by a blonde woman standing beside him, wearing a white towelling robe, smirking broadly as she gazed down at me. I tried to pull away from Wayne’s cock but was held in place by his hand behind my head, his fingers locked in my hair. She gave a tinkling laugh, telling Wayne that I had gone shy on her, and I felt his body shake as he laughed, telling her to get ready for the money shot, as he was about to come.

I felt a jet of his thick spunk spurt into my throat before he pulled his cock back from my lips. The camera flashed, clacked and whirred several times in quick succession as the woman captured Wayne’s spunk splashing onto my face.

He kept his hand behind my head as he shuffled a little further down the bed, his fading spurts of spunk dripping onto my chest as the woman continued to photograph us. Releasing my head he swung his leg away from me to expose my naked body.

My erection had wilted a little but my cock was still semi-erect, lying back on my belly, and the woman stepped back a little to take several full body shots from different angles before I was able to pull a sheet over me. Laughing at my consternation, Wayne held out his hand to the woman, who quickly grasped it in hers, squeezing it, and he introduced me to his wife, Anne.

Whether I gaped at them in astonishment, I’m not sure after all this time, but they both laughed at me. Wayne told me not to worry about being photographed, saying that the photos would be for their private collection and for their eyes only, adding that they were also a form of insurance against anybody doing anything silly. I could only speculate later at what he meant.

Anne commented to Wayne that I looked a little tired, and she hoped that he hadn’t worn me out. He laughed, saying that he hadn’t let me come, and I should have plenty left in the tank. Pulling the sheet from me he reached to grasp my swollen but flaccid cock with one hand, while the other went between my buttocks to probe my anus. My cock responded almost of its own volition, rapidly swelling to full erection. Murmuring her appreciation, Anne untied her robe and let it slip from her shoulders, leaving her naked.

Although she must have been in her late forties or early fifties, she had a great body, wide in the hips, with full breasts and toned legs, and looked much younger. Wayne suggested that Anne put my oral skills to the test while he “had a play down below” as he put it.

Kneeling up on the bed close to my shoulder she swung a leg across me before shuffling up to straddle my head. I watched as she reached between her thighs to part the lips of her cunt, telling me that if I made a good job of licking her out I might get lucky later, before she lowered her cunt over my mouth. I worked my tongue into the folds of her cunt, feeling her open up and her juices flow as she ground her cunt down on me.

Behind her, Wayne worked two greasy fingers into my anus and began to pump them back and forth as he lowered his head to suck my cock noisily. Hearing his noise, Anne looked over her shoulder at her husband, warning him to leave plenty for her, at which he took his mouth from my cock, telling her he was just getting me warmed up.

Wayne continued to finger my anus vigorously for several minutes as his wife mashed her now very wet cunt over my mouth and nose, before she reminded him to get some more photos. Taking his fingers from me he came around beside us and took several photos, before lowering the camera and placing it on a bedside cabinet. As he climbed back onto the bed, Anne asked him in a conversational tone if he thought I was a virgin, to which he responded that he didn’t think I was, but that I was still nice and tight.

In the same conversational tone she asked me if Wayne had told me that they both liked young men. With my head trapped between her thighs and her cunt pressed firmly over my mouth it was all I could do to shake my head fractionally in the negative, at which she confirmed that they did, and that they also liked to watch one another.

Looking down at me with a momentarily serious expression, she promised me that if I played my part she would take care of me later. As she told me this, Wayne was stroking my legs, and as she finished he spread my thighs wide, shuffling in close between them and then lifting my legs high to rest them on his shoulders.

I knew with an absolute certainty what was about to happen; I was pinned helplessly to the bed by Anne’s weight on my chest, and the pillows that Wayne had earlier placed under my hips had raised them so that my buttocks were ideally positioned for him.

Feeling my knees press into her back, Anne turned her head slightly, asking Wayne if he was ready, and he responded that he was nearly there. I felt his fingers press into the cleft of my buttocks, spreading something slippery around my anus before his thumbs dug into my buttocks, spreading my cheeks wider apart to expose my anus more completely to him.

It had been almost seven years since I had last had a cock inside me, even longer since I had taken a large one, and I was apprehensive about how it would feel. Wayne’s knees slid a little further under my elevated hips and I felt his broad knob probing my cleft before it lodged at my anus. I knew his entry was going to cause me discomfort, and I tried to will my body to relax, to make it less painful.

I looked up at Anne to see that she was watching me intently. The pressure on my anus grew as Wayne pressed forwards: his knob felt impossibly big, and when the pressure eased I thought he was about to give up, but instead he gave a sudden shove and I felt his broad knob gain a partial entry. With a grunt of satisfaction he thrust again, and I gave a muffled yelp as his knob plunged past my tight ring of muscle and entered me.

After all those years I was quite unused to the sensation of being mounted, and I felt tears start in my eyes at the painful distension as Wayne continued to thrust into me, gradually working his big cock ever deeper inside me until I felt his hairy belly pressing against the backs of my thighs and he announced to Anne in a triumphant tone that he was all the way in, telling her how beautifully tight I was. He began to move his big cock back and forth inside me, initially in tiny strokes but gradually increasing the length of his thrusts as my anus slowly spread to accommodate him.

Once he was moving freely, thrusting into me steadily, Anne lifted from me, swinging her leg across me and sliding from the bed to take the camera from the bedside cabinet. Slowing his thrusts, Wayne reached for my ankles, spreading my legs wide in front of him to pose me for his wife’s photos. She took several shots from a distance, slowly moving closer until the camera was capturing Wayne’s cock spearing into my anus.

Returning my legs to his shoulders, Wayne raised himself up a little before leaning down over me, his cock penetrating even more deeply. Bending forwards he went to kiss me on my lips, and when I tried to turn my head to the side he grabbed my head, turning me to face him, and began to kiss me, worming his tongue between my lips as he continued to fuck me. Unable to move and feeling totally at his mercy I responded to his tongue searching for mine, as Anne’s camera continued to flash and whir.

Returning the camera to the bedside cabinet, Anne climbed back onto the bed and Wayne moved back to let her straddle my head, this time facing him, and again lowered her very wet and open cunt to my face. My vision was filled with the smooth, pale globes of her buttocks, my nose pressed to her pursed pink anus as she squirmed down on me.

My cock had been lying flaccid on my belly, but the sensation of Anne’s cool fingers gently fondling my cock and painfully tight balls as her husband continued to ride me soon restored it to aching erection. The pain in my anus had faded to a throbbing ache and a feeling of burning friction.

The growing excitement of the couple enjoying me was evidenced by Wayne’s increasingly rapid thrusts and the agitated squirming of Anne’s crotch on my face, accompanied by their muffled gasps and moans of excitement and pleasure.

Wayne was the first to climax; groaning that he was coming he shoved hard into me, screwing his cock around in my anus, and I felt a wash of warmth deep in my rectum. Almost immediately Anne’s squirming became even more frantic, and I heard her give a series of sobbing moans before she slumped limply over me.

After several minutes they both eased themselves from me. My face felt cold, wet and sticky, and ached, and my anus felt bruised and open, as cold air seemed to rush into it. Remarking brightly that she had enjoyed it, Anne announced that she would have seconds, telling Wayne to “put it in and hold him back until she was ready”. As she reversed her position and straddled my hips, Wayne held my cock erect so that she could squirm down onto it, sliding down onto my shaft. Wayne shifted his grip to my balls, grasping them firmly in one fist as Anne began to ride me, squeezing my testicles painfully tightly and pulling down on them to stop me from moving.

Alternately shuttling her hips back and forth and raising and lowering them, Anne pleasured herself on my cock for probably fifteen or twenty minutes, Wayne’s painful grip on my balls both keeping me still and preventing me from climaxing, until ultimately her breathing grew ragged and her movements became more frantic, and she gasped to Wayne that she was coming. He released his grip on my testicles as she ground down on me, and like the opening of a dam my spunk spurted into her for what seemed like minutes.

Lifting from me, a trail of spunk dripping from her cunt as she moved up on me, Anne parted her cunt with her fingers, telling me to clean her out. I saw Wayne walk to the bathroom grinning as Anne lowered her sodden crotch to my mouth, ordering me to push my tongue deep into her as she squatted on my face. Her cunt tasted stronger than before, and my spunk seeped from her and filled my mouth as I followed her instruction to tongue her deeply.

After several minutes, apparently satisfied that I had cleaned her out adequately, Anne lifted from me, and taking my hand pulled me from the bed as she stepped onto the floor to lead me to the bathroom. Weaving a little on rubbery knees as I followed her from the bedroom I realised that she was tall, almost as tall as I was, the sight of her wonderfully rounded buttocks swivelling in front of me as she led me from the room was a gorgeous sight.

Wayne was towelling himself dry as we entered the bathroom, and had left the shower flowing. Anne pulled me into the shower with her, encouraging me to soap her as she did the same for me. Giggling, she pointed out matted spunk in my hair; I had no recollection as to how it had got there, and she pushed my head under the falling water before rubbing shampoo into my hair.

After we had washed one another thoroughly Anne turned the shower off, and we both donned white towelling robes after drying ourselves. On our way back through the bedroom, Anne pointed out a dressing room which was accessed by sliding back a floor to ceiling mirror on one of the walls, telling me that she had slipped in there to hide when I had arrived, and had watched Wayne and I together until she decided that it was an appropriate time to take her photos.

We went back through to the lounge, where Wayne had fresh drinks waiting on a tray for us. I was encouraged to sit between them on the settee as we sipped our drinks. Sitting between these two confident people, who had just demonstrated their control over me, I felt strangely small and somewhat helpless, and listened as Wayne revealed that he had gone to the movie theatre on the day we met, to see if he could find a suitable candidate for sex games at home. He had spied me in the foyer of the theatre before the movie started, but had failed to see me take my seat, and it was only when I left to go to the toilet that he had spotted me again, and had moved to sit next to my seat.

As I had responded favourably to his advances, he decided to “test me out” at his home, and again I had passed assessment, and so he had discussed me with Anne. He reiterated what Anne had told me about watching one another with young men, and then pressed me about my earlier experiences with other boys and men. I revealed a little about my early experiences, which seemed to excite them, Wayne taking my hand to place it under his robe to where his cock was swelling to erection, telling me to suck him.

I bent down, parting his robe to lift his stiffening cock to my mouth, but he told me to get on my knees and do it properly, so that Anne could watch. I obediently slipped to me knees on the floor, getting between his spread thighs as he opened his robe wide and bending to suck his cock, which quickly grew to full erection in my mouth.

From the corner of my eye I could see one of Anne’s hands slip inside her robe, moving rhythmically at her crotch, until she too slipped from the settee and pulled my robe from me. Peering around my shoulders she watched as I sucked Wayne, her full breasts pressed to my back and one hand toying with my cock, balls and anus.

After several minutes Wayne grunted and his cock swelled in my mouth, pulsing as it spurted his rich, sticky spunk over my tongue. I kept sucking him and swallowing until his flow of spunk ceased and he lifted my head from his cock. Anne grabbed my cheeks in her hands, turning me to face her and thrust her tongue into my mouth, murmuring approvingly at the taste of her husband’s spunk in my mouth.

Over the next two years we met at reasonably regular intervals, several weeks apart, depending on our commitments. During that period of time my wife underwent a series of difficult pregnancies, all but one resulting in miscarriages, so I was getting very little sex at home, making my meetings with Wayne and Anne the more memorable.

Under their tuition I learnt much, including how to control my climax and defer it almost indefinitely, until my partner was ready for me to orgasm. They each expected to climax two or three times with me, so this was a necessary skill. One day they showed me their collection of private photos, which I found incredibly arousing, seeing them in a variety of extremely explicit sexual poses with youths and young men.

Eventually Wayne told me that he had encountered a new playmate, or “apprentice” as he put it, and I guessed that they had again sought a younger man. I was invited to join them when they “broke him in” as Wayne put it, and I joined Anne in the bedroom changing room, waiting and watching as Wayne prepared the new acolyte.

Unlike me he was an anal virgin, and his discomfort at being initiated by Wayne was obvious, but he quickly showed signs of enjoying the experience and did not object when Wayne later offered for me to have “seconds”. As I had anticipated, this was my last meeting with this exciting couple, but before I left them that evening I was given a valuable wristwatch as a memento of our times together, a present I still have and treasure.

That was the last time I was ever dominated so completely by anyone. In hindsight it is plain that I was carefully chosen, initially inducted in a one-sided encounter which involved me taking a passive role yet one to my advantage, given generous quantities of alcohol to help overcome any reluctance I might have, and the intensity of the sexual activity only increasing once I had shown acceptance of what had gone before.

It was a strangely bitter-sweet yet highly exciting series of experiences; being made to act as a plaything by two obviously “alpha” type people, capable of effectively diminishing my will, whereas in the previous six or so years I had become accustomed to take the leading role in my sexual encounters.


Subsequent encounters with Wayne and Anne together were variations of the first, and for the sake of brevity I have not described them. However Wayne and Anne were keenly interested in my experiences as a youth, and constantly probed for more details.

Whenever I acceded, features that interested them would often be re-enacted in subsequent meetings, frequently involving mild forms of bondage and toys etc, which I am happy to share with any readers who are interested.

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