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My Awakening Grows Darker (Part II)

My first experience with a black man was a little scarey at first, but turned out fine.
In all my trips to the neighborhood, parking was the pits. Because of all the apartment buildings a parking spot was very hard to come by, and tonight was far worse than normal. Not only did I drive around so many times, there were just not the normal number of people moseying around. After about 45 minutes of slow cruising, I did notice a black man that I had never seen before and it seemed he was looking for the same thing as I. I jokingly thought to myself I hope he's is looking for a suck-ee, not a sucker. He was dressed in a light gray colored slacks and a long sleeve shirt. As I came abreast of him, driving slowly, I glanced over, caught his eye and nodded my head yes several times. He kind of poked his finger at his-self and smiled, I nodded yes again and motioned him to come over. No one was driving behind me, so I stopped and reached over and opened the door for him. He got in sitting very close to the door. As I drove off, he made small talk, but nothing concerning why I wanted him here in the car. He said he was married and had 3 children and I thought what is he doing here? After about a half hour, and with me nearing the church parking lot, I bluntly asked him why he was here sitting next to me. He twisted around and finally said that he prefers men but he was scared I was a cop and would do nothing to be arrested for.

I said "I am no cop, I'm just looking for a release"

He replied. "You'll have to make the first move, I'm more than happy to do you, but can't make the first move because I'm scared."

I started thinking, What if he's the cop and I make that move? What would happen? Suddenly I thought what the heck, he doesn't look like a cop and my balls are full. I pulled into the church parking lot, turned my lights off, and parked way in the back like I always do. I reached around back of his waist feeling for a pair of cuffs, I felt under his armpits foe a concealed weapon. He really didn't know what I was doing, but he let me have my way.
I said " well, It doesn't look like you are the cop. What next."

He quickly said, "Grab my hand and put it on your cock."

I did, and he softly felt my prick starting to come to life. He rubbed up and down the length. He said "unzip me and take me out."

I told him I was not into playing with my partners, and he said I didn't have to do anything to him, but if I didn't do that he could not be sure of my intentions. Again I figured what the heck nothing has happened so far so I reached over and unzipped his pants. He was wearing boxers, and I found the pee hole and pulled it through. Wow, it looked just like mine except it was dark black. The circumcised head was beautiful to look at. I had never seen a black prick with a hard on before. I always thought black men were so larger, but he was not, his was just like mine except he had a much larger pee slit than mine. I then reached into my own pants and took out my prick. I was already very hard as was my friend.

Now he came to life, he bent over and took my dick in his mouth. he reached in and felt my balls. I knew everything was all right now and so did he. He came up to my face and started to kiss me, I turned away and he said "Oh, I forgot" but he still sucked on my ear and neck and I felt warm all over.

He grabbed my hand and placed it on his prick and I kind of made an effort to pull it away and he said

"You already pulled it out, just stroke me for a while, nothing else, please"

I never felt like this before and I took him in my hand and pulled it up and down. He started sucking and fondling again. I stared at that prick and it looked better all the time. With my left hand I felt the side of his face, ran my fingers through his hair. I started telling him how good it felt. How good his cock felt, so hot and hard.

He placed his hand on mine while I was jacking him off. He stopped sucking and looked at me and said
"It feels good for me too. Tell me when you cum." 

I replied " Really I'm pretty close right now. I can't explain how I feel right now. I never felt like this before."

He stopped again and said " I know, it's the black and white thing I feel that way too. Do you like fucking women?"

I was very embarrassed, because I had not fucked a woman. I wanted to, but never had the chance. My silence told him that fact and he said "Boy I wish my wife knew of How I am, I sure would like you to fuck her while I watched. I know she fucks other men on occasion and she does not hide it, but she does not know how I am."

My dick was starting to soften a little, but his was still hard as a rock. He started in again and I continued fondling him. After a while I moaned, "I'm going to cum. Oh oh here it comes."

My hips were gyrating and moving up and down and he put a finger in my ass as I let loose in his mouth. It seemed like it would never stop. I think it was the best I have had.

He pulled my hand off his prick and jacked himself while I was softening in his mouth. Finally he put his other hand down, trying to catch his sperm, but it went all over my car. I was mesmerized watching that beautiful black prick cum.

After it was over, we sat for a long time talking. We made a date for the next week to meet at a corner so we could do it again. Over the next several months, we met weekly and I always unzipped him, pulled him out and stroked him. He enjoyed that and so did I.

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