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My Awakening Still Grows Darker (Part III)

I had always just unzipped and bam-bam thank you Sam, zipped up and left.
My black friend and I have met at least weekly and I was quite comfortable taking the lead and un-zipping, pulling him out, and stroking him gently and slowly. In fact I looked forward to doing it. Watching him getting hard was a great turn on for me. Knowing he would go his way and think about our relationship and get-off again by just the thought was exciting for me. I did not have as great a need to satisfy myself as often as I used to, but I still would think about the things we did together and that beautiful black skin and find myself at my hands pleasure.

One evening as we were driving to the parking lot, he said he had a death in the family and had to make a trip to Mississippi and would probably be there for quite a while to renew old acquaintance. He said we would just meet again by chance and that he would be in the "neighborhood" right after dark when he got back hoping to hook up again. He told me he would miss me and that he loved me very much. He had never mentioned any strong feelings like love, only sex and sucking me off.

That evening was a very hot and steamy evening for us both. He tried to kiss me many times, I would turn away, but not knowing why. I would love to feel his black lips on mine, I guess I was just scared. He sucked on my ear and neck profusely, he gave me a hickey on the neck that night and I proudly wore it till it subsided. Good byes were hard that night because of all the uncertainties of our next meeting.

We hugged warmly for a long while and he said, " I do love you so much. I am going to miss you."

He lovingly placed his hand on my crotch and I let him kiss my forehead as he was leaving. I told him I loved him too, and would miss our times together. That was the last I ever saw of him.

I found myself thinking about him often that same night. As I lay in bed trying to go to sleep that night, I found myself toying with myself. I was so hard and felt such a need even though I had just unloaded a very steamy load in his mouth that very evening. I went to the medicine cabinet and got my trusty bottle of baby powder, sprinkled a whole lot on my prick and started stroking. (If you never jacked off with baby powder, try it, nothing better).

I had wild thoughts of his mouth on my prick earlier and how he would hold as much of my cum in his mouth as possible while he jacked-off. And when he came he would swallow mine. I came an awful lot again, all over my stomach and tits. I smeared it around, then thought what the heck, and I tasted my own cum. I found it had little taste, but it made me tingle all over just thinking about what I had just done and I wished I had more to taste.

A couple nights later, I went to the "neighborhood" again. I had a terrible time finding a parking place but finally found one way over by the school. As I approached my pick up spot, I noticed a rather tall black man. He leaned up against one of the apartment buildings. and later I noticed him again, just looking into each car as it passed by. Our eyes met. I smiled and nodded, he did the same.

The next time I passed by he was still there so I went up to him, held out my hand and said, "I'm Tommy, nice to meet you. I think we might be able to meet each others needs if you are here for the same reason I am."

He replied, "I have noticed you here tonight also, and I think we are on the same wave length. My name is Roscoe," and he held onto my hand a little longer than necessary.

I glanced down and saw a tent forming in his pants, and I knew the church parking lot was to have company tonight.

I said, "Did you drive here?"

He said, "No, I took the bus."

I then offered to drive him to a spot where we could be alone and talk and he quickly accepted. While we were walking back to my car, he told me his lover was away on business and he was just looking for a one night stand with no strings. I replied that my friend was also out of town and how strange it was that the two of us could meet like this. By the time we got to my car we were holding hands and talking like old buddies.

I pulled into the church parking lot and parked in my favorite spot and we wasted no time, he was soon on his knees with my prick in his mouth. Then a car pulled into the lot and we quickly were sitting and talking like proper people would. The occupants of the car went into the church and we got back to pleasuring again. Soon another car pulled in and again we were interrupted.

After one more interruption Roscoe said, "Come on Tommy, lets go to my place where we can be alone and safe. How about it?"

I agreed and we left for his place. He had me leave my pants open and he caressed me while I was driving. He was stroking himself and I glanced often at the beautiful thing I was to enjoy that evening. He was not circumcised, and I had not really looked close up at one, but I would this night. The skin was tight half back on the mushroom head and it seemed to me it should hurt as tight as it looked.

He lived in a basement apartment in a quiet residential neighborhood. As soon as we got into his apartment, he hugged me close and said, "This is more like it."

He grabbed my hand and I followed him into his bedroom. Wow mirrors on the walls, ceiling and everywhere.

He smiled and said, "Take your clothes off, I want to watch. I can see all of you from any angle with these mirrors. Take your time. I will follow your lead."

I was flabbergasted, I never had been alone, naked in bed with a man. I was scared, but at the same time was tingling with anticipation of the unknown. I did stoop, untie my shoes and he followed my lead and did the same. The room was lighted and bright, and because most of my encounters have been in the dark, this was very arousing. I kind of did a little dance and disrobed playfully and teasingly, knowing he could see all by just looking into the right mirror.

Soon we were both naked his black skin shining and prick was standing straight out and bent upwards with that half head looking out at the world from it's flesh covering. He smiled, came up to me, hugged me close positioning our pricks upon each other. I had never felt anything like this in my life. I realized I had to tell him that I was not gay and could not be a participant. He was not too happy but said he would do his best to oblige me.

When we laid down, he remarked, "You know you have so much hair on your prick and balls, in the lot I kept getting hairs in my mouth. I would like to shave it off is that OK?"

I did notice how smooth his genital area was. No hair on his balls, or on that dark shaft. Just a small patch of kinky, curly black hair below his belly button and right above his love shaft.

I said, "OK with me."

He arose, left the room and shortly came back with a shaving mug and brush, and a razor. I haven't seen a mug and brush like that for a long time. It felt so good as he brushed the almost hot cream in and around my balls and prick.

He looked into my eyes and smiled as he remarked, "I might linger and play here you know."

I said, "I'm all yours Roscoe play all you want."

He laughed and said, "All mine? Are you sure?"

I laughed along with him and replied, "Well within bounds, but yes all."

As he started to shave the hairs, he stretched the skin taught on my balls and slid the razor down removing the hair effortlessly. Then he kissed the soap covered head and said, "I may take you up on that."

He positioned my prick straight up, holding it in place while he shaved down the shaft to my ball sack. Then a little on each side, leaving a little patch of hair like his on my tummy.

Then he took a steamy hot towel and wiped and washed all the cream off and said, " How was that Tommy?"

I said, "Wonderful, now what, I'm new at all this."

He replied, "I think you are not new, you are pretty worldly yourself."

He then got down to brass tack and sucked and licked all around. I found it easy to fondle him, being used to doing that with my other black friend. He shifted around and got in a 69 position and continued sucking. His prick was very close to my mouth and it looked so inviting. I wondered why I was so resistant. He looked like he was enjoying sucking me off, why was I so hesitant? He reached up, grabbed his love stick and brushed it against my mouth. The clear slimy stuff was now on my lips and I closed my eyes and licked it off.

He said, "You don't have to suck it, but would you kiss it please, please, I need some pleasure too."

I didn't answer, but I placed my mouth over that patch of hair on his belly and sucked the wiry coarse hair.

He moaned, "OH God, that feels nice. Don't stop, please."

He then spread my legs apart, started at the base of my balls and licked back. Soon he was at the crack of my ass and I felt his tongue sliding across the brown eye. I was uncontrollably squirming and bucking into his sucking. I felt his tongue get hard and slide ever so slightly inside.

I was now laying down with my feet over his shoulders and he was sucking and poking my man pussy with a passion. I loved it so much. I hoped it would never stop feeling like this. I reached up and fondled myself as he continued in earnest. I thought to my self I know he is going to fuck me, I just know it. I should protest, but I want him to. I couldn't believe I wanted this man that I just met to fuck me.

Against my wishes, he stopped sucking my ass and brought his face up to mine. I could smell the musky manly smell of my ass. All at once he held my face to his and kissed me not letting me pull away. I resisted as I could but soon returned his affection. I felt his tongue enter my mouth. He kept it hard and straight, curling it and keeping it straight in my mouth.

I thought to myself, this must be what a prick feels like in someones mouth. I loved the feeling. I tasted my brown eye residue. Not meaning a pun here, but I thought it should taste like "shit", but it didn't. I have never tasted anything like it, it was a strong musky taste and I thought to myself I could very easily come to love that taste.

I stayed long into the night there with Roscoe. We both came several times. By the end of that evening, I kissed, fully wanting to kiss. I was kissed, fully wanting to be kissed. I kissed his prick all over. Down the shaft to the base of his balls. I even ventured to his brown eye and for a fleeting second let my tongue rest on that pucker red opening. I also let my tongue rest on his pee slit, shaft and balls. I had hoped he did not realize what I had done, but now, after thinking it over, I'm sure he did know possibly taking pride in my virginity in this area.

I never saw either of my black friends because in my job I got an unexpected transferred to a small town. I have made it back once or twice, but never have seen either one of my friends.

In the small town, life is so different, no neighborhoods like in the big city. Everyone knows everyone else's business and everyone is related, making it difficult to remain anonymous. But the experiences of these two black men have changed forever my sexual desires. I rarely role play white men, only black.

I really look closely at black women with their high booty's, not paying too much attention at white women with the exception of really busty white women. I am still shy especially with women, still introverted and my hands are my only pleasure again. But I hope to find somewhere to get a release on a regular basis again soon.
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