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My Awakening

My entry into sex
I lived near a big city and heard about a street at the edge of town that was business and a lot of apartment buildings and a lot of gay men hung out there and one day I decided to see if it was true. I took the bus to the end of the line. It was still light out and I walked around for a long time and saw nothing to make me believe there was any truth to the stories I heard.

Soon it became dark and I noticed several men walking kind of slow like and retracing their steps. I walked past one of them heading toward the apartment buildings and kind of nodded and smiled at one him. He was an older man probably about 50 or so years old. He said hi and started a conversation.

Soon we were between 2 apartment buildings and he grabbed my hand and stopped but continued talking. He never let loose of my hand. I was really getting excited and kind of fidgeted and squirmed around. He looked at me and asked me if this was my first time. I stumbled and mumbled, and he kind of pulled me between the two buildings reassuring me every thing would be all right and I would really like it.

When we were hidden from view between the buildings he rubbed my crotch and said, "Oh my, I think you are ready".

We got to a stairway leading down. he went down the few stairs and turned the corner holding my hand and pulling me along. He whispered, "We have to be quiet so no one will hear us. Is this your first time?"

I nodded my head.

This little alcove had a small light bulb in the ceiling and he reached up and unscrewed it. Then in the dark pulled me close to him and started to kiss me. I pulled and turned away and he patted me reassuringly and said, "OK, it's OK I just thought you might want to return my favors but it's OK, relax."

He reached down and unzipped my pants. He reached in and tried to untangle my prick from my shorts and kind of quietly laughed and said, "You better take it out I don't want to hurt you, it's hard as a rock."

I reached down and pulled it out.

"Wow," he said, "not bad. Circumcised and you look really ready. Have you ever done this before?"

I whispered, "No".

He got on his knees and licked and sucked and fondled my balls. My balls were so tight. Pretty soon he was sucking and bobbing. My eyes were getting used to the dark and I noticed he was stroking himself.

Not very long into this episode, I hoarsely whispered, "I think I'm going to cum."

He pulled my prick out of his mouth and said, "I was hoping it would last longer but I understand, I'll finish you off." 

He continued at a faster pace. I was in heaven. I enjoyed jacking off, but this was so much better. I exploded in his mouth squirted stream after stream and was bucking into his face uncontrollably as he swallowed. I think he held most off my load in his mouth though and he just let my dick soak fully down his throat while he jacked himself off furiously. Then when he came he swallowed the rest of mine, I guess he thought it was as if we came together.

I was kind of nervous but satisfied and I zipped up and quickly started walking away. He pulled me close and loudly whispered, "If you enjoyed that, you know where to find me."
That was my introduction to sex with people. I did satisfy myself regularly, but this was so much better. I was always introverted and shy but this visit changed me and I frequented that neighborhood at the edge of town often, probably at least twice a week. I found many different men there through the years and all satisfied my needs. Some avoided me when they found I would not participate and do them, but most understood I was not gay, just wanted a release, and they always helped me out.

When I drove there, I would drive to a church parking lot and we would do it in the car, we could talk and not worry. We could see if anyone was coming when they were quite far away. I had to keep a towel handy for my men to cum on otherwise it was all over everything. I saw a lot of the same men, but many times they were different but always gave me that release I needed.
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