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My best fantasy pt 4

my next chapter from my fantasy

I reached the top of the stairs, turned towards the room I was guided to and as I walked past the room I was in earlier I peeked in.


As I stood in the door way the smell of sex was electrifying, I could make out several Bodies in the dim lit room.


2 of the bodies I recognised straightaway as the In-Laws, they was in a 69 position hungrily sucking at each others swollen cocks, a smile rose on my face and I turn from the room.


As I reached the closed door of the daughters bedroom there was a little fairy sign that said Donna’s room keep tidy, “aww bless” I thought to myself, thinking she must be of a young age, I opened the door & walked in, putting on the light I could see before me a very tidy room indeed, decorated in pink, but something just did not add up to the young girl image I had in my head.


I walked into the room and closed the door behind me, walked over to the bed and sat down, “mmm very comfy” I said to myself, I got back up put on the bedside lamp and turned out the main light.

I lay down on the soft comfy bed, and immediately my head went into overdrive as I relived all the events up until now, my ass was aching from the fucking it had received and was full of several loads of Cum, my mouth was aching too from all the cock and pussy sucking, no wonder I was knackered.


As I lay there I looked around the room, when I noticed on the washing basket where a bright red pair of knickers with a bra, being nosey I took a look, WOW no way does a young girl where these, they was lacy thong style knickers with a matching peephole bra, I was now curios so I began looking deeper in the wash basket and in the drawers and wardrobe.

“Either mum has so many clothes she uses her daughters space aswell or this young girl is not so young” I thought as I opened a bedside drawer, “BLOODY HELL” a drawer full of various sex toys including a strap-on, double ended dildo, different shape size and colour vibrators, a pair of handcuffs, different lubes, this was now more like a sex shop than a young girls bedroom, I closed the drawer and lay back down, turned off the lamp and grinning to myself Drifted of to sleep.


I don’t know how long had passed while I slept, but I awoke to find the hostess sucking on my cock, “mmm” I groaned, she glanced up at me and smiled, “I hope you have recovered enough, I thought maybe an hour was long enough” she said, then continued taking my whole cock in her mouth, I could feel her tongue flicking and rolling all around my shaft and Swollen cock head, her tongue just gently pushing into my cocks eye every now and again.


“I’m truly in heaven, I don’t want tonight to end” I thought as I slowly began to awaken, “well he seems to be recovered anyway” I joked to her talking about my Hard Cock.


She lifted my legs behind my knees slightly so that she could lick my Shaven Balls and then licked to the start of my ass, being shaven around my cock balls and my ass really does make everything more sensitive.


I felt her tongue tip begin to explore my tight and now well used sphincter, shudders shot through my entire body as she did so, she would push her tongue into my ass then lick with her tongue pressed flat across my ass hole this was so HOT.


Then she re-positioned herself so she could ease a finger into my ass and suck my cock back into her very experienced mouth, I lay there panting as wave after wave of pleasure ran through me from head to toe, this continued for about 2 or 3 minutes, then she pulled herself up and straddle me, without even handling my cock she lowered her very wet shaven pussy onto it.


I glided into her so easily, I felt the head of my cock push past her puffy pink lips and enter her pleasure dome, the walls of her love nest closed in around my shaft, she lowered her mouth to mine and began kissing me feverishly, our tongues wrestling each other, I could taste myself on her tongue, her saliva was flowing into my mouth and I was swallowing it down as I had with the cum earlier that night, she was lifting her Pussy up and then down on my cock as we kissed, this added to the excitement, the feel of her tongue piercing as we kissed felt as erotic as when I felt it around my cock when she sucked me. The muscles in her soaking wet pussy were so toned it was like a python grip on my throbbing cock.


We fucked like this for a while when she raised herself up put a hand down between us took a firm hold of my slippery Boner and then rubbed it around her own ass bud, then she lowered herself impaling that ass on my cock, she started to ride me again, pinching & pulling my nipples as she did so, this was too much for me I could feel my sperm racing round my swollen Balls, not yet she begged please hold it, I want you to cum with me, she slowed down her pace a little to give me a chance to regain control of myself, this I did to my surprise.


She began to slide forward and back, up and down, pulling on her own nipples so hard I thought they would come off, she took my hands and put them on her bouncy beautiful shaped tits to replace hers, I began tugging at her nipples, “mmm harder please harder” she moaned as I began to really stretch those nipples and her pace quicken I felt her body begin to convulse as her orgasm began to rip through her not before time either as my sperm was on a mission to leave my cock and enter her ass, we both began moaning loudly and our bodies spasmed as we both reached our orgasms my cock seemed to react like a volcano spurt after spurt shot into her hot tight ass as she soaked my cock n balls with her juices I could feel it run around the crack of my ass.


She leaned forward again and kissed me as passionately as before, pulling on my short hair as she did so, as we kissed I could feel her body shake as another orgasm took hold of her, “Fucking hell that was intense” she said as she bit my lip gently.


She collapsed on top of me her hard nipples digging into my chest and her tits squashed like two half filled balloons. We lay in each others arms for about 2 minutes when she rolled off and lay next to me, balanced on her elbow looked at me and said “well my names Sarah, sorry I did not catch yours” she giggled a school girl type giggle,


  “I’m Tim” I said


“Well Tim I am more than pleased to have met you” she giggled again “hope you will come to more of our parties”


“Just try and keep me away” I said


“Can I ask how old Donna is Sarah”


“she is just turned 18 now, do you know her”


“No unfortunately wish I did” I grinned


“What’s the grin for, what did you mean by that comment?”


“Err well I erm could not help but notice the underwear over there in the wash basket when I came into the room earlier”


“You bad boy have you been sniffing my daughters Knickers” she laughed “makes you as bad as her dad and uncle”


“Oh yeah, tell me more” I said


“maybe next time when we get to know you a bit better, but rest assured you will get to meet our Donna” she winked at me,


“Well I must go join everyone again I guess, start my rounds all over again, you was my last fuck I needed to complete my list” she laughed as she climbed of the bed kissed me softly and said “join us all when your ready” and left the room


I lay back on the bed, grinning from ear to ear, how wonderful that was how passionate for two complete strangers to have sex in such a manner normally associated with couples in love. Sarah was certainly a fantastic hostess. And I can’t wait to find out more about Donna………………


Please leave any comments you may have, Part 5 will be coming soon, take care and good health to everyone, enjoy your life no matter what you do, you only get the FUCKING ONE


Tim x

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