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My Best fantasy py2

I will try and make this last a little longer

Firstly Thank you for the comments it means a lot to me, i will now try and

So i have just sucked and swallowed my 1st cock, and wow it was amazing.

I got up from the bed gave the mans wife a quick kiss again saying "thank you" left the bedroom and made my way to the kitchen for a drink.

As i poured my Drink a voice said "That was some performance you gave, well done you"
It was the Hostess, "sorry i did not speak much when you arrived only as you could see i was a liitle busy myself" she giggled

She looked amazing, pierced nipples belly button and as i find out later a pierced clit,(mmmm)

i replied to her in a squeaky shy voice "oh thats ok, so you saw what i did then" (blushing)

"yes you looked to be enjoying every minute of it, and i know my brother loved it, i could tell by the look on his face"
"Your brother i stammered"
"yes, and my sister-in-law, she was so wet watching you suck him as she sucked you"
"how could you tell"
"my hand was on her pussy silly" she giggled again "well i hope you'll stay longer so i get my chance later with you"
"i will stay as long as i can if thats ok"
"of course it is" she refilled her glass and walked away.

as i sipped my drink i looked around, i looked into the conservatory there was what looked like a massage table in the middle of the room, on this lay a man in his 40's i'd guess, his legs in the air with a guy fucking his ass and another with his cock in his mouth, the man laying down was wearing a basque and stockings, he looked more like a woman than a man actually except the presence of a hard cock.

as i watched a while my cock began to stiffen again, i was enjoying cock fun more than i thought i would, i looked around to see if anyone noticed but soon realised that well we are all here for the same thing.

in the opposite corner to where i was standing sat a young couple, he was about mid 20's and she looked about late teens, nice firm breats with big stiff nipples, he had a slim body and a cock that looked like a truncheon is was thick and long.

she was stroking his cock up and down and the head looked shiny, i guess this was pre-cum, i moved towards them for a better look, as i got round the table i could see a figure on the floor between her legs, it was another woman i nearly came there and then what a sight.

i stood watching and stroking myself, the guy looked at me and smiled and gestured with his head for me to get closer.

nervously i did and approached his side for a better view of the action, he took my cock in one hand and placed his other hand on my ass, i felt shock waves run right through my entire body, he then took me in his mouth and stoked my ass all over up n down.
His girlfriend looked up at me smiled and said "good my arms aching"
i new she was hinting at me replacing her hand on his cock, so i did afirs fair and all that, it was huge and felt so hard in my hand, i could just close my hand around it, this cock must have been about 8"s long, well shaved and oozing from its little eye.
i was thinking to myself, 'how does she take that, it would not even fit in my mouth' well thats what i was thinking so i now needed to find out, as much as i did not want to i pulled my cock from his mouth and got on my knees, i licked the tip of his cock he sighed.

i ran my tongue from balls to tip and back again, my mouth was watering so much i dribbled on his shaven balls, he held my head as i licked, i took the tip in my mouth to try it for size and could just get that cut cock head in my mouth, i swirled my tongue around it tasteing his cum mmmmm it was nicer than what i swallowed earlier.

as i was sucking him try to get more and more into my mouth, i felt my little tight ass bud being touched, not wanting to stop sucking i allowed it to continue as it felt nice anyway, i then felt a wet and warm sensation on my ring it was a tongue, i nearly shot my load.

i pulled off the cock and looked over my shoulder, it was the lady who had been licking this guys gf, she was on her back licking my balls and ass stroking it with her fingers, i returned to the cock stroking it up and down my spit had made it very slippy, back into my mouth it went.

The finger at my ass entrance was now pushing slowly against it, trying to get it to open up, again this was a new experience for me but how good it felt, as her finger worked it's way inside my tight virgin ass i squirmed as it was a little uncomfortable a little painful but felt so nice at the same time, i could feel my whole body starting to relax i could even get more of this hot cock in my mouth so i now have almost half of it in.

The finger probed deeper in and out, she adjusted herself so she could get my cock in her mouth at the same time, i was in heaven.

After about 3 0r 4 minutes of her doing this i felt her fingers pull out from my ass, i was a little upset as it was so nice i wanted her to put her finger back in, when i felt a nudge against my entrance again and thought thats must be 2 fingers, then i heard her say " be gentle i think it will be his 1st time" confused but not wanting to stop sucking this cock as i could feel it throbbing i just relaxed and expected to just get another fingering from some else.

how wrong i was, the nudging became a little harder and again i felt some discomfort and she must have noticed because she said "careful Dave, i said it must be his 1st time, now fuck him with more thought"

"fuck him!" "Dave" i said to myself, fucking hell what am i letting happen now?
as i thought this i could feel the cock back at my hole and pushing in, i felt her spit at my asshole and his cock, this seemed to help as i suddenly felt a sort of pop then a relaxed feeling came over me, his cock was obviously in as he let out a huge sigh.
"thats it Dave your in his ass how does it feel" she said
"as tight as you did when i took your cherry, mmm so nice"

The cock in my mouth was swelling even more and his vein pulsing i continued to suck and use my tongue, the grip on my head became stronger and the guy began to buck, shot after shot of hot cum hit the back of my throat, i swallowed as quick as i could but a lot escaped my mouth, the lad said "sorry i could not hold on any longer seeing dave fuck your ass and the tremendous blow job you was giving me was to much"
his gf lowered her head and said "wasteful" giggling she licked his cum from my mouth and face that had leaked out.

Dave continued to fuck my ass and i was now aware that others where watching me play as i had been watching them, this excited me more.

"change position" said daves wife, he pulled out of me she got up and help me stand, my head had gone light i was high on pure lust and pleasure.

she sat on the armchair moved me so i was between her legs and she raised her legs onto my shoulders, i pushed my dripping cock into her trimmed pussy, it was so wet and hot, the lads gf said to dave "here let me lube you some more so it goes in easier" with that she sucked his cock, i also felt a tongue in my ass it was the lad, "there now he is ready also for you dave" he said, "dont exhaust him to much though i want to fuck him also"

I felt Dave get behind me, then felt his cock push into me and yes it did go in a bit easier, it was still a little uncomfortable though, i could not believe i was actually doing this, i had only ever seen it in porn movies or pictures, but WOW i dont want this night to end.

Dave was building up a nice slow rythm in and out of my ass i matched this as i fucked his wifes hot pussy, it was to much for me and i told them i was going to cum, "thats ok" said dave "i'll eat that later you shoot as deep as you can into her pussy"
i could not hold any longer then sensation of my 1st ass fucking and her well muscled pussy got the better of me and i shot my cum deep into her pussy as dave had asked, as i cum my butt cheeks tensed, dave must have liked that because he said "Oh God YESSS, keep doing that it feels so great, i wanna cum in your sweet Ass, is that ok with you"

Well i had not said "NO" to anything else tonight so why not.

i kept tensing my butt cheeks and i could feel my ass muscle sucking on daves cock, after about 2 more minutes i felt daves whole body go rigid and then felt what must have been him cumming hit deep into my ass Tunnel. WOW what a feeling.

Dave pulled out of my ass, patted my cheeks and said "you are welcome to any of our parties anytime, or just a stop over when ever you want"

"thanks" i muttered, my mouth so dry and panting so heavy, i was sweating and feeling week at the knees, Daves wife kissed me full on the lips and said, "mmmmm you must have felt good"


Well i hope you all enjoyed this part just as much, remember it is fiction but if it becomes a reality i will write and tell you all about it, be back with part 3 soon xxxx

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