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My Best Fantasy

Tags: orgy, bi, group
1st group Bi experience

This story is Fictional only, unless any one can help make it real......

After many years wanking over Various porn sites and in various chat rooms, i was invited to an adult party near to where i live in the midlands Uk.

The morning of the party i awake so nervious and excited it was almost unbearable, my cock was so hard thinking about all the hot naked women i would see and all the hor sex action that would be taking place that i had to releive myself with a long slow wank until i shot cum into the air and it landed on my tummy.

I spent the whole day thinking of what might happen and walking around my flat with a hard on, late afternoon i went for a nap as i knew the party was an all nighter, when i awoke after a couple of hours i got up and went for a shower, i shaved my cock, balls and crack of my ass aswell as my face, i love being totaly shaved and find it more sensual.

I spent time getting ready and nerviously left my flat and got into my car, set the sat nav up and started my 16 mile journey, i felt like a small child on christmas eve.

i pulled into a quiet looking street, that was lined both sides with cars, i managed to park and walked up the path of the house, shaking with nerves now, i knocked the door.

A guy about mid 40's opened the door and welcomed me in, the rooms where dimly lit but i could make out quite a number of people all around the ground floor.

The man that showed me in introduced me to several men and womens as he lead me to the kitchen to put my bottles of wine in and to get myself a drink, he said you seem very nurvious is this your 1st orgy, i nodded he put his hand on my shoulder and said don't worry all will be fine you do not have to do anything you don't want to, you can just watch if you like.

He then led me into the conservatory to meet his wife she was stunning, shoulder length Brown hair, Green eyes, a cuddly figure that was covered by a skimpy Bra and Thong oh and a mouthful of hard cock, her husband said "now don't speak with your mouthful darling but this is Tim, the guy we spoke to online the other night", she moved away from the cock looked up at me and said "welcome, enjoy yourself and i'll catch up with you later" with a wink and a smile then put the dripping hard cock back in her mouth and continued to suck the other guy.

Paul, (the husband) showed me to a room and said if i wanted to undress like everyone else i could leave my clothes in here, in my nervious state i had not even noticed that everyone was almost if not totally naked, He turned and left the room, i began to undress when i heard a noise coming from the open onsuite, i moved towards the door looked in and saw 2 women and a guy licking and sucking each other, that was it my cock was solid and i got undress to my boxers quicker than i ever had before.

I picked up my drink and returned down stairs,
i entered the living room and found a chair to sit on, the room was so dim i could hardly make out men from women or who was doing what,
after some polite chat with a man and his girlfriend i felt a warm hand touching my cock through my boxers, i was so hard i offered no resistance, i tried hard to see who was touching me but i was enjoying it that much i did'nt really care,
i felt my boxers being removed then a hot wet mouth around my cock, i was sure i felt bristles but then thought it must be me,
the blow job was amazing my eyes rolled back in my head, i could feel my cock throb in this mouth and i was about to shoot, i told them i was going to when a female voice said "yes go on cum in his mouth i love that", 
stunned i thought "his" who is sucking my cock but i was too close to cummin to stop now and shot my load into the eager mouth that was wrapped around my Hard cock,
when i stop shuddering the person stood up leaned towards and said sorry i hope you did not mind but my mrs love me to do that when people are not expecting it,
i stammered "it was great, 1st time a guy has ever done that to me but Wow it was Hot" the guy and his wife said "really you mean your not Bi"
i said "well i guess i must be i do love to see hard cocks, but i have never done anything with a man before just now",
we all giggled, then they said "did you enjoy it" i said "yes very much indeed" "would you like to experience more, nerviously i said "yes, actualy i would"
she took my hand and led me upstairs her hubby followed,

we entered one of the bedrooms the door was open and from the light on the landing i could make out several figures in the room already.

as we walked into the room i could feel hands touching me every where, it was so exciting i tingled all over.

the mans wife got down in front of me and started to suck my cock to full stiffness again,(this did'nt take long) while she was sucking my cock he was feeling my ass, it did feel really strange but i just went with the flow knowing i could stop it at any time.( i just did not want to)

i then felt a different mouth sucking my cock and this time i knew it was a man because i could feel his moustache against my shaved pubic area, he was as good as the womans hubby, while he sucked me he cupped my balls in his hand, and started stroking between my legs up and down my ass crack, he looked up and said "mmmm well shaved i love that" then a couple of voices said "is he completely shaved?" the 1st guy who sucked me replied "his cock balls and ass crack are very very smooth"

it was strange to hear men talking about me like this but sexy at the same time, i was led over to the bed and laid down, there was a guy next to me he was sucking on a cock while a young woman was fucking him,

as i lay there i felt something nudge my cheek, i raised my hand to it and found a very hard smooth cock, i felt it all over, then without any thought i took it into my mouth and sucked up & down the whole cock, which was about the same size as mine 6" or so,
i heard a voice say "are you sure this is your 1st time sucking cock" it was the guy who 1st sucked me downsatirs, i replied"yes i am very sure" to which he moaned "well you are a natural then because that feels amazing" i continued sucking his cock and i felt his vein throb and knew he wanted to cum, i continued as in for a penny in for a pound and then almost gagged as his hot salty sperm shot into my throat, gasping for breathe i could feel my own orgasm approaching, because as i was sucking him a woman was sucking me and i let my Cum flow, when she finished sucking every drop, she said "thank you", i just muttered "No it is i who thanks you all"

well thats part of my fantasy, and day i'll add more if you want to read it, i must stop now as my cock is so hard i need to wank...take care everyone XXX 

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