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my BEST friend

"Fucking Bastard!!!" I screamed at my phone as I stared at his text.

"You no how it is baby, I cant just fuck you when you want, im married remember" it had said.

Fuck you then, you go and shag that fat wife of yours, ill find someone else. I thought.

I was pissed off, and horny. A combination that should not mix. He was turning me down again. I hadn't meant to fall for him, but after a year of amazing sex with this man it was kind of hard not to get attached, I was only human right?!

So, instead of a night of passion with my married lover I went round to my friends where we would drown our sorrows til the early hours.

"I just don't fucking understand him" I slurred to Lottie, many hours and many bottles of white wine later.

"Babes, he's a bloody idiot! I mean, look at you!" she looked me up and down for a few seconds "You're gorgeous, young and willing to let this old man fuck you however the fuck he wants! He should be begging to have you all to himself and fuck you senseless every night"

I loved Lottie, she always knew the right things to say in a crisis.

"Ah well ill make him sorry the next time" I beamed!

4 Bottles of wine later we were talking about our fantasies, and me being totally wasted had my guard completely down!

"I've always wanted to fuck a woman!" I said "I think ive always been bisexual deep down and its gagging to come out!"

Lottie was looking at me puzzled "You're too much of a man whore, you know you'd miss the cock!"

"True, but I fink id do a bloody good job of eating out a nice hot pussy!"

We both giggled, like little schoolgirls but the thought of sucking a pussy never left my head, it could've been something to do with the fact that I was still extremely horny and in need of sex but would I really enjoy it... who knows....

We must have passed out not long after that on lotties bed as I woke up in the early hours with her lying next to me. One of her legs was over mine and I could see right up her skirt. I knew for a fact that she was completely shaven, we always talked about things like that, and she had made no exception tonight either.

She stirred in her sleep and moved her arm so her hand was in my lap. Right ontop of my sex.

I nudged her "Oi you perve get ur mitts off!"

Her eyes darted open "Im not asleep, I did it on purpose" she grinned!

I didn't know what to say, flashbacks of the conversation we had earlier was going through my head, but before I had any chance to reply she was on top of me.

"Look dais, you're hot and ive always been curious so if I ever wanted to fuck a girl it would be you, whats the harm eh? You know ill make you cum so hard you'll scream!"

She brought her lips to mine,and kissed me softly before parting my mouth with her tounge and kissing me roughly, with force and alot of tounge. She teased the top of my mouth with her tounge and nibbled softly on my lower lip. I moaned!

"Shit lottie, you are some kisser!" I said.

"Shutup and let me make you cum!"

She continued to kiss me and her hands moved down to my thighs. She brushed them softly and rubbed my pussy very gently through my thong. I know I was dripping wet and I could tell this made her very happy! She pushed the flimsy fabric to one side and rubbed her forefinger up and down my soaking wet slit, but not once did she push her finger deep inside me, which is what my body was acheing for! She pulled me thong down and spread my legs as wide as they would go and stared down at my hot, dripping wet pussy. She sucked on her fingers, then rubbed two of them very slowly and lightly over my clit. I moaned in ecstasy and she rubbed my clit even harder. Soon she was rubbing my clit very hard and fast and she inserted two fingers deep inside me.

She expertly fucked me as hard as she could with her fingers, still rubbin hard at my clit. I knew I was going to cum any second, but she took out one of her fingers and rubbed my ass hole with it. I have experienced anal many a time and absolutley loved it which she knew.

She continued rubbing my clit, fucking me with my finger and now fucking my ass with her finger as well. After a few seconds of this I could feel my orgasm build up inside of me!

"Fuck lottie you dirty bitch im gunna cum all over ur fingers!" As soon as I said that she stopped fucking me.

"What the fuck are you doing?!?!" I yelled! Was this all a big tease?

"Sit on my face you sexy minx, I want you to cum all over my face!"

I did as I was told, desperate for my orgasm and lowered myself onto her face.

Her tounge slowly licked me from pussy to ass hole. I moaned, I love my pussy being eaten, and with lottie it was no exception!

Her tounge worked her way to my clit and sucked hard on it, as she sucked on my clit her tounge was licking and sucking up all my juices. I knew it wouldnt be long until I was gonna cum all over her, soaking her with my juices!

I looked down and saw her skirt had ridden up and exposed her knickers and her very inviting pussy. I knew I had to have it.

I pulled her knickers down and could smell the sweetness of her pussy! I bent my head down and started to lick gently and her clit. Lottie staight away bucked her hips to push her pussy right into my face. I held on to her thighs so she couldnt move and began eating her.

I swirled my tounge round and round her erect clit, flicking my tounge faster and faster over it. I pushed two,then three of my fingers deep inside her hot wetness and finger fucked the hell out of her pussy.

"Im gonna cum" she moaned into my pussy!

"Lets cum together" I said.

I fucked her harder with my fingers, her pussy was squelching with the amount of juices there were. Lottie was fucking my pussy with her tounge, every now and then pushing her tounge over my clit drivin me wild.

I was seconds away from cumming, I grinded my pussy over her face which made her lick and suck on me even harder! I kept lapping and her clit harder, my tounge was workin faster and faster on her and she bucked her hips into my face and moaned into my pussy which sent me over the edge!

Before I knew it I was cummin very hard, the most powerful orgasm i've had in ages, my pussy was oozing out cum and it was covering lotties face. Before I knew it my fingers were being covered in lotties cum, she slammed her pussy down onto my fingers to get them deep inside as possible and I carried on fucking her until she collapsed back on the bed, panting!

I climbed off of her, and smiled at the juices that had covered her face!

"Wow!" was all I could manage "I've been missing out, I never knew fucking a girl was soo good!"

"Fuck me daisie, you cum like a bitch, honestly though, next time you're pissed off and horny definatly come round here again"....

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