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my best time

Met him in a chat

I am now in my mid 40's and I am married. I love women but I have a craving for cock from time to time. I just think it is very natural and wonderful to enjoy sex with a man from time to time. Although, I have not and would not actually do anything while, I am married, I am not a cheater. I want to relate to you the hottest guy to guy sex I have ever had as just remembering it makes me so fricking horny I can almost get off without touching myself! So here it goes:

I was 36 and had recently gotten my 1st PC. I had recently broke up with a wonderful woman  and was not looking for a rebound relationship. I have always been a very sexual person and had not had sex for a couple of months. I got online and entered a bi-curious chat. Although it was my first time I took to it pretty quickly and was soon enjoying very hot chat. It was not long though before I craved a real encounter and was no longer satisfied with just chatting, afterall it was just fantasizing and I could have been chatting with anyone at all, I knew I had to meet someone real.

I started advertising for guys in my area and met a guy named Jay. Jay was married and curious about bi sex. Because he was married he wanted to be very discreet, which was perfect. He was very much like me in that he was not into kissing, or romance or anal, he just wanted to mutual masturbate and do oral. I was very excited about that and the fact that he had an 8" cock as well!

We quickly made plans to meet for real. As I was single and had my own place, I was more than willing to host, I felt safer that way. We met in a parking lot and after a very short time agreed to go back to my place.

There were no illusions as to what we were there to do so we wasted no time. He sat down on my couch and I put in a lesbian porno that I had masturbated to many times. My cock was already hard and I proceeded to rub it through my pants. I looked over and Jay was doing the same thing. I unzipped my pants and reached into my tighty whities and took my own now raging hard throbber out. I saw Jay looking over at me and that got me so turned on I nearly blew my load then! He followed my lead and pulled down his pants to reveal his beautiful cock, I began to salivate. I got up from my computer desk and went to sit beside him. We just sat next to eachother quietly stroking our own cocks. After a couple of minutes I had to feel his hard cock. I reached over and he removed his hand knowing it would quickly be replaced with mine. I took his smooth shaft in my hand and we both let out a soft moan. I slowly began to stroke his cock, it felt so natural and wonderful. I was so totally turned on and hot, I knew I could not wait much longer I had to feel this sweet cock in my mouth. I got down on my knees and slowly bent down and with the tip of my tongue I traced the line up the center of his smooth leathery balls he began to shutter. I slowly kissed and licked my way up the throbbing shaft to the pre-cum covered mushroom head. I kissed it like it was a long lost lover and ran my tongue all over it, tasting his sweet drops. I opend wide and entered paradise with the feeling of his gorgeous cock sliding into my hungry mouth. I began to slide up and down loving the feeling of his cock sliding against my lips. I caressed his balls with my finger tips and was in bliss as he bagan to moan and pant quickly. He than said it was time for me to give him my cock to play with. I got up and stepped from my pants. I took his cock and led him to my bed. We lay down in a 69 position, I don't remember ever being so turned on. I greedily took his cock back in my mouth and began sucking like there was no tomorrow, loving the feeling of his cock pistoning in and out of my mouth. I felt his warm mouth around my cock for the first time. His tongue swirling over my purple head, I was ecstatic, the feeling of my cock in his mouth and his in mine was to much to handle. After a very few minutes of this, I rolled over on my back and shot stream after glorious hot steam of sticky cum onto my stomach. He continued to pump, milking every last drop out of my straining balls. It was the most incredible orgasm I ever experienced. I had to do the same for him, like a posessed cock craving creature I greedily devoured this beautiful cock that was pounding in my hand. I swallowed as much of his shaft as I could and cupped his sweet balls. I could feel his load getting ready to shoot as his cock head hit the back of my throat. He began to groan very loudly and I heard him scream he was gonna shoot. I was so frenzied that I could not stop and decided I would let him shoot his load in my mouth.  He bagan to grunt and grind and I felt the first jet of hot cum hit the back of my throat. He shot what seemed like an endless stream of sweet fruity cream into my waiting my mouth and although the thought of this happening was never really a turn on for me, I greedily tongued ever last sweet drop. We lay there on my bed for a few minutes while his cock went soft in my mouth.

With our passion and cum spent, we got dressed and Jay left. We met once more for a repeat performance about a week later, and than parted ways. I fondly remember those wonderful nights and masturbate to those memories quite frequently.

I hope you enjoyed my story, it was 100% true.

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