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My Bi MMF 3some

My first, and only, bi MMF threesome....and true...
PART 1 –

This episode in my sex-life relates to an experience when I was on holiday on the island of Ibiza . I was there with a good male friend of mine when, five days into the holiday, he had to return home unexpectedly due to a family crisis. Before we became aware of the problem, we had talked about hiring a car for a week and going to two or three nude beaches. So being alone now, I decided to carry on with the plan and therefore, the morning after he left, I set out for the day. After driving for half an hour I visited one of the local nude beaches and stayed for about four hours. However, it was too quiet with not many people around and not many ‘sights’ to see. So two days later I tried another beach.

I jumped into the car and headed for a different coastal area some distance away. As I arrived it was about 10am so there weren’t too many people around. Finding a good spot, I lay my towel down, lay on it (shy at first I suppose) and stripped right off. Oh, I loved it instantly as I had the previous time, nude and free feeling and letting the sun hit all my body. It felt strange but exhilarating being naked such that everyone could see. I sun lotioned up and lay down. Naked and legal in public, relaxing and having the sun slowly cook my body. Every small inch of it.

I must have drifted off to sleep as I lay there, relaxed, but I awoke with the sound of two Germans laying their belongings out close by me. Closer than normal I thought, but when I looked around the beach was growing busier. The couple were about late-30s (actually mid 40s as I found out later); she was quite statuesque and athletic whilst he was balding with a bit too much stomach but not fat. Standing up they stripped right off. She was quite nicely busty and with a smooth, shaved pussy whilst his cock looked a decent size even when soft. They proceeded to apply lotion to themselves and each other before they lay down on their towels.

After a while the lady must have noticed that the book I was reading was written in English. So the next time we caught eyes, she started some small talk. The sun, hot, busy beach, where was I staying, why was I alone etc and for a while we chatted and the man sometimes chipped in with a comment or query. We chatted like this for maybe 30 minutes and then she suddenly suggested that I be careful or my cock would get burnt with the hot, intense, sun. She told me to roll onto my stomach and she would be willing to rub lotion on my back.

At first I resisted, out of politeness, but she insisted so I rolled onto my front. She took the lotion and poured it onto my back, and ass cheeks, and started rubbing it in. Well it wasn’t just rubbing it in. it was more of a sexual massage. From my shoulders to my back, to my sides to my calves and then thighs. It took seconds after she started for my cock to get hard, and it got harder the more she rubbed the lotion into my skin.

She left my ass to last and poured some lotion in the crack, and subsequently proceeded to rub deep in the valley and around my dark hole. I must admit I then squirmed and had a moan of pleasure as she tickled it. After a few seconds of this she moved down to my exposed balls and I spread my legs open to allow her to rub lotion on the exposed sac. Again I moaned and I felt I was going to cum at any moment with the surprising sensuality of her caresses. She chuckled and said that all my exposed back body parts had to be lotioned. Eventually she finished after addressing my balls and asshole once again.

I have to say that the feel of this stranger doing that to me, at first surprised me, and I was going to stop her out of courtesy, but then, as I enjoyed it, I wasn’t going to complain.

She said I could turn over now and I stammered that I had better not!! She laughed and tickled under my arms and I involuntarily tuned over to stop her and my rock hard cock sprang out and up. Too late I thought and fell back onto my back on the towel. She smiled and said she had seen hard cocks before but mine was nice. Then I noticed her husband was hard, I guess, through watching us at ‘play’. His meat was larger than mine but not as thick. She saw me looking at it and so took hold of her husband’s cock and asked me if I liked it. I laughed and smiled, abashed at her forwardness. For mow that was that, so we all settled down for the sun as my cock wilted.

I dozed and woke to notice H (the man) was missing. Y (the lady) started chatting again and the chat was definitely of a sexual nature. She asked if I like being nude in private and in public, had a girl or boy friend, did I wank a lot, do I cum good, which holes does my cock like going into and a lot more!! She started talking about her and her husband etc and their sex life. After a while H came back with a cool box full of bottles of wine. She told me to have some and so we started drinking the grape. The more we drank the more risqué the chat became until she asked me to put lotion on her back. I looked at H and he said I had to go ahead, as it might turn him on. So she rolled over and I started putting lotion on her back, legs and then ass. As she had done to me I did to her, eventually running lotion between her cheeks and then spreading them and rubbing her small dark hole. She moaned….

Maybe due to the drink, I pushed my finger inside it a little and she squirmed and moaned a “Yes". I looked at H and he was cock hard; and so was I. I moved my fingers down to between her cheeks and followed the run of sun-lotion down there onto her pussy gash. H said something like ‘she likes it’ so I continued tracing my fingers over the base of her pussy slit circling around it and then entering it with my index finger. She spread her legs and wiggled as I pushed in. I twisted and moved my finger for a while as she purred away but after a while I withdrew it. She said that was nice and H smiled. As she turned onto her back she said that as she had seen my cock hard I should see her cunt wet!! So she turned and spread her legs and showed me her glistening, pinky- red, fuckhole so wet and inviting. She spread the lips and said something like ‘later’ and H said something like ‘it’s nice isn’t it?’ Throughout this period my cock had been at full stand and indeed was leaking pre-cum.

Getting more drunk she continued her explicit talk until she told me she would rub lotion on my cock. All inhibitions lost I lay back and let her do as she said, and in seconds I was hard. As she sexually rubbed the lotion onto my cock she spread lotion all over me and told H to join her. So I let both of them rub lotion all over the front of my body including massaging up and down on my cock, both of chem. I told them I would cum if they continued but they teased me until I was on the brink of shooting my ball load. I told them that I was nearly at a climax so then they stopped. Sadly for me at that point. Then we had more to drink, chatted more and dozed again for a while.

I awoke and to my relief they were still beside me. They told me this was a ‘Hedonistic’ beach where almost anything goes. More drinks of wine and we were getting well smashed and the chat was getting so horny as we chatted about everything, normal and kinky, you can imagine. Both were bisexual and we fully discussed their sex lives. At 5pm the beach started emptying as people drifted home. When I said I couldn’t drive any more due to the alcohol they said that I should come back to their villa and stay the night. I knew this was an open invitation to sex and obviously agreed to their offer. We dressed and walked to their villa which was 15mins away.

They had a big villa and as soon as we got there they stripped off, told me to do so and join them in the shower to remove the grease, sweat and sand. So I did as they bid. The shower/wet room was big with two shower heads and plenty of space. Turning the showers on we stepped into them and the fun began…..drunk, horny and uninhibited by then.

PART 2 –

As we all stood in the luxury wet room under the two powerful shower jets of hot water all inhibitions and shyness had gone. It may have been the alcohol, or the people involved or the freedom or the overt sexuality of what was to come but we laughed and joked and all three of us were in wonderful high spirits. Maybe the couple just loved having a ‘boy’ half their age to play with.

Y got a bottle of liquid soap and soon we were applying it to each other bodies….male and female. No pretence, no restrictions as the soap was rubbed onto, on and into any available body part with no male/female divide. H washed and rubbed me and I returned the actions, and we both shared Y as she shared us. Foaming soap was everywhere, white and bubbly.

Then what we were really here for started. As Y ‘washed’ my continuously hard cock for the fifth or sixth time, she fell to her knees and without notice took my meat straight into her mouth. Oh my god it felt so good. I grabbed her hair as she fiercely started orally pleasuring me. On and off my shaft she vibrated as if feeding off the joy it brought. As I stood there, legs apart H stood beside me and started caressing my ass, rubbing it in a passionate manner, feeling me up.

These reminiscences are making my cock sooooo hard right now (blush), Forgive me for being so forthright!

For a good few minutes Y continued in front of me, ferociously and greedily gobbling on my shaft and cockhead. Feeling H embrace me and seeing and feeling his wife in front of me had me so worked up I felt I would blow very soon, deep into her mouth. But Y had other ideas and after a few minutes of pleasure she swiftly pulling off me and stood up, turned around and, grabbing a handrail under the shower, bent forward exposing her ass and pussy to me.

I looked at H. “Go ahead Mark. Fill her,” he said with a broad smile. “Enjoy!”

I didn’t need a second invite. I moved forward, my organ pointing the way in hand and placed it at her slit of desire and her tunnel of love. For a few seconds I rubbed my purple pal up and down and between her smooth, clean, puffy, pink, genital, lips. I teased her and in return she wiggled her ass as she told me, “Mark, just fuck me please, NOW !!”

So I did as the lady ordered and slid my staff all the way, deep into her cavern in one slow move. The shower power water hit Y on the back as she was bent forward and ran down, channelled towards her ass gash and my penile pole. Without hesitation I started humping her. In and out, to and fro motions. In ecstasy, in such deep joy. I had been waiting and hoping for this since I saw them both strip on the beach but I never imagined it would happen. The foreplay had been elongated and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I would give her my seed of life.

As I rhythmically ploughed his wife, H had recommenced his rubbing of my ass. Only this time he started digging deeper and fingering the outside of my ass hole. He alternated this by slipping a hand between my legs and cupping my jiggling balls, gently squeezing them as if to warm up the contents within. Obviously it wasn’t easy to do both with my back and forth motions with his wife, but he tried his best.

I had been holding Y’s hips as she was bent forward and I slammed into her and occasionally I would bend forward onto her back to cup those ample and luscious breasts that I had kissed and nuzzled whilst we washed. When I didn’t have hold of them they hung down and shook violently as I rammed her from behind. If I was to guess I'd say they were maybe 38D or maybe even DD. Y was a statuesque, busty beauty even for her age. As H stood beside me, caressing me, if I wasn’t holding his good lady somewhere I sometimes let my hand slip down and take hold of and rubbed his strong, large rod. He loved having me play with it, but it was also distracting me from pulling on and pushing Y off my own shaft, or cupping and squeezing her tits and nipples.

I dance a jig of delight within the horny and downright sexy, mature lady in front of me for as long as I could. Moans and groans and swear words of pleasure over powered the noise of the two showers. Both Y and I screaming, shouting in delight. All sorts of dirty, sex words.

I steadily worked her pussy until I was at that peak of sexual desire. The culmination. The climax. I shouted that I was cumming, and as I hit the peak I felt a finger of H’s push deep into my ass. I didn’t object, indeed I loved it. Connected, the three of us with me as the central point. For the next minute I spasmed and blasted my cream deep into Y’s wet and wonderful, vagina. Spasm followed spasm, each preceding shot after shot of my seed. Cream flow followed the shots and then just the intense sensation followed the flow. I had unloaded my ball contents as deep as I could within her and received the most intense sensations I had received for a while in return. H’s finger deep in my hole seemed to heighten the whole sensation. About a minute long but the whole climax was sensational.

Satiated, I collapsed forward onto Y's back and the water hit my own back. Finally H withdrew his finger and I pulled off Y. My legs nearly gave way so I sat on the wet room floor under the other shower, trying to recover my breathing and senses. As I did so I saw H move forward and rubbed his own cockhead against the engorged puffy pussy lips of his wife and coated his own tool with my seeping, ivory, cream. Using my outpourings as lube he pushed into his wife who remained in position bent at right angles to the man. H started his own fucking, my cream seed coating his whole cock. I watched as they bucked and shook and after a good while of action H said he was cumming and started the orgasmic thrusts and shoves and moans and groans that only means one thing. He shot his load into his wife, mixing it with the remains of my load still deep within her.

I loved watching them and it kept my cock tingling. So many firsts for me. My first threesome, my first bisexual experience, my first real life voyeur of others.

H pulled off his wife and Y stood up straight, cum leaking from her. Eventually we turned off the showers and drying ourselves and each other off we retired to the bedroom. It was still warm in the villa as, still naked, we bounced onto the bed with me in the middle..

As we lay there side by side, arms around heads we chatted. And drank more wine. We talked about each others sex lives some more and each others fantasies making them as kinky as we could. We toyed with each others ‘fun parts’ and at one stage H fingered Y’s pussy, pulling out 3 cum coated fingers which he placed into his mouth, moaning with satisfaction.

H explained that he loved going down on Y and licking all the mixed cream from her depths but this time he would do that later.

As we lay there my cock started rising with all the handling it was getting. Two warm hands gently rubbing, stroking, toying, caressing my stomach, thighs, ass hole, balls and cock, as I just lay and revelled in the attention I was getting. I rested, spreading my legs, an arm under each of the others head. Letting them worship me as that’s what it seemed like. It was all slow and sensual, gentle and longing. They moved down the bed and kissed my nipples, rubbed my stomach and thighs, caressed and kneaded my balls, tickled and gently fingered my hole. And they kissed, rubbed, caressed, tickled and stroked my cock. Utter worship. They pulled back my foreskin and smeared my pre-cum over the exposed head. And they stroked my shaft. They rolled the skin back and forth exposing and covering the glans. All the time my shaft was like a rod of iron whilst those balls replenished themselves.

Reader you cannot begin to understand the joy I was in. For maybe 30 minutes they did this making certain I didn’t shoot. My shots would have hit the ceiling if I had. One male and one female hand, worship their deity. My deity.

I was in utter bliss. And so hard (as I am now, as I write this!!)

Then Y moved up the bed and clamped her mouth to mine in a deep passionate, no, sexual kiss. And as our tongues entwined I felt H move and a mouth engulfed my whole cock! I didn’t object and as my hands roamed over Y’s breasts, back, ass and pussy. H feasted on my meat. And I loved it. This continued for a while as my shaft solidified with the oral workings it was receiving. But, after a few minutes, all too short, Y broke off and whispered “Fuck him.”

And so I did. He got on his knees, head on the pillow and I got behind him. Y smeared some lube jelly (handily obtained from a bedside cabinet) over me and on his hole. She knelt beside us getting a closer view and spread his ass cheeks wide, exposing the smeared, wrinkled, dark, willing hole. I placed my cockhead at this opening and slowly inched in. H took my shaft quite easily as he was obviously used to such bodily intrusions. He was relaxed and whilst his ring was relatively tight it wasn’t too tight. I moved deeper until I bottomed in his bottom.

With Y getting close in to see the action (she was resting her cheek on his ass and was inches from the action: such a turn on for me) I started fucking him, recurring thrusting. I was no expert at this having only ever fucked Mike (a different recollection on my life if you want to read it) a few times so I was quite inexperienced. But I loved this.

So for quite a while I rammed him as his wife watched and helped. In and out, to and fro, in and out. For maybe ten minutes we played, varying my beat, even stopping if I neared the peak or as Y played with my ass hole or our balls or His cock.

But then I couldn’t hold back and arching my back I froze and shot a rope of my man milk deep into him. More followed as I bellowed out in pleasure. Sharp thrusts, wanting every piece of my meat in him. Blasting and leaving my cum as far in him as I could. Intense pelvic thrusts, one after another as the orgasmic sensation over took me. I did release a good load in his depths but finally the sensation relented, my balls depleted of their contents again and my cock no longer as solid or as delicate to its location.

After a while I withdrew my shrivelling meat and collapsed on the bed, again between the two.

It would take too long to tell all in this episode, all that happened over the next 24 hours at their villa. Let me just say, no holes were barred by anyone to anyone.

Well dear reader, I’m off to ‘relieve’ myself!!

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