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My Day at the Health Club

I am a cuckold, cock sucking, submissive, sissy slut who can't say no.
Several weeks ago on July 1st my wife and I were supposed to go to our health club that morning. My wife, Ann, told me to go by myself. She said she wanted to be alone to get some things done.

Let me tell you about Ann. She was a beautiful woman, 45 years old, 5’ 8”, 130 pounds, with blond hair, blue eyes, 34 B perky breasts, long legs, perfect skin and, oh yes, she was very domineering in the bedroom. She always told me what to do and I did it, no questions asked, or I ended up with a spanking.

At the club I did my aerobics first and then hit the machines. After that I was on the free weights when Benjamin came over with another guy. He introduced him as his younger brother, Josh.

Josh, he told me, was 18. He stood 6 foot, was 165 pounds, had short black hair, green eyes and overall he was quite attractive.

Ben asked if I wanted a spotter. Since I had 150 pounds on the bar I said sure. That may not seem like a lot of weight, but at age 50 and being 5’ 10” and 185 pounds, it was plenty for me.

Ben moved behind the bar inches from my upturned head. I grabbed the bar and looked up at Ben. Ben was 25 years old, 6 foot 2 inches tall and 195 pounds of solid muscle. Ben was also very good looking. He was wearing baggy gym shorts and I could clearly see his large flaccid penis and huge balls.

His equipment was no stranger to me. I had seen him naked several times, up close and personal, while he fucked my wife. Yes, I reflected, I was a cuckold. My wife loved for me to sit and watch as she took lovers. She also had had me participate in keeping her lovers excited as well as performing clean up duties.

I remember Ben smiling down at me when he caught me looking. I looked away but could feel my face redden with embarrassment and excitement.

I finished my sets and thanked him for the spot. I then headed to the locker room and the showers.

The club was equipped with individual dressing/shower rooms. I entered and stripped down and showered. I was just ready to dry off when the door opened and Ben and Josh entered.

Ben told me to be quiet unless I wanted the entire club to know I was a cock-sucking, cuckold, husband.

Both Ben and Josh stripped down and stood naked in front of me. Ben said, “On your knees, cock-sucker.”

As usual, I did as I was told. I was then at eye level with Ben’s hard and very thick nine inch cock and also Josh’s nine inches, although his cock was somewhat thinner.

Ben then ordered me to suck his cock. Now this was something new for me. I had not been with a guy in over 25 years, that was unless my wife ordered me to perform for her and her friends. But, I was very submissive so again I obeyed. I also knew that if Ann found out about this she would severely punish me.

I reached out with my hand and lifted his cock to my mouth. I don’t know why but I kissed the head of his beautiful cock before I opened my mouth. He tasted of sweat but it wasn’t at all unpleasant. I used my hand and mouth as I bobbed my head back and forth. In only a few minutes his balls pulled up. His cock swelled and then my mouth was filled with his cum. I swallowed repeatedly as his prostate and balls emptied.

I then turned to Josh. His cock was dripping pre-cum and pulsating with each heartbeat. I spent some time looking and then kissing the entire length of his cock. I also kissed each shaved ball. Then I did the same to him as I did to his brother. He only lasted thirty seconds. His first cum shot was so strong that it hit the back of my throat and I involuntarily pulled back. This stupid act rewarded me with a face full of cum as his cock spewed five or six long ropes of thick man juice.

I lowered my head in shame with what I had done. My left eye was stinging with his cum so I reach up to my closed eyes and wiped it away. At the same time I felt a steady stream of warm liquid hitting me on my cock and balls. I opened my eyes and looked in horror to see Ben pissing on me. I was equally mortified to see and feel my cock grow bigger and harder than it has ever been.

Josh laughed at me. He ordered me to jerk off. I quickly grabbed my six inch, rock hard, piss soaked cock and stroked it like never before.

As I masturbated, Josh moved over me and offered his dick to my mouth. I opened and took him in again. He was still quite hard. He put his hands on the back of my head and started to face fuck me. I reached around him with my left hand and caressed his ass checks and then moved to his asshole. I inserted a moistened finger to massage his prostate. That set him off and my mouth was flooded with his second load. When Josh came my cock erupted giving me the most intense orgasm of my life.

I had mixed emotions of what had taken place. I was excited with the sex, yet very humiliated that they took me that way. I guess I was so excited because I was so humiliated.

Both Ben and Josh laughed at me and said, “Hey, cock-sucker, we will see you soon.” I wondered what that was about? They dressed and left me on the floor dripping of cum and piss.

I quickly showered again and dressed. As I exited the locker room I saw both Ben and Josh talking to two other guys. They were laughing and smiling as they looked my way. I just knew everyone would soon know what I had done. My face was flushed and my cock was instantly hard as I made a hasty retreat to my car.

When I arrived home I went to the bedroom and saw Ann packing my suitcase. I was very confused. I thought she was kicking me out. She had laid out shirts, shorts, shoes, bra, panties, stockings, wig, makeup kit, blouse, skirt and a dress. She saw my face and quickly explained she was packing my things for our several day vacations get away in a hotel by the bay. She told me she stayed home to plan our vacation getaway for the 4 th of July weekend.

Ann said, “Oh and by the way, four of my friends from our health club will be staying in the rooms next to us. You remember Benjamin don’t you; well he is bringing his younger brother and two of his and my friends.”

How could I forget Ben, I thought? My cock jumped to attention at the thought of what was to come.

I smiled at my beautiful, always horny for younger cock, wife. "Yes, dear," I said, "I do remember Ben. I am looking forward to pleasing you and your friends in any way you want."

She said, "I love you, honey, and I know you will do as I say, and to be sure you do, I am also packing your paddle, butt plug, lube, wrist and ankle cuffs just in case you are a bad little sissy boy."

I can't wait to tell you everything that happened on that trip. It will be in great detail, in a story to be posted soon entitled, “My July 4 th Celebration”.

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