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My Favorite Ski Resort

                  My husband Ron and I have always been very open and honest in our relationship. We tell each other our deepest darkest secrets and fantasies,especially while in the heat of the moment.

                  This year my husband planned a winter vacation for us. Instead of warm places we usually go,he said we had reservations for one week at an exclusive ski resort. I was very excited about the trip of course,but all he would tell me is we would have a lot of fun. He said he couldn't tell me any more because it was a surprise.

                   The day of our trip we got up early to leave. As I was getting dressed I noticed Ron got on the phone and was being very secretive of what he was saying to the person. I didn't think too much about it because most of the trip was a secret from me anyway. When he got off the phone he said,"The resort is only two hours away but we have to make a stop before we get there." I still had no idea what he had planned besides a little skiing. 

                    After being on the road for an hour we came to a quiet little town. Ron took his wallet out of his pocket and got out a piece of paper,it had an address on it. He drove to a very cute little neighborhood and stopped in front of someone's house. He told me to stay and he would be back soon. He said this is the first of many surprises.

                    He was gone for five minutes and came out with a very nice looking black couple. Ron introduced Bo and Jenna to me,and said they were also going to the resort for the week. Ron said he and Bo had met online and become really good friends,and they were a lot like us.

                    They put their bags in our car and we all drove together. Still nothing much was said about the resort,we all just talked and got to know one another better. I really hit it off with them.They were both very open about themselves,as we were.

                     When we finally got to our resort,the guys took all the bags and told us to hang out in the lounge.I was noticing all the couples checking in.Noone had any children with them.I mentioned that to Jenna and she just smiled.

                     Ron and Bo came back and we had a few drinks. Then the guys said we should all go to our room and hang out for a while,then we could make plans to go out for the evening.

                      Ron opened the door and Bo and Jenna were right behind us.I still wasn't sure what was going on,but I did notice that the suite was a very large two bedroom,with hot tub,fireplace,kitchen and full bar. Once inside ,Ron said that Bo and Jenna were the first of many surprises. Me and Jenna left and went to their bedroom. She said we should both put on something sexy for the guys and go out and surprise them. I was all in for that,I just wasn't sure what would come out of it,but I knew where my mind was taking me.

                     Jenna and I and came out of the room and Ron and Bo were already in the hot tub. They were sitting really close but I wasn't thinking too much about it at the time. Me and Jenna got in with them and I noticed right away that they were both naked. I also noticed their hands weren't visible. When I sat down in the hot tub next to Ron,he kissed me and whispered in my ear,"I'm stroking his cock." My mouth dropped and I was smiling. We had talked about this before,but they were all just fantasies,I never thought we would actually live one of our fantasies out in real life. What a great vacation so far. I am so lucky to have a husband that is so open to any and all possibilities.

                     Bo looked at Jenna and said,"Ron's cock feels so good in my hands,I'm stroking his cock and it makes my cock so hard."Me and Jenna both put our heads under water and sucked our husbands cocks while they stroked each other. Then we switched places and sucked some more. Everyone was getting so turned by this time. I was really enjoying sucking Bo's cock while watching her suck Ron's,and we were both enjoying watching the guys stroke one anothers cocks,that was a bonus.

                    We all decided to get out of the hot tub and finish what we started. Bo and Ron walked over and sat on the sofa next to each other,me and Jenna climbed on the bed.Jenna told me to lay down. As she was rubbing my legs,she was also licking and sucking on my thighs and stomach. She took my panties off with her teeth and stuck her tongue on my clit. I was so hot from her touch and the feel of her warm tongue on my pussy, licking and sucking my clit like it was her last supper.

                    I really wasn't ready to cum yet,so I tried to think of something else. That didn't work,so I looked over at the guys to see what they were doing. Much to my suprise,they were laying on the floor licking and sucking each others cocks in a sixty nine position. I could tell they were both really hot and into the moment because their cocks were so big and hard. I haven't seen Ron that excited in a long time. I think this is just what our relationship needed,hot spicy sex with another bi-curious couple. Well I guess we're not so bi-curious now,are we?

                    I started licking Jenna's hot wet black pussy with my tongue. She tasted so good and we were both about to cum together as we watched our husbands suck and stroke one another and cum in each others mouth for the first time tonight."Oh,yes I'm cumming."She came with me as we both watched Ron and Bo cum in each others mouth together.



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