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My first bi-expeirence

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This is my first story to post on lush hope you enjoy it.
This is a story of my first bi-sexual experience. It all started out as just hanging out by the pool, drinking beer and shots of crown. We were at a friend's house with some of his neighbors there.

As the night wore on some of the neighbors went on home, but a younger couple stayed to hang out and party. Their names were Red and Tammy; I guess Red was his nickname. He was about 6'2" and around 180 with an awesome body. Tammy looked like she could have come straight out of a playboy magazine, she was about 5'8 and 125. She had an amazing tan and perfect tits.

After dark, we were all feeling really buzzed and decided to start skinny dipping. I was all for this, to be able to see Tammy in the nude was going to be great. My dick started to get hard just watching her take her bikini top off.

While I was watching her, Red must have noticed my hard on. He came over to me and said, "My dick gets hard just watching her too."

I was pretty embarrassed at the time, but Red put his arm around my shoulder and told me not to worry about it, that she makes everyone hard.

It was around 12:30 and we were still drinking and swimming around. By this time it was only Red, Tammy and myself hanging out in the pool. We were all just sitting in the pool talking when the conversation started getting very sexual. Red asked me if I enjoyed watching Tammy swim around naked. I would say so, I'd had a hard-on for past two hours.

As we sat there, Tammy moved around to one side of me while Red was on the other. Tammy asked me if I had ever been with another man before. I told her I had fantasized about it, but had never acted on it. Red started to move a little closer to me and rub my leg under the water. I was very nervous at first, but I thought if I don't act on this fantasy I may never get another chance.

Tammy also started to kiss my neck and rub my chest. I just laid back and enjoyed the body contact. Red was moving his hand up and down my thigh. with each stroke he would move it a little higher until he was rubbing my balls and playing with the underside of them and my taint.

It was amazing how good it felt when he would put a little pressure there with his finger and squeeze my balls with the palm of his hand. While he was doing all of this, Tammy was softly nibbling on my neck and ear. She started to reach down and stroke my rock hard cock,

Between Red rubbing my balls and her stroking my cock, I thought I was going to explode. We were all now so horny we had to get out of the pool. After we got out, I saw Red's cock for the first time. He had a good seven or eight inches. We all went over to one of the poolside lounge chairs and started back where we had left off in the pool.

This time it was me who started rubbing on Red while Tammy was kissing on him. I had started rubbing his leg up to his balls just as he had done with me. Tammy reached down and grabbed my hand and led it to his cock and stroked it with her hand over mine.

This was the first time I had ever touched another man's cock.The feeling was amazing, as I was slowly stroking his cock I had an incredible urge to lean over and take him into my mouth. It was one thing to jack someone off but to actually suck his dick, I was still unsure. I must have had a look on my face that made Tammy say, "Go ahead put your lips around it you know you want to."

Nothing will give you more courage than a hot blonde telling you to do something like that. As I leaned over I just closed my eyes and went for it. I started licking up and down his shaft just as I had seen done in porn films.

He tasted very clean as we had been in the pool for so long. After a few minutes of this, I felt Tammy reach over and start stroking my cock. She slowly stroked my cock and I was sucking on Red's dick at the same pace. I felt that tingling in my balls that meant I was going to erupt, just a few strokes more and I was shooting streams of thick cum all over Tammy's hand and arm. Red never missed a beat

As soon as I was through cumming, he reached down and held my head and shot my mouth full of his hot cum. It was not at all salty like I thought it would be. As he continued to pump his cock in and out of my mouth. I swallowed every drop of it.

It was now Tammy's turn to get hers. Red and I kneeled down on either side of her as she laid back on the lounger. We each took a breast into our mouths and rubbed her thighs. After a little bit of this, Tammy was ready for more, she motioned for me to get between her legs. Although I had just got through sucking my first cock I was more than willing to get taste of that beautiful little pussy of hers.

She had the sweetest tasting pussy I had ever eaten. While I was licking her pussy from the top of her clit all the way down and rimming her pink asshole, she started sucking on Red's cock. I was too busy licking her ass to notice that Red had moved in behind me.

Red started rubbing my ass cheeks with each hand up and down, pulling them apart to expose my own virgin asshole. As he was rubbing my ass cheeks, I spread my legs wider apart to give him easier access. He would pull my ass cheeks apart with the palms of his hands and use his thumbs to massage my asshole.

This was really starting to drive me nuts, the more he would play with my ass the more I would lick Tammy's asshole. Finally I felt Red's hot breath right before I felt his tongue enter me. This was the most amazing feeling I had ever experienced in my life.

As Red was licking my asshole from the base of my balls all the way up my crack, I would push back to him so I could feel his tongue enter me each time. It was not long before Red was on his knees behind me rubbing his cock up and down the crack of my ass. By now I was on fire to feel his meat sliding in and out me. Red knew this was my first time so he took it nice and slow. He had me so hot and horny that he slid into me a lot easier than I had expected although there was a little pain at first as soon as I relaxed some he was able to make long slow strokes.

The more he would fuck me the better it felt and the more I would push back onto his pole. Red kept up this pace for a good 5 or 6 minutes before I felt him tense up grab my hips and shove his cock balls deep into me. I felt him cumming in me as I clinched my ass cheeks as hard as I could around his softening dick.

I was pretty worn out by this time, but Tammy hadn't even came once yet. My dick was once again rock hard, Tammy got up on all fours in front of me ready to get fucked. I was like a gorilla in heat with her bent over in front of me looking back over her shoulder. Between already cumming once and the alcohol I had drank it seemed like I fucked her for an hour. The closer I got to cumming again so did she, and at last she started reaching under her and playing with clit and would rub my balls also which sent me over the edge. I pulled my cock out of her and shot my load all over her back, she kept rubbing her clit til she had her own orgasm.

We still see each other now and again but haven't partied like we did that night.

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