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My first MMF

Beth sets about her first sexual adventure
It was Beth’s idea. Her affair with Brian, a married man 25 years older than her, had taken her down a wonderful road of sexual enlightenment. Brian was delighted she planning her first sexual adventure of her own design and it was one he was very keen to try.

Background: They were to find a man to join them in a threesome. Beth basically wanted to have sex with two men and ideally be a voyeur to a little male bisexuality. Choosing the right person was difficult, as Beth didn’t want to involve a complete stranger. So they decided upon Tim, an old friend of Brian’s. as their unwitting partner in this carefully planned threesome. He and Brian had shared a minor homosexual experience on a camping trip whilst as university and although he was also now married Brian felt that Tim could be tempted to once again try something a little daring. The plan was simple, Beth would seduce Tim and then introduce Brian into the bedroom fun as the evening progressed.

The Plan: Brian had arranged to meet Tim one evening when he was staying over in London on business. Tim had heard of Brian’s affair with Beth but was to meet her for the first time that evening.

"Look for the prettiest girl with a pink handbag," Brian had told him. "In case she gets there before me." Brian of course had no intention of showing up, it was a simple ploy to get Tim to meet Beth and to set the plan rolling.

The seduction: Tim waited in the foyer bar of his 5 star hotel (financial life, if not love, had been good to him). Beth left her city job and grabbed a taxi to the hotel having changed into the underwear Brian had bought her especially for that evening. She wore a gun-metal grey corset with pale creamy pink piping and matching knickers under her light grey suite. She kept the jacket buttoned slightly worried the corset would be too obvious under her white silk blouse. At the hotel she wandered into the bar carrying nothing but her small bright pink vanity handbag, barely big enough to old her overnight things, a toothbrush, lip balm, condoms plus clean knickers and bra for the morning.

Tim sat at the bar, on his second gin, they were late he thought just as he caught glimpse of a young slender woman in an expensive grey suite enter the bar. She was carrying a bright pink handbag, surely that can’t be Beth he thought, she can’t be more than in her mid twenties and was painfully beautiful. Shiny black hair, slender legs and an exquisite petite body. He watched her wander around clearly looking for someone, as she came past him he asked "Beth?"

The girl smiled. "Yes," she replied.

"I’m Tim," he said standing to greet her.

‘Phew,’ thought Beth. He’s not bad looking, in fact he looks younger and fitter than Brian. Tim got her a drink and they started chatting. She explained Brian and called at the last minute to say his train had broken down and so may not make it, so she’d come along to say hello. (Beth didn’t say that she was also planning to seduce him and give him probably the best sex he’d had in years )

As they chatted Tim couldn’t help letting his eyes wander over Beth. She sat opposite him in a soft lounge chair in a quiet corner of the bar. She’d crossed her legs and her knee length skirt and risen half way up her thigh. 'Stockings or tights?' he wondered admiring the dark grey silk that covered her legs.

The tease: The waiter came over, "Shall we have another?" Tim asked.
Beth nodded, adding, "I was expecting to stay the night. I brought my overnight bag, but I guess not now Brian’s isn’t going to show up."

“Overnight bag?” Tim quizzed. "You didn’t leave it in the taxi did you?"

“No this, silly,” Beth pointed to her tiny handbag as waiter returned.

Opening, she took out a small leather purse and paid the waiter, as he left she said, "See, toothbrush, lip balm," and then taking out a small neatly folded bundle, "Knickers and bra."

She smiled sweetly as she unfolded the knickers, I think Brian would have liked these, discreetly showing him a tiny white lace thong. Tim blushed, he was shocked by her frankness. It also made him rock hard. Beth pushed everything back into her bag adding in a hushed tone, “You should see what I’m wearing for him, I got changed especially after work.”

Tim flustered, “He’s a very lucky man, old Brian.”

Beth gave him a wicked smile and undoing her jacket said, “Tell me what you think."

With her jacket loosely open Beth undid the top 2 buttons of her white blouse and pulling the neckline open slightly. She leant forward and her blouse dropped away from her body just enough to revealed the lacy top of her corset barely covering the pale mounds of her tiny breasts. She winked at him at sat back in the chair. 

“I always try to wear something a bit special for Brian, it always make him..” she silently mouthed the last word.. “stiff”

Tim shuffled awkwardly, his cock was fully erect pushing against his trousers, did she know he mused.

“And you?” Beth inquired, in such an innocent tone that Tim was momentarily puzzled.

“Hard?” she mouthed in reply to confused look.

Tim blushed, “ I’m sorry, its so inappropriate, is it obvious?”

Beth gave it smile that said 'Yes’. She stood up, suddenly and in an authoritarian tone that took him by surprise instructed, "Come with me.”

The trap: They got in the lift and once the doors had closed Beth stood on tip toe in front of Tim and gave him a kiss, gentle at first and then more deeply pushing the tip of her tongue into his mouth. She placed one hand firmly against the front of his trousers feeling his erection. The lift stopped and they got out.

Tim was hot and flustered, turning to her he proclaimed, “Beth I’m not sure, you know Brian is my best friend.”

Beth put her index finger to his lips, “Sshh. I’m sure, and don’t worry about Brian.”

First course: They got into his room, Beth threw her handbag onto the bed and then turning to Tim said ‘ may I see first’ looking down at the bulge in his trousers.

Tim stood transfixed as she undid his belt barely able to believe what was happening. Suddenly his trousers were unzipped and this gorgeous creature was kneeling in front of him pulling his trousers and shorts down in one to his ankles. He instinctively stepped out of them.

Kneeling in front of Tim, Beth ran her fingers lightly over his cock. Tim was circumcised and was definitively longer than Brian she thought. She pulled his cock towards her and took its head into her mouth. She ran her tongue ever so gently over the swollen tip and then releasing him from her mouth gentle kissed her way down his shaft to his balls. She was about to take his balls into her moth when she realised he was close to cumming.

So, standing up, she helped Tim remove the last of his clothes before turning her back to him and handing him her jacket. Tim lay it on a chair and then, following Beth’s indication, unzipped her skirt. It fell to the floor revealing her hold up stocking and the most exquisite knickers he’d seen for a very long time. They were plain black, high cut with a transparent panel in the back revealing her firm bum. Beth slipped off her blouse exposing the back of her corset and the two woven red strands of silk then held it together.

Turning to face him, they kissed as Tim cupped her breasts in his hands. He kissed his way down her neck and onto her breasts. He eases the corset off one breast and sucked its pert pink nipple. Wanting to slow things up, Beth lifted his head and cupped her exposed breast back into her corset. She then placed her hands on his shoulders and leaning back she slowly started to grind her hips against his cock. This really didn’t help Tim, the smooth silk of her knickers nearly made him explode right there.

Beth spoke softly but clearly, "Would you like to fill my knickers with your cum?"

She stroked a finger over the top of his cock. "Follow me,'’ she said.

Beth climbed on the bed and knelt upright on the bottom edge of the bed. Her hips were now level with Tim’s, She held out her hand, gesturing him forward. He stood in front of her, kissing her mouth, his cock press hard against her.

Beth slipped her hand between them, taking hold of his cock and pushing down eased it into her knickers. She leant back and looking down they could both see his cock stretching her knickers. Beth ran here fingers up its outline and then rolled the top of her knickers down over his cock. Slowly she pulled her knickers up and over his cock head and then back down again. On each occasion it pulled her kickers hard against her pussy lips and even harder across his cock. As she covered his cock for the forth time, Tim groaned, his cock jumped and spurts of his spunk erupted into her knickers.

Afterwards, his semi erect cock slipped out from her grasp and they parted. Beth removed her knickers and set cross legged on the bed. She looked down at her pussy and wiped the cum from her knickers all over her smooth swollen lips. Tim could do nothing but stare at her. Her pubes were waxed to a nice 1inch strip from just below her bikini tan line to her clitoris. From there on she was completely smooth and now covered in his cum.

She held out a hand pulling him towards her, "Don’t you want to make me cum now?" she quizzed sweetly.

By the time Tim had his tongue pushing her pussy lips apart he was hard again. He licked and sucked her hot moist lips tasting his own cum. Putting one finger inside her he began to finger fuck her whilst sucking on her clit. Beth’s hips rose off the bed pushing hard against his face, he felt her pussy shudder as she let open a load squeal. Her orgasm continued with squeals and hard contractions of her pussy, when she stopped they both lay panting on the bed.

The Main course: They lay side by side on the bed. Beth broke the silence. "Thanks for doing that, they’re lots of men who won’t go down there if there’s any cum about."

Tim was still shocked by her frankness. "How did you know I would then?" he quizzed.

Beth, turned on her side and raised herself onto one shoulder. "Well, I didn’t think you were the sort of guy who would be bothered by that. In fact, I’d guess you enjoyed it?”

Tim nodded. Beth reached down to gently hold his erect cock in her delicate fingers.

Beth went on, "Brian has told me you once wanked each other off at Uni – is that true?"

Tim nodded again looking very embarrassed. Beth kissed him, "That’s nothing to be embarrassed over, I’ve slept with women before. It doesn’t make be a lesbian or you gay. She stretched her leg across his body her soft inner thigh resting on his semi-erect cock. "Have you ever thought about it since?"

"I guess so," Tim murmured, clearly feeling a bit shy about it all.

She lightly stroked his nipple with her finger tip. “Brian’s quite a sex adventurer, I think he gets people to do things they never thought possible. He was the first man I had anal sex with, you know. I always assumed I’d hate it but Brian made it really fun." Beth felt his cock start to push against her thigh as it grew back into life.

Beth took her head off his chest and looked up at Tim, ‘I think you like hearing me talk about sex. Did you ever suck Brian’s cock?" Tim shook his head. "Shame he really likes that... like all men I suspect."

His cock was now fully erect and Beth moved off Tim sitting up. She rested on her heals, knees wide apart unashamedly revealing herself to Tim. Her pussy lips were flushed, moist and slightly parted revealing her fleshy vagina. Beth ran her fingers up his cock stopping just short of its smooth head. "I’d say you’re at least an inch longer than Brian. The thing is, you see, whenever he fucks me back there, I’ve started to fantasize about having someone here." Beth place her other hand between her legs and with two fingers eased here pussy lips apart.

Tim had never felt so aroused, he was sure his cock would exploded any moment. "Are you talking about me," he quizzed.

Beth slowly nodded, "Could we."

Tim was so aroused, he would agree to any suggestion.

Beth continued, "You see, the truth is, Brian arranged this. I’m your birthday present and I hope you’ll be mine."

Tim sat up on his elbows, "I thought there was something going on here."

Beth, looked at his cock, it was still rock hard, she leant forward and kissed him lightly on the face, taking gentle hold of his cock she added, "It feels like you’re not saying ‘no’."

"Is Brian here?" Tim went on.

Beth nodded, "Shall I call him?"

"OK" was Tim’s simple response.

With out further hesitation Beth grabbed the phone next to the bed. She dialed reception and whilst waiting for them to answer straddled Tim on the bed. She held his cock upright and sat down on it taking him all the way deep into her pussy in one slow gentle move. Tim looked at Beth as she spoke to reception. Her pussy lips were stretched tightly around the base of his shaft, he ran his finger tips over them as she spoke to Brian telling him their room number. Beth put the phone down and leant forward to give him a deep kiss her tongue exploring his mouth.

"Thanks so much, you won’t regret it I promise."

There was a gentle knock at the door. Beth eased herself up off his cock. As she got off the bed she pulled his hand, "Come on lets go and say hello."

Tim got off the bed and followed Beth to the door, he now felt very naked and acutely aware of his erection. He tried to hide it with his hands but Beth pulled them away telling him not to be silly.

She opened the door. Brian came in, dressed only in a hotel dressing gown.

"Hi Tim," he said as if they’d just met in the bar.

Beth slipped his robe off. Tim was surprised to see that Brian’s cock sprang almost instantly to life; was it the sight of his naked Beth or his own cock he pondered to himself.

Beth knelt down between them and sucked Brian’s cock and then his. Tim was pleased that Beth had been right; his was by far the bigger weapon! As Beth kissed and licked his balls Brian knelt down besides her. Beth took firm hold of his shaft and pointed it at Brian. Tim closed his eyes as Brian leant forward and took his cock head into his mouth. Tim thought he was going cum there and then it was only the slight pain caused by Beth pulling and squeezing his balls that stopped him.

Beth stood up and guided them both to the bed.

"You first," she said as she indicated to Tim to lie down. Beth straddled his body and once again inserted his cock into herself. Her arms straight, hands either side his shoulders she leant over Tim. He caressed her firm petite breasts squeezing her nipples between his finger tips. Brian had climbed on the bed behind her and now on his knees push the tip of his cock against her anus.

Beth felt his touch and smiling down at Tim whispered, "Keep still now until Brian gets in."

Beth felt the now familiar push of his cock against her sphincter muscle, she closed her eyes allowing herself to yield to his pressure. As she did so Brian’s cock slipped into her. Beth gasped, the sensation was incredible.

Tim felt Brian’s cock press along his through the wall of her vagina, as Brian gentle rocked back of forth fucking Beth’s arse he could feel a wave a pressure ride up and down his shaft. Beth collapsed on his chest pushing her hand down between their hot bodies. Her fingers slide down her mound to her clit. she started to feel her orgasm rise inside her.

For Brian, looking on Beth’s slender body, pert bum, his friendly cock forcing her pussy wide apart as he fucked her arse, it was all too much to hold on to. He felt his cock electrify as his orgasm arrived. He quickly withdrew his cock and gripped it tight as his cum spurted out. He forced his cock down so that his cum shot between her thighs, landing on her pussy and Tim’s balls. Beth feeling Brian withdraw pushed herself up and rode Tim’s cock, now lubricated with Brian’s cum, as hard as she could until she almost fainted as the first powerful wave of her orgasm rippled threw her.

Exhausted she rolled off Tim. He was surprised to realise he hadn’t cum himself. The fascination of experiencing the other two had distracted him from his own release. It had not escaped Brian’s attention though who took his friend’s cock in his hand and with Beth watching wrapped his fingers around Tim’s cock and with a few firm strokes released from Tim a thick jet of cum.

They fell asleep as a close heap of bodies; Beth snuggled between the two men. In the morning she was sure there would be more hard cocks to play with.

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