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My First Taste of a Woman

This is the story of my first bisexual encounter.
This is the story of how I got my first taste of another woman. My hubby Sam and I had been swapping regularly with Tom and Stacy for several months. We had moved from only doing separate rooms to fucking in the same room.

Until a few years ago I hadn’t ever considered sex with another woman. That was untill the night I had my first kiss with another woman. Sam and I were at a party and we both a little bit to drink. It was getting late and we were in the basement with another couple, a friend of Sam’s Nate and his wife Kari. With all of us a little drunk the conversation turned a little risqué. The guys were asking us girls if we had action with other woman or ever kissed another girl. Kari and I both told them no, so they started poking us that we should try it.

We laughed it off and told them they just wanted to see two women make out. They both said “well of course we do.” Nate started calling Kari chicken, asking her what was she afraid of, turning to a lesbian? I could see Kari was getting a little mad so I told him to just drop it. Kari turned to me and said that she was game if I was.

I said sure and she leaned in and gave me a little peck on the cheek. She turned to Nate and said “satisfied?”

“That’s not a kiss,” he said. “Lips on lips,” he kept saying.

Kari looked at me leaning back in and this time our lips met. I wasn’t sure if it was the alcohol or the touch of her lips, but as our lips pressed against each other I opened my mouth slightly using my tongue just a little. Kari responded and met my tongue with hers. It felt so wonderful that I moved closer and pushed my tongue together with hers while wrapping my arms around her body. She responded by putting her arms around me. I could hear the guys were egging us on but I was so focused on Kari and didn’t care about them. We were making out like teenagers; I was getting so turned on I could feel my pussy getting wet. I slid my hand from around behind her and rubbed her breast. I couldn’t believe I was feeling another woman’s breasts in front my hubby and her husband. She moaned into my mouth and then reached up and started to fondle my small tits. At that point my pussy was on fire and knew she must have been feeling the same. I moved my hand between her legs under her skirt and found her to have soaked through her panties. She let out a bigger moan as my fingers went over her pussy. Then all of a sudden she froze, she pulled back and looked at Nate. She told Nate it was time to go and they went upstairs and left.

I stood there very confused but very horny. I never did talk with Kari after that, but I was sure that I wanted to explore another woman.

Stacy and I were becoming very good friends, sharing husbands will do that. When we would go out, the two of us would sit in the back seat together getting close to talk and plan the evening activities. I would always get turned on smelling her perfume and feeling her touch. It seemed that she was experiencing the same but she was always a little shy about such things. She always seemed to like when I told her that she looked hot and would rub her thigh with my hand.

We had a practice of hugging and kissing good night after our swaps, as time went on our hugs got longer and our kisses moved from the cheek to the lips. After all were fucking each other’s husbands.

About a month before my birthday, we were saying good night and I had made up my mind to take it a little farther to gauge Stacy’s willingness to explore. We had a tight hug and then our lips met; I opened my mouth and reached out with my tongue. At first Stacy seemed to want to pull in shock, back but she didn’t. Her mouth opened and then our tongues met. It was short by very hot kiss. I knew at that point she was ready.

The next time we were to play was on my birthday. We had decided that it was going to be my choice on what we did. I told Sam and Tom that I wanted Stacy and I to play, they were to go along but not tell her. We went out to dinner and the plan was to go back to their place for a swap and it was going to be my choice if we did separate rooms or in the same room.

As we drove home from dinner, Stacy asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday. I leaned in to her ear with my hand on her thigh and whispered to her that I wanted to be with her and taste her. She gave me a shocked look and said that she didn’t think she could. I reminded her it was my birthday and my choice. As we pulled into their driveway she whispered back to me that she wasn’t sure if she could but she would try.

Tom met the babysitter at the door as Stacy and I went upstairs. We looked in on their little boy and then I led her by the hand to their bedroom. We sat on the bed and embraced. Our lips met and then our tongues. I was getting so turned on by her soft lips on mine. As we were kissing I unbuttoned her blouse and took it off. I pulled my shirt off then reached for her bra. I had always been so jealous of her tits and they felt as great as they looked. I took my bra off and mashed my tits against hers as we hugged and kissed.

I moved my head down to kiss her nipples. Stacy let out a moan as I sucked on her hard nipples. As I squeezed her tits and kissed her nipples I told her that I now understood why Sam liked her tits so much. She laughed and then moaned some more.

I stood up and slid my skirt and panties down and kicked them off. I motioned for her to stand up. I pulled her skirt and panties down and could smell that Stacy was very wet. She looked down and me and asked me if I was sure I wanted to do this. I just nodded and helped her lay back on the bed. She spread her legs and for a just moment I stared at her pretty pussy. I went down and gave her pussy a little kiss. She was so wet I could taste he juice form just the quick kiss. I wanted more so I used my tongue and spread her pussy lips. Stacy moaned loudly. She tasted great as I dove my tongue in deeper. I started licking faster and Stacy hips started to buck and shake. I could feel her body shake as she started to cum moaning louder. She grabbed my head and held me tight against her pussy.

As she recovered I moved back up to her lips and gave her another kiss, this time with her juice was all over my face.

I whispered into her, “do you want to taste me?”

She replied that she didn’t think she could but it was my birthday so she would try. We switched places and I spread my legs. Stacy was very tentative but she moved down to my shaved pussy. The anticipation was incredible till she reached out with her lips and kissed my pussy. I moaned as her lips touched me. She kissed hard and then slipped her tongue into my pussy. It was so incredibly different than a man’s touch, so much softer. I started to breathe heavier as Stacy worked my pussy. I knew I would cum any second. She looked up and asked if she was doing it right. I just moaned back that is was great. As I was pushing up hips up to her lips and beginning to cum I saw the guys standing in the doorway naked holding their cocks enjoying the show.

As my orgasm subsided, I motioned for the guys to come in and join us. Stacy moved over to lie on the other side of the bed while Tom crawled between my legs. As he moved up to me, I guided his hard cock into my very wet pussy. As he was fucking me he was whispering in my ear how hot it was see us girls together and he was so turned on he didn’t think he could last long. Next to us Stacy had gotten on her hands and knees in the bed and Sam was fucking her doggie. I reached over and started rubbing her tits as they bounced with each stroke of hubby’s cock. Stacy leaned over and gave me a kiss as Tom grunted he was cumming. When Tom finished shooting his load in me I called out “Switch”.

Stacy said “what”. I said it’s my birthday, my choice. Sam looked a little puzzled but pulled his cock out of Stacy and slid over putting his dick into my pussy full of Tom’s cum. A big glob of cum squished out as Sam’s cock filled my pussy and with each stroke after that more cum oozed out. Stacy spun around and was sucking Tom’s cock back to life. I knew Sam wouldn’t last long either after watching us girls and then having his cock in Stacy. As he started to fuck me harder I started to cum again, the feeling of his cock surrounded by my juice and Tom’s cum was too much. Sam tensed up and shot his load into me adding to Tom’s mess. We both just collapsed into the bed.

Stacy had Tom hard and was moving back into a doggie position. This was the first time I had seen them fucking and it was hot to watch. Stacy looked over at me and asked if I could get Sam hard again, she wanted to try what I had having both guys cum in her. I moved down to Sam’s semi hard cock and started licking the combination of cum and pussy juice off of it. It didn’t take him long before he was hard as a rock. Just then Tom was shooting his second load of the night deep into his wife’s pussy. She looked over at Sam and said “next” as Tom pulled his cock out. Tom lay next me as Sam shoved his cock into Stacy’s cum filled pussy. Stacy came hard and then same shot his load into her. We all fell asleep on the bed together with both our pussies full of cum. It had been a great birthday.

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