My First Time With Two Gay Guys

By BetiBoobs

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Johnny spoke first, saying out loud, “oh fuck, you have the nicest set of tits I have ever seen.

 It was a warm summer night and it seemed like it would have been much nicer to be outside enjoying the moonlight and cool evening breeze.  It was also a very slow night at the tables.  Working in the third floor High Rollers Lounge, there was often times when players did just not show up for long periods of time, especially mid-week in the hot time of the year.  My Pit Boss came over to my empty table and told me to close out my table and take the rest of the night off.  It was about 3 AM, and the rest of the night for me was until my normal shift time ended, which would be at 6 AM.   One last item I needed to take care of, before leaving, was to count out and declare my tips received during my shift.  It has been a slow night and I only had $525 dollars worth of chips to turn in.  My Pit Boss walked me over to the cashier’s cage and asks the cashier to record my tips for the evening, and cash out my chips.  I walked away with 5 $100 dollar bills and 5 $5 dollar bills in my hand.

As I walked down the hall to my locker, where my clutch purse was stashed, I walked by the third floor bar.  Looking in I noticed 3 guys sitting at one of the tables, the rest of the place completely empty except for Jenny, the bar tender, standing behind the bar looking bored.  I continued to the locker room, grabbing my clutch from my locker, I stopped in front of the mirror and freshened up my lipstick.  Tucking my tip money safely down inside my clutch I headed back toward the bar.  Jenny looked like she needed someone to talk to.

I slid up on to one of the bar stools and said, “Hi Jenny, how is it going?”  Looking back at me she said, “Wow Beti, you sure do look good in your dealers outfit.”  “Your beautiful boobs are just about falling out of that skimpy little top!”  I had not really notices as I was used to dressing this way for my players.  Glancing down, I noticed she was right, I could even see my right nipple just inside of my gaping little blouse.

I commented to Jenny, “boy, it sure is slow this morning; I noticed that you’ve only got the three guys setting over there in the corner.”  Jenny kind of giggled, leaned close to me and whispered, “Those three are so gay they never even noticed me.” “I really gave them a good look at my boobs and ass when I waited on them; they hardly even looked at me.”  Jenny was very pretty, long red hair, a nice shapely ass, and beautiful set of big boobs.  Most of the guys who came in here hit on her all the time.   I looked over at the three setting around the table.  Two of them were exceptionally good looking.  I guessed they were probably in their early 30’s and they were very well dressed.  The third guy was much older, and kind of dressed down, looking like he really didn’t belong in here at all.

I turned back to Jennie and said, “I think I will go over and see what kind of trouble I can get into with them, I need something to do for a couple of hours before I head for home.”  There is a snack table in the corner, just across from where they are seated.  I walked toward the table, making sure my high heels clicked with every step on the hard tile floor.  I bent down to check out the food on the table, my ass pointed directly toward their table.  Walking around to the other side, I leaned over the table and reached across for a plate and fork, my boobs almost hanging out of my top as I did.  I noticed that I had gotten their attention and they stopped chatting and were kind of nonchalantly looking in my direction.  I put a few snack items on my plate, looked over their way and give them a big smile.

As I walked toward their table, the two good looking guys stood up and ask me if I would like to join them.  I hesitated, looked at each of them, carefully taking in what they were wearing.  After a moment I gave them a big smile and replied, “I would love to.”  They made room at the table for me and one of them got behind me and slid my chair under me as I sat down.   Looking at them I said, “Thanks for letting me join you, my name is Beti and I deal Black Jack in the other room.”  “It got pretty slow so I was given the rest of the morning off.”  The blond guy with long hair was setting right next to me, looking directly at my boobs.  I reached over and put my finger under his chin, pushing it up as I smiled at him.  “What’s you name big boy, I said,” I see you have noticed my boobs.”  Looking like a small boy with his hand caught in the cookie jar he said, hi Beti, I am Johnny, and my friend here is Jamie.”  I then noticed that the third older guy had left.  I ask, “where did you other friend go?”   Jamie said, “Oh, he was not with us.  He was in here when we came in and started hitting us up for drinks.  He was just getting ready to leave when you came in.  I guess he is one of the locals.”

Looking directly at me, Jamie said “I think you ought to know that Johnny and I are gay.  He and I have been coming to Reno for weekends for several years.”  He continued, “Johnny has not come out of the closet yet, and is still living with his wife of 10 years or so.  He has a son and really does not want to give up his job and lifestyle by coming out.”  You see, he is an executive in a large company in Oakland and if they knew he was gay his career would be over.”  I looked at them both and could not help but wonder what kind of things they were doing when they were alone.  In all my years I had never been invited to take part in a three way with two gay guys.  I got really bold, looking directly at Johnny I said, “well Johnny, you must be bi having a wife at home and Jamie here as your lover here in Reno.”  Johnny looked at Jamie, then back at me.  “Beti,” he said, “yes I can go both ways, if you find that hard to believe, how about joining Jamie and I back at our room for some fun.”    Not wanting to pass up the opportunity for something different, I look at both of them for a moment and then without hesitation said, “Fuck yes, I think it will be a ball getting in between the two of you, let’s go.”

As we left the bar, me between the two of them, my arms around their waist, I glanced back at Jenny, still standing behind the bar.  She threw me a little kiss and waved goodbye with the other hand.  We walked to the hotel elevator, taking it to the 12 th floor.  I was surprised when we entered the room, it was a luxury suite complete with a well stocked bar and lots of snack food and fruit.  There was a very nice hot tub off the end of the living area, and I noticed a large round bed off to the side of the hallway.  Except for the bathroom, you could see everything in the suite from just about anywhere in the large open area.

I was kind of standing there just taking it all in and realized that Johnny and Jamie were awfully quiet.  I turned around and there they were, their shirts off, in each other’s arms, kissing deeply.  As they kissed, they reached down and dropped their pants.  Each was wearing what looked like a string bikini bottom and they started grinding against each other’s groin as they continued to kiss.  Not wanting to be out done, I removed my top, letting my boobs out from their confined quarters; my nipples were hard from rubbing against my blouse.  All at once they stopped kissing and looked my way.  Johnny spoke first, saying out loud, “oh fuck, you have the nicest set of tits I have ever seen.”  Jamie reached down and grabbed Johnny by the groin and said, “And you Johnny have the nicest cock that I have ever seen, how about we take it out and put it to good use.”

With that, they both dropped their bottoms.  Johnnies cock was a monster, looking about 8 or 9 inches long and very thick with a large bulging head.  Jamie was a little smaller, probably about 6 or so inches but also very thick.  Bending down, my boobs directly in front of them, I slid down my slacks along with my panties, carefully stepping out of them I struck a post and said, “OK guys, I am ready for whatever turns your on.”  Without any warning Johnny took one of my boobs in each hand and started kissing my nipples.  Jamie has slid his hand around and was stroking Johnny hard cock, while pushing his up against Johnny’s ass.  Jamie said, “hey you two, let’s take this into the bedroom where we can be more comfortable.”  On the way there, Johnny asks Jamie, “Did you take your Viagra?  I want you to keep that hard on for the next couple of hours.”  I took mine down at the bar, and it feels like I will be able to fuck until the sun comes up.”  Jamie said, “Don’t worry; you will be beat before I get rid of this hard cock.”

Johnny gently pushes me back on to the bed and reached down and spread my legs wide apart.  Standing beside the bed, he took his hard cock in hand and started rubbing the head up and down my slit, stopping to rub my clit from time to time.  I could feel my pussy getting wet; all at once Johnny popped the head of his cock into my pussy, pulling me toward him until I could feel it all inside of me.  It hurt and felt good all at the same time.  Slowly he started fucking my wet tight pussy, using long slow strokes I could feel every ridge on his cock and the bulge of his hard head rubbing and thrusting deep inside of me.  He bent over me and started kissing and playing with my nipples, using one hand to make small circles on my clit.  Suddenly he let out a yelp of pain and he was thrust hard against me, pushing his big hard cock all the way in.  I opened my eyes and saw that Jamie was standing behind Johnny and had pushed his cock into Johnny’s ass, fucking him for all he was worth.  Never before had I been in this kind of a situation, wondering what was to come next.

Jamie seemed to be upset, he was pounding his cock in Johnny’s ass hole and loudly telling him to “fuck the bitch, split her pussy wide open with that big cock, make her tell you to stop fucking her so I can take care of that big load for you.”  With that Johnny pulled away from me, leaving me so horny I could hardly stand it.  I pulled myself further up on the bed and started playing with my clit with one hand, finger fucking myself with the other.  Johnny laid back first onto the bed just below me; Jamie stood over him and started to lower his mouth over Johnny cock.  Sucking gently at first on the head, making Johnny moan, and then he started working it into his mouth, deeper and deeper until it must have been down his throat.  Johnny had Jamie by the back of the head, pushing and pulling his big hard cock in and out of Jamie’s open mouth.  Johnny said, “OK you big cock sucker, I am going to fill your mouth with my hot load and don’t you dare swallow it.”  Johnny started moaning and kept up his rhythm, Jamie first sucking on his head and then taking his cock down his throat.  After about 5 minutes Johnny yelled out, “OK you bitch, I am going to shoot my load into your mouth.”  Johnny let out a loud “Oh Fuck,” as he filled Jamie’s mouth with his hot cum.  Pulling his wet slippery cock out of Jamie’s mouth Johnny said, “OK, now I want you to kiss Beti, I want you to share al of my hot slippery cum with her.”

I was still lying back playing with my clit, two fingers fucking my wet pussy.  Jamie leaned over me, poised to kiss me.  I opened my mouth, our lips met and I felt Johnny’s big hot load of cum slip into my mouth.  Our lips tightly together, we passed Johnny’s cum back and forth several times.  Jamie mouth, full of Jonny’s cum, he broke off his kiss.  He reached down and took my hand away from my pussy.  Slipping down between my legs he carefully opened my pussy with his fingers, one hand on each side.  Then leaning down, he put his mouth over my open pussy.  I could feel Johnny cum being pushed deep inside of me, Jamie’s tongue deep inside of me, stirring Johnny’s cum around inside of my open pussy.  Then without any warning Jamie spread my legs wide apart and push his hard cock all the way into  my cum filled pussy.  He started fucking me, slowly at first, then faster and faster with long strokes.  I felt my pussy tighten around his hard cock, making him fuck me even harder.  The feeling deep inside of me started to swell, my pussy was filled with Johnny’s cum, Jamie was about to fill me with him cum, and I exploded, screaming and yelling “fuck me, don’t stop, fuck me harder, I want to cum again and again.”

I started to relax, enjoying the good feelings that had come over me, expecting Jamie to shoot his load at any time and climb off.  He sensed that I had relaxed, and he was just fucking my now satisfied pussy, without any response from me.  He withdrew his cock, still hard and covered with Johnny’s and my slippery cum.  Johnny had been sitting watching, stroking his still hard cock, as Jamie kissed and fucked me.  Jamie looked over at Johnny and said, “OK Johnny, now it is your turn.”  “I want you to fuck Beti while you give me a nice big blow job.  It’s my turn to fill your mouth with my hot cum.”  Jamie laid down beside me, his hard cock pointing up at the ceiling.  Johnny took his big cock in hand and slowly slid it into my wet cum filled pussy.  He then leaned over and started to suck on Jamie’s hard cock.

Johnny’s big hard cock was getting me horny again.  Soon I was thrusting my hips up to meet his cock as he fucked me, his cock fully in and out of my pussy.  Jamie was laying back, his cock being sucked on by Johnny.  I glanced over and Jamie had Johnny by the head and was pushing and pulling his mouth up and down on his cock.  It seemed like this went on forever, my pussy being fucked with a nice big 9 inch cock, and Jamie’s cock being sucked faster and faster.  The inside of my pussy was starting to get tighter around Johnny’s big cock.  I knew it would not be long before I was going to cum again.  I pushed my pussy up toward Johnny thrust; I could feel my pussy tightening down on Johnny’s cock.  Suddenly I felt the head of Johnny’s cock swell as he gowned and started shooting his big load inside of my pussy.  I exploded at the same time, almost passing out from the thrill.  Jamie started yelling, “don’t stop, suck me, I am going to cum in your mouth.  Suck me hard Johnny, OH FUCK…….. That feels so good!  I want you to suck out every last drop of my hot cum.”

I got up off the bed, walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower.  I let the warm water flow down over my body, running down across my boobs and my pussy.  It felt so good just to relax and think about going home and getting some sleep.  I finished my shower, got dressed, fixed my hair, and put on some fresh lipstick.  I walked back into the bedroom, wanting to tell Johnny and Jamie good bye.   My god, that Viagra must really work!  They both still had their hard cocks and they were laying in the middle of the bed in a “69” position, sucking each other’s cocks, fucking each other’s mouths.    I could see that I was no longer wanted or needed, they had their own special kind of love making and I was fortunate enough to have had a chance to take part in their session.  Exhausted, I quietly closed and locked the door behind me as I headed toward the elevator to take me to the parking garage.

This was a couple of years ago, I have not seen either of them since that time, and often wondered what happened to Johnny and Jamie, the first gay couple I had the pleasure of making love with.