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My First Woman

Understanding the beauty of a woman!
I cannot believe the dreams I have been having of me and another woman. I have never been with a woman but I have always wondered what it would be like. I see attractive women every day and I can appreciate a good-looking woman. There is a woman in my office, Caitlin, who is gorgeous. She has long red hair and the most amazing body I have ever seen. There is an office party coming up at the Hyatt in a few weeks, if I am lucky she will be there.

As I dress for the party, my pulse begins to race at the off chance of seeing her. We have passed by each other a few times in the last couple of days and, from her faint smile, I am sure she has noticed me. Tonight, I am going to make it a point that she notices me. I slide on my red dress that pushes my breasts up so they look full and lovely if I do say so myself. I dab a little perfume behind my ears and knees and slide on my high heels. One last look in the mirror and, I grab my purse, and walk out the door.

I see Caitlin talking to my colleague James as I enter the party so I grab a flute of champagne from a passing waiter, and I make my way over to say hello. Caitlin and James both admire my slow progress towards them. However, Caitlin’s gaze causes the butterflies in my stomach to perform back flips.

As James kisses my cheek, I smile at Caitlin, James then, introduces us. Something between Caitlin and I changes when our hands meet—a knowing charge of some sort. She looks amazing with her red hair pulled back, her green eyes sparkle under the light and the emerald colored dress she is wearing looks lovely against her skin. The three of us make small talk but I must admit; I was finding it difficult to pull my eyes away from her body.

When James's glass is empty he makes his way to the bar leaving Caitlin and I alone amongst the sea of people. The waiter walks by, and we both reach for the same glass of champagne and as our fingers touch, I know there is no mistaking the chemistry between us.

“Please,” I say, allowing her to have the champagne. I grab another one. I have always been blunt when I want something so, I open my purse and slide the room key into her hand and walk away.

As I wait in the room, I pour two drinks and await beautiful Caitlin's arrival. I turn on the radio I hear a key slide into the door, I smile and turn around just as she closes the door and leans against it.

I grab the two glasses, offer it to her, closing the distance between us by kissing her cheek, and feel her breath as I do so. I cannot help myself, I kiss her neck softly and let my tongue glide slowly up her neck, and I nibble her earlobe just slightly. I grab her hand and lead her across the room.

At the bed, she takes a drink and as the ice cubes hit her lips, I feel my pussy tighten and ache for her. I take her glass, drink until I have an ice cube and set the glass on a nearby table. I then run my ice cube along her full lips as the water drips down I lean into her and give her a little lick.

Caitlin surprises me when she slides her hand behind my head and pulls me closer and our tongues intertwine.

I reach my hand behind her back, bring our bodies closer, and slowly unfasten her zipper. I step back and admire her beautiful naked body as her dress falls around her feet. I am not sure if she had been expecting something to happen with someone at the party considering she had nothing on under her dress.

"I had an idea you were a naughty woman," I say wickedly.

“I’m full of surprises,” Caitlin purred.

I grab her hand and turn her around holding her back against me as I take my ice and glide it down her neck and grind my hips into her. I lick her neck as the ice melts and the water makes a trail down her neck, between her breasts, down her stomach, and right into her hot little pussy.

She turns to me, kisses me deep, and reaches to my zipper. My dress slides off leaving me standing there naked, covered only by her devilish eyes.

I push her against the wall and ease her hands above her head while kissing her deeply. I slide my leg between her legs and feel how hot she is. Grinding against one another, our bodies move in sync and our hands take on a life of their own. My roaming fingers find her clit and she gives my lower lip a gentle nibble as I give her clit a tiny flick.

She spreads her legs further apart and, I run my finger along the outside of her pussy, teasing her. Just enough to her purr in my ear with pleasure

"What do you want?" I ask.

"I want you," she replies.

She falls onto the bed and, I lean over and kiss down her stomach nice and slow.

She runs her hands through my hair and I lick around her bellybutton. She pulls my hair slightly. I pinch her nipple and I move between her legs. I lick the inside of her left leg, move past her aching pussy, and lick her right leg.

Caitlin moans as I spread her legs open and slide two fingers into her nice wet pussy, in and out slowly and teasingly in and out. Flicking her clit and sending her into orbit. I open her petals, and slide my tongue deep into her. She lets out a scream that could have woken the dead. This makes me smile just a little.

I remember the ice bucket is behind me so I grab a piece, put it in my mouth, and glide it up and down her hot pussy. As it melts, I take it out of my mouth and lick the water from her overflowing pussy.

"Fuck me!" Caitlin shouts.

I lean over her, kiss her burying her screams in my mouth, and slam three fingers deep into her cunt and fuck her hard and fast. I feel her pussy tighten around my fingers and I slow my pace as she explodes onto my hand. Her juices are so slick on my hand making it easy to slide in and out of her.

As our bodies collapse together, "I always knew my first woman was going to be amazing," I say as she kisses my neck.

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