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My Friend Becky, Part 2

After my first bi experience with Becky I quickly began arranging our next encounter
Becky called me the next morning around 10:30. She was giggling almost uncontrollably as she told me how she and Alex had done it in the kitchen (a first for them), then again in bed later that night. This happened after a regular routine of only about two times per month. "He's insatiable!" she was telling me. "He even wanted me to wear your heels all evening", she said as we laughed out loud. "You are amazing," she was now telling me! I was beginning to get a swelled head from all these compliments. It wasn't that I was so smart as much as just telling her what worked so well for Tom and me. She proceeded to tell me how Alex had become an animal telling her how incredible she looked and that she should be spending a whole lot more time over here at my place.

I thought back to the feelings I had the day before and then confessed that Tom and I had also gotten it on seconds after she'd left. I told her that Tom had gotten really aroused seeing her dressed so sexy and that when I gave her that hug and kiss in the kitchen he confessed to me how turned on it was to see me like that with another woman. There was a momentary silence on the other end of the line, and then Becky told me that she felt really strange while I was cutting the shorts, and again when she took her top off in front of me but not strange like a bad feeling — strange like a good feeling.

Suddenly we were communicating as if by mental telepathy. "That is so weird, because I was feeling the same way" I confessed. "You just looked so incredibly hot and if Alex didn't get turned on, I was ready to do you myself," I said, laughing to break the tension. Suddenly our thoughts were out on the table. "Want to share some wine?" I asked, to which Becky agreed and we decided on 4:00 that afternoon.

Becky pulled into our driveway as I was waiting in anticipation. She had a pair of white jeans on with my heels and a red and white striped T-shirt. She certainly looked different compared to when she arrived here the other day! There was even a noticeable bounce in her step. I opened the door and we looked at each other tentatively. I started to tell her that she really looked good as she told me that she was getting used to the shoes and that she wanted to buy some for herself. She suddenly dropped her purse and just kissed me full on the lips. It was very exciting but filled with tension. We broke apart and she immediately began to thank me for making her husband come alive, also embarrassed by what she'd just done. I interrupted her by placing my index finger on her lips and said, "Hush up Girl", and continued, "Wine! We definitely need some wine!"

We headed to the kitchen where I poured us each a glass of white wine and then hugged each other again. I was really heated up! Becky proceeded to tell me more about last night as we sipped our wine. I was listening but looking at her so differently. She was really gorgeous I thought, such incredible brown eyes, I was still smoldering as she talked. I was brought back to reality as she then asked me about Tom and I. I told her how Tom and I did it on the stairway as soon as she left because he couldn't wait to get to the bedroom, and that he told me watching the two of us embrace really got him going.

"I have to tell you Becky", I said looking at her seriously, "the cock I got pounded with had you on its mind!" Becky blushed slightly while grinning making it obvious that she enjoyed the comment.

"He'll be home soon, won't he?" Becky asked hesitating for me to reply. "Why don't we surprise him?" she suggested which hit me like a ton of bricks. This was incredible as she was reading my mind. "Oh man", I said, "he'd flip if we did", I said. I knew Tom was going to get an incredible thrill. We refilled our wine glasses and headed towards my bedroom.

I began to strip as I opened my dresser. I took out a black lace see through push-up bra and pantie set and threw them on the bed. I opened another drawer and took out a black fishnet stretch top. "Here", I said to Becky, "why don't you try this on", to which she began to pull off her T-shirt followed by removing her jeans and panties.

She watched me as I unfastened my bra exposing my breasts. Upon eye contact we both automatically smiled at each other. "Wow!" Becky said in a soft voice, "No wonder Tom is such a good lover having those to play with all the time!" While saying that she reached her hand towards my left breast and gently touched my nipple, then continued taking it fully into her hand caressing it. "Your breasts are so smooth and soft", she said as she leaned forward and began covering it with tiny wet kisses and slightly licking the nipple. She had to have heard me as my breath suddenly shot deep pushing my breast into her face even more. I was so wet! I was soaking as she joined in with her other hand and ever so gently explored both of my tits, massaging them, and kissing them both all over.

After a few moments of this we separated and I continued to undress pulling my jeans off and then slid my panties down over my calves and kicked them away. When I stood up we were only two feet away from each other, face-to-face, and naked...and I liked it!

Becky reached her hands out placing them on each of my hips; her nails ever so lightly touching me sent chills through my entire body. I then followed her lead by placing my hands on her the same way at which time she half-stepped towards me as our bodies touched and she rested her face on my shoulder pressing into and kissing my neck. My legs felt like rubber. "Mmmmmm", I responded audibly. I leaned against her the same way and began kissing her neck. We both extended our arms around each other into a full, tight hug. "Mmmmmm", I could hardly stand it! Our naked bodies were pressing tightly against each other. I had never before felt another woman's bare breasts against mine.

It seemed like minutes went by as we explored each others bodies with our hands while all the time kissing the others neck and ear. Becky's breath and tongue were so hot in my ear. Then Becky pulled me tighter in against her as she slid both hands down over my ass pulling me tighter against her. I felt the hair on my pussy touching hers.

Again after several moments Becky started to lift her left knee up between mine and kept coming up until her mid-thigh was between mine and pressing tightly against my pussy. Whether by desire or instinct I began rocking my hips sliding my sensitive pussy back and forth on her leg as her hands on my ass kept encouraging me. I knew that I could actually soon cum. I wanted too. I felt as if I would soon explode!

Softly whispering with my lips against her ear I asked, "Becky? Have you been like this with a woman before?"

Softly she responded, "Yesssssss".

I knew it! I thought for sure! She was just too good and smooth. I've known Becky a good while but had no idea of this. She may have needed my help improving the cock issues in her life but now things twisted to where I was the student.

Then with a sudden jerk of urgency, "Oh my goodness, he's here", I said to Becky as I heard the automatic garage door opening. "We only have a couple minutes!"

"High heels?" she asked, questioning. "Oh yeah", I said, "you learn fast!"

Becky quickly stepped into the black fishnet top. She pulled it up and asked me to tie it behind her back. Her breasts and pussy were fully exposed as you could see right through the fishnet. I stood behind her as I tied the ties and kissed her shoulders feeling her tense to the touch of my lips.

I headed to my closet and put on a pair of black stilettos for myself and brought out a pair of black ankle-straps for Becky. I took another swig of wine, this was bizarre I thought as I watched Becky sit on the edge of our bed doing up the small buckles on the shoes, she looked amazing and oh so hot! I adjusted my breasts in their cups. Tom loved this bra as it barely kept me covered and pushed my tits up so they looked enormous. Looking out the window I saw Tom's car pull into the driveway and move into the garage. We quickly grabbed our glasses and headed to the kitchen. I refilled our glasses, as we looked each other over. She looked incredible.

"Only seconds left to back out", I said.

"No way!" she responded.

"Up here honey" I said, when Tom called out! As I heard his footsteps coming up the stairs from the garage I put my glass down and took Becky's glass and put it on the counter. I reached for her face and the two of us began a long and very sexy tongue kiss with each other, I almost blacked out I was so turned on. Tom came around the corner and just stopped as his jaw dropped open, his eyes wide. "Yeeeee-ooooow", was all he could say. I broke our kiss and slowly slid my hand up Becky's chest until I was massaging her breasts in front of Tom. We both gave Tom a staring look while seductively blinking our eyes.

"Oh Fuck!" Tom blurted out, "This is unreal". He was grinning like crazy as he watched us kiss. He was enjoying this. I squeezed my arms together, which caused my breasts to swell up, my nipples poking up over the edge of the lace as Becky knelt down and began to kiss them. The feeling was absolutely incredible; I had my first mini-orgasm as she tongued my nipples. I pulled Tom to me and kissed him on the lips as Becky continued to tongue my breasts. Becky then joined us and I watched as she kissed Tom on the lips and felt her hand slide down onto my ass. As they kissed I in turn began to squeeze her ass with one hand while I slid my other hand down onto Tom's crotch. He had a massive hard on going as I stroked him through his pants. Becky was slipping her tongue into his mouth and getting him electrified.

He was still grinning, his eyes like saucers, as he and Becky broke apart. She smiled at him as he looked at her tits showing through the top, her erect nipples poking right through the netting. Tom moved his hand over to feel her breasts as Becky smiled and gestured approvingly to him. I slid my other hand down further as I felt Becky separating her legs. She was sopping wet as I slid my finger into her. She looked over at me and we kissed again as she squeezed my breasts, this time moaning as we played with each other. I can't remember being so aroused in all my life; this was totally new, and totally out of this world.

"Oh honey," I said to Tom, "Becky and I were here talking about the last time she was here and I told her how hot you thought she looked and how as soon as she left you took out your lust for her on me over there on the steps and then she told me how she drove Alex wild wearing the shorts I cut for her and also wearing my high heels. Then she was asking me about your cock and I asked her about Alex's cock and things just got to where we couldn't control ourselves and needed to find relief somehow. But now that you are here we can have some cock!" I said as he tugged quickly on his belt, kicking off his shoes and socks. As Becky and I continued to stand caressing each other up against the counter in the kitchen Tom proceeded to strip until he was completely naked. His cock was huge and sticking full out as he held it in one hand looking at Becky and I embarrassing each other. Becky looked at Tom's cock in his fist grip and smiled.

The three of us moved into the adjoining family room and onto the couch. I took my bra off as Tom sank down into the middle seat. I pulled Becky to me standing her in front of Tom as he began to masturbate, slowly stroking, watching as Becky held my breasts and then kissed one then the other licking my nipples. I pulled the fastener under her crotch so her pussy was now completely exposed. She was sopping as my fingers ran up and down the folds of her pussy, I kissed her on the neck as she closed her eyes, her hands still massaging my breasts. I turned her around and she sat down next to Tom on the couch. I pushed the coffee table out of the way as she and Tom began to neck, Tom now playing with her nipples and breasts as she wrapped her hand around his shaft stroking him like an expert causing him to hiss loudly.

I knelt down between Becky's legs as she glanced down at me. Her legs opened as I leaned forward tasting another woman for the very first time. My hand went down to my own pussy as I kissed then licked Becky pushing my tongue up and inside of her. My hand moved inside my thong as I reveled in this new experience feeling an out of this world orgasm build from my feet to my head. I began cumming uncontrollably and it was absolutely spectacular. She looked at me then her eyes rolled back into her head as she held my head tightly between her legs with one hand, she began to scream out loud as she grabbed Tom's cock with her other hand while my tongue darted in and out of her. Becky just had a huge orgasm as well! She tasted so divine it was unbelievable.

The whole room was spinning as the intense feelings began to subside it was unreal. Becky and I were swooning as we regained consciousness then noticed Tom as he continued to masturbate in front of us. Becky leaned over and began to kiss Tom again as I moved over and took his cock into my mouth. Becky watched me as Tom played with her tits, her one leg draped over his with the heel of one shoe on the table. I could feel Tom's pulse throbbing in his cock deep in my mouth.

Becky sat up and slid down next to me stroking Tom's thigh as she slid down onto the floor. I continued to run my lips up and down his shaft as Becky looked on. I leaned over to kiss Becky as she reached out to cradle Tom's balls in her hand. She pulled his shaft to her away from me and began to lick my husband's cock in front of me. Tom was in ecstasy as he watched his cock head disappear between her lips. I leaned forward and licked the underside of his cock as Becky did the top until we were both licking him together. I was pulling on his shaft as Becky cradled his balls, we would lick together on his shaft and then up to the head where we would French kiss each other while Tom's cock was between our lips.

Tom watched us do this for several times convulsing each time. He had two women servicing him and then suddenly shrieked out loud as he exploded like I've never seen him do before. He thrashed wildly as Becky and I continued to bring him pleasure, cum shooting everywhere, his breathing coming in gasps as he watched us milk his cock dry.

The two of us were quite a mess as we kissed and Tom faded, his erection slowly dying. Becky and I got cleaned up and she said that she needed to head home to meet Alex when he got home from work. Before Becky left I whispered to her, "Would it be hard to arrange you and I doing the same thing with Alex?"

"I will start working on that as soon as I get home", she answered with a strong sound of optimism in her voice.

Two days later I was in the checkout line at the market. Someone behind me kept bumping my ass with his or her cart. I HATE THAT! Thought for sure it was some wiseass teenager. When it happened again I quickly turned and said, "Well hi, Alex, how are you Baby Doll?" My anger quickly turning to pleasant surprise.

"So?" Alex began to ask with an ornery tone in his voice, "When are you and Becky getting together again?"

I walked around his grocery buggy to confront him up close and said, "Hey Mister, were you just making a pass at my ass?"

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