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My Friend Becky, Part 3

Becky and I get caught in the act by her hubby.
Two days later I was in the checkout line at the market. Someone behind me kept bumping my ass with their cart. I HATE THAT! Thought for sure it was some wiseass teenager and if it happened again I was going to tell him that he'd better have a note from his mom. Well, it happened again and I quickly turned and said, "Well hi, Alex, how are you Baby Doll?" My anger quickly turned to pleasant surprise.

" Sooooo?" Alex began to ask with an ornery tone in his voice, "When are you and Becky getting together again?

I walked around his grocery buggy to confront him up close and said, "Hey Mister, were you just making a pass at my ass?"

"If I did would I be as lucky as Becky", he asked with a sly grin on his face.

"I think you and I need to talk", I responded. "I'm going out to load this stuff and then slipping over to Olive Garden for some lunch. Come over and join me?"

Alex nodded and when he arrived I had already gotten us a table. "Hey Buddy, you sounded like a real go getter back there in the market but I want to tell you that it's about time you gave that woman of yours some overdue attention!" I declared to him at which time it was clear on his face that he knew he wasn't here just to enjoy lunch and stare at my boobs, but was here to be the recipient of a good old fashion bitch lashing.

"Let's talk openly and to the point because I don't have all day! Is that okay with you?" I blurted out to which he nodded. Inside myself I was laughing because I could tell that this poor bastard was afraid of me. So I backed off a little so he could enjoy his sandwich while we talked.

"Listen Alex", I started, "Why does it take a knock on the side of your head to wake you up? Don't you know how hot Becky is? You've just been taking her for granted. Is your lack of attention towards her the reason she turned to other women?"

"No", he answered. "Becky has always had this thing with other women. Not an everyday life style but frequents enough for me to know she really likes it. Honestly, I've never considered Becky with another woman as cheating on me and I have never had a problem with her doing it. It gives her pleasure"

" Hmmmmmm?" I couldn't resist asking, "Is that why Becky gets more pussy then you do?" Alex broke out laughing and so did I allowing things to get a little more relaxed.

"Alex, let me tell you something," I resumed, "Becky brought something out of me that I didn't know was there. I never dreamed that being with another woman would be that exciting. But, Baby Doll, you've got to realize we want cock too and you have been starving her! Am I being blunt enough?"

Alex grinned but his face was blushed. "Sounds like you two have the best show going on in town."

"Okay Alex, there's more...put your seat belt on." I instructed while I built up some nerve. "Becky is one hot gal. You know the last time she came over to my house? Mmmm, you would have gotten a really good show if you had walked in on us. Well, her and I were really getting it on when, on purpose, we let Tom walk in on us."

Alex's eyes spread open as wide as the back wheels on our John Deere tractor!

"Let me finish," I quickly demanded not wanting him to start questioning yet. "Yes, the three of us fooled around but Becky and I wore him out — totally exhausted him before he had a chance to check the oil on either one of us! And yes, before you can ask, Tom thought she was red hot and I enjoyed it also. I enjoyed watching another woman fooling around with my husband. And guess what, Alex? I could tell Becky loved it too."

Alex was speechless which made it good for me.

"So here's the deal", I said, "Becky told me that this Saturday night is your bowling leagues end of season banquet and dance. She told me it's quite a big event jointly done with two other leagues. She also told me it's a dress up affair too. Right?" Alex responded with a nod.

Continuing I said, "Well, the plan is that I'm meeting Becky tomorrow at the mall to help her pick out something to wear. Baby Doll; let me tell you, I'm going to make her look so delicious! I'm going to make every guy at that banquet wish they were you on that night. She is going to look so hot that everyone of them are going to have the little head influencing what the big head is thinking! You thought she really looked hot that evening at your house wearing those cutoffs and high heels but are you ready to let the fox run? Are you ready to let other people see her red-hot?!!! Do you have enough confidence in yourself to allow her some action?"

"Sounds like I don't have much choice", Alex said softly with that deer in the headlights look on his face.

"Then when we go to your house after the mall we're going to try her stuff on to match up some shoes and jewelry." I said. "Now don't you sneak home and catch us doing anything around 2:30 or 3:00! Just cause Tom caught us fooling around don't think you can walk in on us too and get lucky! We don't do that crap with just anyone!" Upon completing my lecture I gave him an exaggerated wink. I just don't know any more ways to give a hint. Alex had a sly grin on his face.

Next day Becky and I met up at the mall. I was impressed. She is doing a good job getting away from that 'plain Jane' look. She just has too good of a body to be plain. She doesn't even have to be exposing herself to look hot but my mission here at the mall is to find something that exposes her ravishing beauty.

We went into a Macy's store and started going through the dresses. After picking out a few I went with her to the dressing room. We had only entered into the dressing area when Becky already ruled out two of the dresses. "I'll take them back while you go ahead and undress". I said.

When I returned and entered into the dressing room Becky was standing on the bench in just her panties. I felt a little shiver shoot through me. "Let's try that one on first", she suggested. Upon which time we tried all three that we had there and I told her that I would go look at some more dresses and return with them.

Upon returning I said, "Check this one out! It is so sexy! It is so you! It is so hot! Quick, put it on, I can't wait to see it on you!"

Standing in only her lace bikini panties she took the dress and put it on. "Oh Becky, this is the one, it is adorable", I gasped. It was a chocolate brown cocktail dress that was strapless and the top of the dress snugly positioned at her bust line exposing her awesome cleavage with over half her breasts exposed. The dress was short with the hem half way up her thigh. As she stooped to step down off the bench it totally showed off her beautiful legs.

" Mmmmmmmm Becky", I said enviously, "every guy there is going to have a serpent slithering down their thigh when they see you! Are you okay wearing this? Will you feel comfortable?"

"I love it", she said with a giggle as she studied herself in the mirror. "I can't wait for Saturday!"

"You are, without any doubt, turning into a cock teasing bitch!" I said with both of us laughing hysterically.

We headed for Becky's house after buying the dress and a pair of chocolate brown heels to go with it. At her house I asked her to put it on again so that we could match some jewelry with it. Becky was so giddy that she started a seductive strip show for me to a song on the radio. "Come on", she insisted. "We're a team, remember?"

I began stripping with her until we were both down to our panties. I think then we both began having flashbacks of our time together at my house when Tom walked in on us. We approached each other and embraced and I felt the same heat and emotions shoot through me now just as it did the first time. We were standing there with only our panties on holding each other and being the same height our nipples pressed against each other’s when without notice the bedroom door opened. It was Alex.

We didn't move, we didn't act startled, we just looked at him smiling as he looked at us. I walked over to him purposely allowing my breasts to sway and bounce for him and I said, "It's 3 o'clock and you remembered."

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