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My Friend Becky, Part 4

Tags: threesome
The continuation of my fun with Becky
We were standing there with only our panties on holding each other and being the same height our nipples pressed against each others when without notice the bedroom door opened. It was Alex.

We didn't move, we didn't act startled, we just looked at him smiling as he looked at us. I walked over to him purposely allowing my breasts to sway and bounce for him and I said, "It's 3 o'clock and you remembered."

"Alex!" I said with excitement in my voice, "Becky got a new dress for Saturday night. Becky, try it on for Alex." She picked up the dress from the bed and I helped her slide it back on. Teasingly I asked Alex, "Like it so far? Hope you won't be jealous having all your bowling buddies gawking at her." Alex looked very pleased watching me zip up the back of Becky then watched her model it for him as she walked around the room. Becky returned to where I was standing and got behind me and slid her hands around my hips and then up in front of me to my breasts. Looking over my shoulder with both our heads together we were smiling as we gazed at Alex. Becky now caressing my tits and teasing my nipples. I leaned my head back on her and she began kissing my neck. I felt incredibly erotic not being at all intimidated by the fact that at this moment I was the only one almost totally naked.

Lifting my head back up I looked at Alex and asked, "Well, do you like her cocktail dress or not?"

"Oh yeah!" he returned.

Continuing I asked, "You do know why a woman wears a cocktail dress don't you?" Alex looked a little puzzled and shook his head no. So I told him, "A woman wears a cocktail dress when her tail is looking for some cock. Saturday night she will be getting noticed by quite a few." It was obvious that Alex liked the answer.

We both approached Alex and began unbuckling his belt and shirt buttons and soon had removed his clothing. Alex was well hung and appeared able to take us both on. He reached for the zipper on the back of Becky's dress and said, "I need to practice for Saturday night". With the zipper only half way down gravity dropped the dress to the floor. Becky slid off her heels now leaving us both in only our panties.

Becky knelt down in front of me and with her finger beckoned Alex to kneel down with her. Becky pulled my panties down exposing my pussy in front of Alex's face. "Kiss it", Becky commanded him. Alex used a hand on my ass to pull me tight against his face as his lips nibbled my clit. My knees bend pushing me more against him. "Now your tongue", Becky ordered him as he began pushing his face all the tighter against me. After a minute or so of me enjoying the bliss, Becky again gave him a command, "Now kiss me so that I can taste Becky on your lips!"

Becky looked up at me smiling and said, "Want to help me?" She pulled my wrist for me to stoop down with her as Alex stood up. It was now that I realized Becky had removed her panties. We both, without any cue needed, began stroking his cock, kissing it's head, fondling his balls and fingering his ass. Four hands and two tongues taking total liberty with his prize possession. After several minutes Alex looking down on us saw me whisper into Becky's ear. She stood up and left the room while I took as much of his cock into my mouth as I could. Alex was thick and long. Impossible for me to take it all but was obvious that he loved how much that I could.

Becky walked back into the room seductively strutting her stuff. She returned with the bottle of olive oil that I asked her to get. I poured some heavily into my hand and rubbed it all over my breasts and then put more into my hand and rubbed it all over Becky's voluptuous breasts. We embraced and slid our breasts against each other as we kissed and roamed each others bodies with our hands. Becky began licking and sucking the oil on my nipples and motioned Alex to help her. They both licked and gently nibbled my nipples. Mmmmmm, they were such a good team!

As they continued I wrapped an arm around each of them holding them close to me. Occasionally Alex's cock banged my leg. Felt like Big Ben's pendulum thumping against me. I began alternately turning my head to each of them French kissing them both each one as the other licked my breasts. I slowly began to lower myself so that I was on my knees in front of his cock and Becky's newly trimmed pussy. Wrapping a hand around his cock I turned my head then towards Becky and began licking her wet clit, then turning and licking Alex's cock head. They were loving it and assuring me audibly. They were kissing as my teeth gently slid back and forth the length of his shaft and as my thumb played with the folds of Becky's entrance.

I poured a liberal amount of the oil into my hand then rubbing them together applied both hands stroking his cock and massaging his balls with my soaked hands. His entire body stiffened as he gasped deep and loud. Becky responded, "Mmmmmm work him Sue." I looked at Becky then nodded to the oil bottle. She grabbed it and poured it onto his cock as I more aggressively stroked him.

"Like that don't you Big Boy", I said looking up at him. Alex began swaying his body so that his cock slid back and forth in my grip. He was fucking my fist. I squeezed tighter; he grunted loudly. Bringing my other hand to join in on the shaft I two handed stroked him with the head inches in front of my face. Pre-cum oozing out. I slid my hands down his shaft and pushed them flat against his pubic mass as I took his cock head deep into my throat again. He began pumping his body, fucking my face.

Looking to my left I saw Becky now sitting on the corner of the bed masturbating, her fingers deep inside herself...her knees spread wide apart. I could hear her sighs and squeals of delight as she continued pleasuring herself watching me service her husbands monster cock.

I let go with both hands and reached for the oil on the floor by my knees. I poured more onto my hands and rubbed them together. Dripping with oil I again wrapped both hands around his shaft. "Feel like a pussy?" I asked him. Stroking him with a very gentle grip I said, "do you want a loose pussy?" Then tightening my grip and stroking asked, "or do you want a tight pussy?"

Becky blurted out, "Oh Sue, you are the queen of tease!"

"So which is it Big Boy?" I asked him. "Loose pussy or tight pussy?"

Alex looked down at me and then over towards Becky. Then looking back to me Alex forced his words out, "I want your pussy."

"Give it to her Alex!", Becky sounded out.

As quick as I heard her I liked the sound of the idea. I let go of his Gargantua cock and crawled over between Becky's spread thighs running my tongue from her knee on up to her hot firebox. Hungry for her taste I attacked her passionately. While she pushed her hips towards me I felt Alex working his way in behind me and with his fingers checking my wetness while at the same time could hear Becky's soft repetitious whispers, "Fuck her Alex, fuck her Alex, fuck her Alex...".

Alex placed the head of his meat to me and gently pushed slowly into me. Mmmmmmm Baby, soooooo thick was his cock. Not knowing if I could take it all I knew that I was going to give it the old college try! More and more he fed me as I became rather impressed with myself. The screams coming from me had to be loud enough for the neighbors to hear. They'll think he's killing Becky!

My arms wrapped tightly around Becky's waist as she sat on the bed, my face pressing down firmly on her. I could feel the heat rising from her pussy up to my breasts that were hanging between her thighs. "Ouuuuu Becky!" I screamed as she watched the last of her husband's length disappear into me.

"Fuck her!" Becky commanded Alex in a much louder voice.

"Mmmmmmmmmm yeah! Fuck me!" I screamed in agreement.

Alex lasted several minutes. I loved it. A steady stroking like a well oiled piston! Steady rhythm! His fingers tightening the grasp on my ass cheeks. I knew he was soon to cum. I was ready too! I knew now that I could take the extra swelling. He had me opened and drenching wet.

Harder and faster he pumped me with his stuff. His balls felt like a bag of flour banging me! Ouuuuu Baby, couldn't wait for those balls to let loose! His breathing getting faster, his groaning louder, his fingers digging deeper into my ass cheeks.

"MMMMMMMM BABY, YEAH !!!!!!!!" We both exploded together. Becky and Alex leaned towards each other over my back as they passionately kissed. Mmmmmmm what else can I say? It was so good!

After cleaning off I limped out of their house and drove home. There I took a one hour bubble bath. Soothing the pleasant soreness that I was experiencing as my mind kept going into rewind, thinking it all through over and over.

All through the weekend I couldn't get my mind off Becky. I couldn't wait to hear about how Saturday night went. She called me Monday morning and asked me to come over. I was there in a flash. Becky met me at the door with a long tight hug and then began crying. "Oh no!", I thought to myself.

"Don't mind me", Becky said. "These are happy tears! Thank you so much, Sue! You totally opened my life up!"

"Now wait a minute, Girl", I said. "Maybe we need to thank each other!"

"Look here at what just came!" Becky said as she led me to her kitchen. There on the table was a vase containing a dozen red roses and a bottle of wine. The card that accompanied it instructed her to chill the wine for that night. I was so happy for her.

There were more times that Becky and I had threesomes with Alex and also Tom. Though Becky, Tom, and I were willing to try a foursome swap, Alex seemed calmly reluctant to do so. We were all okay with that and we didn't push it. I'm just happy that there were more times that Alex did push in me! Mmmmmm Baby! Know what I mean?

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