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My friend Lily

Women are better fucks!
I sat with my best friend Lily at lunch time, under the big tree outside the college entrance. It was a warm day so we both wore our favorite short skirts, white singlets and relaxed spread out on the grass, facing each other. She smoked a cigarette while I talked to her about my love life.

"Men just aren't satisfying anymore, I need to find a woman-they know how to pleasure another woman properly!" I said, with a smile.

Lily stared at me as I talked, a little startled by how much I was open about my bisexual side.

"When I fuck guys they just don't give it to me hard enough and when a girl has a strap on, who needs men?" I giggled.

Lily put out her cigarette and faced me, her big red lips capturing me as she began to speak.

"Tiff, how the hell would I know?" she said with a laugh, then she looked down to the ground and a face of sadness replaced her smile. 

"What's wrong?" I said suddenly confused.

After a minute she looked up, not to my face but stared directly at my chest. I looked down myself to discover my DDs were falling out of my singlet.

"Sorry, your boobs are so big! It's hard not to look sometimes..." She apologized.

I had noticed her staring at my breasts an awful lot lately. Lily had told me a few weeks prior that she's sure she's gay as she's only attracted to women, yet she has never been with a woman sexually. As it clicked, I realized she was looking at my tits in desire and not amazement, I noticed myself getting wet. Lily licked her bottom lip and gently bit it. She was getting horny as I could see her nipples poking from her singlet, obviously not wearing a bra today. I put my hand behind my back and removed my bra too.

"Tiffany, what are you doing?" She asked, puzzled.

"It's what you want isn't it?" I licked my lips slowly, and grabbed my tits and squeezed them hard trying to unleash the animal inside of her that I knew wanted to fuck me so bad.

"Oh fuck...." she managed to finally say.

"Come on, Lily. Show me how much you want me!" I teased and put my hand on my thighs, slowly following the skin toward my panties, pulling them apart I found my way my throbbing clitoris. There were a few people walking past around us but I didn't seem to care, in a way it excited me even more. I wasn't expecting it but suddenly she got up, gripped my hand as tight as she could and pulled me off the ground.

"Come here now!" Lily said, rushing me in the direction of behind the old bus shed.
When we got there she shoved me up against the wall, pulled my tits out of top and licked my nipples. I let out a yelp as it felt so good and grabbed her body closer to mind so I could take off her singlet. Her C cup breasts were now revealed to me and I felt the wetness of my vagina begin to ooze out down my thighs. We rubbed our breasts against each other as we kissed and fondled our tongues inside each others mouths, how I longed for that tongue to be on my clitoris. Lily then stopped and started kissing down my body until she reached my panties. She licked the outline and then pulled them down my legs with her mouth.

"Oh please, Lily! Relieve me now!" I pleaded.

Lily shoved a finger inside of me and licked my clitoris with her tongue making me moan. I grabbed her hair and pulled it as she shoved another finger in me and began going faster and faster.

"Shit, I'm going to cum!" I screamed as she picked up the pace with four of her fingers inside of me. I squirted all over her face and she licked all my cum up. I got my strap on from my bag and put it on as she stayed silent, amazed at what she had just done to her best friend. 

"My turn now, slut!"

I giggled and turned the strap on so it vibrated. I moaned a little as it vibrated my own clitoris. Lily lay on the ground, playing with her erect nipples, legs opened wide showing her moist vagina from under her skirt.

"Yes, please! Fuck me Tiffy! I want it so bad!"

She begged and began to finger her hungry vagina. I held her arms down and pulled apart her vagina flaps so I could put the dildo inside her. As it started to go in she yelped making me wonder whether to stop but she grabbed my hips trying to force me to go inside her further. She moaned and as I picked up the pace she grabbed my tits with her teeth nibbled them and spanked me on the ass. I started to thrust her with all of my might, my breath got heavy and I panted and moaned.

"I'm going to cum! Keep going, baby! I'm almost there!" she screamed so loudly and dug her nails into my back. She came and I felt her body shake and the sound of her cumming was enough to make me feel as if I could go again. I moaned and kissed her lips as I came again.

We lay on the grass, naked holding each other both panting breathlessly.

"That was fucking amazing!" Lily exclaimed.

"I told you I was right about women are better fucks!" we both laughed.

After that day we stayed very close friends and we made it a regular get together every day after college.

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