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My Girlfriend Made Me A Sissy 2

Jess takes things a step further dominating her sissy
My Girlfriend Made Me A Sissy - 2

Thank you to everyone who sent me messages about the last story, I've tried to include things people wanted to see in the sequel. Hope you enjoy


I woke up, stretched out and smiled as I felt the familiar sensation of my girlfriend's panties rubbing on my cock. The feeling instantly brought back memories of the night before: I had gone to a party with my rather dominant girlfriend; been coerced into her panties; sucked my very first cock and found out my girlfriend had fucked another guy whilst I was doing it. I loved every minute of it, my sissy-cock was rising as I remembered it all but I had to resist the temptation to touch it. Jess would kill me if she found out I'd been jacking off without her permission. I got up and with some effort of will took off the panties to go shower and get ready for the day; I was ready not a moment too soon. I came out of the shower to find my phone buzzing; I grabbed it to hear Jess' voice.
"Morning Sissy, I assume you're free today?"
"Yes Jess"
"Oh good, I need you to come over for a while", and with that she hung up. I dressed quickly and ran out of the house; it wouldn't do to keep her waiting.

I let myself into her house and ran upstairs to find her lounging on her bed, just listening to music.
"Well you took your time didn't you?" She sounded pissed.
"I ran here as fast as I could Jess", it was true I was breathing so heavily.
"Get over here bitch", she grabbed my arm as she sat up and launched my over her lap "I can see I'll have to teach you a lesson"
I knew what was about to happen, but I didn't struggle. I was too tired so it wouldn't help at all, Jess was pretty strong. Plus, I do think some part of me was rather looking forward to it, that is until the first blow landed. SMACK!
"Shut up sissy, unless you're going to count them keep your slutty mouth shut!" She slapped each of my ass cheeks in turn, I couldn't believe how hard she could hit.
"2...3...4..." I started to count, hoping if I did it would please her and she'd stop sooner. I guess I could have resisted but it didn't come to mind at all once she got going.
"Oh look how pathetic you are slut! A real man would never have let this happen to him. If Jack was here I'd probably be in your place! He definitely wouldn't have been over my knee whatever happened"
The reference to the guy who fucked her the night before stung a little, but the fact she so happily talked about it as if my feelings on the matter were nothing actually just made me excited.
"OMG! Is my little sissy getting hard? Little is the word alright, I can just about feel something pressing against my leg", the spanking eased a little as she laughed.
"30? Well I guess that’s enough sissy", she pushed me off her lap. "I've got you some presents, grab the white bag" She pointed to a white bag from some high street clothes shop next to a rather ominous looking black plastic bag. I ran to get and bring it back to her.
"Look inside sissy"
I opened it to find Jess had gotten me a lovely present, a frilly pair of pale blue high cut panties and a matching bra.
"Oh thank you jess"
"Well sissy, put them on!"
I stripped off immediately and pulled my presents on, I couldn't believe she'd done this for me. She called me onto the bed with her and we started making out.
"Come here my little girl" She said as she pulled me towards her, I loved it when she was nice to me like this between the commanding times. As we kissed she started to rub my cock and balls through the panties, she was lay on top of me; it made me feel so feminine.
"Spread those legs baby" I opened my legs a little and her hand dipped further down, teasing my ass.
"Wouldn't you love it if Kevin could fuck you here?"
"God yes, Jess, I was thinking about it the whole time I sucked him"
"I knew it, how could a sissy like you dream of anything else?"
She grabbed some lube from the desk near her bed and squirted some on my ass and her fingers. She held my balls in her left hand whilst she teased my ass with the right. I felt some pressure on my little hole and I could feel her pushing her middle finger in.
"Oh I love fingering my little bitch, but I know you love it too don't you baby?"
All I could do was moan, I was in heaven whenever she played with my ass.
"Do you want to be a girl for me sissy?” She had that look on her face, she had a plan. I nodded eager to do whatever she wanted, I knew I'd enjoy it.

She smiled, got off me and went to her wardrobe. She came back with a short black skirt and a blue vest top.
"Put this on sissy, and then sit at my desk"
I pulled the skirt on and then the blue top and as I walked to her desk I caught a look of myself in the mirror. I was thin, absolutely no muscle and had oddly wide hips. I straightened my shoulder length hair and had, without planning to, ended up sporting a very girly haircut in my day to day life. My ass and legs looked really good in the skirt and apart from my flat chest and my face, I looked like quite a convincing and maybe even attractive girl.
"I'm going to do some make-up for you sissy, and then you'll look perfect"
We spent the next 20 minutes with her doing my make up most of it was fairly discreet just to make me look more girly. However she outlined my eyes fairly obviously in dark eyeliner and did my lips a dark red colour, I couldn't stop smiling when I saw myself in the mirror: I looked for all the world a flat-chested girl.
"Back soon dear", she took the black plastic bag and left the room. I sat on the bed and just waited for her to come back.

She re-entered the room a while later, wearing some fairly baggy jeans and a plain black top, I had no idea why she'd changed to such a dull outfit but I was about to find out. She pushed my so I was lying on my back and climbed between my legs.
"You look so hot, sissy" She started kissing my lips and neck between words "In fact I can hardly say sissy, everyone would just think you were a girl"
I loved this, I had no idea why she was being so nice to me and I didn't question it. She reached under me and I felt her pushing at my hole again. I started to moan as she pushed one finger into me and then two.
"Oh you look hot baby, do you like it when I finger your sissy pussy?"
"Yes...Jess..." I manage to get out between gasps and moans
"I know you'd love a cock right now...", I moan louder "...and I've done as best I can"
She held my hand and brought it to her jeans, I can feel something in there.
"Get my cock out baby"
I opened her jeans and pulled out a flesh coloured dildo, it was about 7 inches long and rather thick looking: she was wearing a strapon.
"Stroke me" I grabbed hold of it and started to pull on her "cock", I was amazed she'd gone this far for me.
"Oooh!" I moaned, taken by surprise as she forced a third finger into me.
"Mmm you're good at that bitch, now let’s see how well you suck", she straddled my face and started feeding me the cock. Reality struck at that point, I was a 16 year old boy looking like and completely dressed as a girl sucking my girlfriends plastic cock and oddly enough, loving it.

We got into a 69 with me on top and she started playing with and licking my ass, completely ignoring my cock but that just seemed right. Hers was so much bigger and if anyone was the man in this relationship it was her, I was just a sissy. I lay there happily sucking her cock, having to idea of time passing until suddenly she stopped and told me to stay where I was. She slid out from under me and slapped my ass.
"I think it’s time we made you into a woman, sissy"
I started to feel nervous but I was so excited, I knew what was coming next. She got up on the bed behind me and flipped my skirt up exposing my panties. These were pulled down just enough to give her access to my sissy ass, and she started fingering me again
"So sissy, are you ready to get fucked"
"Oh yes, Jess please fuck me"
"You really want it don't you slut? You're just my bitch aren't you?"
"Ooooooh yess I'm a slut, I love cock and I want you to fuck me because I'm your bitch, I just want to serve you all the time Jess" I somehow managed to say between moans.
"Wow sissy, I wasn't expecting that, but I'm sure you've been expecting this"
And with that, I felt her fingers leave my ass and something much bigger being pressed against my hole.
"Get ready sissy" and slowly, slowly she started to push the cock into me
"Oooh my godddd, itsss soooo biiig!" I'd never had anything so big in there and it started to hurt a little
"Jess, it hurts! Please just take it out"
"No way sissy! You wanted this, just relax and you'll love it soon" She managed to get the whole thing in my ass and then stopped. She reached around and started to play with my balls, occasionally brushing my cock. The pain left quickly and I started enjoying it again, when I began to moan from her attention to my balls she slowly started to move the cock in and out of me.
"You have no idea how hot this looks sissy. Your ass is just eating my cock"
I was moaning aloud again and reached down to play with my cock
"Hands off that little clit sissy, I'll tell you when you can come"
I moved my hand away and just lay there taking her cock, it was obviously getting her off because I could hear her moaning and occasionally the speed picked up and then dropped as she came.
"Oh god this is getting me hot sissy"
She wasn't the only one, I was pushing my ass back to meet her every thrust now and moaning into her covers. I loved the feeling of her big cock inside me and I never wanted it to stop
"Oooh fuck, this is good" She was really building up for a big orgasm, I could see it coming and that just got me hotter. I really started pushing back on to her cock, I forgot it was jess, it was Kevin. Kevin, fucking me faster and faster getting ready to cum in my ass.
"Fuck me harder! Cum in me please, cum in your sissy"
"That’s right bitch, I'm fucking your sissy ass. I'm gonna cum in it and make you mine"
"Oh yes! Cum for me baby" I can't believe I was saying these things, but it was certainly working on Jess. She was moaning louder and louder before suddenly ramming her cock all the way into me and rapidly moving it in me.
"Here you go sissy! I'm cumming in you, cumming in my little"
I was moaning like crazy as she collapsed on top of me, obviously she'd decided it was time for me to cum yet.

After a few minutes she recovered and was her usually crazy self. She pulled out of me and ripped off the strapon.
"On your back sissy", I rolled over and lay on my back. My panties had come down around my thighs and my cock was making a little tent in my skirt. She kneeled with one leg on either side of my head and lowered her pussy down.
"Eat my pussy bitch, you've had your fuck and now you better say thank you properly"
I didn't need telling twice, I was full of enthusiasm as I started to lick her pussy but she wasn't in the mood for anything too special. She just wanted to ride my face and pretty soon I was mostly holding my tongue out and flicking it as she rubbed her cunt over my face. I felt like she was just using me, anyone would do and I loved it. Then her phone rang.
"Don't you dare stop, sissy", she said as she answered her phone. She started talking but I could only hear her side of the conversation and that was muffled by her thighs as she continued to ride my face.

"Hey baby, I didn't think you'd call.... what am I up to? Nothing really", that stung but I didn't stop eating her and I was incredibly horny for some reason.
"You want to come round? Well... my boyfriend is here I don't think he'd like it... yeah, it’s the boy I left with the other night... Does he know about us? Well yeah I told him, he doesn't seem to mind all that much..."
Mind? I was lying underneath her, eating her as she spoke, I certainly wasn't acting pissed off
"Well yeah he's a bit pathetic to be honest" She really started grinding down on my face "He's nothing like you, you're a real man... you know I think he was off with that Kevin guy at the party when we fucked... yeah the gay one... Yeah it is a bit odd, I guess I'm just going out with a bit of a sissy!"
She laughed and then covered the mic on her phone as she came.
"You're coming over anyway? Mmm that's why I like you, you're so commanding nothing like this pathetic wuss. What's he doing? He's actually eating me as we speak!"
I was mortified, how could she let him come over? And I was so embarrassed he knew what I was doing as they insulted me.
"Well you can teach him a lesson or two, but don't hurt him... Why? Because even if you do come and fuck me more often I'm keeping him... Why would I want a pussy like him? He's happy to just do as I say, it's like having my own slave. He could even serve us both... We'll see what you think once you've seen him baby, bye now".

"Did you hear that sissy? Jack's coming over to fuck me like only a real man could, maybe he'll let you watch! You'd like that wouldn't you?" She raised herself off my face
"Yes Jess, I'd love to see a real man fuck you"
"Hahaha you really are pathetic. Now when he gets here you will only call me mistress and if you're a good sissy I'll see if he'll let you clean him off after he's fucked me. I'm going to go get ready, stay here"

She left the room and left my lying there on her bed. My face was covered in her juices and I was still dressed like a girl, I couldn't believe what was about to happen and I couldn't imagine what I would be expected to do. Yet, despite everything I was still kind of excited, I was certainly hard and my main issue was that I hadn't been allowed to cum not that my girlfriend was planning to let some guy fuck her and see me dressed

More to come soon I hope, let me know what you think
Lady Libertina Xx

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