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My husband's fantasy

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Ray had been after me for some time now to have a . . . . . .
A fantasy that became a reality

Hi there readers, my name is Barbara (Babs for short) and I am going to try and tell you about a sexual fantasy that my husband, Ray, had for some time.

Ray and I have been together for ten years, seven of those legally married. We have had three kids, a girl, a boy and a girl. We got married because I became pregnant with the first girl and we decided that our "test" had worked well and we should do the legal for the girl. We really did not have a crystal ball that could tell us if that girl would resent that she was a product of a sin. Oh, yes, we both were raised catholics.

A couple of years later the boy came and about three years later the last girl. We decided to close the "factory" and Ray had a vasectomy.

I must say now that Ray and I have had a great sex life. We both were virgins the first time we had sex and we both were kind of lost as far as sexual techniques and understanding what sex was. We both bought some books that we thought would give us an insight on sexual satisfaction. And the books were very informative and our sex life has been great.

We learned about my clitoris, (yeah, I knew I had one but did not know much else), about my vagina/pussy, about how to satisfy my pussy and about the "G" spot. I have had great orgasms in a doggie style sex. His penis hits the "G" spot better in that position. Oh Yeah, we did learn about positions too. Not meaning to bore you with many more details learned. They will come out naturally in my story.

At one point, Ray’s job took him away from home on business trips. At this time it was going to be the only time that we did not sleep together in our home. And when Ray returned from the first trip I told him that we needed to do something about "my" sex. I was horny every day that he was not here. I needed sex and I was alone. Ray came up with the idea of sex toys and masturbation.

For the next trip we already had a couple of toys, a vibrator and a dildo. Ray insisted I use them before he left to make sure I was going to be OK. And we did that. Before a sex session I did the foreplay with the vibrator and the dildo. Both were of fairly medium size. I came and after cumming Ray went ahead and penetrated my pussy. I had some great orgasms with that. Everything was going to be all right.

As Ray’s trips continued I became very familiar with my two toys. I would use the vibrator on my clit and the dildo penetrating my pussy. You female readers know what I am talking about. Getting a bit ahead of the story here, we did buy some more toys. We currently have a good collection. Bigger dildos; dildo for me, dildo for him.

Ray would call me and we would have some telephone sex. Our sex life was going fantastic.

With all the knowledge I was getting I began to lose my initial shyness to sex. Our initial ignorance held us back and now we both were more aggressive in our sexual sessions which were every day that we were together.

Ray also learned to eat pussy. MY pussy. And he became an expert in very little time. More than an expert, he was telling me that pussy juices were trmendously pleasurable to him. He was calling my juices the "Elixir of the Gods in Mt. Olympus".

He would start with a foreplay that included the vibrator then he would suck on my nipples, which he knew that it drove me to behave what he called a "ravenous slut". And then he would end up on my pussy with lots of juices already there. He would "drink" the juices and he would bite my clit and I was now on the second orgasm.

The reason he called me a "ravenous slut" is that at this point I always began with my female natural physical responses moving my hips around, and up and down, and simply allowing my feminity to react "normally" to his pussy eating. From the man POV the movement of the girl when excited this way was a sign of "doing a good job".

Ray loved when I was pushing all my pelvis and my pussy to his mouth. When I was "dancing", my female extasis would make him try to get deeper with his tongue, something I simply adored. He would then massage my clit with his teeth and tongue and mouth and everything he could get his hands on to take me to that plateau of pleasure that we all crave.

So, we really were getting aggressive. We began renting and buying porno DVDs that would make us try to replicate what we were looking at.

I expressed the fact that watching porno would put me so horny that I had to try everything I was looking at. I told Ray that my curiosity was piqued when I saw lesbian action. Ray speaks so much above my pussy juices that between Ray’s comments and the lesbian action on the porno films I was really piqued for lesbian love making.

When watching porno movies I would get sooner to that pleasurable plateau. Ray’s pussy eating became a standard to do all the time. I was encouraging Ray to eat my pussy becausee I really wanted to "dance" in his face. I was understanding Ray’s fascination with eating my pussy. We could go to a movie and when the movie was over while driving back home I would begin telling Ray what I wanted him to do to me. EAT MY PUSSY!

Ray came one day with an idea (after I expressed my curiosity with lesbian love making). He dropped the point, asking me, "Hun, what would you say if I told you that I have a candidate for your lesbian love making? For your experience of eating pussy?" I thought, damn it, he reads my mind. So yes, the idea had "boucup" merits because yes, I did want to eat pussy. I wanted to try all those juices.

That brought what I thought was a very good question.

"But Ray, what happens if I like it too much?"

Ray said, "Well we need to talk more about that. I certainly don’t want to lose you." He continued, "What happens if we make a conscious effort for you to do it once so you taste pussy juice, we satisfy your curiosity, and we drop the activity?"

I said, "Only MY curiosity? Or is there another curiosity within your little mischivious mind?"

"No," said Ray, "my curiosity can be satisfied with you telling all to me after the fact."

No question that I was piqued. I wanted to taste the pussy’s juices like Ray was doing. He spoke so much about the satisfaction that he was getting when I began all my sluttiness. And the porno films were a big eye opener.

He said that feeling the woman in all her sexual splendor was probably his most exciting aspect of our sexual life. And then he dropped the idea further. And I believe now that I have your lesbian candidate. I can get you this woman that would eat your pussy and you would eat her pussy?

"Wait, wait a minute kemo sabe! What are you suggesting, that we bring a lesbian here to have sex with me?"

He said, "Hun don’t have a cow yet, think a little bit. You," Ray continued saying, "would get to enjoy one of sex’s greatest pleasures. To feel a woman, on your face and mouth, getting excited as the sexual session kept going. To drink her juices and flavor them like I do," said Ray.

"You can not go through life without that experience," said Ray.

So I asked, "Do you have somebody in mind?"

"As a matter of fact I do," said my adventourous Ray.

"Who?" I jumped.

"Well we have in the office this cute secretary that the office rumor goes that she is either bi or fully les."

"Who is she?" I asked.

"She is Dorothy, my group’s secretary."

"Wait, you mean the cute little thing that I have said to you that she exudes sex? That cute thing that on the last office party she kept hitting on me?"

"Exactly," said Ray.

"That sweet little girl," I said, "with the beautiful tits that I have said to you that she has the most perfect size tits I have seen in a long time? That little sweet thing with the perfect size waist and the fantastic combination of tight abs, the hips with the right amount of inches I so much admire, with the perfect legs completing the combination? That girl?"

"Yes," said my Ray. "Aha! You have been eying her! You do have a taste for women and you actually have a fantasy about this little bundle of woman’s perfection?"

"Yes, I do!" I confessed.

Ray said, "You know I have been mentally comparing you and her and I have the impression that you and her have a lot of body similarities. About the same height, same tits, same hips, like waist and exactly the same set of beautiful legs."

To which I said, "I like!"

Ray said, "When you and her are in the process of foreplay that similarity will come handy. Just wait and see."

I said, "Ok we need a plan."

Ray interrumpted, "Wait, wait, does your mind already say yes?"

"Hell yeah!"

"Ok, what about kids?"

"Ray, we are not going to have kids with her!"

"I know, I am thinking of our three little ones," Ray finished saying.

"Oh that is easy, we can tell my parents that we will be going to this party that will end late and then we want to sleep some in the morning, would they do grandkids-sitter for us? The kids and my parents have been after me to do something like this. It will be a great sleep over for the kids and Grands will love it."

Ray jumped. "What? For you to eat pussy?"

"No, jerk, for the sleep over of the kids."

Ray was laughing. I know he wanted to make a joke there.

"So OK," I said, "is there an innocent reason for you to take her to lunch?" I asked Ray.

Ray said that, "Yes, there was a job she specifically did for me, and she put a lot of effort into it. She did a heck of a good job and I have been thinking that I should take her out to lunch. To sort of telling her how grateful I was of the job she did for me."

"OK, invite her and tell her that I will be joining you guys. Tell her that I wanted to also appreciate her support for your work. That way, your inviting her to lunch is completely innocent and would give me the opportunity to see if I can seize her sexual emotions. We women know these things. I can eye her a bit more and see if we were right with measurements and with her as being bi or les."

The day of the lunch arrived. As planned I was coming to the restaurant from home and they would arrive from the office. They were being seated as I was entering through the restaurant doors. I should say here that we had met twice at different office parties. So yes we already knew each other and we should not have any akward moments.

I smacked my hubby on the lips to say hello and then I planted one on her cheek. I sensed a bit of vibrations on her cheek. Maybe insignificant and maybe not. We were chatting and at one point I placed my hand on her arm like to make a bit of a case for her looking at me. She did and I held her arm a bit longer. Again I felt nervous vibrations coming from her. Again, we women notice these things.

Lunch arrived and we were going OK and I again rubbed my hand over her arm and she left her arm now available to me. She moved her arm a bit and my hand landed on her nipple. She planned it and I was a bit surprised now with her move. Of course the innocent hand on her nipple was reason for me to apologize and for her to say that it was no problem. She moved her arm and maybe I got surprised by the move and could not retrieve my hand.

We finished lunch and us girls needed to go to the girls room to powder our noses. When we were inside I quickly glanced around to see if we were alone. I wanted to keep probing. I said the most lame thing I could imagine. "Dorothy, I have been meaning to tell you that you look very nice and pretty today. Your dress colors go with you. I didn’t want to say that in front of Ray because I did not know how you would take that comment. And also to tell you that Ray has spoken very well at home about you. He trusts you and he enjoys working with you."

And this time I grabbed her arm again and held it a bit longer. Dorothy again moved and made my arm rest on her breast. I said to myself that she is putting a move on me. Now we know she wants me and I want her.

We went back to Ray and I said goodbye and I hope they left going back to the office. When Ray arrived later that afternoon, he said to me that she had bitten. On the way back to the office all Dorothy could say was how beautiful you were, how charmin that I had been so lucky to be with you, and on, and on, and on.

"So now what do we do?" asked Ray.

"I have it all planned," I said.

"Really?" said Ray.

"Yeah, look lets make a party of three people. Just you and I and Dorothy. Let me tell you how we get this done. She wants me and I want her and we both know that we want each other. She won’t mind. I want to fuck her so bad that I don’t know if I can hold back myself if I see her on the streets again. Oh, yeah, I want to fuck her and drink all her cunt juices."

"We take her to the night club we have been to, where all things may happen at the dance floor. All kinds of couples get to dancing there and nobody is surprised. It is a very "avant garde" place. Hell she may even know it," I said to Ray.

"We start by us dancing together. You and me. Then you ask her to dance and then I approach her to see if she would dance with me. My bet is on me. Yes, she will dance with me. She wants my body close to her to see if she can determine that I want her. Which I will do."

"Then she is in the bag. We do more of the dancing and even I may try to get our mouths together and see her reaction and then home to complete the night with a night cap and we say that you will take her to her home."

So we had a plan.

The day of the party of three arrived, Ray and I went to her house to pick her up. She was radiant. She wanted to look her best for me. I was not too shabby either. We both made an effort to look beautiful and with class. Nothing cheap.

She had a very nice silk blouse, white, with the buttons open down to the third or fourth button.

We could see the round of her tits. Her breasts looked beautiful. When she came into the car we asked her to come in the front with us. Her nipples showed very well. No bra, good that is a fantastic indication of sex to come. They became hardened and were showing through the blouse.

Her skirt was an aquamarine type color that was mixing beautifully with the white blouse. The skirt was tight around her hips and legs. The skirt must have been about five or six inches above the knee. Very sexual. She was beautiful. She had a wide black belt and she had some stockings that made her whole attire like out of a fashion magazine.

I had a "little black number" that looked also like from a fashion magazine. Skirt tight to the body and, like her, I did not have a bra on. My pointing nipples also showed through the cloth of the black dress. She knew the night club she said that she had been there once or twice and that she liked the atmosphere.

As we planned, we ordered food and Ray and I began the first dance. When that one was over, Ray asked Dorothy to dance with him. And we did this exchange several times. I saw that there were already some same sex dancers. Both males and females. That was my opportunity. I asked Ray to let me dance with Dorothy. Of course he said yes.

We got to the dance floor and the music was a slow type dance. Dorothy saw the opportunity and she came into me and presed her body to mine. I felt her nipples immediately. They were hard and even her breathing was a bit short, difficult. She was already enjoying the foreplay. Our breasts were pressed against each other and my nipples must have touched her skin because they were hard, very hard.

Dorothy had a move while dancing where she would try to get our pussies as close as possible.

She would press her abs with mine and her lower abs, around where the pubic hairs would be. For tonight I was shaved. Pubic hairs free. But that is where she was putting the pressure.

No question that our foreplay started. I did give her a mouth to mouth kiss where our tongues began the first dance of the night. We both went crazy after each other, my hands were all over her body and she was doing the same. We were on more than just foreplay. I got so horny that I wanted to take her home now. I was thinking that we should go ahead and don’t lose any more time. Lets get home and start getting it on.

I told Ray and before leaving I went to the little girls room. She followed me and as soon as we were inside she made her move. She again pressed her body to mine and she gave me the most fantastic tongue kiss I have had in a long time (Sorry Ray). My tongue began dancing with her tongue and we must have been "tongue connected" for some minutes. It seemed like an eternity.

We broke the embrace and we both said "let’s go home". It felt so natural that we both thought the same thing and spoke it so in tune with our feelings. We took care of the bathroom and sped up to Ray so that we could leave. Ray had settled the bill and we were out of there in record time.

In the car we sat right beside each other. Dorothy’s thigh was pressing my thigh and our dresses moved up leaving our panties in the open. I moved sideways so that I could get to her panties with ease. I began touching Dorothy’s thighs and she began playing with my panties. I felt a finger getting inside my panties and reaching my pussy. I felt Dorothy’s finger pressing on my clit. I was surprised that she got to it so quick.

I wanted to have my tongue dancing with her tongue again. I crossed over her and we were now facing each other and simply conducting ourselves like two experienced lesbians. She was, I was learning quick. We were in full foreplay. I was somewhat surprised that we were getting so far advanced so quick. Dorothy was definitely more aggressive and showing that she really wanted me and my sex.

We played until we got to the house. We went in, I took her to the family room without Ray, and we were after each other’s body. We were hot and heavy. I undressed her and she did the same to me.

I had planned one of those "let me change into something more comfortable" routines but Dorothy made me ignore my plans. We were already fully naked and there is nothing more comfortable than being fully naked when having sex. My pussy was itching for attention, and I have to assume that she was about the same.

We went at each other like two sexual maniacs. We really wanted each other. We wanted sexual pleasure after sexual pleasure. The kissing and the rubbing of nipples came as a natural thing. I knew she had experience with women. I didn’t, but I don’t think she could complaint.

I wanted to suck on Dorothy’s tits, those nipples doing what Ray always does to me. I knew that was very good. I had been feeling these "things" when Ray and I had sex. So I knew she would love it too. It came to my mind what many people say that women understand women better than men because we know what we like. All we have to do is follow our desires and do those desires to each other. Her nipples felt hard in my mouth and I began sucking real hard, she was now butter in my hands.

Now I sat her in the couch and removed her panties. She was also bald! I removed my own panties and we were now fully naked. My hand went after her clit and she let go a wimper of pleasure and her body tensed in my arms. She was ready for me to eat her pussy. Her juices were already all over her pussy. My tongue went in as far as I could get it...wait, I need to say something here. I have one of those tongues that are long and have no restriction. I can go inside her pussy for about three inches or a bit more.

My tongue does give the impression of being a small cock. But as far as cock, I had purchased a strapon harness and a new dildo for the harness. I had plans for Dorothy. So my tongue is inside Dorothy and I am finally tasting all those juices Ray so often spoke about.

And I agreed with Ray. They are elixir from the gods. My tongue can also push hard and her outer pussy lips were feeling all the strength of my tongue. I would circle the whole pussy and then go up to the clit. Oh, she was feeling my tongue on her clit. And I was gently biting Dorothy’s clit producing on her the wanted plateau of pleasure. She was "orgasming" and she was dancing on my moutth. Dorothy was letting me know that I was really giving her orgasm after orgasm. . I thought to myself that I was happy and proud of my sexual prowess with Dorothy.

What Ray always said.

She was doing the moving around, up and down, sideways and in every direction. By the way, she was vocal. She was a real slut. "Fuck me, split my cunt open, stick your tongue deep inside my cunt" and so forth. Oh, yeah, she was vocal. And she had every reason to be vocal. I was employing as much activity as my own creations allowed me to do to her.

I stopped counting her orgasms but she had several. When I was satiated with her I asked her to do me. She went with vigor and resolution. She was an artist now. She was about to paint on me her masterpiece. What can I tell you? Her tongue on my pussy lips, around them, in my clit, and back to go around. Her activity with my clit brought me to immediate extasis and orgasm. I felt a finger in my bumhole. Ray and I had not done any experimenting with anal. But I loved the finger. I felt like "dancing" on her finger in my asshole. It was something new to me but . . . . WOW!!

I was the one now with my movements. Up, down, around and up again. I was also in my orgasm after having one or two already. I was satisfied I had done her well and now she could be satisfied that she did me so well.

We embraced each other. We had our bodies pressed against each other. You could not get a sharp knife between us. We kissed, lovely kind of kisses, we were enjoying each other in that tranquility that comes after great sex. We stayed there for some time. I was thinking that Ray had been right. Eating Pussy is the best sex ever. I asked Dorothy if she had cock every now and then. Her reply was, "Of course."

She asked if Ray was coming. I said, "No, but I am."

She looked a bit puzzled and I said, "I have a surprise for you that you probably were not expecting. Wait here."

And with that I went for the strapon. I wanted to put it on before she saw it. I got it on and went to her again. Oh yes she was surprised. I looked at the mirror prior to coming to the Family room and I felt huge power over our upcoming sexual encounter. I was a man. I had my cock and I was going to fuck a beautiful woman. I was going to make that woman mine! She saw it and she screamed, "Oh yeah, right now, in my cunt."

I laid on my back and asked her to mount my new cock. It was about 2 ½ inches, diameter measure, and about 10 inches long. It was a huge cock. Her pussy took it all in. What a woman!.

She said, "I have mounted my new man and now I need to stay calm and composed until I start to really fuck this boy. I will be doing the fucking."

I really was not sure about what she was talking about and I asked. Explain please.

"One of the things I hate in the sexual relationship between men and women is that men speak of fucking a woman. They have had their cocks for so long now that they do not consider what the women may be thinking. Well, no man will fuck me ever. I will be the one fucking them. I have the cunt but without my cunt men’s cocks are moving with the wind doing absolutely nothing."

One of those situations where "my face is hitting your fist" per Flip Wilson’s Geraldine’s philosphy.

So now I will fuck your cock. And with that she began moving up and down having her cunt doing the fucking. And what a pleasure for me was to see a woman actually doing the fucking and that I was helping her. Oh, she came...once again. And she came more times while fucking my cock. We did the strapon dildo routine for an hour at least. She must have had more orgasms tonight than any other night in her life. She wanted my cock. And I gave her all she asked for.

She completed her fucking and asked if I wanted to fuck her cock. We could switch the strapon harness for her to have her cock fucked by me. I said, "No, let's sleep now and maybe tomorrow morning we switch."

We fell into each other arms and we slept until noon the next day.

There will be more adventures of Ray, Babs, and Dorothy . . . . . .

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