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My Life as a BoyToy: The End?

What one does in the shadows will be revealed in the light of day.
Veronica stared at me for what seemed an eternity. Finally she looked away, her gaze fixed somewhere beyond the large garden bath window. Surely there was some hole in the ground I could crawl into and hide I thought.

"Don't worry about it Howdy." she finally said, breaking the long, deafening silence, "I figured sooner or later, you would falter. All men lie and cheat. I just hoped that my man wouldn't, that's all."

"B-b-b-but, I can explai ..." I stammered.

Soapy bath water splashed everywhere as Veronica's hand shot from under the water giving me the 'stop' sign with her palm. "I don't want to hear it." she hissed, "Save your fucking lame ass excuses for someone else Howdy! Just get out! Leave me the fuck alone."

"N O W G E T O U T!"

My head dropped in shame. I stood there emotionally reduced to rubble, completely humiliated. There simply was no defending my actions. Man, I really fucked up this time I mumbled under my breath. I took hold of the doorknob to close it behind me as I turned to leave. A last glance towards Veronica caught her with both hands covering her face.

No one was to blame but me. There was no need to completely close the door, I was going to grant her her demand and leave. When I turned to walk away, I was completely startled by a shadowy figure lurking at the end of the hallway.

"What the fuuuuuuuck ?" I whispered to myself.

"Hello again Howdy." the soft feminine voice called from the shadows, "busted eh?"

"I didn't expect to see you again so soon." she said, stepping into the light.

"Elizabeth?" I said in a whisper, "what are you... how did... why are you here? Why did you follow me home? You shouldn't be here! I'm a married man. You know that, right?" I said quietly, trying not to alert Veronica.

Not even two minutes had passed since my nuts were handed to me for cheating, and already my mind is already telling me how delicious Elizabeth looked. I'm pretty fucking pathetic I said to myself.

The way the light bathed her from above, almost made Elizabeth look almost angelic. Her hair was brushed neatly and framed her youthful face perfectly. All she wore was a shear teddy and panties that did little to hide her physical beauty.

I was so stunned at what I saw, that I failed to notice the bathroom door open behind me.

"Hello Laaaady V." purred Elizabeth as she peeked around me.

"Hiya Bethie." Veronica cooed in response.

"What tha...?" I started, realizing Veronica was standing behind me.

Both walked towards me. Elizabeth was wearing the same seductive look on her face I had enjoyed seeing all afternoon. Only this time, her look was trained on my wife.

Veronica pushed past me and met Elizabeth's embrace with a hot wet kiss to the lips. I was dumbfounded. I watched as they embraced, tits pressed to tits, and arms holding each other tightly. They broke the kiss long enough to smile at each other and drink in the aroma of each other's inviting fragrance, then kissed again, this time their bodies grinding together.

"What the fuck is going on? I quietly demanded in a loud whisper.

They ignored me as if my volume was muted. Elizabeth's hands slid inside Veronica's robe, roughly fondling her as her roaming hands circled my wife's slender waist. Veronica's hands cupped Bethie's face tenderly, and she pecked kisses all over. I could see the outline of Bethie's hands inside the robe as they slipped to grab my wife by the buttocks.

Even though it quickly became very arousing to watch, I was still shocked to see my wife behaving in such an uninhibited manner with another woman. Only once in our thirty plus years together, had she ever expressed any sexual interest in anyone but me. And surprisingly, it was with her Aunt Melissa and me.

Veronica, broke from Elizabeth's grasp and abruptly turned to face me. The sudden turn caused Veronica's white cottom robe to open fully, exposing her perfect tits and still damp pussy hair.

"So Howdy, you must be surprised?" my wife smirked with raised brows as she made no attempt to cover herself.

Veronica's beautiful tanned tits rose and fell rapidly with each labored shallow breath she took. Her mind and body were racked with supercharged emotion. I could tell Vernoica's mind was racing as she searched for words as her eyelids blinked nervously.

"You know Howdy..." she blurted out, then paused, "well, I guess you wouldn't know this now would you? Even though we didn't see much of each other until recently, Bethie and I have been friends, mmm, really close friends for a very long time. Not too long ago Howdy, we discovered that being just friends, well, wasn't nearly satisfying enough." she calmly said, blindly reaching behind her to grope at Bethie.

They stood there looking at me, Bethie's chin resting on Vernoica's shoulder, and both wearing shit eating grins in mocking gesture at having pulled this off so successfully.

Even though I had demanded some sort of explanation, I really had no response to what I was witnessing had they even offered one. I just stood there like a statue, watching, waiting to see what happened next.

In a not so subtle act of foreplay, Bethie rubbed the robe against Veronica's satiny smooth skin like it was a towel. She dabbed and patted V's hips and tummy with hands full of the plush soft robe before pushing the soft fabric over V's sensitive breasts. Veronica's lips parted long enough for a delicious sounding moan to escape. Then her eyes flickered shut for a long moment, as the caressing motion of soft cotton brushed slowly across her skin.

Bethie kept her sultry gaze on my eyes as she decided to treat me to a little show. She reached for the collar of Veronica's robe and slowly pulled it off of V's shoulders. Veronica looked down at her breasts as the robe melted off of her, exposing her hard nipples. Her eyes caught mine as she straightened her arms downward to accomodate the robe's fall, leaving it in a crumpled heap around her feet. My cock was raging hard.

My eyes made several passes up and down Veronica's beautiful naked body. She looked at me with a pitiful expression, almost as if she delighted in showing me what I had forfitied by being unfaithful. Veronica's nipples pointed directly at me, taunting me.

In an insulting act of seizing possession, Bethie's arms slid between V's torso and arms, and wrapped around her rib cage, snuggling V to her own busum. Both of them sighed heavily. Bethie's arm folded neatly under my wife's pendulous tits, supporting them with her forearms. Comforted by the embrace, Veronica's eyes closed as Bethie's hands cupped her tits and her fingertips traced circles around V's sensitive nipples. Bethie's sensuous touches sent an army of chill bumps across V's body, causing her to suddenly shutter. They both giggled.

Bethie's hands casually slid down my wife's sides and disappeared behind her back. Veronica's eyes suddenly grew large and she sucked in a gasp of air. From her response, Bethie must have had her hands all over her ass, or was slipping fingers underneath V's bottom to dab in her wetness. Veronica widened her stance, shifted her weight back and forth, and bent over slightly at the waist. She braced herself with hands on either side of the hallway, and in an act of submission, gave Bethie's fingers all the freedom they sought. As Bethie delivered her brand of pleasure to Veronica's sweet cunt, V tried her best to keep her gaze fixed on me, to further punish me I guessed.

Bethie stood behind Veronica, tugging a handful of her long hair as her other hand pumped inside Veronica's tight walls. Veronica licked and gnawed at her lips as her lower body jerked and pushed at Bethie's fingers. Finally, her eyes flickered shut as she succombed to the immense pleasure of the finger pounding.

Her cunt was a churning cauldren of fire and ready to overflow. Suddenly, as if she just remembered that this whole exercize was meant to teach me a lesson, her half closed eyes widened. The soft sensuous expression she had worn only moments before, quickly evaporated and she gave me a cold piercing stare that penetrated my core. Veronica straightened up, combed the hair away from her face with both hands, shaking her head to free the tangles.

Out of the blue she offered me a little history lesson. "Howdy, I guess you forgot that Bethie's mom Abigail, and my Aunt Melissa were dear friends at one time. You know, back in the days when that tramp Gypsy of yours was pimping you out, and you two had your little man whore thing going."

My blood boiled at her insult to Gypsy. "Leave Gypsy out of this. You can take your anger out on me all you want, but she is off limits! Understood? Besides, what I did before you and I married is none of your fucking business."

My emotional defense of Gypsy caught her off guard. Afterall, it had been over thirty years since Gypsy and I had had our little boy toy business going. Not only that, but she had been dead for over thirty years. "And hey, for your information woman, if it hadn't been for Gypsy, I would have never met you in the first place. It was Gypsy who arranged my appointments, not me. It just so happened that the first friend of Gypsy's I fucked was your Aunt Melissa! And a damn good fuck she was too!"

The sound of the harsh reminder clanged in Veronica's head. She winced at the thought of me having fucked her Aunt. Afterall, her aunt was more of a mother figure than an aunt.

Seeing that I was not ready to roll over and play dead caught Veronica unprepared. So being the formitable tactician she was, she changed strategies.

"So, were you trying to prove to yourself, or to me, that you could still get in other woman's panties? Huh? Didn't it ever occur to you that I noticed you flirting with practically everything that wore a skirt? Did it ever dawn on you that maybe, just maybe, I had set you up for some of those encounters too? she smirked.

"I have fucking friends everywhere Howdy! How could you be so fucking stupid?"

Veronica bolstered by her sudden new confidence, bowed her shoulders back and lifted her chin defiantly at me. "I knew Bethie made the perfect target for you Howdy. She's young enough for you to not suspect as being my friend. She has the voice and body of a porn star, and is seductively irresistible enough to lure your cheating ass into her bed."

Veronica's tirade was on a roll, and she was not about to let up, "I just knew you couldn't say no to her. I knew it. I knew it! I fucking mother fucking knew it!" she yelled as her hands waved angrily.

She stared at me for a minute before lowering her voice a bit, "Don't get me wrong, deep in my heart of hearts, I hoped that you would prove me wrong and wouldn't fall for this. But, honestly, I have suspected for a while now, that if you thought you could get away with it, you would at least try. What is it you always say Howdy, 'It's easier to beg forgiveness than beg for permission'? Hmm, isn't that it?"

The fury in her eyes reignited and the veins in her neck bulged. Her body tensed like she was readying for a prize fight as she jabbed her index finger towards my chest. "It only made sense that if I was gone long enough, you would be eager to try your luck with someone. When did you decide you wanted to chase younger women instead of women your mommy's age Howdy? Yesterday? The day before that? Hmm, when? Please just have the fucking decency... to fucking tell me... just fucking when... fucking me... was no longer good enough for you!"

Veronica turned her head away from me to hide the tears streaming down her cheeks. "I knew you were weak in the flesh Howdy, but dammit, you mean to tell me that all it took was one mother fucking phone call from a sexy female voice? All it took was one fucking phone call from a complete stranger, sight unseen, for you to cheat on me? Are you that fucking hard up for a piece of new pussy?"

Her face snapped towards me. Through blurry eyes she sneared, "You know what? You're still a slut Howdy! A mother fucking man slut!" she said, brandishing her middle finger in my face.

The tension in the air was ripe for escalation. Thankfully Bethie interviened. She had seen and heard enough of this domestic quarrel and tried her best to calm Veronica down. She spun Veronica to face her and whispered something in V's ear as her that made them both giggle.

"I came over here tonight to be your lover V, not your referee or counselor." she said, trying to add levity.

Bethie brushed the tear matted hair from V's face and kissed her warmly on the lips. Then with a wink, she spun V back around to face me. Once agan my eyes traveled up and down my wife's incredible body. Then Bethie's hands reappeared from behind V and traced the path, from sides to front where her waistband would have been had she been wearing panties. Bethie's left hand slid into V's pubic hair and she gently tugged at the fine curls as they unfurled between her retreating fingers. Veronica moaned loudly as she leaned backwards onto Bethie's shoulder, her head turning to kiss Bethie on the ear. Veronica squeezed roughly at her own tits as Bethie's probing touches brought her body back to life.

Bethie moaned into V's ear, shoving her tongue inside as her free hand briefly held Veronica by the throat. Then Bethie released her grip, slid her hand down V's chest, through her cleavage, and traced the rim of V's belly button several times. My wife's body jerked hard in heightened sensitivity. Bethie's long slender fingers criss crossed V's tummy and repeatedly dipped into her hairline. Each time Bethie's fingers drew near V's swollen nub, she teasingly retreated with nails gently raking through the edges of her bush and across her tummy. Veronica was in desperate need of some emotional release.

Soon, they were lost in their own little world and again, they completely ignored my presence . It was like I was had suddenly become invisible. It made absolutely no difference to them that I had lowered my pants and was stroking my throbbing cock as I watched their very hot love dance take flight.

Bethie's hands slid gracefully from V's waist to the front of her thighs, dipping between her inner thighs, making long slow strokes up and down her inner thighs. Graceful firm fingertips stretched the muscle fibers in Veronica's thighs on the downward stroke, and Bethie's long nails gently raked their way back up. Long slow passes from Bethie's hands and fingers seemed to work their magic. Veronica melted in Bethie's hands.

Bethie kept her eyes on me and my hard cock as her thumbs disappeared into V's dark pussy hair, rubbing either side of her aching clit. She pushed the full length of her thumbs between Veronica's legs, then pressed them towards each other, squeezing V's engorged outer lips over her nub. Much to her delight, Veronica's juices poured over Bethie's thumbs. Both of them gasped loudly as Bethie's thumb knuckles squeezed her clit between the meaty folds. Then she bit Veronica's ear lobe, holding her between clenched teeth as she roughly rubbed her thumbs up and down in opposite directions, causing Veronica to squeal and her knees to buckle. The searing pain mixed with the pleasure surged through her writhing body.

Veronica grabbed both of Bethie's hands, pulling her even closer to her from behind. She guided them away from her throbbing pussy towards her large breasts. Bethie squeezed my wife's tits hard, pinching and pulling at her hard nipples.

All four hands rubbed her tits roughly as Veronica arched her lower back and pushed her ass into Bethie's pelvis. Bethie kissed on Veronica's neck as she massaged her heaving tits.

Bethie kept her eyes locked on mine as she played with my wife while I stood there like a petrified schoolboy. She was getting off on applying this erotic form of torture on me. There she was, my new found fuck buddy, molesting my wife in front of me as if they were alone.

"I need to cum Bethie. Please let me cum baby!" V begged.

Bethie answered the plea with a sharp swat to Veronica's ass cheek that sounded like a lightning strike. The intensity of the sting caught Veronica by surprize, making her yelp loudly.

With Veronica's fingers laced behind Bethie's, she guided them back down her tummy. Veronica's arms pushed her heaving tits together, making them look even more fuckable. Bethie ran her fingers across every well defined muscle in Veronica's stomach before letting their hands dip into her furry love nest. Without hesitation, Veronica spread her legs wide so Bethie had unfettered access to her most hidden parts. They moaned and squirmed in unison as Bethie's hands roamed freely over her pussy and inner thighs.

Bethie slid her hand through Veronica's thick bush, this time, sticking two fingers into her slippery wet hole. Bethie gripped V's cunt in her fist, holding her throbbing wetness firm. V let out a long deep gasp and begged Bethie to fuck her, to let her cum. For some reason, Bethie withheld her permission.

The heel of Bethie's palm found Veronica's hard clit and applied pressure to it's base from underneath. Veronica squealed loudly and held Bethie's hand pressed tightly between her legs as her fingers probed. Bethie's other hand slid around Veronica's hip and squeezed her ass cheek, slapping it hard a few times, and then slipped into V from behind.

"Oh God yes Bethie, yes, yes! That's it baby. Right there! Now fuck this slut baby. Make this ass and cunt yours!"

Bethie had both of her middle fingers delving deeply in Veronica's tight cunt. The palm of one hand rubbed V's hard clit, the thumb on the other hand, pushed against V's puckered little starfish from behind. V's first ring of resistance was practically nonexistent and Bethie slipped her thumb in fully.

I was lost in this lesbian fuck fantasy that featured my wife and my new lover. It took all my will power not to shoot a hot steamy load over the both of them as I watched. But I hoped to soon put this hard cock to better use, so I waited.

My wife was happily being violated and showed no visible signs of restraint. She moaned loudly and begged Bethie to please finish her off soon. Her body was on fire and trembled violently. She shook so hard, she had to steady herself with her hands against the walls. All of her anger and passion stirred inside her and begged to be freed. V's eruption was ready to unleash.

"Don't you even think about cumming yet Lady V. I will tell you when you can. Got it?" Bethie warned with a hard pinch to V's clit that closed off the escape route of the orgasm.

Unable to take any more unless she was allowed to cum, Veronica yanked Bethie's hands from between her legs. They both stood there, now facing each other, breathing hard. Bethie's fingers and palm dripped with my wife's tasty juices. Bethie smiled at V, then at me and then slowly licked her fingers clean. As Bethie slurped my wife's juices from one hand, she dipped her other hand between her own legs, and dug deeply into her wet cunt. She extracted fingers loaded with the mix of sweet goo from both of them, and held them to Veronica's open lips. Their lips grew near and they shared the sticky treats between them.

Veronica licked Bethie's fingers clean, then mumbled to Bethie it had been an exhausting flight home from vacation, and was ready for bed.

"If you won't let me cum, I'll just masturbate and you won't get any of it." V threatened with a pouty lip.

Without so much as a 'fuck you', they both turned and walked arm in arm towards the master bedroom down the hall.

As they reached the double doors to the bedroom, they stopped and turned towards me, "Are you coming or not?"

I didn't have to be invited twice. Bethie pulled her teddy over her head as she neared the king sized bed. Veronica playfully pushed Bethie backwards onto the bed and without hesitation, groped at Bethie's drenched pussy through her soaked panties. Bethie giggled loudly and opened her legs wide for V's inspection. Thinking that since I had been invited to join them, my 'adult timeout' must be over, I reached for my wife to kiss her, but she pulled away from me.

"I don't think so you cheating bastard." V barked with glaring eyes. "You should just be fucking happy you get to watch. You can watch, but you can't touch! Don't you even fucking think about touching either of us or you will have to leave! Understood?" she sternly warned.

Veronica's threatening scowl quickly melted into a sultry smile as she turned her attention towards Bethie. "Now my slutty little bitch, where were we?"

She leaned back to kiss Bethie, then rolled away from me, her backside facing me. My love muscle stood ready for duty, ready to be used and abused. What now I asked myself. I should have unloaded on them in the hallway when I had the chance I thought.

Bethie rolled onto her back and welcomed Veronica with open arms, and legs. Veronica extended her long tongue and started her slow sensuous lick at the base of Bethie's sternum . Maintaining contact with her hot flesh, V made her way up between Bethie's heaving tits, and up the front of her throat, ending with a push of her tongue into Bethie's open lips. They giggled like school girls as their tongues probed each others mouths.

Their legs intertwined and their hips foreced their pussies against each other as their tongues danced together. They moaned into each others' mouths as their kisses grew sloppier by the second. Between kisses, they tried to out threaten each other with what they intended to do the other.

Soon, the fire between Bethie's legs demanded more attention, and she pushed at the tops of my wife's shoulders, signaling that her cunt wanted more attention. V's gropes and caresses lead the way for her hot licks and kisses as they slid past Bethie's neck to her large heaving tits. V laid squarely between Bethie's outstretched thighs as Bethie humped her hairy mound against V's tummy. Watching Bethie's reaction, V rubbed one nipple up and down Bethie's wet slit through the drenched panties. V rubbed her hard nipple in circles around Bethie's clit as she squirmed.

V squeezed Bethie's tits together and ran her tongue between them: licking, sucking, nibbling. She was able to lick and suck both nipples at the same time. Bethie arched her back, pushing her tits harder against V's face and hard squeezing hands. The burning passion between her legs grew as her hips ground into V's tummy, searching for relief.

Bethie slid upwards and tilted her head backwards off the bed as V kissed her way down her taut belly and into the crotch of Bethie's wet panties. Veronica held a firm grip on both of Bethie's large tits, as she playfully bit at her pussy lips through the panties, tearing at them with clenched teeth. V rubbed her face roughly into Bethie's hairy pussy.

I couldn't take any more. Stroking my own cock when there were two gorgeous hot women present just made no sense to me. I slipped off the bed and straddled Bethie's face. My ball sack dangled just inches above her closed eyes and open moaning lips. Just as I was about to feed my cock into Bethie's open mouth, I caught a glimpse of Veronica's glare. Only the top of her face, from the nose up, was visible above Bethie's thick bush. I swear, I nearly busted out laughing. She looked like the bearded lady from a circus sideshow.

Except for her flickering tongue that continued to drive Bethie mad, she laid motionless, daring me to disobey her warning. I stroked my cock defiantly at her, threatening momentarily to violate her orders. Then I changed tactics and looked at her with begging eyes and a hand gesture that asked, Why not?. With her mouth shoved in the middle of Bethie's face humping pussy, she shook her head No, disguising her vigorous nod of disapproval as just more pussy eating .

I moved backwards away from the bed, pissed off. There I stood, angry and frustrated with what to do with 8" of rock hard cock that begged relief. Veronica, convinced that she had won the battle, closed her eyes and continued ravaging Bethie with a good tongue lashing. Well and fucking good for them I thought, but what about me and my needs?

Disgusted and pissed off, I watched them go at it for a few minutes. Then an Ah-haaa moment hit me. Veronica had an interesting habit. Anytime she was on her tummy and in the middle of any kind of sex act, instinctively, she would pull her knees under her at the waist, lifting her ass into the air. Today proved no different. It was only a short wait before Veronica lifted her ass into the air. Just like clockwork I mused.

I quietly moved around the bed, taking in the beautiful sight of my wife's throbbing wet pussy. It more than glistened, it dripped a sweet nectar of invitation like a leaking faucet. Her labia were swollen thick and her pussy hair laid glued to her wet lips. She had become so absorbed in pleasing Bethie, she paid no attention to my whereabouts.

Fuck this! I said to myself as the second 'Ah-haa' moment in as many minutes hit me. She's pissed at me because I fucked her friend? What the fuck? She was fucking her too. For that matter I thought, she was cheating on me!

Before Veronica knew what was happening, I grabbed her from underneath with both hands, fingertips roughly penetrating her honey hole from both sides and spreading her lips wide. A split second later, in a mighty thrust forward, my cock easily found it's wet target and rammed it's full length between her slippery lips. My hard gift was delivered with such precision and speed, she had no time to react or resist. The force of that move slammed the tip of my cock into the back of her vagina. The suddenness of my attack caused her to clench down and bite Bethie's pussy hard.

In than moment of surprise , her face shot upwards, pulling Bethie off the bed by the pussy lips. V's scream released Bethie from her pearly white grip as my cock ripped along her tight walls, stretching her to the limits. The act of slamming into her vagina with such brute force, caused her muscles to instantly cinch around my cock. A startled Bethie screamed too out of pain and surprize.

I held Veronica's hips tightly as she squirmed in vain to free herself of this uninvited impalement.

"So you think you can cheat on a cheater my slutty little wife?" I snarled.

"Get your mother fucking dick out of me."

"Not a fucking chance bitch!" I yelled as I reached for her hair and pushed myself deeper.

My firm grip on her insured she was going no where unless I wanted her to. I rocked my hips against her ass cheeks, grinding the head against the back of her vagina to make sure she felt the pulsing of my cock inside her. My blood surged into the veins of my rigid cock as it stood ready for duty.

Slowly I withdrew from her, leaving only my large bulbous head inside her. Then I rammed it back inside her as she again gasped loudly. Between the first few penetrations, I slapped her ass hard, leaving crimson hand prints on both her cheeks.

"That hurts dammit!" she complained.

"Oh yeah Veronica, my 'faithful' slut. Fuck you! I'm going to make sure you feel this for a long time!"

As I withdrew my cock the umpteenth time, she didn't retreat. She held steady, and didn't protest my next thrust. This was the fucking she had begged Bethie for. She arched her back more, so that the next thrust would make my head push along her G Spot. I began pumping her pussy hard and fast, angrily fucking her. Being denied sex by my wife was not going to happen, not tonight, not ever. It pissed me off that she had held back for this long.

"You call this a fucking?" she taunted, "I had better in highschool."

Her insults burned in my ears. I'll show you I thought. After giving her a good hard jackhammering, she responded in the same old way she used to, matching each hard thrust I delivered with an equally hard push of her own. Our bodies slammed into each others like we both had a point to prove. I had never been so eager to fuck my wife as I was at that moment.

My balls slapped at her pussy each time she rammed into me. Her pussy muscles gripped my cock with each hard thrust. I reached under her and grabbed both tits roughly, squeezing them and pulling at her nipples.

I pushed her on the back of the head, burying her face back in Bethie's crotch . As her mouth met Bethie's pussy, her tongue found Bethie's own probing fingers waiting. Bethie grabbed her meaty folds and spread her lips wide for V's delving tongue. V licked at the tender pinkness as her own orgasm built.

This was about to become the mother of all orgasms. At least as far as I was concerned. Truthfully, I didn't even care if Veronica came or not. One thing was for sure, I was going to unload every fucking drop of cum I had, in and all over her. Veronica felt my cock thicken and my pace quickening. My orgasm seemed to be originating from the ends of my toes. My hips delivered as fast and hard as they could and I let out a loud yelp as my body tensed and shook hard. One last violent thrust and I drove my cock deep in her and held her hips in place as I shot the first long hard spurt into the back of her tight pussy. Veronica let out a long loud cry as I filled her cunt to overflowing.

Her whole body trembled and she collapsed with her face on Bethie's tummy. Veronica reached between her legs, grabbing me by the ball sack , holding me in place as one spurt after another coursed through my cock and emptied inside her. Bethie racked her nails up and down V's back as V began her orgasm.

Veronica pushed her pussy back onto me and ground it hard against me. She began cumming in waves of slow rolling tremblors that quickly consumed her body. The waves of intensity rapidly built as a tsunami of orgasmic pleasure overwhelmed her shaking body. Her nails dug into Bethie's flesh as she erupted all over me, spraying me from the thighs down.

We had never shared such an intense orgasm together. She rocked up and down on my cock, milking me of every drop of cum as she could extract. Each time her pussy descended my shaft, large globs of cum oozed from her.

We fell exhausted, together on top of Bethie, between her legs. Bethie's long nails raked up and down our backs as she savored the experience with us. She had patiently waited her turn. After a few minutes, we regained our breath. Apparently feeling neglected, Bethie spoke up.

"Urmmm, What about me guys? Isn't it my turn yet?" she laughed teasingly.

"Shall we Howdy? Should we give this little slut what she deserves? Hmmm?"

"You're right. Shame on us for not being more attentive to our guest."

I lifted myself off of Veronica, my semi limp cock glistening and dripping in cum as it exited her gaping gash. Taking notice, Bethie offered her 'cleaning' services to both of us.

"You first Howdy." Bethie cooed, eyeing my cum soaked member, "bring that dirty cock to Bethie honey."

"Hold her arms Howdy." Veronica chimed in, "stretch them over her head and hold this little slut by her wrists."

Bethie gleefully threw her arms above her head as her look to me asked what was taking so long for me to comply. I stood by the edge of our king sized bed, straddling Bethie's face and took her firmly by both wrists. Then I slid my hands up her forearms and she and I clasped our hands around each others forearms for better grip.

I dragged my dripping member across her face, feeling it rub against her soft lips and flickering tongue. Instantly, Bethie began to squirm, wanting the taste of cum in her mouth. She found the tip of my cock, sucking me into her mouth like a calf on it's momma's teat.

Bethie sucked my hardening cock, quickly working me stiff again as her body responded to V's licks and probes. Unable to hold off any longer, she spit my cock out long enough to tell Veronica she was going to cum, and cum hard.

Bethie leaned her head backwards off the bed and gave me the angle to slide my cock deep into her throat. She invitingly extended her tongue fully as the tip of her tongue greeted my cock's reentry. I pushed slowly into her throat at first, but my thick eight inches of hard love muscle still gagged her. We used our grip on each others forearms to leverage my push deeper down her throat. She relaxed her throat muscles and soon I was fucking her velvety tunnel, trying to muster enough cum to fill her mouth and splatter across her tits.

Bethie's hips thrashed about as Veronica thrust her fingers into Bethie's sweet cunt. Veronica replaced her fingers with her slithering tongue, slurping loudly at Bethie's generous production of juices. Then she pushed the backs of both of Bethie's knees towards her tits, and held them high and wide as she fucked Bethie's delicious pussy with her extended tongue.

Bethie's lips and vulva twitched as V held her face inches from her crotch, admiring her hair covered womanhood. Veronica's next lick to the tip of Bethie's clit sent an electrifying jolt of energy through Bethie's body and she jerked hard. Immediately Bethie began running her potty mouth, demanding we fuck her and fuck her hard and fuck her now. She writhed like a serpent as we held her in place.

It was an odd thought, but at that moment, the thought crossed my mind that after thirty years of near blissful marriage, I never would have expected another woman to share our bed, let alone at the invitation of my wife.

The spasm of Bethie's throat around my cock brought me back to my senses. Bethie's body pushed upward to meet Veronica's tongue . I watched as she sucked her clit into her mouth, giving it another good nibble. She held Bethie's clit firmly between her half clenched teeth as Bethie screamed in a mix of pain and ecstasy. Then Veronica licked it softly and hiding the teethmarks with her saliva.

Bethie pulled her hands from my grasp and grabbed the back of Veronica's head, pulling her mouth tighter into her cunt. Her body spasmed and with her fingers, she spread the lips on either side of her sex fountain, directing her stream at V's retreating face, splashing her orgasm all over her.

I leaned across Bethie's body in a 69 position, and joined Veronica as our mouths covered her cunt. Bethie grabbed my hard cock, then pressed her tits together as I slid my saliva coated cock between her large tits. Bethie licked at my balls with each pass my cock made between her tits. As Bethie licked at me, Veronica and I both licked at her oozing juices.

Her face covered in droplets of Bethie's cum, Veronica peeked above Bethie's drenched pussy hair and jokingly asked, "Did you cum yet Baby?"

"Very funny V! Bethie answered, slapping my ass cheek hard. "V darling, please let your husband fuck me. My body needs a good hard cock in it. Besides, it's time for you to watch your husband fuck me."

As the sound of Bethie's request echoed in her head, Veronica's smile and color instantly drained from her face. Up till that moment, we had been just three very horny individuals sharing some great sex. V took on a glassy eyed gaze as she considered the request of her girlfriend. The blood from my cock drained as quickly as her smile had.

"Well V baby?" Bethie smiled, waiting for permission,

Bethie got on all fours, her face just inches from Veronica's. She softly kissed the side of V's face, near her eye. "Let me remind you, I honored your request to seduce your husband. I did so very happily mind you, spend most of my afternoon sucking and fucking your cheating husband's c...o...c...K!"

Bethie extended her long tongue and licked slowly up the side of V's face, from the corner of her lips, to her ear. Then Bethie whispered, "Now V, you owe me. Be a darling and return the favor. Watch... him... fuck... me."

With her staring at my cock, V reached between my legs and gently ran her fingernails up and down the bottom of my shaft, slowly bringing me back to life. Her loving touch tugged and squeezed at my growing member. Veronica's smile slowly returned and eyes darted back and forth between Bethie's and mine. Veronica reached for Bethie's hand and placed it on my cock. Together they both circled my shaft with their long slender fingers. They shared a long hot kiss as their hands slowly pumped me up and down.

Veronica pulled her lips from Bethie and forced a smile, "Sure Bethie! No problem."

She squinted at Bethie with a hint of resentment. Bethie giggled as she bit at her lower lip. "I promise not to use it all up Veronica. I promise."

They rose to their knees, bodies pressed tightly together, kissing and touching each other tenderly. I ran my hands up the thighs of both women, feeling the power in their legs, feeling the heat of their flesh, letting my hands stop inside their hot wetness. They moved in unison as their hips pushed their pussies together. Bethie stared into Veronica's eyes, then bit at Veronica's lower lip before suckng her lips into a hot wet kiss. She pulled away from her mouth, V's lower lip caught between Bethie's half clenched teeth. Then she released it as she shoved her tongue back in Veronica's mouth.

"Thank you for being so understanding V." Bethie purred, running her hands up and down her own tits.

Then Bethie's demeanor changed and she gently slapped Veronica's face, "Now watch me fuck your husband bitch. Don't you fucking dare close your eyes while I do."

Bethie's eyes stayed glued on Veronica as she swung her leg across me and grabbed my shaft, rubbing the purplish head up and down her wet slit. "Don't even fucking blink Veronica!"

Veronica gave Bethie a menacing smile and growled, "I wouldn't miss this for the world Bethie."

Veronica reached between Bethie's legs to join Bethie's hand. Together they guided me into Bethie's tight cunt. V kissed and caressed Bethie as she quickly began bouncing on my stiffness. Veronica gripped my cock at the base, directing it's entry into Bethie as she came completely off of me with every hard bounce. Bethie closed her eyes and moaned that she was ready to cum.

Veronica stole a evil glance at me as she held my cock in place for Bethie to land on. Just as Bethie neared the point of no return, she lifted herself high off of me. As she dropped herself hard, Veronica moved the point of my cock slightly backwards. Bethie's anus landed squarely on the tip of my head, forcing it brutally hard into her ass.

Bethie screamed and instantly started cursing. It wasn't like she disliked a good ass fucking, she just wasn't expecting a good ass fucking.

Veronica gave Bethie a gentle pat to the face and asked, "Like that Bethie? Is that what you wanted me to watch?"

Now over the initial shock of having her ass penetrated so unsuspectedly, she began rubbing her pussy as she pumped her ass up and down on me. Nothing was going to stop her from cumming.

Veronica gave me the naughtiest smile I have ever seen. Then I pulled Veronica's leg over me, straddling my face. She squatted down onto my probing tongue and began rocking herself across my face as she sucked at Bethie's bouncing tits. Bethie and Veronica played with each other as all three of us raced towards another orgasm together. Each of us knew it didn't matter who finished first because there would be a photo finish at the end.

Sure enough, Bethie came first in a very profanely vocal and body tensing orgasm. She splashed her orgasm across my stomach and thighs as Veronica watched. I emptied what was left of the stored up cum my body had to offer. It was just enough to make Bethie feel the sudden rush of cum jetting inside her tight walls. The site of Bethie and I cumming simultaneously, brought Veronica close, but she failed to give her mind the freedom it needed to fully enjoy watching her female lover and husband fuck.

This was a new experience for V, admitting that it was okay for her husband to find sexual gratification in the arms another woman. V would have to learn to accept this if the three of us were going to maintain this interesting and fun filled relationship.

The three of us laid together, cuddling and caressing each other, trading occassional kisses back and forth. There was even some discussion that started about how each of us felt about this whole ordeal. The best we could come up with, was that it went well enough to try again. What we did know, was that we were emotionally and physically spent.

Veronica was the first to pipe up that she was going to take a shower. We all needed to freshen up, so the three of us trapsed off to the showers. We showered and played for a while under the hot refreshing rainhead. As we dried each other and prepared for bed, we argued who would get to sleep in the middle. In mid arguement, Veronica stopped and gave me a deliciously devious smile.

She winked at Bethie, turned and said, "So Howdy, did you know that Bethie has a younger cousin?"

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