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My Recent Houseguest

He Found a Way to Thank Me
The bar had the usual Saturday night crowd. You know, the typical AAA rejects, that tend to occupy the best bar stools. The bartender, as usual, is loud and overly friendly as I walk in.

I sat at an unoccupied table close to the TV in the corner, hoping that one of my friends might walk in and join me.

Gloria, the bartender, holds up a glass and motions to me, suggesting I might want my regular drink, gin and tonic. I nod a yes, and turn to survey the crowd hulking over their glasses, as they ponder their dismal life.

Gloria brought my drink, asking how I was doing and where had I been for so long. I don't get over to this side of town that much, but, I always drop in when I do, was my reply.

She leans forward and whispers that Don, one the usual's, had been kicked out of his apartment a few days ago by his girlfriend of several years, and was bouncing from bar to bar.

Don would always try to join me, when I was there, but we didn't hang around with each other.

As I finished my drink, Gloria asked if was 'ready', I said no, and started to get up and leave, when Don stumbled in.

He scanned the bar, seeing me, started to approach as I walked to the door.

I turned to say Hi, when he reached for my arm to stop me from leaving.

I went back to my table and sat with him as he told me his sob story, and eventually begged my to let him stay at my place till things cool down.

With very deep reluctance, I finally agreed to let him come over, but for only 3 days.

I got up to leave and he followed me to my car.

After we arrived at my house, I showed him my guest room, the bathroom and since it was very late, went to my room.

I heard him use the bathroom, and go into the guest room, then things got quiet.

As I laid in bed, I started to stroke my penis, (as I do every night) tossing my blankets aside exposing myself.

My room is fairly dark, when Don enters and sits on the edge of my bed.

Not a word was said! I stopped jacking off when I sensed him enter, but, there was no mistaking my hard on sticking up, even in the dimly lit room.

Don's eyes were locked on my penis, as I attempted to pull the sheet over it.

Without a word, he leaned over and pulling the sheet out of the way, took my cock head into his mouth.

I laid there wondering if I should stop him -- Silly question!

He was in his shorts, and as he moved between my legs he pulled them down to jack himself, as he sucked me.

The noises he made as he slurped and sucked me were great. His moaning with every lunge he made making my cock head slam into the back of his mouth.

Soon he moved his hands to my balls and fingered my ass.

We still had not spoken a word.

His eyes were closed as he made love to my pulsating cock. I watched his face as he licked and sucked my balls, then gently pushed his index finger against my ass hole, until I relaxed and let it slide in.

By now, I was getting into it pretty good, and he appeared to sense it, because he pushed another finger into me, probing my prostate.

I relaxed, knowing what will soon happen.

I felt the bed shaking from his masturbating with his free hand. I thrust up into his mouth as
my cum starting to spurt. I grabbed his head as I shot deep into his mouth, holding him as his left hand shoved hard into my ass.

He continued to jack off and as my cock shot it's last spurt, he ejaculated on my carpet.

Breathing heavily, we both paused, and just let the wonderful sensations flow.

After another minute or two, he got up and went to my guest bathroom as I pulled my blankets over, and went to sleep with a blissful smile.

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