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My time

First time bi experience with a guy, and my sex partner.
This story carries on from my previous one called Watching Mary. However, it stands alone. Mary and I share student digs and in the last story we grew into confidantes, and then Mary arranged to enjoy a threesome while I watched on….

Mary and I grew closer and closer. We were each on our own secret voyage of discovery. She confided in me and me in her. We developed fantasies together and worked together to make them happen. I never took part, but I watched her show unfold through that door. She loved the sex anyway, but knowing I was there added an extra thrill for her.

Over time I started to help her get ready for these sessions. Eventually the preparation and chat started to become part of the thrill! One afternoon we were lying on the sofa together, top to tail:

“We always play out my fantasies. I know you’ve had girlfriends but we have never talked much about what you want to try,” Mary said as she looked at me. When she was serious she had a way of looking at you that warned you not to bullshit.

“You know standard male stuff really,” I tried to bullshit.

Silence. Stony silence.

“Tell me the deepest fantasy. The one you have never told anyone. The one that makes you blush to say it out loud.”

To be fair I knew everything about her. I’d watched her do almost everything! But could I tell her? My heart rate rose:

“When I’m turned on, really horny, I …..I start to think about being with another guy.” I couldn’t believe I had said it out loud. I felt her end of the sofa jolt; she sat up and looked at me even harder:

“You are bi?”

“I don’t know. I have never tried, but like I say, when I am really horny I like to visit gay porn sites. To think what it would be like with another bloke.”

“You want to fuck another man?”

“No. Actually in my fantasy I am very sub. I want to suck a nice cock and maybe see where it leads from there. I have watched you suck and be fucked by some really good looking guys. I have started to want to know what that feels like! Some of those guys you have played with have been so hot!”

Mary thought for a moment. I could tell she was a bit shocked; it had always been her that pushed the boundaries. Now I had crashed through one. “I’ve always wanted to watch two guys together,” she said. ”Up close to watch a couple of fit guys play together would be a real turn on.” Bang, she had the shock value back on her side again!

“So my fantasy doesn’t shock you, or disgust you?”

“Totally the opposite! I’m already starting to think of games we can play. Two of our fantasies ticked off in one evening.”

“How so?”

“Let me help your fantasy come true…..but let me be there while you have you first bi experience.”

“The two of us in bed together…a threesome?”

“Sort of. I know we have never been together and I think we both want to keep it that way. But you can play with him and I’ll watch, and he can play with me and you can watch. You just won’t have to be the other side of the door!”

“For my first I want an experienced guy though. The fantasy is always somebody that takes control, teaches me how to please him, and leads the way. I don’t want some guy that says he is bi just to get to fuck your lovely bod!”

“I’ve got that covered I think. There is a bi/gay club in the city centre. If we go there we can pull together – make sure we get somebody that knows what the score is.”

Wow. What a conversation. I was now so excited I could feel my heart race and I was so turned on. This was my chance:

“Ok, it’s a date. Let’s go out on the pull together. It will fun whatever.” I still didn’t think we would actually get anywhere but it would be a fun night out anyway.

The club wasn’t what I expected. I thought it would be loud music, hot and sweaty. Like a 70s disco. This was much more chilled with jazz music playing. Big sofas, bar stools and cubicles around the walls. The lighting was dimmed and the mirrors gave the place a really stylish feel. Not the sordid dive I had expected. It was about half full of stylish city types. If it had not been made clear by the door staff you would never have know that this was the cool place for gay and bi 20 somethings to relax on a Friday night.

Mary was wearing her short black dress. Default pulling outfit, her great body was shown off by the figure hugging cut, her long legs and lovely skin revealed. I was wearing designer jeans and an up market open necked shirt. I was so nervous. Thrilled as well but basically petrified. Could the rest of the room tell? How out of place did I look?

Mary looked right at home. She wandered us over to the bar and ordered a couple of drinks. We looked a bit odd as a M/F couple in here so we headed over to a booth where we could relax, have a few drinks and survey the room.

We chatted, eyed up the guys and compared notes. It was strange to be looking at the same blokes – was Mary eyeing them up with a view to watching them with me or for her own play? I don’t know but I became more and more turned on.

“Shit I know him, he’s one of the PhD students in my department,” I hissed.

Mary looked around. Tim was leaning against the bar, beer bottle in hand, looking around the room to check out who was there. He was tall, sandy haired, blue eyed and about 27. He was athletic; I think he played football for the department. Surely he shouldn’t be in here. I’m sure I’d seen him out and about with girls, in fact I think some of those on my course fancied him.

I whispered all this to Mary. While I was doing so Tim’s survey of the room moved around to us…and stopped. Oh, God he has seen me I thought. Totally relaxed he just held up his beer bottle to me, and I returned the gesture with my glass.

He ambled over. “Evening both,” he said, “mind if I join you?”

“Not at all,” Mary said. I’m glad she was there. I think I might not have been able to speak otherwise!

“I didn’t think this was your kind of place,” was all I managed to force out.

“Likewise for you and it’s a strange place to bring your girlfriend,” he said nodding to Mary.

“I’m not his girlfriend,” Mary said, “we just play together.”

“Play? What sort of games?”

“’til now it has been about getting me fucked,” Mary said, deliberately trying to shock him.

“’til now it sounds like a fun game.” He grinned, unshocked and enjoying the banter. “But what is happening next?”

“Now we are going to get him fucked.” She pointed at me.

“Wouldn’t that be easier in a straight club?” he asked.

“Not if we want a guy to fuck him!” Mary laughed, enjoying the vulgarity.

Tim looked at me. “Ever been with a guy before?” he asked.

“No, but I have thought about it a lot. What about you?” I replied.

“I swing both ways. I have the best of both worlds,” he said.

I looked at him. Looked into his eyes. They smiled at me, there was no malice, no threat, and no macho nonsense. He just exuded calm confidence. He met my gaze.

“Do you want me?” I couldn’t believe I said it. To another man…but I meant it. I was sure he was the one.

“Yes,” he said. “I want you both, do you play together?”

“Hell, yes,” Mary exclaimed.

We were off.

Mary led the way up the stairs. I don’t think she wanted me to pull out so we didn’t stop for a drink or anything. Out of the taxi, straight up the stairs and into her room. The famous double bed that I had watched so much was between me and Tim. Mary was on his side and for a second time stood still and we looked at each other.

Mary took the lead. Put a hand on Tim’s chest and then pulled his head down to kiss her. That was it, the ice was broken and as Tim kissed her his arms went round her, then down to land on that magnificent bum of hers.

Mary gasped. “Shit, let's get naked.” And with that she turned and asked Tim to undo the back of her dress.

She turned back to him and started to undo the buttons on his shirt. I felt a bit left out, this was my show after all. I had to do something so I went round their side of the bed. As Mary felt for the buckle on his trousers I reached around and slowly pulled the open shirt off his shoulders. As I did so I couldn’t resist, I let my fingers play across the hairs on his chest, and gently glide across his nipples. I felt him tense, and I felt his nipples harden. He leaned back into me and Mary let his trousers drop. I could see the bulge in his pants – I had done that, my hands had turned him on. God that turned me on.

“Sit on the edge of the bed,” he said to me, his voice strong, taking control.

He pulled his pants down in front of me. A lovely 7’’ uncut cock was revealed. Erect and at my head height. Before I had time to think too much he held the base of his cock with his right hand and reached behind my head with his left. No force, but gently he brought the tip of his cock to my mouth. I could smell him, sweet and musky. Clean but a scent that I will always remember.

I took a lick. Just the very tip and he gasped. Braver now, I took the head in my mouth. He moved around so both hands were on the back of my head. That was better, he set the rhythm and slowly as I sucked him he started to fuck my face with small strokes.

“What a turn on.” Mary sighed. She lay on the bed on her back. Legs apart showing Tim what was on offer. She didn’t touch herself. She just watched us, she knew she would get her time and she wanted me to enjoy mine.

I could feel Tim’s rhythm getting faster. I knew he was getting near. I pulled back a little:

“Cum in my mouth,” I managed before my mouth sucked him back in. I wanted to feel him cum. Feel the thickening, feel the hot sperm shoot into my throat. Tim gasped as his orgasm took him and I felt the cream hit my tongue. I forced myself not to gag. In the fantasy I swallow, and in reality I did as well. Licking the end of his cock as he pulled away, I enjoyed the taste.

He flopped down onto the bed, next to Mary. His legs apart as well so that the two of them were there side by side as I stood and turned. What a sight.

After a few minutes rest Tim reached a hand across and cupped one of Mary’s breasts. She half turned towards him and he did the same so as to take a nipple in his mouth. Mary loved her breasts being played with, but Tim had other ideas…slowly he followed a trail down to her parted legs. He pushed her thighs further apart then lowered his head slowly, but Mary was unable to wait and she lifted her pelvis to meet his face, pushing her cunt onto him. I knew the signs, she was so aroused!

He licked her slit with increasing force and I could tell she was near to coming.

“Time to leave her,” I said. “The fantasy was for me to get fucked and Mary to watch!!.”

Tim looked up. “Get on your back then.”

With that I pulled open a draw and reached for Mary’s favourite vibe, a pack of condoms and her lube. Passed her the vibrator and Tim the condoms and the lube then lay on my back as instructed.

Tim was hard again and rolled the condom over his cock as I watched. Then he covered the tip in lube.

“Lift your knees,” He told me.

I did as instructed, expose my ass faced him. He took a finger of lube and reached down, he fingered the very entrance to my anus. Gently he pushed a finger in and I can’t describe that feeling. I tried to relax and he pulled out one finger and replaced it with two. Stretching me a little, getting me ready.

I looked around at Mary. She had the big black vibe just poised at her entrance. She was teasing herself as my hole was being teased. Now I was ready …Tim placed the head of his cock at my entrance and I thought I was going to feint. I wanted to feel that thickness in me. Gradually as he pushed I relaxed. It didn’t hurt like I expected, it slid in. I could feel the warmth inside me and then I could feel his thighs against mine. He was all the way in.

Looking across at Mary she was transfixed. She had the thick black vibe all the way in her now, but she was distracted by watching the show in front of her.

Tim leaned further over me and started to pull out, then push in. Building a rhythm. I reached up and felt for his nipples. I held them, squeezed them and felt his thrusts grow shorter and more rapid. I could feel that strange feeling in my pelvis, I was allowing myself to open to him and I could feel a different type of orgasm building.

I could see from his face that he wasn’t far of coming. I took a hand from his nipples and reached for my cock. I new I could only last a few strokes. I waited until I felt Tim take one final thrust into me and then I wanked myself. As I felt him pump I exploded all over my stomach and chest.

I looked over at Mary….she was flushed. I think she had cum a while ago.

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