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My Wife Brings My Work Home

My wife knows my submissive, bisexual side, and brings my boss in on it. How far will I go?
“You should go to work late today; your wife needs that dick of yours.”

“Grr, you know I'd love to but you know I cannot let down work.”

“You're early everyday... by an hour. Fulfil me; I'm sure they won't mind.”

“I can't; life has priorities. I'll make it up to you when I get home.”

“Or I could just call up our mutual friend and have him take care of me…”
“I've got to go.”

That is the fourth time this week she has mentioned him. Ever since I've told her that I am bisexual, she keeps hinting at him, though, to be fair, I did name drop him in the hope of getting him in her and my mouth. It is just too risky a situation. After all, he is my boss. Oh, a text from her:

I know how you think, dear. Yes, I am trying to get him in with us ever since you brought it up. I understand the situation but you forget... I own you on the inside. Your co-workers may think of you as a hard-ass but I know about your urges... so does your boss now.

Oh, my... she didn't...

I'll see you in a bit, my love. Don't forget, Slave, I am your Domme as well as wife.

She pulled that card. I love her but I need my work. Please do not let this ruin everything.

“Hey, buddy; early as usual, I see. No, don't talk, just listen; no one else is around yet. From that look on your face, I'm guessing you know that I know about you. Also, quick note - no, I am not sleeping with your wife... yet, or you.”

At this point I am sure he's into it but his smirk is telling more than he's letting on. He knows more... and I sense a plan hatching.

“Let's go back to your place since your wife has generously invited me and you for the day. Don't worry about work today; I got it covered. Besides, I think you will earn today's labor.”

Check and mate. I don't even speak; he just takes control and now we are heading back to my house for what I can only imagine to be a fun day. My fantasy is about to become real and I will not resist... well, not fully.

Both of us arrive at my house and I lead the way in to see my wife freshly out of the shower. Yes, it is going to happen. My wife glances down and smiles, knowing the same.

“Welcome, Sir, and welcome home, Slave. The shower is at the end of the hall; please be quick.” Sir nods, smirks, and grabs my wife's ass, heading to the shower. She gets weak at one knee and giggles like a school girl. I am looking down as is expected of a Slave.

She circles behind me and whispers, "This is it, dear. What you want and I lust for. Never forget, I love you and you know the word, should it be needed. I know you showered, now go and change into your outfit... before I punish you.”

I rush over to the room and change quickly into my collar and basketball shorts. I am a fairly good looking man with a flat stomach. As I head out into the living room I hear giggling. I must have been a while for he's already out of the shower. Both look excellent, him with chiseled abs and her with a small frame and flat stomach.

“Slave, it took you long enough; too long! Get over here now for your punishment.”

“My, my, you really are different on the inside. Tell me, what punishment does he get for taking too long?”

“On your knees and do not take your eyes off of me.” She grabs his head and begins making out with him. Even he is startled a bit by her dominance. I start to watch them make out like teenagers and can feel my cock harden. She removes his towel and begins to stroke him while making out. He's grabbing her ass. She pushes him back and slowly kisses down his abs to his cock. She gives me a glance and smirks after looking at my shorts becoming wet with pre-cum.

Still stroking him off, she angles herself towards me with an inviting look. “Get over here.” Never be told twice. She guides me between his legs and, with the look on his face and the look of his rock cock, he knows what's about to happen, as do I. I grab his cock - mistake two. SMACK on the ass.

“I didn't tell you to do that yet, Slave.” SMACK! “You want it too much. Move over and watch what you cannot have.” She begins to suck him like a water bottle on a hot day. His moans, mixed with her moans, and my lust causes me to let out a small whimper.

“You want this cock in your mouth that badly, eh?”

“Let him. I want to see how good he is with that mouth of his.”

“He has to earn that privilege first.” She stands up and, while on my knees, pushes me down on my back. “Open wide, Slave. Sir, fuck my mouth while he eats me.” The helplessness and taste of her, along with the sight of her sucking on his cock, is making me lust like never before. She is riding my face like a horse and straddled on his cock like the reins. He begins to moan louder and louder; he must be about to come. Honestly, it is hard to tell with all these slurping sounds I am making. In between closing my eyes in ecstasy, she stands up and straddles my hips.

She goes in to kiss me - I am a bit confused. She places her hand over my mouth and opens it and then I understand. She gets an inch from my face and opens her mouth. The taste is like none other; his cum is now in my mouth. “Don't lose a drop of it!” I swallow and lick my lips to make sure I get it all.

“My, he is still hard - something you cannot do. Go fix that, Slave; I'll be back.” Never be told twice. He takes a seat over on the couch and I eagerly follow him. I get between his legs and begin sucking. It's not my first time giving a blow job. His moans are telling me I'm doing it right. He sits further back on the couch and I get on all fours so as to not lose his place in my mouth. I am so focused on sucking his dick that I forget my wife left, a thought that was quickly forgotten when I felt my shorts being pulled off and a cold fluid on my body...

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