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My Wife Thrills Me

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My wife surprises me and the fun begins
I left my meeting yesterday and decided to work the rest of the day at my home office. Most of the way home I was thinking about the meeting and the work I had to do, but then you slipped into my mind. I started thinking about the last time I saw you in your office, and how hot that was! By the time I arrived home I was hot, horny and wondering if I was going to be able to get any work done. As I sat behind my desk, telling myself I Will Work, I Will Work... My mind started to wander. I started thinking of the man I saw as I was leaving your office, and the grin he had on his face. Did he suspect anything? Was he jealous?

I knew I needed to work but I could not help myself. All I could think of was being on my knees, a foot rest holding my body up and spreading myself as your long hard cock slowly slides inside me. As I moan and look up the mystery man places his beautiful dick in front of my face. I simply stare as you fill me deep and full, and then I open my mouth for him to slip in my hot wet mouth. As he slides his shaft deep in my throat you slowly pull out, and as you slide back in he pulls his cock out. I feel you deep inside me while my tongue flicks around the head of his...

"Are you O.K. Honey"

My wife's voice shocks me into reality, and I can only hope she does not see my hand stroking myself through my shorts.

"Yes, yes. Just deep in thought about..."

"And it looks like a good thought. I hate to interrupt but I NEED you for a little while."

As I stand up I hope she does not see the bulge in my shorts, but I see her eyes look straight down at me, and she starts to get an evil grin on her face. As she turns to walk away, telling me to follow her, I notice she is not in her normal work clothes. Not by a long shot! Instead she has on a short, tight jean skirt showing her beautiful creamy thighs, a silk blouse and high heels. My wife never wears high heals! I also notice she is carrying a bag with her. What the fuck is going on?

I follow her into our bedroom and she tells me to lie down as she teases me about the tent in my shorts. I now wish I was wearing a shirt to help hide my hard cock, but I am getting turned on by this "new" woman telling me what to do. After I lie down she slowly takes off her blouse, revealing a see through bra I have never seen before that is just barely covering her hard nipples. Still not sure what is happening, she folds up her blouse and covers my eyes, telling me not to peek or move. I hear her reach in the bag and then walk to the TV and DVD player, putting in a disk but not turning it on.

As she cums back to me and starts to pull down my shorts I hear her say, "you sure love to have someone suck your cock, don't you?"

With that she slowly takes me deep into her mouth, teasing me and pleasing me. But this only lasts for a moment as she releases me and tells me not to move. She climbs on top of my chest and slowly works her way up to my face. My cock is so hard and my mouth is waiting for her hot pussy as she eases onto my tongue. As she lowers herself onto me she starts to talk to me like she has never talked before!

"Lick my hot pussy!" "That's it, lick my wet lips!" "Does my pussy taste good, extra good!?" "That's it, lick me deep, stick your tongue deep inside me!"

My mind is going crazy as she grinds on my tongue, soaking my face with juices. That's when it hits me how good she tastes, how different she tastes. She grinds and urges me on!

"I was at Karen's today. She seduced me and convinced me to play with her pussy. It was so hot!"

I moan as I lick her harder, and harder.

"Does that turn you on Honey? Knowing we were licking each others pussy?"

My cock is so fucking hard it hurts.

"Honey, did you know they have wanted us for months? "They have been working on us to join them?"

Suddenly I remembered the last time we were at Karen and Jim's. The girls went outside to sunbathe topless while Jim and I watched the game on TV. I looked at Jim after a good play and saw his cock peeking out from under his shorts. I thought it was an accident, but now I realized he was watching me steal glances at his cock. And he stared to twitch every time I looked at him!

"Yes Dear, do you like the taste of Jim's cum in my pussy?. Or do you LOVE the taste of his cum?"

"Suck his cum, taste it, love it!"

With that she leaned forward and I heard her turn on the DVD. Nothing started playing but then I heard her reach in the bag again. I am trying to lick every drop from her sweet snatch as she lifts herself off my face and teases me. Her voice is so silky as she whispers, "I have a treat for you my sexy man."

With that she pulls up a beautiful double headed dildo. With my face inches away she starts to slide it inside her with the other end touching my neck and chest. It looked to be about 14 inches long with a thick rubber ring in the middle. I am in heaven watching this fake dick fuck my wife when she moans and says:

"You love watching this cock slide in me, don't you? Do you want to taste my cum filled juices on this cock? I know you do!"

Fuck did I ever! With that she slides it out of her, climbs back to my chest and puts the dripping head near my tongue. She tells me to lick it round and round. Then my kinky wife tells me to open wide, and slides this cum soaked juicy toy down my throat. It is hard to take it very deep with how I am lying down, but she pushes it as deep as she can. I am so stunned from my wife, and so turned on, that I don't know how it can get any better. But it does!

"Can you hear the TV Honey, can you hear the moaning?"

With her pushing this toy in and out of my mouth I start to listen to moans coming from the movie.

"Yes, that's it, suck my cock! You love sucking my cock don't you? Yes, lick my shaft, play with my ball's! Oh yessss, you love my cock don't you Jim?"

Did I hear that right? I look up at the screen and there is my friend, sucking the biggest cock I have ever seen. And damn, is he getting into it. I can't believe it, my friend of so many years loves to suck cock as much as I do and my wife is getting off on it!

"Honey, did you know your friend likes to suck cock? Has he ever sucked your cock? (Fuck, I wish) Have you ever thought about sucking his cock (all the time), like last time we were at their house?"

What could I say, he must have told my wife I was checking out his package the last time we were there!

Before I could say anything she wiggled her way down my body and slid onto me in one motion. She started fucking me slow and deep while pinching my hard nipples. It was so kinky, my wife sliding up and down on me while I watched my friend suck this huge cock. As my wife fucks me she keeps moaning and whispering:

"You want to suck Jim's cock, don't you? Think about his cock deep in your throat! How about the other one, it is so fucking big. Would you like to suck his cock too? I bet you even want to feel Jim's cock in your ass, don't you?"

With that she slides off me, looks me in the eye and tells me to get on my hands and knees! I can't believe what is happening but I am in no position to argue. I get on my knees and feel my wife play with my ass, and then I hear her go into the bag again. I can not take my eyes off the movie as my friend is about to make this huge cock cum all over his face and mouth when I feel my wife lube up my ass. Fuck it feels good having her fingers fuck me for the first time. After a minute of working me she whispers, "I will let you fuck my ass after this!"

Before I can say a word she has the big head of that fake dick circling my ass, and in one motion she slides it inside me. I hear her laugh a bit as I let out a whimper and then things turn into a blur. She is sliding this toy in and out hard and fast, then slow and sweet. As she slides this toy in deep to where I feel the center ring hitting me, she tells me to let her get under me. Before she does this I hear the bag one last time, and she puts her purple vibrator in my hand. This is the ultimate 69 as I have her in my mouth, my ass filled with pleasure and her taking me deep in her throat.

I tease her with the vibrator as my tongue plays tag with her dripping pussy, and she swallows me deep as she slides that big toy in and out of my ass. Finally I feel her twitch as she releases my dick from her mouth. I am so close to cumming and she can only moan and whimper. She is trying to get away from the vibrator but I keep pushing it deep inside her. She starts to moan, whimper and gasp as I think I am in charge of her, but she has one last trick. As I lick her one last time she pushes the huge toy in my ass past the center ring! That was HUGE! My ass was stretched so wide I thought I would split!!!!

Instead, my ass was stretched beyond anything I had ever imagined! With that I started to shot load after load of cum on her chin, tits and stomach. Her screams and convulsions were beyond anything I had ever witnessed before!

My body was shaking with that huge toy inside me. My wife could only moan and giggle. And time was at a standstill for a few moments, until I looked at the movie. As my wife pulled the big fake cock out of my ass, I watched my friend Jim lick up every drop of cum from the unknown stud. I was still so turned on I moved around on my wife. I looked into those deep blue eyes, told her how much I loved her and proceeded to lick up every drop of my cum!
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